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just a thing its a genius. showing emotion that it. will see it and to quote the it's just one of the six it still was useless to those that add this to get to a partial stop. news division or what i left or changing was. to give the things that are since. it's gotten still louis that haven't seen. one thirty one pm here in moscow if you're just joining us our breaking sol an unused. warry this hour and it comes from the soyuz launch in celtic star and where
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a rocket malfunction during blastoff has forced the. crew to abort and make an emergency landing both men are alive they are hurt after landing in their cultural in that was of course that big worry the soyuz launch the two forty pm local time that's just less than two hours ago now but the booster rocket began to mull function minutes after the last video seen from inside the capsule showed the men being shaken in their seats the two month our russian commander alexi of chinon u.s. flight engineer tyler haig on his maiden voyage into space. and off has been a very interested observer into what is unfolding today because you had a program allness before and you were looking at all the details you were but you
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had been in contact with. family and friends of course for that as well why did this happen what is the best theory as to why this problem unfolded well obviously the investigation well they've had like what only a couple of hours even less to work to figure out what's been going on we do have an unconfirmed report would cause the would cause the emergency was the one of the blocks of the first booster while splitting of the rocket the second booster and so that physical impact caused the pressure there to drop and so emergency systems kicked into action so this is what could have happened now probably this is an unconfirmed report and construct this enough but where this could be coming from is we do know that since the very beginning since well everybody understood that something went wrong. investigators began looking into the data they were getting
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from the from the rocket into the telemetry this is something like this is similar to what records the blood box on an airplane like the flight recorder but that is while in case of a plane it is stored on board with the soyuz rocket is being transmitted live to earth so they had all the data. with them now just to recap the situation just staying with the investigation and we also. have been reported that the investigators will look into the operations of the factory in the russian city of samarra that produced the rocket and they will also look and check out all the rockets that have been produced to date apparently there are five of them so all so all flights both manned and cargo flights into space have been put on hold while the crew will have to wait
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a bit and there will be some rescheduling some. obviously so also we also know is that according to preliminary data well again the soyuz accident occurred because of one of the four units yes we've already we've already mentioned it a couple of times so now probably we do have another another source for this for the for the cause of the of the emergency situation just not allowing coming on this according to russia's central military district up the medics examined a soyuz true members after the emergency landing assess their condition they have labeled it suttas tree as you say the first thing that would have been done make sure their physical well being is ok is fine and then you know the situation whether they're in shock etc it doesn't seem to be what we're hearing we're hearing decent things coming out of this medics rich. port well yes but well of course it's
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not all bright and the well off rule it's an emergency and while we do know that they're alive also we are being told r.t. is being told that their condition is in north really good this is just at a time when i see our listeners a new life just desperate we just that it's not really it's not really good so this is this is what we're getting we're also being told in the nearest future there will be a special a special flight to moscow to the. poor they will be taken there so they will be brought to moscow for the examination how this is a somewhat more a some of this description not too good to their condition that they're not to well . again we don't know whether it's physically psychologically or both we know that for a fact that psychologists will work with the members of the crew just to
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go to them just to put them through the situation the time to go through today so this is the latest the latest information well at least they're alive again though i'm sure there will be coming more on the condition of the crew and we'll be bringing you the latest as we get it is difficult to verify just the exact information coming out because they're getting treated at the out there moment we had been hearing you know heartening things on their well being was just describing that perhaps not is all as we had hoped it would be in case one of the things one of the worrying things that. just before that drug control last communication with the soyuz wasn't there was a picture which we haven't been able to get yet because it's with the actual control of the two men. shaking in the seats that was stopped was one of the
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problems i was to it seemed to be quite. quite a lot of that happening if the thought was going on for two and a half minutes which i think is how long the craft was actually going into orbit and incredible speeds if it took a not a knock then you're worried that possibly something like that would have an effect on these men that's why i was so heartened to hear that they were ok at the beginning we're awaiting further detail in the yes and there's another version right now also unconfirmed of course is that again it all revolves around the first booster and apparently so previously we were saying that one of the blocks kind of deployed from the first post knocked the second one. now or another version suggests that one of the blocks did not just did not come off the first boost in time and that's what caused the emergency so again of course we're getting a lot of information right now we all of it is just reports coming from different
