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tv   News  RT  October 3, 2018 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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thank you. go out. thanks. the un's highest court orders the u.s. to drop iran sanctions on humanitarian aid washington by its back though calling to iran's case meritless take a look at washington's problematic relations with international bodies. also this hour the british prime minister attempts to dance off mounting pressure as the reason may gets a letter of no confidence from our own party members just moments before giving a key speech. also coming up donald trump warns the king of saudi arabia that you wouldn't last two weeks without the u.s. military as the us president continues to accuse opec of influencing oil prices is a good thing. we're protecting you you might not be there for two weeks without us
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you have to pay for your ability. staying with big politics an energy president suggests donald trump needs to take a look in the mirror to find out who's responsible for rising oil prices in was straight to the point on other issues as well. watching all the international live from moscow just go on at six pm here in the russian capital and daniel hawkins joining us on the program. now the u.s. ambassador to the netherlands has slammed the international court of justice ruling on iran sanctions that came just hours after the un's highest court ordered washington to lift some of its restrictions on terror. which is america case which the court has no jurisdiction even so it is worth noting that the court declined today to grant the sweeping measures requested by iran instead the cootie should
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a narrow decision on the very limited range of sectors well perhaps that reactions not surprising from the united states it's not the first time of course that it's had a poor relationship. with international border these nor the international courts back in june of this year the u.s. actually withdrew from the un human rights council describing it as being a cesspool of political bias we also had in september of this year donald trump slamming the international criminal court over the fact that it could look at prosecuting americans for alleged war crimes in afghanistan right now this is what he said at the time. as far as america is concerned the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction no legitimacy and no authority. the i.c.c. planes near universal jurisdiction over the citizens of every country. violating all principles of justice fairness and due process now in relation to the ruling
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today over those reigning in sanctions and the lifting of those sanctions the international court of justice said that it had to lift sanctions relating to certain items such as medicines medical aids as well as food stuff and some equipment into the country it also said that the usa had violated the treaty of one thousand nine hundred fifty five this is the treaty of amity between two country which was to try and forge closer relations now of course iran has reacted to this judgement today saying it welcomes it saying that this proves that it is right and that we've u.s. has illegally and been cruel in the way that it's applied in sanctions to the people and citizens of iran that this judgment by the i.c.j. is binding it cannot be appealed by the united states but of course it seems that it won't be able to be enforcing this because yet again it seems that the u.s.
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wants to put itself above international law. we spoke earlier to political analysts say at mustapha harsh he believes washington is too focused on itself and that affects its attitude to international law and treaties the u.s. believes that it's an exceptional state as president obama stated and he believed in that president trump is a real manifestation of this wrong idea that the u.s. is exceptional all other nations should abide by the rules and regulations except for the united states so therefore the u.s. is adamant to do will of the law it has proved to be an irresponsible actor and it's been you know this respecting international treaties rules as well as the remans under president donald trump the situation has been even worse in the mean time sanctions played a pivotal role of the united states current policy against iran to intimidate and
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pressure iran into negotiations therefore i believe donald trump and his administration with knocked abide by the law. and other headlines the ukase conservative party conference has wrapped up in the city of birmingham despite speeches of unity the prime minister's position is under further scrutiny from her party just moments before to reason may was used to get a closing speech she was dealt yet another blow with a letter of no confidence that apparently hasn't dampened her spirits though. certainly a curious political times here in the u.k. as we speak and this annual conservative party conference has wrapped up to quite a bit of drama despite british prime minister theresa may putting up
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a show of keeping up appearances including with that. quirky dance to dancing queen despite a speech that was really seen as make or break for her because of course much of the speech was dedicated to theresa may trying to show that she has things under control especially when it comes to bracks it having essentially now standing at a point of a potential no deal cracks it having so know lots of division inside the u.k. and of course essentially having created basically a civil war inside her own country may was trying to show that she can still fix things however before her speech she was dealt quite a shock blow when a letter of no confidence had been sent by a tory m.p. going public with him essentially calling for her to go let's see what that letter said. there comes a point the wind world is not the right way forward we need a strong leader someone who believes and brags that and someone to deliver will the
