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tv   News  RT  October 24, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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i am. a series of. top political figures in the us suspicious packages have been sent to the homes of former presidents bill clinton and barack obama the c.n.n. office in new york was evacuated after a suspect package was delivered to. his transatlantic allies canada and the u.s. a pair i'm willing to reconsider weapons to saudi arabia in the wake of the killing
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of the kingdom's dissident. donald trump stressing the importance to the american economy of honesty also with. the really good of really great ally the one of the biggest and maybe the biggest investor in our country. they are doing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investment. and ecuador announces it will no longer negotiate with u.k. authorities over the face if wiki leaks founder julian assange however former president saying he feels his country is obliged to protect. these. so he's not just. welcome you watching r.t. international. seven pm here in moscow now breaking news this hour because the heat
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the series of bomb scares against leading political figures in the u.s. suspicious devices have been sent to the homes of former presidents barack obama and bill clinton along with clinton's wife hillary packages have even been sent to the c.n.n. office in new york something that was caught on camera. devices and they have projectiles and that's. because without sounds like a fire alarm here we'll keep you posted on that. young be evacuated the lights were turned off and as we got out i are me and he might also add that if i can let's get more information from our correspondent martin in new york what further details have come out. so we know that the secret service intercepted two postal sent explosives one was sent to the home of former
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u.s. president barack obama in washington d.c. the other was sent to the home of bill and hillary clinton former u.s. president former democratic party presidential candidate in west chester new york now both of those bombs were discovered by normal post office screening procedures we also now know that there has been a explosive device sent to cnn's headquarters in new york city now this is located in columbus circle in the time warner building and a device a suspicious package containing a explosive device was sent to c.n.n. headquarters was directed to john brennan the former cia director it said john brennan care of c.n.n. john brennan actually does not work at c.n.n. he works at m s n b c but regardless the time warner building in manhattan has been evacuated so we're hearing different reports are reports that debbie wasserman schultz former chair of the democratic national committee that her office has been evacuated as well now there were rumors circulating that the white house had faced
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a similar attack that there had been a similar bomb scare sent to the white house however we now have the secret service coming forward and confirming that is not the case there has been no suspicious package sent to the u.s. white house now on monday there was a suspicious package sent to george soros the wealthy billionaire who donates to democratic party linked activism he was targeted with an explosive device that was preemptively exploded by a bomb squad when he was far from his residence but we now have sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary coming forward and condemning these attacks and saying that those who carry them out will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law this is sarah huckabee sanders. we condemn the attempted violent attacks recently made against president obama president clinton secretary clinton and other public figures the sarah rising acts are despicable and anyone responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. now there has been an escalation
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of political violence in the united states in recent months in addition to days bomb scares there's been quite a few threats leveled against politicians there's an increasingly been a lot of political confrontations in the united states now many politicians both republicans and democrats are receiving very hostile threats from people who oppose them this is actually the wife of u.s. senator rand paul of kentucky and she describes how in response of bret's that they perceive she is actually forced to take an interesting security measure this is the wife of war and paul been around the state and all of our security systems at home we i sleep with a loaded gun by my bag you know when i'm home alone a lobbyist play with my. so we understand that here in manhattan at this point there are no anti-terrorism squads that are on the scene the situation is on
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standby up people are nervous the c.n.n. building seems to be evacuated and at this point many suspect that because these devices are all very similar they all seem to be a pipe bomb like explosives sent through the mail many suspect that they have the same origin though we're yet to hear from law enforcement about specifics about that they have not named any suspects or anything to that effect but at this point devices that were all very similar seem to have been sent through the mail to two prominent figures in american politics so people are waiting for more information but as of yet it appears that bomb scares are happening across the united states. ok thanks for the. open for us there in new york. now in other news tonight key european powers refusing to cancel multibillion dollar goes to saudi arabia in the way of the killing of dissident. he was murdered in the kingdom and he's stumbling the beginning of the month jim and he wants other
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countries there to follow its example on hold. but when french president emanuel macro and was asked about his intentions he refused to answer the question. i don't have to react to every single statement so i won't answer that question. if you're not interested in the issues related to this event don't come but this is not suppressed. it's not a press conference of german chancellor. i mean all that has nothing to do with this event nothing and. nothing so i want let's put some context on that front says one of the biggest sellers of defense and on this equipment in the world and saudi arabia is one of its biggest clients despite the fact the president has tried to play down the trade relations between the two countries the figure is don't lie between two thousand and eight and two thousand
