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president putin the u.s. national security adviser in moscow amid tensions over american plans to quit a nuclear arms treaty. saudi royal family meets the relatives of killed journalist jamal khashoggi despite being suspects in the ongoing investigation says the turkish president says the murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul was planned well in advance. and the british man sues the u.s. army after being exposed to toxic chemicals while working as a contractor at a military base we speak to the whistleblower. who school just a little shakes. the winds as well just. a little.
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for me in the team here at r.t. h.q. in moscow and ten pm this tuesday night let's first bring you up to speed with what's been happening here over the past few hours the u.s. national security advisors been telling reporters in moscow that the united states is still going ahead with pulling out of a key nuclear treaty or playing down fears that it will spark an arms race earlier held a meeting with president putin but despite the tension surrounding the two countries right now they still managed to lighten the mood. as far as i remember there is an eagle on the us national emblem and there are thirteen arrows in one foot and an olive branch with thirteen olives as a symbol of peaceful policy in the other my question is did your eagle eat all the olives and leave just the arrows. i'm grateful for the opportunity to speak with you on behalf of president and hopefully i'll have some interest for you but i didn't bring any more although. that's what i thought. of the took eventually got
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down to the serious business at hand they even discussed the prospects of a new truck post in meeting in the coming months correspondent a course dollar for that john bolton's news briefing in moscow. well it certainly looks like the united states and russia did as much as they could to resolve their differences when it comes to the i.n.f. treaty and the course of the past couple of days in front john bolton came here to this media venue in central moscow not far from the kremlin just after a nine hour and a half long conversation with president putin and he revealed john bolton i mean revealed two main factors as to why the united states still looks to abandon the deal one he says that russia has already deployed in europe some missiles that a band under the deal and two with the united states see this treaty as outdated and he says that the deal should include other nations like for example china and
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also john bolton talks about the key difference between russia and the united states when it comes to the understanding of the agreement with respect to the question of russian compliance as i said it is the american position that russia's violation it is russia's position that they're not violated so one has to ask how do you convince the russians to come back into compliance with obligations they don't think they're violating well the way russia sees the situation is kind of vice versa mosco has accused washington of minor violations when it comes to the ion of treaty and has said that it is in turn abiding to withstand it also russia views of the deal as key to international stability addressing that john bolton combat the situation too when the united states pulled out of the antiballistic missile defense treaty back in two thousand and two back then he said that deal was due to us absolutely crucial to international stability but apparently when the
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united states abandoned it nothing happened also important to avoid some of the rhetoric of people who are comfortable with the treaty and what what it what the implications of us withdrawal could take a. way the cornerstone the entire construct of international stability collapses did was not true was not true then it will not be true now with withdraw from history and this is yet another point where russia and the united states just don't see eye to eye on since two thousand and one russia has been raising security concerns over challenges the world is facing because the united states once decided to abandon the a.m.d. treaty now with the deal in charm school says europe doesn't want any more escalation we've heard a lot of reaction coming out of the e.u. overwhelmingly speaking about how the i.n.f. treaty is key to the european stability and security so whatever happens next if europe doesn't want to be part of the united states and russia judy it out. earlier
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kevin i would heard from john laughlin of the think tank the institute of democracy and cooperation he thinks europe will find it tough to back washington over the treaty pull out. obviously america has the full spectrum dominance and trump has repeatedly said he wants to maintain that he wants to maintain a position in which no country can come even near even group of countries can come near challenging american power so i think there's a very clear line in terms foreign policy that he thinks that international relations are determined by force and the treaties come about when there is agreement but agreement comes about when there is a balance of power there is an argument for saying that america does not have an interest in withdrawing from this treaty because with the treaty it can prevent russia if what russia were to want to from deploying these intermediate range missiles it could be that america is shooting itself in the foot let's not forget that mccall and merkel are going to sochi next week to talk to mr putin and mr
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erdogan about syria this was unthinkable only a few months ago and the europeans do not like trump ism in foreign policy they prefer the world of multilateral treaties international agreements and so on. the turkish president says saudi dissident journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered in a vicious manner in a pre-planned operation because short he was killed in a saudi consulate in istanbul at the beginning of october riyadh denied any knowledge of the internet for more than two weeks when i got more details earlier from correspondent. most people thought that president aired on will shared light the details probably even groundbreaking details that could have been revealed by his investigators it is still a ball well he didn't instead his speech was more of a political message in which he basically made it clear that turkey skull voted that mr khashoggi death was
