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tv   News  RT  October 24, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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describes a series of. americans living in a divisive time. it is a troubling time. and it's a. deep. division. also the.
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u.s. willing to reconsider the saudi arabia in the wake of the killing of the kingdom's journalist. and. future of nuclear weapons treaties with the us. and it would result in nothing but a new arms race. here in the. at least seven suspicious packages have been sent to politicians and a major news organization in the united states it was revealed that the packages contained explosive devices that cool the incidence and acts of terror this is a very painful time. in our nation. it's a time when people are feeling
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a lot of hatred in the air in addition to new york city mayor bill de blasio we have heard from the n.y.p.d. as counterterrorism chief and he has confirmed that four of the explosive devices that arrived in suspicious packages seem to have the same source the devices that were sent to barack obama and to the home of hillary and bill clinton the device that was detonated on monday at the home of billionaire george soros and the device that was found at c.n.n. headquarters all seem to have the exact same source they seem to have come from the same person the device was capable of going off these are pipe bomb like explosives now we're also hearing at that at this point in addition to the package containing the explosive there's also been a package containing suspicious white powder discovered at the c.n.n. headquarters explosive devices had to have projectiles and that's an. excuse me that sounds like a fire alarm here we'll keep you posted on that they didn't tell. me and back
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elated the lights were turned out and as we got out. the end team still evacuated in addition to that we're hearing that at this point andrew cuomo new york city governor his office has had a package discovered at the office of maxine waters prominent democrat in california has been evacuated the office of debbie wasserman schultz former chair of the democratic national committee in florida has also been evacuated now hillary clinton has spoken up in response to today's events talking about divisiveness in u.s. politics this is hillary clinton but it is a troubling time isn't it. and it's a time of. deep. division. and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. now this fits in with a pattern of escalating political violence throughout the united states out there
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have been a number of elected officials both democrats and republicans who have received hateful threats you know we've seen shootings and other incidents now most recently we heard from rand paul the wife of senator rand paul talking about how she has taken some extra precautions in light of all the threats that she and her husband have received that this is the wife of a u.s. senator from kentucky you know we've had all of our security system that we put a loaded gun by my bad you know now information is continuing to surface we do know that the time warner building in columbus circle in new york city is still evacuated at this point and a lot of questions are being raised people are wondering what exactly is happening but as of now we do have this word from the n.y.p.d. as counterterrorism chief that at least four of the explosive devices probably have the same source of the us president vowed to get to the bottom of the incident saying there is no place for political violence in the united states in these times
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we have to unify we have to come together. and send one very clear strong and mistake a ball message that acts were threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america political affairs and media commentary to law and believes the timing of these attacks is no coincidence the mid term our lad sharon's what twelve days thirteen days of november the sixth the mid term allowed sharon's right now we're looking to see will the house of representatives in the congress shift back to the democrats this is a very important time because look look what is c.n.n. governor cuomo is obvious i believe hillary clinton eric holder i believe president obama george soros. you don't need columbo to figure out who the targets of these are today when you have the democratic mayor of new york the democratic governor of
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new york and you have those who are standing around speaking along with hillary clinton later on. and you hear this particular way of saying that this is because of the rhetoric the the language of hate that not so veiled and we know exactly what this is we know exactly what they're talking about this is trump they should just right i'm talking about trump a. man who's faced accusations he was involved in the murder of a saudi dissident journalist. has made his first public comments on the issue the country's crown prince claimed it was a crime with no justification. the crime was really painful to all saudis. and i believe it is painful to every human in the world it is
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a heinous crime that cannot be justified and we know that many are trying to. use this painful thing to create to drive a wedge between saudi arabia and turkey reared to denied any knowledge of the incident for over two weeks then said he was killed in a fistfight though turkey insists the journalist was viciously murdered in a pre-planned operation key european powers are refusing to cancel multibillion dollar arms sales to saudi arabia that's a big step from germany which wants other countries to follow its example however the french president when asked about his intentions refused to give a clear answer. i don't have to react to every single statement so i won't answer that question. if you are interested in the issues related to this event. but this is not some first. press conference to react to the german chancellor.
