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tv   News  RT  October 4, 2018 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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the netherlands claims it for a russian intelligence led cyber attack on the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons. baseless politicize claims hypocritical bodies accuse jewish unjust prosecution damages the cause of human. the latest in a series of u.s. withdrawals from international justice commitments sees washington take measures to protect itself from being sued at the un's top court. and in france butchers have written to the president amid a wave of attacks on slaughterhouses by animal welfare activists pleading with him to help prevent a possible civil war. from
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all of us here at r t h q in moscow welcome to the program and things for joining us this hour first dutch security services expelled for russian nationals over an alleged cyber plot in april they allege that the plot was intended to target the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons in the hague. only thirteen to face filled this year and me for a day carry out an operation to district g.r.u. oprah targeting the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the c w the hake. the cross live now to paula boycott in london for more polly what further details can you tell us about this development. well the dutch investigators went into more detail one thing to point out that o.p.c. w of course is an organization that they're accused of hacking that russia is
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a member of but for russian suspects who actually rest a case to say had diplomatic passports on them and among them there were experts and support agents and they said that they hired a car and they had equipment and they were scouting for locations from where to conduct this hike from now the dutch allegations of hacking against russia they don't come alone in fact they appear to be coordinated with the british government take a listen to what the u.k.'s defense minister gavin williamson had to say about russia today this is not the actions of a great power this is the actions of a pariah state and we will continue working with allies to isolate them make them understand they cannot continue to conduct themselves in such a way. very strong words there from the british defense secretary he was actually speaking in brussels for a meeting with his u.s. counterpart jim mattis and other nato defense ministers and the harsh rhetoric comes off the back of
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a big accusation made by british officials overnight they came out with a statement saying that the u.k.'s national cyber security service had identified that a number of cyber act is widely known to have been conducting cyber attacks around the world are in fact the g.r.u. that's according to the british government that's russia's military intelligence agency the foreign secretary jeremy hunt said that cyber attacks have been orchestrated by the. cyber attacks orchestrated by the jihadi you have attempted to undermine international sporting institutions. they've attempted to disrupt the transport systems in ukraine and also they've been targeting business and democracies and they highlight specific attacks such as the hack against the d.n.c. over in the states in the run up to the election of donald trump and also this attempt to leak medical information about athletes amid the doping scandal and they
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identified twelve groups of hackers who they say are linked to if not directly a part of the g r u and again the british accusations go even further and stress that this is all on the orders of vladimir putin's kremlin interesting that some of the accusations against the g.r.u. even include hacking russian businesses and russian companies and the russian foreign ministry spokesperson maria is a horrible has been speaking this morning and she's already reacted to this plethora of accusations by labeling them depending on how you translate her words from russian a diabolical call detail. accusations take a lesson is going to go to a board of everything is being mixed indiscriminately as if in a bottle of mineral rich a perfume russian military intelligence cyber spies kremlin hackers it's all just
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one big witches brew the imagination of our british colleagues knows no limits who could come up with all this i'd like to take a look at this hans christian andersen. well as for the british government after announcing these new allegations the defense secretary gavin williamson has vowed to act to expose russia every time that it acts in what he calls an indiscriminate and reckless way artist polly boy thank you for bringing us that report. us national security advisor john bolton has announced that america is pulling out of an optional protocol to the vienna convention a move that could prevent the us from being sued at the international court of justice it's just the latest of several international judicial commitments that washington's pulled out from justice here it states we withdraw from the optional protocol in dispute resolution to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations the
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united states is officially withdrawing from the un human rights council we will not cooperate with the i.c.c. we will provide no assistance to the i.c.c. baseless politicize claims are brought against us hypocritical bodies and institution i'm just prosecution by this illegitimate court the council ceases to be worthy of its name we will commence a review of all international agreements that may still expose the united states to purported binding jurisdiction dispute resolution in the international court of justice artists american takes a closer look at the reasons behind washington's decision to quit this part of the vienna convention. national security adviser john bolton tried to justify the withdrawal by portraying the provision as a violation of u.s. sovereignty citing a case brought on by palestine contesting the decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem earlier pompei announced to the world the u.s.
