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tv   News  RT  October 24, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happening. internationally donald trump. of the motor of addicted and saudi journalist in history all the while stressing over the importance of pushing on with weapons sales to rio. ecuador announces it will no longer negotiate with the u.k. authorities over the fate of wiki leaks founder julian assange. is former president tells his country is obliged to protect him. now. so he's not just this side. also it's
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feared an ongoing oil spill in the gulf of mexico fourteen years in the making could well become the worst environmental disaster in america's history. welcome to your news here on r.t. international a pleasure to have you with us for this wednesday. the u.s. president has harshly denounced the october killing of saudi dissident journalist. in istanbul. riyadh so attempt to cover up the most quote the worst in history. and a very. original concept. it was carried out poorly and the cover up was one of the worst in the history of cover ups whoever thought of that idea. i think is in big trouble and they should be in big trouble. trump's
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words follow a parliamentary address by the turkish president and which he claims to reveal the naked truth regarding the killing of the ones. who have been murdered in a very violent political manna and what he called a pre-planned operation carried out by the saudis he also said that all those responsible would be brought to justice. well the u.s. meantime has announced it will revoke the visas of twenty one saudi citizens over the murder but no tough measures have been tabled in the same speech condemning the cover up of donald trump reiterated the importance of bilateral ties with riyadh. cover up was one of the worst in the history of coverups. so he really has been a really great ally they said one of the biggest investors maybe the biggest investor in our country. they are doing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investments and you know so many jobs so many. thousands and thousands of jobs
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they've been funding a lot of things what americans i think don't understand is that the relationship that we have with the saudis is based and tiredly on money they sell us oil we sell them weapons and we pretend that we're friends we pretend that we have a special relationship in fact we don't have a special relationship it's transactional nothing but transactional and then we choose to overlook their fundamentalism don't forget that fifteen of the nineteen nine eleven hijackers were saudis don't forget that saudi n.g.o.s and governmental organizations were implicated in the financing of the nine eleven attacks the saudis really are not our friends and we should not trust them in an operation like this with trump trying to keep his multi-billion dollar deals with the saudis afloat in line of course with america's first mantra and what i guess dia takes a closer look at what's really behind this administration's current foreign policy
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agenda. donald trump can be called any number of things good bad it all depends on which side you're on interestedly enough though it's donald trump the keeps giving donald trump new titles a global this is a person that wants to float to do well frankly not caring about our country so much you know what i am i'm a nationalist ok. obvious if you think about it what with all this talk of greatness walls and how special exception. all americans are it's going to be only america first american people first american centers above all else. yeah now if i may mr president you seem to be confused about what those
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words mean it's right there in any dictionary globalism a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence a globalist is someone who treats the entire world as a playground making national decisions which affect the international community in simple terms google ism is when mr trump tells south korea meaning outside america that they can't lift sanctions their own sanctions on north korea without his permission but they won't do it without her approval they do nothing without her approval and by the way us sanctions which basically force everyone to abide by them because of how the dollar works by definition a globalist venture you know what else is globalist war invading other countries
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the us currently fighting in seven wards that's really really globalist as well. heck the united states military is one of the most globalist organizations in the world it has bases in roughly every third country one in three nations has a us military. base in it that isn't nationalism that's good lobel ism i just want to see them as well are great now that frankly could be toppled very quickly by the military regime change we're placing or helping replace governments you just don't like arming local rebels to the teeth or financing the opposition by sanctions as
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globalism glue lism suits terms purposes to talk about globalism is the enemy but if you look at the politics it's anything but nationalist in terms attitude to the world as an individual is that he should have complete sovereignty and that includes sovereignty abuse the sovereignty of others you know he wants america to be able to go and do business wherever they want he wants to be able to remove regimes that he doesn't like he wants to act truly globally but in the national interest as donald trump himself conceives it he is a fun fact the word globalism its modern meaning was first used to describe us imperialism after the second world war the way the united states which wasn't destroyed by the war like europe dominated in international trade pushing its products its ideology its politics on every what it could they called it american
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globalism so hearing mr trump who believes in returning america back to its glory days say that he isn't a globalist is like hearing the pope say with a schrage face that really isn't catholic. ecuador says it will no longer intervene on behalf of julian assange in talks with the u.k. over his exile status at the south american embassy in london the decision marks a departure from previous ecuadorian efforts to negotiate a way for songs to leave the embassy without facing extradition charges. ecuador has no responsibility to take any further steps we are not mr assad his lawyers nor really representatives of the british government this is a matter to be resolved between songe and great britain assad has relations with a country have solid since the current government took office last year the founder of wiki leaks is now suing ecuador for allegedly violating its human rights that's
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after the embassy imposed house rules for the whistleblower as a condition for partial access to the internet a former ecuadorian president rafael correa has called his country's handling of the case shameful. we gave us a long. piece he said obligation of the it why don't over meant to protect us you have to remember that no. science has. citizenship so it's not just this a look now. as. these rules are really a shame you don't then try to him relate as ours and they are you make so. little my point because they are. these rules are really against human rights and they're trying to isolate it as such and to push him to abandon our embassy.