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electorate voted for the prime minister seems incapable of doing this well fifteen percent of tory m.p.'s or forty people would have to send in similar letters for any such thing to be considered however this still of course added fuel to the fire especially given that earlier we saw two reserve maize our former defiant foreign secretary boris johnson take to the stage as well and essentially trashing her approach to bracks it's amidst standing ovations and earlier in september a leaked tory party memo have suggested that theresa may be forced to step down as soon as may twenty ninth and even provided a list of possible contenders so what with all of this just intense going on inside her own party at these uncertain times about how things will move forward there's a big question of whether or not it's really the time for humorous dances i spoke earlier to gerrard and i mean for the u.k. independence party who thinks three's
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a maze words really mean action or listen to the speech today. and it's what she does best really which is a lot of rhetoric find words which don't really amount to anything certainly don't translate into actions i think she's going to carry on on the same course which is to in effect completely ineffectually negotiate with the she was a remainer up until the day of the referendum and then after the referendum she gets interested with the most important job in british politics you know for the last two generations which is to get us out of the usual why would you believe anything she says you can only judge your own results and so far there haven't been any result she talks about seeking respect from the you see other thing well why would they respect you if you're not actually telling them what it is that you intend to do and you keep on asking. how do we leave can we have this can we have a little bit respect somebody like that. donald trump has hinted that the saudi
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monarch wouldn't last two weeks if it wasn't for the u.s. military the american president made that assessment at a campaign rally in the u.s. state of mississippi but wouldn't give any specifics about a conversation he had with the saudi king which he referenced in his speech. we project saudi arabia would you say they're rich. and i love the king king solomon but i said. we're protecting you you might not be there for two weeks without us you have to pay for your village and. all us correspondent samir khan joins me now samir a interesting was from mr trump but seem unwilling to explain exactly what he meant by that what do you think he meant by those remarks. well it seems like he's implicitly calling on saudi arabia to pay its own defense expenses and this isn't even the first time he's done this he's asked the same of japan and south korea both of which are nato allies but between the arms deals and pulling
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out of the iran deal it's clear that the u.s. considers saudi arabia to be a major ally and if you remember tromso first foreign trip was to saudi arabia a year ago but now trump's latest remarks show that there could be some growing contention between the two on top of that trump and trying to get saudi arabia and opec to lower gas prices and trump's no fan of opec and he made that very clear at the u.n. let's quickly check out what he said opec. and opec nations are as usual ripping off the rest of the world we defended many of these nations for nothing. and then they take advantage of us by giving us high oil prices not good. but some of said that this is trump's way of securing his party's control in congress rather than out of genuine concern over rising gas prices now his intentions haven't been made clear but i wouldn't hold my breath. never short of
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causing debates over his rhetoric donald trump's americano thanks for the latest. on trump's arm twisting and its possible influence on oil prices is a topic president vladimir putin has been addressing this wednesday speaking at a major energy form in moscow is just the uncertain terms that the american president's got no one but himself to blame for the recent spike in oil prices there was a good deal we had a very nice meeting with the american president in helsinki if we had touched on the subject of oil price and influence there i would have told him if you want to find the main culprit for the all price hike you just have to take a look in the mirror which it's true geopolitics do play a role in oil price hikes that's a fact. president putin was a very forward when taking questions on all the issues as well during about for those course i was so i did of course at about four more on this thanks for joining
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us what else has president putin been commenting on talking about today. well you just heard some direct commons that the president made earlier today but the global energy market or who is to blame for the current high oil prices were not the only issue is the president was asked to comment on it he also gave quite a strong a remark on the script all case the president lambasted the former double agent as trader and also added that the whole case has been blown out of proportion i was saying that the sooner the media noise around the screwball case and the better you get over systems regarding the script case the spy scandal is being artificially kindled i've seen some media outlets go as far as calling mr scrooge probably human rights activist in france he's just a spy a traitor. he's scum that's all he is and the whole information campaign has been
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launched around in this case i think it will come to an end one day and i hope so and the sooner the better. while the russian president has been on the move this wednesday after attending an international forum in moscow he is expected here in st petersburg to hold talks with the austrian chancellor it's going to be there a horse a meeting in a year both leaders are expected to try to point out pressing international issues including i guess the our global energy market the situation in syria so we'll see what comes out of this meeting. for that no doubt we'll get back to you for the latest updates that alter as we did of course that over from st petersburg. to bring north and south korea closer together quite literally is on the way we've got the latest pictures for you from of the border zone yourself that is for a short break thanks you.