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has nothing to do with this event nothing. nothing so i want let's get some context on that front is one of the biggest sellers of defense and on this equipment in the world and saudi arabia is one of its biggest clients despite the fact that president as tried to play down the trade relations between the two countries the figures don't lie between two thousand and eight and two thousand and seventeen deals with more than twelve billion dollars was struck between the two countries but it seems that doesn't want to have a discussion about that nor a discussion about suspending those possible deals between the two countries and that seems to be a similar thing that we're hearing in spain where they have said that they will not deal with saudi arabia worth two billion dollars. by the previous government which correspond to the demands of international and
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national news especially considering the u.n. resolution if you meant that i am the head of the government. security not permission to comply with international law. and it will be well it seems that that's a similar view that's being taken by the canadians now they have deals with saudi arabia that are worth almost twelve billion dollars and the prime minister there justin trudeau has said that he's more concerned about the cancellation fee which is around one billion dollars if they decide not to go ahead with that contract then rolled out than holding saudi arabia to account for the killing of journalist . it is only acceptable an unthinkable that someone could have murdered a journalist on foreign soil like this i do not want to leave canadians holding a billion dollar bill because we're trying to move forward on doing the right thing seems not much also coming from beginning to that which is the second biggest
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supplier of arms to saudi arabia just behind me us with heels worth around fifteen billion dollars now the idea of sanctions it was a muted the foreign secretary jeremy hunt but no clear indication of what those sanctions could be over whether they'll be applied when prime in the search for means that may was questioned about the. prime minister's questions all she said she would speak to the king of saudi arabia no concrete information or whether they would be sanctions against the country it seems that they were germany is the only country it's going alone putting its neck out in suspending and canceling these contracts georgia because one of its defense spokesman for the france party thinks no crimes will stop europe supplying arms to real. we know that there were many violations of human rights in saudi arabia but above all in yemen and it's not
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a time when you more for just words it's time for action which means blocking saudi arabia to doing that old fool war that is killing housing hundreds of thousands of people and millions of children are starving there is no such thing as european diplomacy there won't be further and cories and i think that just buying time by saying that they will wait for further and curious it's sad but the european union and especially our french president mr munder michael he's backing one of the worst country which is really doing one of the worst war in the world meanwhile the us remains the biggest exporter of alms to saudi arabia while condemning the cover up of donald trump stressed the economic importance of continued weapon sales to riyadh cover up was one of the worst in the history of
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cover ups. saudi arabia is a bit of a really great ally there is that one of the biggest investors maybe the biggest investor in the country. they are doing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investments and you know so many jobs so many. thousands and thousands of jobs they've been funding a lot of things. with trying to keep his billion dollar deals with the saudis afloat along with his american. morag as if takes a closer look at his foreign policy agenda. donald trump can be called any number of things good bad it all depends on which side you're on interesting really enough though it's donald trump that keeps giving donald trump new titles a global. is a person that wants the globe to do well frankly not caring about our country somas you know what i am
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a nationalist. kind of obvious if you think about it what with all this talk of greatness walls and how special exceptional americans are it's going to be only america first american people first american center's above all else. now if i may mr president you seem to be confused about what those words mean it's right there in any dictionary globalism a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence a globalist is someone who treats the entire world as a playground making national decisions which affect the international community in simple terms globalism is what mr trump tells south korea meaning outside
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america that they can't lift sanctions their own sanctions on north korea without his permission they will do without her broom they do nothing without her proven and by the way u.s. sanctions which basically force everyone to abide by them because of how the dollar works by definition a globalist venture you know what else is globalist war invading other countries the us currently. fighting in seven wards it's really really globalist as well. the united states military's one of the most globalist organizations in the world