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and seventeen deals with more than twelve billion dollars was struck between the two countries but it seems that doesn't want to have a discussion about that nor a discussion about suspending those possible deals between the two countries and that seems to be a similar thing that we're hearing in spain where they have said that they will not deal with saudi arabia worth two billion dollars. by the previous government which correspond to the demands of international national especially considering the un resolution which if you meant that i am the head of the government now. legal security not permission to comply with international law. and it will be well it seems that that's a similar view that's being taken by the canadians now they have deals with saudi arabia that are worth almost twelve billion dollars and the prime minister there justin trudeau has said that he's more concerned about the cancellation fee which
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is around one billion dollars if they decide not to go ahead with that contract then roll that than holding saudi arabia to account for the killing of journalist. it is only acceptable in google that someone could have murdered a journalist on foreign soil like this i do not want to leave canadians holding a billion dollar bill because we're trying to move forward on doing the right thing seems not much also coming from to get knighted king that which is the second biggest supplier of the saudi arabia just behind us with heels worth around fifteen billion dollars now the idea of sanctions was a muted by the foreign secretary jeremy hunt but no clear indication of what those sanctions could be or whether they'll be applied when the prime of the certainly is and maybe was questioned about the. prime minister's questions when she said.
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looking at saudi arabia the new congress. would be sanctions against the country it seems that they were germany is the only country it's going alone and putting its neck out in suspending canceling these contracts charlotte n.c. there will turkey's president has insisted the journalist was murdered in a. manner that was politically motivated and what he called a pre-planned operation by the saudis saudi arabia claims because of ji was killed in a fierce fight and during his first public comment on the matter the saudi crown prince said it was a crime that had no justification the crime was really painful to all saudis. and i believe it is painful to every human in the world it is a crime that cannot be justified meanwhile the u.s. remains the biggest exporter of arms to saudi arabia while condemning the cover up of murder though donald trump stressed the economic importance of continued weapons
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sales to riyadh. the cover up was one of the worst in the history of coverups. so he really has been a really great ally that one of the biggest investors maybe the biggest investor of our country. they are doing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investments and you know so many jobs so many jobs thousands and thousands of jobs they've been funding a lot of things. ok well let's get some reaction to all of this with the security analyst and former u.k. army officer charles bridges on the line for us good evening teacher what do you make of the reaction we've heard internationally now to see calls for the. cancellation of these huge arms contracts it's no surprise really that many countries got huge amounts of money involved in just saying no we are not going to cancel these contracts. yes you're absolutely right that's no surprise whatsoever
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and also they'll be no surprise that notwithstanding that as we've heard for example in the spanish case in the canadian case only today blaming previous governments for. entering into as arms contracts we can also expect of course these current governments to do exactly the same because these contracts are worth vast sums of money but what's interesting i think is that today and of course since he was killed in the way that he was the emphasis has been on we should punish saudi arabia by canceling these contracts or stop having arms contracts with saudi arabia because they killed this journalist a far better or more important reason one would say not that of course he's killing isn't a dreadful act. but of course a far more important many way think is the consideration to actually what are these weapons going to be used for and the fact is that in a very large number of cases these weapons particularly across bombs and shells and so on are being used to carry out war crimes and human rights violations and
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extraordinary that's. well documented in here we call it talk in particular of course about the situation in yemen and britain the united states in particular of course are entirely complicit in that situation and of course that long preceded for all the way back to two thousand and fifteen arguably earlier long preceded this dreadful killing and so the focus perhaps of course people are understandable . want to take advantage of the construction ships ration to further raise these issues but quite rightly of course they should be mentioning what's actually happening in yemen where these weapons are being used for and largely they're being used to kill civilians. why do you think it's received so little attention i mean it has received attention but i always think there's very little call for action when when yemen is discussed it's always looking at the horror of yemen but very little about the blame or who supplies walt and you don't really come away with much impression of who is responsible where the weapons come from why do you think
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it is like that and why do you think it just doesn't seem to change. we often see headlines well actually not often as you say but occasionally we see headlines in the west in the u.s. and u.k. media saying yemen the forgotten war of course they neglect to mention that the reason it's forgotten is because the media themselves have chosen not to report it it must have been a choice not to report it because almost universally amongst the mainstream u.s. u.k. media there has been if not a blackout certainly very limited coverage of the atrocities that are occurring there not just from the bombing campaign itself where those guys killed thousands of civilians and let's not forget that even you know independent bodies such as the u.n. and others have reported upwards of forty percent or so of all military strikes by the saudi led alliance in yemen are against civilian targets a colossal figure but some of the coverage of that plus the blockade which.