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assad has been holed up inside the embassy in london since twenty eight twelve when he was granted political asylum in the u.k. it wants him for violating his parole terms the whistleblower fears london will extradite him to america if he steps outside of the embassy meantime u.s. lawmakers have doubled down on efforts to have him extradited over espionage charges in a letter to ecuador its current lida let him know they demand that assad should be handed over to u.s. authorities otherwise they risk a possible diplomatic fallout. we are very concerned we join us songes continued presence at your embassy in london and he's receipt of ecuadorian citizenship last year it is clear the mr assad remains a dangerous criminal and a threat to global security and he should be brought to justice. we feel that it's very difficult for united states to advance our bilateral relationship until mr
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assad is handed over to the proper authorities they ordered me. you know s.s. or got it or institution. because of the behavior of the. absolutely. to the american government well that would be very difficult i think they want to turn over such. over time they go to see the story know so. judges. don't have to forget that he has. very important. nations tell you who are meant to protect. is mandatory they have to protect you against which. it is feared a fourteen year old spill in the gulf of mexico could be poised to become america's worst environmental disaster it was in two thousand and four when hurricane ivan
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slammed into florida's gulf coast so fairly damaging an offshore drilling operation just off louisiana however the company in charge managed to cover up the entire incident for a whole six years. flying over the gulf of mexico our research responsible coded gases bubbling up miles long slick people are not the only ones who call the now polluted waters home and for the indigenous animals there are countless birds and wildlife the stakes are high
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life or death time is running. through roseland really was an exclusion. people got killed so instantly hit had learnt and learned a lot of oil was released extremely rapidly in the case of the. first the original incident. it was in the context. and both the company and the american regulators managed to keep the entire incident pretty quiet it's one of those running accidents which is going to. require. but over the cool fourteen years with as many as seven hundred mario's a diary of oil being leaked into the gulf it adds up to being the same kind of wood as that the water rose and. back in twenty fifteen the company in question said
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that there was no evidence to suggest an ongoing leak or any significant environmental damage it has not given any further explanation since journalist all of a take al again says that even a routine oil spill age results in a horrifying volumes each and every year. the gulf is currently producing something something like twenty percent of america's oil rather a highly rooted man fires breaking out every few days there's a high rate of oil spill with routines pollutants in the hundreds of thousands of ground you know just through new york. and this entire gulf coast is highly industrial used and it is bound to consume months of modes and also its environmental impacts impact other industries which are also tourism and fish roos show finish the tens of thousands of miles of oil pipelines transect to this entire
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region and if you've got a pipeline then. two hundred leaks still to come here on the wednesday program on our take a also in a row as a champions league foot. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want to.
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get it right to be for us this is like the three of them or can't be that. interested always in the waters in the. city. thanks for sharing your time with us here at r.t. talks with the russian president concluded a two day visit to moscow by u.s.
