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tv   News  RT  October 5, 2018 8:00pm-8:20pm EDT

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that. india defines the rest of us sanctions fine signing a deal with russia by its advanced s. pulled hundred defenses. a tribunal case how it unfolds to britain then i find the fact that time now to break the law if it prevents a bigger crime in. the west takes out of russia's g.r.u. military intelligence service exposing an alleged campaign of celebrity tax around the world including on the international chemical weapons watchdog.
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very warm welcome you are watching r t international with me karyn present you with us this hour now our top story of false contracts to deliver russian s four hundred defense systems to india has been signed by vladimir putin and the ranger modi the leaders pens the deal despite washington's attempts to stop india signing artie's a ghost on the visit in new delhi for us the whole scale of today's meeting while it was staggering if i was to list everything that the two leaders will discuss step from nuclear cooperation to agree culture to space and so on and so forth could easily take the rest of the day and also a very warm very cordial atmosphere between the leaders are to set a. very special attention to its relationship with russia in this fast changing world the relationship is becoming even more important on one thousand smiting gives a fresh impetus to our privileged to the ship talks have given new meaning to our mutual cooperation. as there used to be with me is our military cooperation goes
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beyond supplies russian weapons are countries jointly make can develop military products we maintain regular contacts between the defense ministries and general staffs of our countries when discussing the international agenda we confirm that russia and india here to similar positions on key global issues so we've decided to step up our cooperation so among all these deals one that particularly stands out is the one that finalizes india's acquisition of russia's as four hundred anti-missile defense systems and it's not just about india expanding its defensive capabilities against its regional rivals like pakistan or china for example it's also new delhi sending a strong kill political message because you see every time someone shows interest or indeed by a russian advanced russian weapon washington well it falls flat with washington for example when china bought the very same and a missile defense system which india has now ports and some fighter jets to go with
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it off russia it was slapped with sanctions and now india is defying this potential threat even though washington for example one pentagon general has said that while indeed sanctions are on the table it is ultimately up to donald trump eventually it will be donald trump's call whether or not to punish india for what it's doing so really it's interesting while russia and india are doing business it's fair to say that the ball is in washington's court. amounts can orient chair of the india power corporation told as the do ability of ties with russia accounts particularly as it's had been time for world trade. but i think long term parking lot was but it was right in the position to see the ups and downs with each of the countries that have been there for so many decades i'm not saying that you should not look for new partners but. when strings have to be looking at strengthening their
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relationship in this geopolitical. morning you're going to jail in thought it. was tough but you know what's the future of the. capital has advanced to the final round of voting with fifty one yes' and forty nine nays the final vote will bring an end to the month long confirmation process which witnessed a series of controversies cavanaugh was accused of sexual assault by three different women and when the f.b.i. found him not guilty democrats still weren't satisfied and called for a new probe anti kavanaugh sentiment has trickled down to the grass roots and now protesters have been emerging all over the country and just yesterday three hundred protesters were arrested in d.c. and we asked protesters what exactly they were protesting check out their answers i
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feel like these decisions are being made by. a lot of great men who might not know our situation and there's a lot of women out there who have experienced things like the like dr short story and you know the fact that they're continuing their vote despite what she had to say is really disheartening like they're not even listening to the atrocities that have been happening since november twenty sixth team must end and is just the cherry on the top of a very very rotten sunday how do you feel about having those records during the bush administration that you want the senators to. drive you to take you to the doctor. that. he has lied about. memoranda that were stolen from the democrats he has a quiver kidded about his legacy for you know. numerous other small and big lives i believe that if he gets nominated. we can get
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rid of a lot of protective regulations on the environment. and he's also got an eye a nice package so we know that he's going to be a lobbyist for the gun rights zakouma stores both sides testified before the senate last thursday and one of kavanagh's friends a top facebook official decided to attend for moral support this resulted in a wave of backlash against facebook a platform that supports a liberal values and then he was forced to apologize check out his statement i want to apologize i recognize this moment is a deeply painful one internally and externally some took it as tacit support for cavanagh this even prompted zuckerberg to respond saying that he was a close friend of the queues and that he didn't break any company rules to stop cavanagh movement is pretty much proof that in today's political climate showing up to a protest with a cardboard sign in hand is effective political resistance and it doesn't look like
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it'll stop any time soon we spoke to the media legal analyst lionel who things covena isn't the real target is. all based upon anti trump if this were this is not just this didn't happen would judge his predecessor but for some reason this one hit a nerve and what it always goes back to is if they can stop the president if they can interrupt the president's plan if it can embarrass the president and if you do anything to affect the midterms coming out the midterm elections and in november it's all part of the benefit here throwing everything they can into the works to stop the process they are guilty of and i think this cloud about q.'s ations is its own purpose in the normal rational people would say well why would they be saving things unless they had some purpose in mind the purpose is to poison any possible rapprochement between washington especially and russia as donald trump said he
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wanted to do during the campaign and make sure that cannot happen and that relations continue to go from bad to worse we may not know the whole truth or which saw it is hiding something but it's image a narrative which is important and the russians you know you bogeyman is becoming firmly embedded in public mindset. from an international monetary fund both is facing jail for alleged misuse of company credit cards and he's far from the in far from the only i.m.f. chief to have fallen from grace take a look. after
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several years dominique strauss can took part in six parties around the world that involved prostitutes the former i.m.f. chief has been charged with involvement in a prostitution ring off reading out of french luxury hotels. i am not satisfied with it but there's a point in time when one is just stopped turned the page and move all. about with more news after the break.