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it has bases in roughly every third country one in three nations has a us military base in it that isn't nationalism that's good lobel ism i just want to see venezuela straighten out regime that frankly could be toppled very quickly by the military regime change we're placing or helping replace governments you just don't like by arming local rebels to the teeth or financing the opposition don't by sanctions that's globalism glow lism suits chants purposes to talk about globalism is the enemy but if you look at the politics it's anything but nationalist trumps attitude to the world as an individual is that he should have complete sovereignty and that includes sovereignty abuse the sovereignty of others you know he wants america to be able to go and do business wherever they want he wants to be able to remove regimes that he doesn't like he wants to act truly
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globally but in the national interest as donald trump himself can save that he is a fun fact the word globalism its modern meaning was first used to describe us imperialism after the second world war the way the united states which wasn't destroyed by the war like europe dominated an international trade pushing its products its ideology its politics on every what it could they called it american globalism. hearing mr trump who believes in returning america back to its glory days say that he isn't a globalist is like hearing the pope say with a shrewd face that really isn't catholic. now the headlines a lot of putin has responded to u.s. plans to quit a key cold war era nuclear weapons treaty warning that the entire structure of
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international arms control is being destroyed this comes after years of washington accusing russia of violating that treaty something moscow as always denied. concerned over the dissolution of the antiballistic missile treaty now the same thing can happen to the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty and the fate of these strategic goals reduction treaty is also not clear if all of those destroyed nothing will remain in that area nothing will remain except an arms race with the russian president has somewhat confirmed what military experts have been warning for quite a while for now since the u.s. president warned that he wanted to leave the i.n.f. treaty because right now this document is viewed as a cornerstone of global stability i should say pretty much all over the world and the united states do not see that way they believe at least according to trump's national security adviser john bolton just yesterday here in moscow he said quoting
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to the united states the treaty is expendable they accused russia of violating it and they say that a lot more countries like for example china should be part of this right now bilateral agreement between russia and the united states but according to vladimir putin this isn't something that europe has to rely on when it comes to security and this is has been echoed by many european countries to have a listen to how the russian president formulated it. to europe when it comes to europe the main question is. the u.s. pulls out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty what will they do with these missiles if they bring them to europe we will have to have tit for tat measures and european countries should understand that they expose their territories to risk according to the russian president if europe allows the united states to deploy its short and mid range nuclear missiles on their territory they could become target of a retaliation attack if it comes down to
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a military throw down the russian president also added that whatever steps washington takes russia will have to give a mirrored response say the united states to decide to bolster their military capability russia will have to do the same also according to vladimir putin it apparently will be difficult to convince the united states to reconsider their decision to pull out of this deal because the pentagon has already budgeted for it they've already funded some research that will allow the expansion in these a short and mid range nuclear missiles which are bound under the treaty but still the russian president has tried to remain optimistic there are still doors open and he plans to discuss this with his american counterpart donald trump in november in paris. historic treaty was signed back in ninety seven between the then soviet union and the u.s. under the agreement all short and mid range nuclear and conventional missiles were
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eliminated apart from those launch see a number of countries across the world have already condemned the u.s. move thing to austria germany france we spoke earlier to former italian foreign minister franco for any he warns that poses a real danger. each id should be really concerned about the possible the seizure and to be taken by president trump on i.m.f. debt could be a decision their dream going instability and so serves a concert i hope that our prime minister would come third to president putin the entire concert about such as deceased anyway there would be less that security there would be more instability there would be a vicious circle two wars more closely for a show that seems no wardo today is already threatened by
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asking metric threats what exactly we don't mean to have i would say that back. probably for a show common strategy that would be a step back very doubters not only italy should but also korea france germany that this press obviously their concerns and they would say negative opinion about the possibility dead america will really think about ins. we also had expert analysis from the director of the world announced that comb international peace research into the shoot down of smith intel macone godhra pharma the foundations of international arms controls will now have to be rebuilt. i think that what we're seeing is that an architecture of arms control that was put together around the end of the cold war that consisted of the i.n.f.