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a preplanned political murder. because the evidence that we have so far indicates that you mark. jews were slain in a vicious violent murder did all those responsible from the highest level to the lowest level who brought to justice and will get the punishment they deserve incident was not a momentary resource but rather of the result of a planned operation right to recal people who didn't see the whole thing you saw in the punishment the people who carried out this deserved are we any closer to knowing who he thinks who thinks the should go to you is behind it he mentioned the people erred towards saying you are responsible for this three people and they cause that. group of fifteen people were set from saudi arabia although mr aired fell short of directly blaming the saudi royal family for this. still though he was clearly eager to put pressure on saudi arabia he made an outright to
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bad to hold the perpetrators responsible for this and also came up with a list of direct questions for the saudi government who gave instructions to those people to come to istanbul why were the consulate premises not open to examination on that day or the following day we need an answer to this it's clear now it was a murder where is the body why do we still not have bit of information that the body was given to a local operative who is he it's not an ordinary person saudi arabia needs to reveal his identity so right now saudi arabia's earlier version that jamal khashoggi was killed as a result of some sort of brawl or a fist fight would really do after such comments made by mr of people picking up on this story before it all kicked off to a lot of people around the world the name jamal khashoggi was not particularly well known remind us who he is why all this trouble around him jamal khashoggi is
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a journalist's noted for his criticism of the saudi royal family he was fled to the u.s. and was a columnist for. for washington post but in order to get married he had to go to the cards bowl to get some documents side his second visit to the cause that happened on october the second that was when the tragedy happened.
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so i just want to point out once again that's seven days passed since the actual murder happened tobar second before the saudi officials admit it happened within the walls of their called so much is going on it happened within the walls of their called so much is going on in the reaction has been around the world to this big story all i can tell you that the international community hasn't really been active in trying to hold saudi arabia to their accountability their reaction was pretty much vague cautious or slow even if you want but perhaps the most outstanding evolution of the assessment of what's going on was that of donald trump's let's have a look sounds like. terrible the disgusting about that if that were the case so we're going to have to see we're going to get
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to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment but here to be able to get to the bottom fairly serious about it have to be very severe have it bad fed. but we'll see what happens you consider very serious i do i do i mean it's again it's early we haven't for the shirley view or investigation but it's. i think it's a very important first step and it happened sooner than people thought it would happen. the ground for it i am not satisfied with what i well going back to president erred towards cheese day speech apparently this was not only a direct message to the saudi government but also to the international community to keep putting more pressure on saudi arabia so well be watching what the international leaders are going to do now and also the saudi officials as well of the saudi royal families met with the brother to express their condolences to
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journalists son was pictured shaking hands with the saudi crown prince who suspected of orchestrating the killing of his father and also with the saudi king now there are reports there is not allowed to travel outside the kingdom. meanwhile dozens of top business executives of pulled out of a high profile economic forum in saudi arabia as international pressure continues to mount on riyadh over the journalists motive however crown prince mohammed didn't bring up the no shows all the murder case in fact he didn't say a word as he briefly made an appearance at the conference while his supporters swim time for a selfie which. former turkish minister told us that there are still many questions to be answered because the probe is still very much ongoing. turkey needs to find out what really happened all we want to justice and that's what the whole world wants and needs because an innocent man was killed and there are reports that he might have been be mylan click killed and we don't even know where is remains are
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so there are many questions that need to be answered and present you are asked the saudi kingdom for full cooperation you see mr trump even president of the united states has been confused if you follow his statements first he was backing them hundred percent now he has questions tesla peggle of germany has announced that they will not sell any military equipment to saudi arabia until this issue dissolved this is a question about justice global dust human rights. british man who's taking on the us military over claims he was exposed to a dangerous chemical has received his latest test results back they did patterson says he has high levels of cadmium in his body a carcinogen which can damage the central nervous system the first hearing in the case is reportedly due to take place later this week. i have no received or medication for stress or high blood pressure and other on going to use i
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want to know that i am not ill i do not have some ticking bomb inside my body b. my colleagues are still working on site they really cannot see into the the how the higher blood cadmium level than i did it goes and through the body through the rest retract then it was into your other parts of your body it could take a month a year it could take up to five years but be in a house the journey is very windy weather is a small part or a lot of like we worked on the floor for two weeks without any protection. i made last year david who was a contractor was inspecting a quick mint at the base in germany he says boxes were covered in a white dust but no warning was given as to the nature of the powder staff working with no protective gear it wasn't until a year later that the u.s. army told him that it was kept me i'm a bit father more suit after he was sacked for complaining about the incident the army says it's now changed how it handles equipment we know we won't earn your