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national security advisor john bolton the high ranking official said the u.s. is still going ahead with pulling out of a key nuclear weapons treaty while playing down fears it will spark an arms race despite the tensions between the two countries right now the mood of the talks seem to be quite light hearted. as far as i remember there is an eagle on the u.s. national emblem and there are thirteen hours in one foot's an olive branch with thirteen olives as a symbol of peaceful policy in the other my question is did your eagle eat all the olives and leave just the. i'm grateful for the opportunity to speak with you on behalf of president and hopefully i'll have some answers for you but i didn't bring any more all of. them that's what i thought. during the talks or john bolton said the nuclear weapons treaty was outdated and should be revised to include china he accused the russian side of violating its terms something denied
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by moscow which actually sees things the other way around accusing the us of minor violations russia says the treaty is still vital to international stability now the historic treaty was signed back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven between the events soviet union and the united states on the of the agreement all short and mid range nuclear and conventional missiles were eliminated apart from those launched at sea investigative journalist david lindorff says withdrawing from the nuclear weapons treaty is far from straightforward. but first thing let's say that it's not clear that the president has the authority to back out of a treaty that was passed by two thirds of the senate it's not like the iran deal that was never approved by the senate and it was just a presidential deal so that's going to be an interesting. fight i suspect among senators. the second thing is that what i heard bolton say
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at that press conference was that there was no consequences when the u.s. when the bush administration bush cheney administration pulled out of the a.b.m. treaty and in fact it was a huge consequence russia found a.b.m. missiles being put in rimini and threatening it with the threat of a first strike that they might not be able to retaliate against and so russia responded as i read by developing the same person on a cruise missiles which are what has the u.s. upset so so bolton is wrong on. tuesday evenings champions league football match between a yes roma and say ascot moscow was mobbed by an accident involving fans though inside a row metro station. the
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incident happened just before the match a collapsing escalator on the metro left some thirteen people injured the mayor of rome has expressed sympathies to those affected firefighter chief at the scene says the cause of the escalator malfunction is currently on. earth it must investigate the strange thing. we need to fully understand what the causes are by looking at the c.c.t.v. recordings there is some pictures here you can see a breakdown and there there was undoubtedly a failure it seems that the fans were jumping i did not see the pictures. i reaffirm my sympathies for the injured to the russians who had been injured and i think the police and firefighters who immediately acted to help these people also in a separate incident
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a brawl broke out between fans ahead of the match with police having to resort to water cannon to disperse the crowds with more sports correspondent alexia chefs joined my colleague colin bray in the studio. it's a really bad night for c.s.k. moscow in rome this time not only their team lost three nil to rome a big defeat but also to very bad incidents for the fans first of all the fight outside the study only because stadium the roma stadium. there were reports that one of the c.s.k. moscow fans was stabbed two were severely injured in the fight over the russian embassy in italy later denounced this information they denied the stabbing incident but acknowledged the fight i saw some videos on social media the water cannons had to be used by the police so the fight was pretty intense i have to say the last time these two teams met in the champions league was in twenty fourteenth there was trouble then as well is there an indication that maybe the italian police were prepared for this it is really strange but it seems that they were not if we go
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back to twenty fourteen there was a major scuffle outside the stadium there was a major scuffle inside the stadium it all started when several c.s.k. moscow fans were stabbed by roma fans outside the stadium and then as a retaliation they instigated a massive fight inside the stands if you talk about the roma fans there pleading that notorious for this kind of stuff just earlier this year in april they went to liverpool to play a champions league semifinal and they injured several people including one fan who is still in a coma he still hasn't recovered and guess what there were no repercussions for all i went to the return leg to rome for liverpool playing there and i saw a heavy police presence it seems that they were prepared for this kind of stuff this time they have a history with c.s.k. moscow and it seems that they were not adequately prepared they did stop the fight with water cannons but the fight still happened so you have to ask a lot of questions to the roman police. or the region in russia's far east is home to some of the world's most breathtaking natural wonders but also to one rather
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fearless dog who's not afraid of striking up unusual friendships. there are so many more stories to go to you on this wednesday program here on r.t. international hope you can join us at the top of the hour we were tons and.