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sources and so all of that information of course should be taken with a pinch of certainly part of the get to dismantle the i am going to make you some little clip that you get that across that one stop this shit when someone you look to talk. to don't compress the seduced him you put them on young men up and show. you what the beauty teaches them the do but they have the commune through but that. was it was believed in the. people you. did shouldn't. get it but new to me some truths that there could be at this situation it's not them. my man started to look. up when you a lot of us could petition. oh yeah to stay yellow
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a cork when they get in my glass mr dean was that that's the fashionable. thing that he just ticking at say the newest. show and he knew she had to get to the scene to quote the systolic so it still was good news nice to know that i had this to get to a professional start. to jingle but i have gotten to the . everything's better since. it's because once you're blue we've given. well it would have been seeing the launch aborted minutes after takeoff when the
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booster rocket began to malfunction. well you can. actually. look good. when it became a part and thought there was a serious technical issue the life feed all of the launch was caught soon after the reports started to emerge that the crew was attempting an emergency landing in their capsule and both men on board did make it back to earth we're just waiting that's one of the latest lines in this in what kind of condition they are in we've heard of fuck tree we're not quite sure whether this meaning out there completely on harmed or not we of course hope the are but we're waiting on car for cation all not we're going to have
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a live reporter going to have an interview with professor all the space law brusk university in just a moment but first let's go to our tease double quarter who is up the inside to watch the takeoff on the instant broccoli and the mission. we don't know very much we do know is that there was a technical technical failure with one of the motors on the i guess that's expedition fifty seven fifty eight basically one of the motors turned off and call it created a problem and we learned yes of course that there's going to be an emergency landing and actually one thing i recall was that people people in the crowd were saying that they heard a sound as if the rocket had come back into the atmosphere as at the same the very same sound as it was giving off during liftoff. suggesting that. the astronaut landed in stand without injury. and emergency services are ready
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scrambles to go get them and reports say that they are. they're there to take ninety minutes from when they were scrambling. both. say. hey if you saw live coverage we had. it seemed everything was fine. out of the ordinary was that there were reports within the tourists in the crowd that they were hearing afterwards a similar sound to that which the rocket made. here . in this area. looks to be a military vehicle. as well as. communications equipment with. the. well for some expertise analysis i'm happy to say that from. a professor
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of space law and brusque university in the u.s. joins us live on the program and we thank you for doing so sir not sit describes the incident as a problem with booster separation i suppose in simple terms to the lay person like myself what happens during that phase. well it's quite simple the. men are actually sitting which is pressurized and generally protected against outer space sitting on top of a booster which is just meant to give it the major push. of the atmosphere then it's a reserve reasonably easy to meet coast to the space station until docking it doesn't need much power off of that flight you need an enormous amount of power and that's what the booster is all about and it shouldn't stick to the. short flight as
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it's also because that is just the dead weight hanging behind it obviously you. launches are knowing to be to be risky dangerous elements of any space mission something like this hasn't happened for forty three years the kazakh cosmodrome so with that in mind how much actual preparation for emergencies like this would this be front and center would it be parliament in any preparations for this something like this to happen yes i think of course we need to learn the details about what exactly happens and how they safely got away with it but i i am assuming that the major part of that has to do precisely with the fact that they are well prepared it is certainly a major part of training and preparation. because even though the show use has been one of the most reliable rockets around and for many years nothing has happened it remains a risky business and if you make for example the comparison with aviation which is
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much safer if you look at the statistics even there the few times that something may go wrong the crews are excellent group out so i'm i'm pretty sure that's no different here. france this is igor a correspondent in the studio i just i just want to talk about the condition of the crew were kind now we kind of are right now getting mixed information about about that so like there we're being told that they're alive that's the main thing of course but in terms of injuries we're being told that their condition is satisfactory but they're not doing too well apparently so could you estimate for us would suit of what sort of condition would you expect them to be in because like one of the version suggests that. one of the blocks of the boost to the heart of the second boost and so is it the physical impact that could have gotten to them or even do you think the damage would be more on the psychological side are you in any