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exacerbates in many would argue creating a six. ration of even famine that's going to affect millions of people in yemen itself and many people arguably more than the bombing itself all of this created by saudi coalition or and certainly worsened by them in which the u.s. and u.k. particularly and other western powers are providing weapons refueling logistics intelligence support to the saudi alliance are complicit in and of course as you say it's had very little coverage compared to the coverage for example of alleged crimes by what might be called u.s. u.k. enemies such as syria such as for example alleged crimes by russia and killing civilians in yemen and in syria and so on now of course in any military campaign unfortunately civilian deaths will occur but the discovery of the degree to which they occur in yemen is much greater as a proportion of casualties than we've seen in for example syria and yet. despite
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the fact all the people because of the fact of british and american involvement in those deaths and in that suffering of course it's received relatively little coverage in the u.s. u.k. media now to some degree of course with congestion killing in respect of him being a very famous and prominent western journalist that is now being used increasingly of course in the u.s. media only in the u.k. media only last few weeks as now a weapon to beat saudi arabia with but of course it's very late in the day for three years this war has been raging and these weapons have been used in this in more way in this illegal way and yet britain america absolutely continue to supply them in fact the supplies are increasing ok charles look we're going to have to leave it there we've run out of time but so good to talk to you tonight i shall shew bridge security analyst and former u.k. army officer thank you. now we turn trying to keep his billion dollar deals with the saudis afloat in line with his american first mantra murder gas they have takes a look at his foreign policy agenda. donald trump can be called any number of things
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bad it all depends on which side you're on interesting lee enough though it's donald trump that keeps giving donald trump new titles a global. is a person that wants the globe to do well frankly not caring about our country somas you know what i am a nationalist. kind of obvious if you think about it what with all this talk of greatness walls and how special exceptional americans are it's going to be only america first american people first american centers above all else. now if i may mr president you seem to be confused about what those words mean
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it's right there in any dictionary globalism a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence a globalist is someone who treats the entire world as a playground making national decisions which affect the international community in simple terms globalism is what mr trump tells south korea meaning outside america that they can't lift sanctions their own sanctions on north korea without his permission they will do without her broom they do nothing without her proven and by the way u.s. sanctions which basically force everyone to abide by them because of how the dollar works by definition a globalist venture you know what else is globalist war invading other countries the us currently. fighting in seven wards that's really really globalist as well.
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heck the united states military's one of the most globalist organizations in the world it has bases in roughly every third country one in three nations has a u.s. military base in it that isn't nationalism that's good lobel ism i just want to see them as well straighten out regime that frankly could be toppled very quickly by the military regime change we're placing or helping replace governments you just don't like by arming local rebels to the teeth or financing the opposition don't buy sanctions that's globalism glue lism suits trumps purpose is to
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talk about globalism as the enemy but if you look at the politics it's anything but nationalist trumps attitude to the world as an individual is that he should have complete sovereignty and that includes sovereignty abuse the sovereignty of others you know he wants america to be able to go and do business wherever they want he wants to be able to remove regimes that he doesn't like he wants to act truly globally but in the national interest as donald trump himself can save that he is a fun fact the word globalism its modern meaning was first used to describe us imperialism after the second world war the way the united states which wasn't destroyed by the war like europe dominated in international trade pushing its products its ideology its politics on every what it could they called it american globalism. hearing mr trump who believes in returning america back to its glory
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days say that he isn't a globalist is like hearing the pope say with a straight face that really isn't catholic or against the if there now ecuador is further distancing itself from putin the stanch remains in the country's embassy in london we'll have a look at that and tell you why just after the break. you know world a big part of. law and conspiracy it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the
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time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. after world war two we rule the world we have the most gold we have the sound this currency we low interest rates and we were american century ready to go. like the lottery winner that blows it all here we are twenty eight having. love again the russian president vladimir putin has met the italian prime minister
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you said in moscow they have talked about boosting ties including in the organization security and cooperation in europe which is currently chaired by rome conte says it comes just a day after a visit to moscow by the u.s. national security advisor john bolton insists washington will still put a. pull out of a key nuclear weapons treaty with russia playing down fees it will spark an arms race but despite the tensions between the two states right now the mood over the talks was now an again light hearted. as far as i. remember there is an eagle on the us national emblem and there are thirteen arrows in one foot and an olive branch with thirteen olives as a symbol of peaceful policy in the other my question is did you eagle all the olives and leave just the arrows. i'm grateful for the opportunity to speak with you on behalf of president and hopefully i'll have a smelters for you but i didn't bring any more all of. them that's what i thought.