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was leaving a friendship treaty with iran that established diplomatic ties with the country back in one nine hundred fifty five it was apparently a response to the international court of justice fooling that ordered washington to lift iranian sanctions on humanitarian goods which pompei were described as iranian propaganda. arise attempt to interfere with the sovereign rights of the united states to take a lawful actions necessary to protect our national security. and iran is abusing that i suggest for political and propaganda purposes this leaves one question how the us or any western country be kept in check without an effective international governing body it looks like this will revive a some of those discussions as samir just mentioned earlier on wednesday the un international court of justice ordered the us to partially lifted sanctions on iran which were imposed in may in july tehran filed a lawsuit against washington demanding it drop sanctions and compensate the damage
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it caused to the iranian economy artie's roughly video agency asked people in tehran what they think about the international court's rulings going on with their own world knows that the u.s. is wiling to build war they don't have the all know their own words they signed the nuclear deal and now they've changed their mind even those that have problems with our country accepted that this act is a legal donald trump a scrape really crazy what is is same when he doesn't understand what his same. officials and even civilians say we should stand up against america's excessive demands this ruling will not please mr trump and his friends and we will see their reaction but it will be futile only caught that in the us acted against human rights the hague rule in its completely sound food medicine thirty was old go towards people's livelihoods they should never have to leave them but would see we got reaction to the latest u.s. moves from political experts. this is the another example of the united states
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talking about the rules based democratic order and expecting everyone else to follow it when it comes time for the united states to follow but you know they just simply change the rules and i'm certainly not a fan of the united states being governed by world bodies and accountable world bodies but the issue with the palestine issue and also with the iran issue is that at the iran specifically you know we signed this agreement in one hundred fifty five agreed to be adjudicated by the international court of justice and then when they rule against united states we say ok we're going to take our toys and go home it doesn't look good it sets a bad precedent in it also makes the united states to look look look like someone you can't do business with overseas the u.s. warrant to lay sanctions idea i.c.c. as well as a prosecution of its judges would be under way by the u.s. actually because the u.s. believes that it's an exceptional state president trump is a real manifestation of this wrong idea that the u.s. is exceptional all other nations should abide by the rules and regulations except
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for the united states so therefore the u.s. is adamant to the rule of the law it has proved to be an irresponsible act or. after examining documents from an f.b.i. probe the white house has reportedly found nothing to support the sexual misconduct allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh but as scrutiny around the scandal intensifies questions about protesters putting pressure on republican senators to reconsider their support of cavanagh have arisen artie's done one quarter takes a closer look. since brett kavanaugh his controversial supreme court nomination we've seen a number of political confrontations in the u.s. by concerned citizens who have been looking to give their elected representatives and earful. this image. what. are you. sorry. for your comment like that was the senator majority leader mitch
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mcconnell after his call for the senate to vote on kavanagh a.s.a.p. he was a likely target for enraged activists take another republican senator jeff flake who was ambushed in an elevator i'm going to. leave me i didn't tell anyone and you're telling all the names they don't matter what you want to tell you don't tell me that might have something down or don't want me don't think those are your only. things. pretty awkward elevator moment there's also republican senator david purdue who ran for the restroom after he was confronted by the asian games project we turned it on how can you not talk to women who have been assaulted how can you ignore our pleas the thing is though these are not random incidents they were all organized by the very same angio the so-called center for
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popular democracy and its sister organization and harassing politicians isn't the only thing in their arsenal they've also organized a number of mass protests. that protest alone resulted in over one hundred arrests but liberal organizations aren't only taking direct action against their political opponents the man justice engages in similar activism making dramatic political advertisements he normally does. and to the u.s. supreme court accusing cavanagh of sexual assault when she tried to scream she said he put his hand over her mouth we can't let breast kavanaugh decide on our rights for a generation in the us is. wondering how they pay for all that well these organizations all have one thing in common they're funded by the controversial billionaire george