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why should americans work other taxes stalin had a bomb against all of that up through the central bank that money transferred into the pockets of a few cartel members to create while to make a gap social unrest social cohesion risk and wide scale poverty and watch that happen. what politicians do usually to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to be rich. if you're going to be cross with what the four three of them or the people. i'm interested always in the waters of my. place should.
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join me every thursday on the all excitement show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. about news from the gaza israel border now three palestinians have been killed during protests on friday including a twelve year old boy a further three hundred seventy six protesters were injured that's according to local health officials israel says around twenty thousand palestinians gathered at the border as part of continuing demonstrations.
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demonstrators gather every friday for the great march of return they regularly set fire to tires and throw explosives that israeli forces the protests began in the spring when donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved the u.s. embassy there from stella vive rounds to hundreds of palestinians have been killed during the protests israel says it intends to prevent further violence by carrying out a large scale reinforcement of the border. the u.s. congress has approved the creation of a sixty billion dollar investment agency to fund projects in developing countries
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but it's led some to question what president donald trump's top priority is either to make america great again or to challenge china explains labor donald trump's plan to put america first i will always put america first america first. first rebuilding restore america's depleted infrastructure and i've been in construction building all my life i love it. i love the smell of a construction site right the roads railways power plants and water systems of the united states are still in some pretty poor conditions but donald trump said that fixing it up would be a breeze if the structure is the easiest of all but now the department of transport disagrees with him there appears to be a lock of consensus and how to pay for this and tom told us how he was going to pay for rebuilding the united states he was going to do it by cutting overseas spending
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we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east seven trillion dollars what a mistake we're trying to build roads and bridges and fix bridges that are falling down and we have a hard time getting the money it's crazy and the usa is already saving money this way they've just cut aid to the pakistanis to the palestinians and to the united nations so are you ready to start revving up those drills and jackhammers are you ready to start pouring some cement and laying rails well yes but not in the usa the usa is about to spend sixty billion dollars to build infrastructure in developing countries sixty billion does that number sound familiar well it should that's the amount of money china promised to africa last month and it's pretty clear that u.s. politicians heard about it this investment will allow us to reduce publicly in areas that are critical to our national security compete with chinese influence in
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the developing world so if you are all excited about railways and highways and development here at home wait a minute looks like america is not going to be first after all it's a very strange situation to be talking about one being sixty billion dollars in infrastructure development in the third world which certainly needs it while not funding the disastrous infrastructure in the us which is as bad as in the third world i don't see it going anywhere frankly big. as i think when this comes out and american see it happening they're going to freak out because our roads are as bad as third world roads why it didn't happen was because. the other things we wanted to do more of which was to give tax breaks to the rich and to. fund a huge huge increase in the military budget. and human thousands of
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people filled the streets of rebel controlled sun on friday to protest the actions of saudi arabia and its allies. marcia's condemns the saudi led coalition which they say is the searing of policy of blockade and starvation people held of weapons and placards as a way of expressing their discontent it's been nearly three years since the beginning of the saudi led intervention in yemen civil war which has included heavy bombing and economic sanctions the nationals to currency has since collapsed and at least twenty million people are in urgent need of food water and medical aid. well he would r.t. we love to hear your thoughts on our stories so do get in touch by following us on social media and leaving all your comments that join us again at the top of the hour for the latest headlines but here.
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is a. scene. indeed priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that of
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those known as the i intend them to learn how to do this out and. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final larry go round the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real news room.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm part killed in washington welcome aboard we're glad you're with us coming up today the new jobs numbers are out and the unemployment rate in the united states has reached the lowest point since get this one thousand nine hundred sixty nine we have a panel. standing by to dig into the numbers plus as we look at the weekly market results around the world we also take a longer look at london's footsie and later we discussed new car news including the central electric cars c.e.o. ilan must be again who can't leave the securities and exchange commission alone and it could cost him the car coach lauren fix joins us plus with a new trade agreement between the united states mexico and canada agreed to by
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negotiating but not yet approved by the u.s. congress steve malzberg helps us sort out the winners and the losers all that ahead let's go. the leaders of india and russia have agreed to a five billion dollar arms sale that seems set to trigger u.s. sanctions earlier today prime minister narendra modi met with russian president vladimir putin in new delhi to formally close on a purchase of five s. four hundred aircraft missile systems mr putin was in delhi for the nineteenth annual india russia summit aside from the weapons sales he and mr modi signed eight bilateral agreements including one on a joint space mission india's dispense minister recently gave us counterpart notice .


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