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trust if we don't perform better so will the contractor has redoubled efforts and safety training and proper methods for receiving processing handling and cleaning items there are possibly contaminated with cadmium only a year later to be fighting. this is had been a problem ongoing with a us army going back to two thousand and eight when i asked about who's going to assist on medical checks and is that they just said you know it's it whether just not care not was not my problem go see someone else it was like i hope it will be the last one to another to another until i eventually had to go to my own doctor's final myself and pay for all my own medical expenses we breathed this cadmium in and we don't know what's happening to us it will happen when allowed and hope mine will be no one no one seems to give no one is cheating responsibility law one is
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assisting us the managers have said we are helping them and put them through a medical they have done nothing we have had to fight just about blood tested everyone is ducking and diving no one is teaching responsibility. u.k. government says it is winning the fight against this information and fake news in response to a special parliamentary report but the committee behind the document says britain isn't doing enough to battle foreign influence campaigns and meddling reporting from westminster his honest to see a turk about. the british government's detailed response into this latest dissin from mission and fake news interim report that was published by the digital culture media and sport committee released back in july has now published its response to that and that has left m.p.'s here in westminster quite disappointed so if we try to break it all down a little bit we have this parliamentary select committee that has been working on an inquiry and feek news for almost two years now and the chairman of this
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committee has consistently pushed for more action when it comes to speak news seeing it as a threat to democracy and specifically in the u.k. and particularly a threat from russia and this committee has a try to dig up proof of any involvement and interference from russia when it comes to elections specifically the last general election in the u.k. as well as the bracks that referendum but now that the government has had the time to analyze that the recommendations that this committee has published they said there's no russian interference let's take a look in november twenty seventh teen the prime minister accused russia of meddling in elections and planting fake news in an attempt to weaponize the information and so discord in the west we want to reiterate that the government has not seen evidence of successful use of this information by foreign actors including russia to influence u.k. democratic processes we recommend that the government makes a statement about how many investigations are currently being carried out into
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russian interference in u.k. politics there has been no evidence to date any success through foreign interference well moreover the british government was not just underwhelmed when it came to the russia league ations but according to the committee they had actually outright accepted only three out of the dozens of recommendations that were made in this fifth interim report being presented by this committee and. it has to be said that one thing they did these two parties agree upon was the difference that the term think news has become redundant and really lost its meaning in this day and age nonetheless this committee is refusing to give up they are going to keep working on this topic and have said that they're planning to publish the final report on this issue towards the end of this year. new this hour at least thirty russian football fans have been crushed and injured in a row metro station local media say seven people are in critical condition and one
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man has lost his leg after slid down a malfunctioning escalator video which shows online showing the moment that the escalator hurtles course was down to the ground incident people were making their way towards the u.a.e. for champions league match between. the years moscow metro stations being shot to allow the emergency services to how being. in germany tens of thousands of now signed a petition against a website where students are encouraged to report politically biased teachers the online portal neutral schools was first launched by the anti immigration alternative for germany party. it was designed to assess whether teachers are breaking neutrality rules by revealing their political tendencies the critics say it echoes one of the country's dog is chapters and he explains. under pressure to perform in the classroom it was about the fun talking about students head that
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teaches the south because in germany teachers political views can now be reported on by students anonymously bianchi immigrants all tend to fit chimney pots see what type of bed lead someone to what they call let's call the trouble to make tons of fun they cost the country we found that quite a lot of teachers obviously not all teachers but quite a lot of teachers. tend to convey a bias against all party. to their pupils and students school should be a neutral place i'll concede wanted to be in your case and it should not be this place against one party or another according to the f.d.a. example since those are different things to be educators criticizing a couple wearing t. shirts with anti party slogans or encouraging children to take part in the protests
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to prove that point to the largest opposition party in the band the stark raving publishing consent of disgruntled students claiming that conservatives these may affect their grades as students who like me needs very good grades is better off not expressing himself politically in school in germany the student with conservative views is muzzled since its launch the portal has received a huge response from teachers button unexpected one because some want to be that listed voluntarily we will inform our students when members and officials of your party run racist anti-semitic or anti-democratic activities that endanger our peaceful coexistence and society we would be honored if you could put our names on their list of denunciations the countries justice minister has condemned the practice comparing it to the methods of the notorious form the secret police in a scam me the party says it. many advocates in jamie's creek fifteen new trial if you will but this thing they said that putting the rule book aside is the cost and