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soros styling himself as a so-called philanthropist soros has given millions to liberal causes around the globe and democrats at home in the us to. make very good press his organization has already given over two million dollars to these ladies alone and hundreds of thousands more to the fund that helps make anti carven our commercials donald quarter r.t. . the united nations relief and works agency which supports palestinian refugees has withdrawn some of its staff from the gaza strip the decision was made amid safety concerns after protests erupted when the agency cut back its operations in the region its head describes how angry demonstrators surrounded u.n. cars. was. two days ago when i was meeting with some colleagues hotel here in gaza city because i count
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meet in my office and when angry demonstrators came and tried to prevent us from leaving that place one car was called next got stuck and was surrounded by angry demonstrators for over an hour and fortunately the situation was resolved peacefully that could have been a very nasty and so did so fortunately so far no one has gotten hurt or directly attacked these protests come after weeks of tensions triggered by the u.s. decision to cut its funding to the agency also known as the un r w a it now faces a financial crisis but the u.s. says that other countries should have share the financial burden more equally. when we made a u.s. contribution of sixty million in january we made it clear that the united states was no longer willing to shoulder the very disproportionate share of the burden of un r w a's costs that we had assumed for many years washington's withdrawal of
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funding has also faced a backlash at home one hundred twelve members of the u.s. congress signed a letter to the secretary of state demanding he reverse the decision they say the move threatens to destabilize the region we spoke to the head of the u.n. agency in gaza but he says that funding is just one part of the issue. work would be made easier if they are stable predictable funding arrangements so all the countries that help does this year need to continue this next year and and hopefully we will get more of the problem is not the u.s. and its government the problem is that the international community including the. us from my perspective speaking on behalf of the refugees not putting enough effort into finding a political solution what is needed is member states working together to bring israel and palestine to the table to have a proper discussion and negotiation about a peaceful solution that is what's needed most still to come in the program
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france's famous cuisine and its butchers are under attack to the point where they're calling on the president for help the details on that story and more after a short break. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to be old for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per
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second per second and going rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one doesn't show you can't afford to miss the one and only. if you're watching are to international welcome back to the program animal welfare activism under the banner meet is murder is becoming increasingly militant in france which has seen a recent spike in attacks on slaughterhouses we spoke to one french butcher who
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says the windows of a shop were smashed by vegans. the incident happened around three in the morning i came down and saw that the door had been hit in three places they also painted. here on the enemy. i took pictures of the police arrive i will show you what you want there is the picture of the damaged door. these are the marks on. it is where it says speciesism and these are the rocks they use to smash the glass. this case is one of many including splattering shops selling meat with fake blood setting slaughterhouses on fire and defacing a butchers with were feeding the incidents have prompted worried butchers to send a letter to the french president emanuel in a bid to prevent more violence. this is a civil war this gang go on mr president should workers take up arms to defend
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themselves and their businesses. and i believe these people should be punished as one of the large corporations that only attacks small businesses because the people who. does everybody have to start eating vegetables only because these. everyone has their own preferences and we must respect the choice. meanwhile butchers have already gained some support from officials with the head of the republican party saying two hundred thousand euros and compensation will be paid out to those affected we spoke to animal rights activists even boehner del who has mixed feelings about the recent wave of incidents. these activists think that animal rights must be protected similarly to human rights so it's not surprising that the attack slaughter houses and butchers shops if the law authorizes immoral acts they may think what they do is justified in terms of morality anything that
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may stop the killing of animals for meat is except. but i am not sure whether illegal actions are the best way to promote animal rights is actually the question we should ask ourselves is whether it is an effective way to raise awareness about animal suffering and animal rights or if it's a good strategy then we should do it. a russian hockey teams concern for one of its injured female stars has resulted in an apparent own goal after the pictures of her it posted sparked a sexism debate the star herself though doesn't see a problem. cut. the to. cut.
