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tv   News  RT  October 3, 2018 8:00am-8:23am EDT

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the wrong. sanctions the international court of. china's rising star eclipses the us people. from. that's according to new data from a washington based think tank. may the force be with you. public opinion against the latest film.
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the last. live with me. today welcome to the program. and breaking news coming in this hour the international court of justice has ordered the united states to lift some of its sanctions on iran the ruling covers restrictions linked to humanitarian goods as well as civil aviation iran filed a complaint saying that by pulling out of the iranian nuclear deal the u.s. had breached another accord struck back in one nine hundred fifty five. live to charlotte. charlotte what does this mean for iran u.s. relations obviously a very big step here by that court. well this is
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a victory for turan and that's exactly how to run a taking it the international court of justice the i.c.j. has made that ruling today saying that the sanctions imposed some of them by the trumpet administration back in may early this year actually now i need to be removed and it specified what type of sanctions need to be removed those are the sanctions on things that impede medical equipment or medical aid going into the country also food stuffs going into the country as well as things such as spare parts and associated services for the civil aviation services so essentially parts needed for planes to fly in the country and internationally now it also talked about removing the sanctions of the transfer of funds that are not subject to any restrictions and it also said that neither parties or neither iran neither the u.s. should do anything to the other in this particular case there would also as you
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mention there talked about the treaty of amity which was in one thousand nine hundred fifty five this was a treaty that was signed between the two countries the usa and iran when they had closer relations and that treaty the international court of justice says has been broken by these sanctions this is a treaty that was looking to improve the economic relations and the consular relations between the two countries and to have more investment and mutual trade between the countries now as you mentioned those sanctions were imposed originally back in may this year by the trumpet ministration at the same time as the administration decided that it was going to withdraw from the iranian nuclear chord something that was signed by trump's pretty to say don but predecessor barack obama this is what donald trump had to say back in may when he announced those sanctions . america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail powerful sanctions will go
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into full effect if the regime continues its nuclear aspirations it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before well withdraw from the arena in nuclear chord as signed by his predecessor barack obama was widely condemned by the international community countries such as russia france germany china and the u.k. all said it was wrong for the trumpet ministration to withdraw from that nuclear accord now the judgment today has been welcomed by turan with the foreign ministry stating that in its judgment that means that iran is right and the sanctions imposed by the u.s. on its people and its citizens are cruel and illegal is also being a reaction from the foreign minister of iran on twitter. another failure for the sanctions addicted u.s.
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government and a victory for the rule of law it's imperative for the international community to collectively counter malign u.s. unilateral isn't. well this decision or whilst being a binding and not able to be appealed will be particularly difficult to enforce now that's because back in the one nine hundred eighty s. the united states decided to withdraw from being compulsorily are subject to these jurisdictions in fact it will take them on a case by case basis we're still waiting at the moment to get reaction from the white house from the trumpet ministration as to what they think of this judgment and we know that at the moment they are still plans on the table to have another round of sanctions against iran which are due to be enforced next month indeed all eyes now on the future of that deal and on those negotiations charlotte didn't get there from paris with the latest updates. now the iran nuclear deal was signed three years ago between toran five permanent u.n.
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security council members as well as germany it took almost a decade to thrash out that deal its main aim was to put an end to a long lasting standoff over iran's nuclear activities and discuss the issue further crossing live now to us are slotting from iran's task use agency thanks for joining us good to have you on the program what was the very big news today do you think this ruling of the international court of justice was expected or has it come to you as a surprise. oh well thank you for having me in fact this ruling by the u.n. top court is considered kind of a victory which was welcomed by the iranian foreign ministry today into iran over i was hearing that the diplomats into wrong there are. reaching a favorable the result from the court to rule in favor of iran however they were
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not sure that what the ruling of the court could be but they were hopeful that they could reach a good ruling from the court side and how do you think the u.s. is going to respond we're still obviously waiting for official comments from the white house from washington doesn't have to comply with the ruling or can it affect if you say this doesn't concern us will still do our own thing. well what we can expect from the american administration is that they will have a position against on opposite the court as they have done to the other international commitments organizations but i think this ruling is important because the united states has tried to put pressure on iran on different far the first was legal front first was the technical front by pressuring the i.a.e.a. international atomic energy organization they wanted to put pressure on the agency
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to derail the nuclear deal but the agency issued twelve reports confirming iran's complements this commitment under the nuclear deal the second phase what to put pressure on iran politically which the climax was in the united nations general assembly and security council meeting presided by president trump in visually saw that the americans went into more political isolation themselves by seeing and facing the. opposition from their even their own allies and the last one was a legal front between iran and the united states of which the ruling i think indicates that the americans have been more isolated and iran is trying to use these three fronts in order to make sure that it can also benefit the economic front as well while the americans are trying to put pressure on the other countries
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in order to make you run it can now make the isolated and i think this is this in the case the importance of the rolling of the i.c.j. which can help other countries in order to bypass the sanctions against iran and this can give their legal basis to other countries in order to try to circumvent those sanctions and try to work with iran the decision of course it only concerns specific sanctions does that pose touching. on humanitarian trade civil aviation sanctions as well does that mean the other sanctions on iran are legal and legitimate. believes that the approach by the american administration is illegitimate and unlawful sanctions are used as a level leverage to put pressure on iran in order to behave in a way that is desirable to the united states that's why you believe that those
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pressures and sanctions are not legitimate. the issue that the humanitarian commodities which have been referred by the u.n. court is that they are they have the high priority internationally and in humanitarian aspect but it doesn't mean that the other sanctions are legitimate because this is the primary ruling by the court and they will proceed to consider the case in future and this proceeding in future can indicate that iran might get the argument that the other sanctions which are due to be reimposed are illegitimate as well and yet the final decision by the court remains to be issued in future after they have their own considerations in future and just briefly of course iran is not the only country to view these sections as illegitimate and you