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on this unique edition of crossfire we review a new in very important book john mearsheimer the great delusions liberal dreams and international realities it's a real bunch. of runners up with the flow to the best out of george little. bit behind says it is preparing to perform i have actually prepared myself to die. for your loss so you need one or the most a trust when asked and. as most of. you all know it was slow in home. tariana got her was.
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discontinued was. she had the goods so i don't see. so we'll see him getting. more traditionally if ever there was any good with us here. yes get more here can't be patient. education and all that they. toilet b.s. get. up. prosecution will need to become almost. a full design. where you push us off the threshold finds somebody known to us you do i mean yeah i mean i've moved out political pressure. i knew the main conclusion of the security industry knows what kind of business models it was my american corporations doubtless lossing completely is sold on good mental disease as an abuse she controls the i
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don't want to see. your solution. always up an association between. the new good he saw as it is just really good to lead to. an investigative documentary. ghost more on oxy. i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground as the saudis in the deserts attended by britain's largest manufacturer be a systems as well as deloitte turns to the young mckinsey m.p.w. see as millions face famine in yemen coming up in the show what kind of riot act can to raise
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a makes back at today's nine hundred twenty two committee meeting the decide to premiership the united kingdom we speak to northern ireland's former first minister and republican column line on which post is better belfast brussels or dublin all this and more coming up in today's show but first what is troubling the u.k. prime minister more today a backbench meeting on brics it that could decide a future all this money arabia's crown prince mohammed bin summoned help the first of two meetings with british prime minister theresa may the red carpet has been rolled out early at the prince had lunch with britain's queen elizabeth at buckingham palace and during his three day visit the eight. what meets with all the senior royals and dined with the queen son and grandson that's the way even chinese t.v. coverage resumes arguable genuflection to someone she know appears to be labeling a murder a mind you this is the kind of questioning u.k. state mandated media presented its questions to journalist jamal khashoggi when he was alive apologies for the quality robertson solomon seems to be saying. i know we
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have to transform ourselves we have to modernize we have to change and i will be that agent of change your core of an autocrat your compare them to approach. and others but surely the message of the last few years is that the best. arab nation like saudi arabia has a link or is prepared thing. for genuine reform and change choice. like if. the best choice for saudi how do you go on a minutes of the b.b.c. a year ago was devil's advocating for the now ne a pariah crown prince and so was democracy o.-g. in fact the late journalist was that once in russia advocating more russian input in the middle east as he was tweeting for the defacto his name is rebels in syria of course there is another dimension to the whole story saudi could stop bombing yemen with british bomb stop buying nato weapons and make friends with iran let
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alone this man. the leader of the world's biggest oil producer russia they're meeting the world's second biggest saudi and of course saudi has also made friends with this man yes she jinping sent his people to the saudi investment conference just as vladimir putin did but if saudi realignment is a piece of cake well to some bricks it is something else entirely threatening not only saying a tally in membership of the e.u. but the very existence of the united kingdom joining me now is former first minister with all the knowledge and current ulster unionist party chairman lord m.p. what have the welcome to going underground if we leave aside the party politics of the ninety two to two committee how has the union this movement got it's of involved with the policy is bricks and negotiations and i know this is the deal being or do you be. breaks in negotiations that are arguably threatening to break up the union where my party the recommended remain vote reluctantly
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but on the basis that there were two major issues one was the border because we didn't even when we went to see former prime minister cameron before the campaign. we didn't get the impression that number ten really understood the implications for the porter the second thing was you've got to go for. of a not explaining it to him well we did our best i assure you and the second thing was you've got to remember we were two years closer to the scottish referendum so at that particular stage the decision of scotland to remain in the union would have appeared to have been final but within a matter of weeks the nationalists were starting up again and we felt there was a great risk of reigniting not independence movement which supposed to some extent has happened so and those two reasons we recommended remain but on
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a free vote however not only the decision was to.


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