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what politicians do so little. they put themselves on the laws to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. more some want to be rich. but you'd like to be prosperous like the flag tree in the morning can't be good get . interested always in the waters of the gulf. some seem wrong when old roles just don't all. get to shape out this day comes to educate and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the.
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welcome back to our to international in a historic move north and south korean soldiers have become removing landmines from the demilitarized zone which has separated the two nations for more than half a century the buffer zone separating north and south runs for nearly two hundred fifty kilometers it was created at the end of the korean war which officially paused in one hundred fifty three it's believed these are some of the very first pictures of the operation in action around two million mines are thought to be scattered there between the border fences there guarded by hundreds of thousands of troops the agreement to clear the mines and destroy god posts was agreed last month
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after the two leaders met in pyongyang and during that summit agreed to demolish its nuclear facilities as well as test sites and also accept international inspections the careers agreed to eliminate so-called war dangers and set up peace zones on their shared border and other leaders pledged to connect railways and roads between the two countries and also help families been divided by the korean war to meet once again their pledge to also make a joint bid for the twenty thirty two summer olympic games. out of germany now where the daughter of a right wing politician has been disqualified from a poetry contest after reading out an poem that we can show you some pictures from the the contest itself. even. though.
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what you just heard was part of a poetry competition that was organized in southwest germany by a council as part of an anti racism initiative the entry you heard was by. the fourteen year old daughter of a right wing german politician her controversial entry provoked this reaction in the hall was well despite that reaction she was disqualified from the competition in fact there were boos when a different winner was announced there has been backlash though her mother the alternative for germany m.p. nicola has said that their house had been dogged in spray painted with nazi slurs this type of reaction to a teenager's poetry isn't surprising in germany right now the political divide in the country hasn't been this prominent in recent times in fact we've seen
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a number of right wing demonstrations across the country that were really sparked into existence following the stabbing to death of a thirty five year old german man in the city of camden it's the two main suspects in custody a two asylum applications one from iraq and one from syria was i was and all of this has played into the hands of the anti migrant alternative for germany party when they entered parliament just over a year ago and twenty seventeen with just less than thirteen percent of the vote they weren't really expected to build on not too much that's going to just. of tectonic shifts and earthquakes it looks like the c.d.u. will be electing a chance at the last dramatically or is it a bitter loss know their country it's a broken our democracy for the first time in seventy years we have
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a nationalistic right wing populist party partially reflected and that's the ideology in parliament it is no surprise that a.v. has grown stronger the sharper everyone is how much stronger it has become fast forward to now when the polls show that almost one in five germans is on thyroid with alternative for germany the most recent poll showing that they would take over eighteen percent of the vote if an election with held today coming only second to the union of the c.d.u. and c.s.u. headed up by angela merkel dissatisfaction with angola merkel's government is reasonably high here in germany but what these recent polls show is that if an election was to be held tomorrow well the chancellor wouldn't have enough votes to put together the current coalition government in a considerable minority among the german population has lost its trust into the christian democratic union into the social democratic party end of the established politics and media system voting for that if he is mostly or even completely an
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emotionally driven voting those who vote for the a of d. simply want to be clear we have lost trust in the it's political party it's with want to punish them the most severe punishment for the political establishment is looking for the f.t. and this is how the things are going on in germany right now. and a foreigner silicon valley is home to progressive employers like tech giant apple alphabets and facebook and now everyone in the us they will have to keep in step after it made it a legal requirement for at least one woman to sit on the board of directors in every company the law says it must happen by the end of twenty nine team or less. has to increase to three in the coming years firms could also face fines of one hundred thousand dollars or even more for not complying spin the long awaited legislation for many the bill though has provoked concern with others the state's
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chamber of commerce as it approaches gender over other aspects of diversity. chris discrimination now against other people in favor of women who might not even be qualified i mean you're talking about putting one woman in place there and now we're having to mandate that where there are many women in the workplace that have been working hard so rather than hoping for encouraging in the workplace or to be equal treatment of women who do a good job now we're just regulating the mandating it which is undoubtedly going to cause anarchy in the workplace is going to cause dissension among people perhaps amongst other women who have been working hard wondering why this woman got chosen just to meet a certain quota i think it's absolutely ridiculous to suggest that there is not a single woman qualified for the board of any public company in california i think we all know them and loads of women who are super well qualified in the question should be why haven't they been appointed to those schools already why have we put up with this. white male boys' club for so so loam i think there are lots of people