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or during the talks john bolton said the treaty was outdated and should be revised to include china you can use the russian side of violating its terms something denied by moscow which actually sees things the other way around accusing the u.s. of violations the historic treaty was signed back in one thousand nine hundred seventy between the then soviet union and the u.s. under the agreement or short a mid range nuclear and conventional missiles were eliminated apart from those who launched its c well i spoke with the director of the stockholm international peace research institute dan smith and he warns that the foundations of international arms control's will now have to be rebuilt. i think that what we're seeing is that an architecture of arms control that was put together around the end of the cold war that consisted of the i.n.f. treaty the conventional forces in europe treaty problem capping numbers of heavy
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weapons non-nuclear weapons on both sides the presidential nuclear initiatives and the strategic arms reduction treaty building on foundations of the a.b.m. treaty that was an architecture which has given us peace and security of an unexpected mixture of all time for the last nearly three decades the a.b.m. treaty was abrogated by the us in two thousand and two russia effectively pulled out of the c.f.c. the conventional forces treaty in twenty six again now the us is pulling out of the i.m.f. treaty and the strategic arms reduction treaty only last until twenty twenty one and currently there are no talks to prolong it so the architecture as a whole is in serious difficulty and that's where we should be directing attention towards rebuilding those achievements so when you hear the u.s. say it will increase its nuclear capacity unless quote other countries come to their senses. to say that sort of is a double edged sword
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a sort of threat but also say a sort of come on let's talk about this. i think it may be meant that way but i do think that only some of the countries in which that's directed will surface of all see the threatening side rather than their kind of the more the more peaceful side to it. now ecuador says it will no longer negotiate through. the sonship is currently holed up in its embassy in london it marks a sea change in ecuador's position when it comes to the wiki leaks to. ecuador has no responsibility to take any further steps we're not mr sanchez lawyers nor really representatives of the british government this is a matter to be resolved between songe and great britain. relations with the country have soured since the change of government last year israeli national is suing ecuador for allegedly violating his human rights that after the embassy imposed
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rules for the whistleblower as a condition for partial access to the internet former ecuadorian president has called his country's handling of the case shameful we gave a sidelong glance out its. obligation of the equator government to protect us you have to remember that no. sounds. citizenship so it's not just this a look now it's. really a shame don't try to him it sounds like they are human late so. my point because. these rules are really against human rights and they are trying to isolate. as such to push him to abandon our embassy where the sun has been holed up inside the embassy in london since two thousand and
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twelve when he was granted political asylum there if he leaves the building he'll face arrest for breaking his bail conditions but whistleblower also fears he would then be extradited to the u.s. in a letter to ecuador's currently delany marino lawmakers in washington demanded that his son should be handed over to the u.s. authorities or face a possible diplomatic fallout. we are very concerned we join a sanchez continued presence at your embassy in london and he's receipt of ecuador in citizenship last year it is clear the mr assad remains a dangerous criminal and a threat to global security and he should be brought to justice. we feel that it's very difficult for the united states to advance our bilateral relationship until mr assad has handed over to the proper earth or east they go to me he has to protect us i got it or institution but unfortunately because of the behavior of this
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government. absolutely cemented committed to the american government that will be very difficult i think they want to turn over such an american government and they go to see this story now so. a. lot of. judges also don't have to to forget that he has a very important. you know the nation's. ten who are meant to protect the asked. is mandatory they have to update your guest house it is just seven thirty pm here in moscow. and.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. on this unique edition of crossfire a new and very important book john mearsheimer the great delusion liberal dreams and international realities it's a real. greetings and. one of the aftershocks that has rippled through the ivory towers of the washington d.c. a leap since the acts that way on purpose kill.


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