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know detrimental to the world economy president putin has expressed similar sentiment in fact countries as well they're finding ways around the sanctions to do business with iran with the rain and companies. given that context and given this court ruling do you think this is or could be the beginning of the end for full sanctions on iran. well as you said this is not just the american sanctions against iran today we're seeing that the americans have imposed sanctions against russia against turkey and other countries as well in addition to the sanctions they have imposed. against even their own allies and the countries like china and other countries like canada as well so i think this can give the pretext to other countries to rethink their policies toward their cooperation with the united states and they will i think will think twice before cooperating with the americans and this can result in bringing new mechanic
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or new you financial and their national system in the other two. decrees that the minutes of the americans over this national system and i think this can be a beginning for different countries in order to decrease and lessen the influence of the washington over the financial system in the wall. as a result of this can conclude in more independent countries in european continent as well as in the east and west and. this can in the longer run the decrease the influence and impact of sanctions against iran and other countries like russia turkey and so on and i think this is a pretext for different countries to cooperate against the united states and this is not the issue or story of your arm versus the united states but this seems with
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the policy we are seeing from the trump side this is the united states versus the world ok from iran's tasneem news agency thanks for joining us today good to get your take on the latest court ruling thank you. china is playing a more important role in the world today than the united states. what came at least for a recent poll conducted by the washington based think tank the pew research center it also shows that the chinese leader was more trusted globally than his american counterpart. what gets in donald trump obsessive his image sure but what else jonah has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight. election i've done a lot of this is where china china's market distortions china china china sea route china talking china from and he has good reason to be fixated the rise of china is
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showing no signs of stopping with a nation poised to overtake america as the next world superpower polls conducted across twenty five countries show why the spread recognition that china is the emerging power with the might to more than rival uncle sam to china overtake the u.s. some of them will be in the learn when i think china will overtake the u.s. china's got a good chance of doing that they were above everybody else people underestimate i am. the most powerful country now it's certainly the united states but i think china will have passage of a future but here's the thing china may well become the most powerful in economic terms the people are not so keen on beijing taking the reigns as the globe's moral compass and think the u.s. is still the best option is the world voice of reason trying to do what it's us would be in the heart of those miscarry. i lean more towards the usa for
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their democratic system and human rights so i don't think it would be better if china became more powerful however ranking leaders on doing the right thing and trump is well down the list lower than china's xi jinping. oh you know sure with. big issues. but that's not to say that trump and doesn't have those who hang on his every word tase huge in the philippines it seems most people there love nothing more than an outspoken well to mention provocative man in control and you don't even have to be able to hold a chew. the. you .
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lose the minute you leave and in israel forget about it trump is that the man pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and moving the us embassy to jerusalem has earned him serious brownie points and alienated a whole bunch of people to we have i would say probably the best relationships right now with israel that we have or had a who is close now is maybe ever before. with deterrence a on netanyahu on his side trun past his support but it's with china's when a song is coupled with america's decline does trump really have what it takes to
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remain at the top of the world pedestal how likely to think you he's to succeed so i want. one. i don't think it's possible to be three zero the scale be made between one and five you know his influence around three come on let's be honest the trump is trying. to germany now where the daughter of a right wing politician has been disqualified from a poetry contest off to reading out an anti margaret poem is the verse. all. the little guys. even. though. what you just heard was part of a poetry competition that was organized in southwest germany by a council as part of an anti racism initiative the entry you heard was by.
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the fourteen year old daughter of a right wing german politician her controversial entry provoked this reaction in the hall was well despite that reaction she was disqualified from the competition in fact there were a boos when a different winner was announced there has been backlash though her mother the alternative for germany m.p. nicola has said that their house had been dogged in spray painted with nazi slurs this type of reaction to a teenager's poetry isn't surprising in germany right now the political divide in the country hasn't been this prominent in recent times in fact we've seen a number of right wing demonstrations across the country that were really sparked into existence following the stabbing to death of a thirty five year old german man in the city of camden it's the two main suspects
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in custody a two asylum applications one from iraq and one from syria was i was in all of this has played into the hands of the anti migrant alternative for germany party when they entered parliament just over a year ago in twenty seventeen with just less than thirteen percent of the vote they weren't really expected to build on much too much. hay bring. they stole your dream of a united europe democracy will never be the same because of russian memes thralls boughts well surely there is something still sacred in western culture are off limits to the russians.
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oh no the kremlin folks even got their hands on star wars russian trolls weaponized style was criticism as an instrument for information warfare with the purpose of pushing for political change this was from a real study by a brave jet i call or i mean who claims there's been a force that was fighting to make the last jet i fail wow thirty seven pages remember how the movie got booed at when those named fans couldn't forgive the director for spoiler alert killing luke skywalker and forgive him for going against all the tropes so dearly cherished by the fandom remember how the star wars lovers army even campaign to fund a remake well now you know who did it the arrests have been made and was a kind of use the gates approach is this.
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i i i. i was students are protesting and you so cool express expulsion law authorities would have the right to expel students who've been aggressive with police officers teaches other students will have damaged property critics sites and attempts to sponsor free speech and could be misused to punish peaceful protesters. and that's it for this hour join us at four pm moscow time for the latest news updates.
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clear when the. when lawmakers manufactured him sentenced him to public wealth. when the roaming clauses protect themselves. when the crime and the merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. the loans the real news is really cold.


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