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treaty the conventional forces in europe treaty problem capping numbers of heavy weapons non-nuclear weapons on both sides the presidential nuclear initiatives and the strategic arms reduction treaty building on foundations of the a.b.m. treaty that was an architecture which has given us peace and security one unexpected mixture of all time for the last nearly three decades the a.b.m. treaty was abrogated by the us in two thousand and two russia effectively pulled out of the c.f.c. the conventional sources treaty in twenty six again now the u.s. is pulling out of the i.m.f. treaty and the strategic arms reduction treaty only last until twenty twenty one and currently there are no talks to prolong it so the architecture as a whole is in serious difficulty and that's where we should be directing attention towards rebuilding those achievements so when you hear the u.s.
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say it will increase its nuclear capacity unless quote other countries come to their senses. to say that sort of is a double edged sword a sort of threat but also say a sort of come on let's talk about this. i think it may be meant that way but i do think only some of the countries are which that's directed will source of all seeds of the threatening side rather than the account of the more the more peaceful side to it. as feared an oil leak that's gone for fourteen years in the gulf of mexico could become america's worst ever environmental disaster it was back in two thousand and four when hurricane ivan slammed into florida's gulf coast severely damaging an offshore drilling operation just of louisiana over the company in charge managed to cover up the incident for a whole six years. thank
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you. flying over the gulf of mexico. gas and bubbling and i'm miles long. people are not the only ones who call the now polluted waters for the indigenous animals there are countless birds and wildlife the stakes are high life or death time is rather. i suppose the big difference is that with deep water horizon there was a big explosion and people got killed and so it instantly hit and you want and then most of all it was released extremely rapid in the case of the time to catch.
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first the original incident didn't cruise and you'll see. it was in the context of a major her and her and both the company and the american regulators managed to keep the entire incident pretty quiet it's one of those no running accidents which . route. over the cool some fourteen years with this menu seven hundred marios a day avoid being leaked into the go it adds up to being the same kind of food as that works with roads and. back in twenty fifteen the company in question said that there was no evidence to suggest an ongoing leak or any significant environmental damage it hasn't given any it further explanations since then journalist oliver tickle again says even routine oil spill issues resulting huge environmental damage . the govt is currently producing something something like twenty percent of
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americans or rather a highly rated mag through fast breaking. news. with routines pollutants in the hundreds of thousands of ground that you just threw in new york. and this entire gulf coast is high in the industrial used and it is bound. to months more to do so is environmental impacts impact other industries which are also tourism issues show foolish tens of thousands of miles of oil pipelines translate to this entire region and if you could have. two hundred leaks. supporters association of the football club c.s.k. moscow has it out there is going to suit your thought he's in rome that softer escalator on the city's metro system went into freefall injuring as many as twenty four people it's up on the head of
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a champions league football match in the city between roma and c.s.k. the subways authorities have yet to release any security footage which might show what exactly caused the incident inciting authorities though including the deputy prime minister and the mayor of rome claim to russia this might have caused that by jumping in darts on the escalator the russian fires insist a new video taken by a witness doesn't show any one behaving out of the ordinary it was only capturing what appears to be the moment the escalator starts to fail. now that comes out to the region and russia's far east is home to some of the world's most breathtaking natural wonders also one for the fearless dog who's not afraid of striking up some unusual friendships.
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that's it from the team and myself your thoughts join us again at midnight moscow time for the latest global news updates.
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after world war two we rule the world we have the most gold we have the sound as currency we had low interest rates and we were american century ready to go and like the awful good lottery winner that blows it all here we are twenty eighteen having kind of was. cool. as you know as an equivalent of a little. solace and serious security you know like always so always a couple wants to show your face in. on the streets well i don't actually it's easier you know like that i don't want too much attention. here you know.
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singing into tain and you know for a lady to go on the stage and perform from people openly it is considered a taboo in afghanistan and iran i just don't want. to do the best out of georgia go go go go go go no it didn't. look you know there are. those who are going to. be making film in the country to go and see them or you know we don't have phone in this to you we don't have you this country was. good so don't say. so we'll see if you think. i want to go to sleep just to make them but it. is still a record i'm not about to deliver the additional cost. but that if i can. accept that.


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