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position to make this estimation. non not really i should say i should almost be say i'm not a medical guy to start with and it's all speculation i would say again going back to the previous point i would imagine that it's not so much the psychological shock because these people are extraordinarily well trained including you know being clear headed at the moment of danger and if you go back in history many astronauts and call small sets a stranger situations and usually they are absolutely on top of their game in terms of being able to handle that psychologically speaking both during the event and off to once but of course a physical injury hits there's not much you can do and beyond that it's me a speculation i mean as you said the most important thing is that they are a lie presumably and if they are if they have injuries well the man has some concussions i could imagine but again this is a whole conjecture at this moment. well the russian cosmonaut to chain in he was the commander of the space of the soyuz rocket how many was his second mission into
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orbit and just how much would of his experienced his experience helped in this situation. well you know if you're suggesting that because it's the second flight only he is he might not be that experience i wouldn't on the contrary oh yeah ok yeah now exactly i mean and even if they do it's a maiden flight they've been going through training exercises and simulations sora for a huge number of times so i would assume that they're really well prepared and again of course there's nothing like the real thing but but again within the realms of the possible these people are trained to the best of abilities so i find it unlikely that something there has gone wrong but certainly a launch phase is something where as an astronaut or across the north you don't have too much control over it's basically got ground control which which is taking
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care of all that part of the flight and then usually only off the separation so you have the actual commom there being able to take over and to prove to to to recalibrate all the instruments to make sure that they're still in the right path and stuff like that and if necessary you know adjust the trajectory a little bit in order to make sure that they you know arrive at the space station at the right moment at the right place and at the right speed and all that kind of stuff. so you know i find it hard to conceive that anything has gone wrong in that context how much of a setback you think this is for the i.s.a.'s expeditions roster we know another is due to launch in december could you see that being pushed back or or when with this particular crew get up there. i think it all depends upon the investigation which now undoubtedly will take place and it depends upon the seriousness of what was going on if it's if it's something that they can easily find out if it's
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a stupid minor mistake at some point which can easily be. addressed by adding in our element she then they would probably be able to fly by december as planned if on the contrary they either have no find out even offer vista geishas they don't have a clue as to what real has really happened or it's much more complicated issue which requires maybe a total overhaul or design of the rocket then obviously we are talking we would be potentially talking about major major denise and while on the one hand obviously this is always. you know included in the schedule the possibility that something may go wrong with a particular launch of that there are backup possibilities we are currently in a phase where unfortunately the russians so use is the only vehicle capable all stars are on the scene but. we we've been here since days before the rocket launch
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so basically the spirits were very optimistic two days ago starting two days ago when we got here we saw the astronauts at a press conference giving it talking to the media saying their last good bye the last goodbyes to their families. preparing for their six month journey in in orbit it's been confirmed that both the astronaut in the cars were not there a ok but when the launch happened and we saw it clearly from here everything looked fine the the rocket ascended into the sky several nose clapping taking videos but one thing that people mentioned hearing about a minute after the the launch was that they heard a sound that a lot of people were saying. sounded like the rocket launch itself but far off away so perhaps that was that was them hearing the emergency capsule back in orbit we don't know but but basically that's what happened and so i'm donald korda reporting
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from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan. very good afternoon if you just show this is coming into two pm this thursday afternoon live from moscow it's out international with the kevin zero in one big story that we're covering solely for the next hour and the ramifications for it throughout the afternoon the breaking news is that the soyuz launch in kazakhstan didn't go quite the plan the smalling a rocket malfunction during blast off forced the two man crew to abort and make an emergency landing both men are alive and unhurt is the good news though after landing in the capsule in kazakstan the soyuz launch the two forty pm local time couple of hours ago but the booster rocket began to melt function just a few minutes afterwards and that's when things started to unwind you know you've got this video to show you just your knees and catching up with all this the latest one from inside the capsule showing the men being shaken in this seat some reports saying that sometimes they felt they said they felt weightless they should have the other way around that they should have pushed back into the seat so they knew that things were going wrong quite soon in appears the two man crew are the russian
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commander alexi of chin in u.s. flight engineer tyler haig so that launch was aborted minutes after takeoff when it appears the number one booster the first one began to melt function . right honesty didn't. remain over for good. will.


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