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on boards in california and all over the world you want qualified and i'm afraid to say the vast majority of them all men it only causes tension to grow against women against the very party that they're trying to eliminate discrimination over and so that's going to end out only cause backfiring a lot more animosity against women not just from other men in the workplace who have been working very hard but from other women in the workplace who might not be chosen to fit this one woman quota type thing for women who aren't going to be doing that and so you know it's causing dissension it's really going against it and it's going to continue to backfire against that until we change who we are intrinsically as americans in the workplace allowing equal rights because there are deserving of it and not because a lot mandates absolutely california should and will in the back of the success of this legislation for the legislation that mandates that there be a person of color on board and then to put people of color and so on and so forth i think that's absolutely not conflicting issues it shouldn't be the case that women
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and people of color who incidentally many women are also people of color but we shouldn't feel like there's a sort of diversity. spot and we all have to fight for it we should feel like we're all part of a movement that's working towards better balance on boards and working towards a future which actually built web companies like this belong to all of us not to a tiny you know pie on my island stale corporate elite which unfortunately seems to be sort of you know a cop which no one can break at the moment. they've got some breaking news just coming in here not international from america who actually secretary of state. or has announced the u.s. is putting out of the so-called friendship treaty with iran struck back in ninety five of course some years ago the deal was signed at a time when relations were good or better rather between the two countries a mutual trade and investment at the forefront of that agreement of course and this comes as we said earlier the un's highest court today ordered washington to lift some sanctions on iran those affecting specifically human goods and aviation that's
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been the u.s. response tonight to that ruling. i'm announcing that the united states is terminating the nine hundred fifty five treaty of amity with iran this is a decision frankly that is thirty nine years overdue. in july around broader marilyn's case in the international court of justice alleging violations of the treaty of amity iran seeks to challenge the united states decision to cease participation in the iran nuclear deal and to reimpose the sanctions that were lifted as part of that deal. or as a term to interfere with the sovereign rights of the united states to take a lawful actions necessary to protect our national security. and iran is abusing the i.c.j. for political and propaganda purposes and their case as you can see even the decision lacked merit given iran's history of terrorism ballistic missile ective in the other morning behaviors iran's claims under the treaty are absurd. and that's
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the news for this hour join us again at seven pm moscow time for the latest global news headlines will see you. play . i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes have been each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand
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dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one in one business show you can afford to miss the one and only. picked additional so i'm not on what was it not something to linger some of these it's just a plain what you're looking it's not the know. it was doing it. simply yes swinging my feet and also opposing. looked with a showing at the plant which up a study saying is lost when the chips don't you think it'll show. you have the same thirty. volts of shipping. yep and most of the book is the one with the bus number of still missing notes i don't know what the full.
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list. was the latest news in the bus. stop us no worries and will. that's the whole yes but this was kind of those are the lyrics are still is are in store yeah. it does is. when lawmakers manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final larry go around the lifts only the one percent. doing all middle of the room signals. the real need is for.
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it's a multinational of a particular kind one you all know some of you may even visit it's present across the globe and on the corner of your street. the catholic church. with its hierarchy. its communication. and its very darkest secret. code ophelia. in australia seven percent of priests are thought to have sexually abused minors four percent in the united states. we discovered the clergymen found guilty of better phoebe are still active often in contact with children. thanks to
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internal documents will reveal how church leaders protect priests accused of of sexually. using minors. by sending them from country to country notably in africa. our investigation into these international exiles took us to cameroon. to argentina. to the united states. to france and to italy. during our travels we established this unprecedented map that regarding the transfers of priests involved in cases of that a feeling you. get the man sits in the. up with his off on baffin i lost it on that it was you know i'm not that into being up six i mean that and the victims number tens of thousands marked with scars for the rest of their lives.
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our investigations would lead us all the way to pope francis who revealed how when he was archbishop of buenos aires he tried to influence the argentine justice department. to sunday the. list was d.c. and the capital of the past. investigated the mysteries of the church where on the altar of truth god's law seems to prevail over that of a man. our inquiry into the international transfers of priests accused of pedophilia begins in the united states. where in chicago in the shadow of this cathedral to would just have very unique kind of protest.


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