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we need a place to put it. a day for you to think say we don't want to. we want to create trouble we don't want to make life miserable for them but we want the schools to be a new cool place i don't think a political party should be launching such a online i think that they don't want to just speak openly about nazi history of german and they want to stop that they want their version of political history to be taught in classroom throughout germany. the city of new johannesburg in south africa reset to be the first to implement a land reform act known as expropriation without compensation last month the city council voted in favor of redistributing farm lands from the white minority which is meant to correct the historic injustices of apartheid for quite some time south africans have been split into two rival camps on this hugely controversial issue a series of protests by black citizens seeking better jobs and housing loud earlier
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this year meanwhile white farmers say they face rising violence stemming from the government plans to expropriate that land investigative reporter group redfish has more on how it was before bitter resentment across the country here's some of that full report which you can watch on you tube. through on the way to march on this very very training given by a former israeli soldier it's a white farmer. the farmer feel that they're on their own time and that they need to protect themselves. but it's about the length of. them it's about the place unfortunately. you feel that you're more talk because of your skin color. skin the reason my little bit. if you are there's a wide genocide taking for sure for sure hysteria around farm attacks has been
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ramped up at the same time as a real risk to the interests of white farmers has emerged that of widespread lantry form the one nine hundred thirty native land act forcibly stripped down from black people a policy which was later reinforced by apartheid but now the ruling a.n.c. are considering amending the constitution to allow for the expiration of land from white landowners without compensation it's not the a.n.c. though but these guys judy slim as economic freedom fighters who have pushed the issue onto the agenda we are going to take. when they're usually likely to call a lot. of soldier training and they train white farmers to defend themselves against attacks they think that taking men to his tool while going to sit down with them while going to give them a what hence. this
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country's racists racist as being black. is the leader of an even more radical group pushing for laundry for black first land first they're taking matters into their own hands by occupying vacant. very very. only the black people in south africa have little access to law but many are forced to live in poverty stricken informal settlements like this one. just south of johannesburg they live in the shadows of society and have little access to basic services when it rains. you wonder where you can stand because the water's coming in fact. but. government. justly government they just make show why people live their lives. peace and let it will remain it's true that we did heads of chicken and feet of chicken who is
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a drumstick. why people. now we want our drums the one denies part of the chicken as. i could also former president rafael correa believes that there's a good chance the whistleblower julian assange may be turned over to the united states and i came after u.s. lawmakers wrote a letter to ecuador's current leader then a marine who are demanding that he hand over the wiki leaks co-founder if he wanted to avoid hurting the country's relations. we are very concerned with julian assange just continued presence at your embassy in london and he's received a record tour in citizenship last year it is clear that mr son's remains a dangerous criminal and the threat to global security and he should be brought to justice. we feel that it will be very difficult for the united states to advance
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our bilateral relationship until mr sanchez handed over to the proper authorities assigned has been holed up in ecuador london embassy since twenty twelve where he's been granted political asylum he became an ecuadorian citizen last year but since then his relations with the country's current government are worsened last friday a song filed a lawsuit against ecuador for violating his human rights he's been restricted from seeing his lawyers and communicating with the outside world of the united states a sort of whistle blowers extradition for leaking troves of classified data back in twenty ten former ecuadorian president told r.t. that he thinks the scientists surrender to the american authorities has already been agreed. then he signed agreement between him and inequality bordering with america over him and we were piece by by some pretty good my has several months ago and they are reading the rules turn order you have to remember that now
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a science has a body and citizenship not just a sale right now is prevented by it they call them but you do so because he's and let him know that if he does not be they go to me has to protect us and i got into our constitution baton forward to magically because of the behavior of these government he needs to look to some meat that to the american government be going to turn over such american government. ok that's the way i look so father's tuesday night thanks for checking in with you can get breaking news alerts twenty four seven at r.t. dot com or got hold of the aussie out for your mobile device i'll be back right here though and often out to update you again you can join me. this is harlan kentucky. the employees you go to st fanny's.
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a co money since it was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines are said that's. love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see if it.
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those are this is the guys report of the show that takes you down deep to worse bunged lives and then drowns stacey hey max you know here in kaiser report we often cover things that are not part of the orthodoxy we are we cover heterodox economics and things that are not part of what the mainstream media might say so this is quite alarming for a mainstream media headline and it's from peter coy the business editor economics editor i'm sorry it bloomberg and his headline reads the tyranny of the u.s. dollar the incumbent international currency has been american for decades is it time for regime change and it's a very bizarre just two paragraph art.


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