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cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut cut on the it came as a great surprise to me that this photo of a normal i'm sorry naked bottom the whole of instagram is packed with photos just like it i can't understand why it has triggered such responses to hockey pop posted it because they admired michael bottom the idea was a simple as that. cut
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out for us is that the very concept of sex isn't. it's not appropriate to have hired me to add a little bit of sexuality to their i don't need to teach the exploitation of my sexuality is approved by people who like themselves often fees the public back but what's the point of staying with the book and spending the most part of my life in the gym if i can just play it no that won't change. if you've been following the us media of late you'd be forgiven for thinking that the deep political divide in the country is a relatively recent phenomenon one that's down essentially to one male. speaker because divided america troposphere are trying to play on fears and divide us off the air of donald trump's divide and conquer agenda. this man lives to divide our country he's further dividing us and i'm really
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concerned about whether this could spill over into the streets however a new study argues that the deep political divisions in america predate trump by quite some time it looked at the number of bills in congress that were co-sponsored by members from both parties and found that since the seventy's when nixon was in office and divisions were already bad factionalism has only gotten worse and this hasn't depended on who's in charge those behind the new study have released a video to illustrate their findings in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's the democrats mostly worked together and the republicans mostly worked together but they still sometimes worked across the aisle to pass the corn legislation here's what it looks like now the democrats and republicans almost never work together we discussed the issue with political scientists chorused cooper who claims the term political division is currently being exploited by those unhappy about the outcome of the last us presidential election. the idea that
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america is divided the way that it is because president is in office is just simply not true what we see instead are a number of activist groups that are very disappointed with the election outcome and just as they were frustrated in the year two thousand even just as they were frustrated in one hundred seventy two these people on the left side of the political aisle. work with media to create the impression of disarray that group has been around for more than fifty years the only difference is now they speak openly. that's our wrap up of the day's top headlines for this hour but you can always head to our website dot com for the latest on all those stories and much much more thanks for tuning in this hour.
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welcome to max kaiser's financial survival guide. looking forward to a year that's without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. who are most just as they would a simple they want to. go to a specialist about but many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the drift used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities best person as banco mom. was you know you know i've ended up my son i guess i'm in a lot of class and i wanted that. they had a lot of the options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house
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all of the political rivals the schools have to be about the. struggles of many couples. the push to put it. both of you up with the poor the both of them. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it mean to win the death penalty just because they think that's the way or think the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict just found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying lose just know really hasn't been there. even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished. the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't
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the way. what politicians do so. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted us. to do it for us this is like the three of them all the people. interested in the why is it that. this should. greetings and sale you take. and today's world money will always be king but coming
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in a close second disinformation and whoever controls manipulates or pollutes the information is generally considered the queen on the chessboard monies tired old one space moving dusty k. which makes the recent influx of news concerning unofficial officials allegedly manipulating everything from public comments on bank mergers and f c c f.c.c. votes to wikipedia entries on the devil's triangle so alternately concerning the intercept is reporting that according to documents uncovered in a freedom of information act request the common submitted to a top banking regulator supporting a twenty fifteen merger between one was a bank and c.i. t. bank were attributed to people who never sent them. and that the fake comments appear to tie directly back to joseph being the head of the regulatory agency overseeing the merger. by the way is the former c.e.o. of one west bank. talk about the old fox investigating the chicken coop meanwhile
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on the other side of town it appears that someone has been rather busy adding new entries in the wikipedia to either cover up for or mock supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh his congressional testimony on the now new torrijos devil's triangle reference of his high school yearbook. according to usa today the wikipedia page for devil's triangle had a new definition of a popular drinking game enjoyed by friends of judge brett kavanaugh the entry was later removed and thanks to a now he didn't remove tweet from congress edits we know that this week a p.d.f. post was added by someone using the house of representatives ip address. so with the manipulation of information being used on everything from the serious to the ludicrous the only way to cut through the official fog is by watching the hogs . but if you treat it like.
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it's. at the bottom. like you that i got. it would. be. welcome everybody to watch it and i robot and i'm typing and no one has edited my wikipedia page from congress as i don't know what we can expect me i had when they took it down so that i just wasn't relevant. parallel makes you feel warm and cozy inside when someone says that your life has no relevance. but this is a major problem because we've seen a massive history in recent years.


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