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two months later and after a fierce jewel the two men meet again same office different atmosphere. the ministers stand straight and tall but is stunned and defeated the last in the show of strength with the c.e.o. his defeat is olso france's defeat. the c.e.o. is patrick cronin. the company sold to the u.s. without consulting the french data. in a deal that was sealed in circumstances where the of a spy novel from prying eyes and public opinion in. the sale deals a terrible blow to french industry and its energy independence today this affair of state is shrouded in a deafening silence. story
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begins in the city of bell fort this is where the company was blown in eighteen seventy two and since then it has literally shaped the region initially gold as a c.m. the alsatian corporation of mechanical engineering the company adopted the name in one nine hundred twenty eight when it merged with the company francaise thomas hoost and ever since then has played a major part in many major french projects it designed the propulsion system for the normandy then the world's fastest liner and connected france to spain by building a train tunnel under the pyrenees and then built the turbo generators for the biggest power station in the world. but for the people of bell fort else dome is so much more to deal. with the full wolf will the vault usually to preach the early. this year and the seed if you look to these into this will. be privy to the universe we. well they call these children v.
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u d l. do they you know and these are two hundred. in a bottle a small or is this a pharmacist. in june one hundred forty four france had been freed but almost destroyed by four years of war contributes to the political project of rebuilding and modernizing the country to critique it of us explain me don't do. that because she said. you pointed out you korea is not any good enough look if you don't it will if you want. to. get anything out loud then you started in august when you. said either she omitted at the thought of there be no lot of ideas begin a plan not outwardly. it pretty don't do men pearl since i'm more. use for proof as was a lot of military genie. that genius brings the group
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international recognition and it will enjoy a golden age from the one nine hundred sixty s. on words dog set on this from now on they live to toss off elders yeah. i may not be still in six thousand there are yet. but the nineteen nineties is when the fall begins a series of strategic errors led the group to bankruptcy in two thousand and three . north of well she's a nice for the north and a book evolve well jake sharp's and i preach the. beauty of this show and look as to what he does if who doesn't promote a. little piece she'll do movie buzz one say l. stone bounced back spectacularly in two thousand and seven the group recorded the best figures in its history. boosted by the t.g.v.
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historic speed record. eight hundred million views why then in two thousand and fourteen did everything suddenly change on the morning of the twenty fourth of april bloomberg revealed that in a surprise move was selling its energy bridge which counted for three quarters of the entire group to the american giant general electric and the economy minister at the time. is done. so. thank you. to. my. year just. now the floor do not use the four says.
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take the infamous you i don't get. any clicks. through all the understates all says are no more hand however been questioning patrick grown over his intentions for months with his back to the wall his reaction is a media and a particularly strong. in a quiver care i take orders from your home he eats internet to mean that you own the best yep is. it too sad to moan and i'm not on the vine unless you do it don't you know what a fifty years out they are but all crazy dog doo set out cookies good not all nationalities in most you buy t. call i don't really at all she do most certainly in my i still use my my tools who did do you have it all come out as good meanies kodaly can know me but only as
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dolly i did take the most old also be all crazy dog you got job you know policies really. geography i don't know war is declared between the two men and the first battle takes place in a public arena shows on the pleasure it new potential in the naked on june. fourth don't succeed to come cyclists bustin attack except i also think if you look at local factors means a lot of the you middle falls so low that i did google first on to serve in the to food when i miss my stuff i'm eating the problem such as each suppose i should say taxi to initiate c. to sure you know but i think he does he do it on i don't. got the call shows of course when i press you come among us and. we don't do this and you may not gape. this time. gender when we used to put them on. the gift minor payment didn't meet
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international well known bookie mfighter she need professor to others ok i met. my half ago they tend to poke at it and as you know percent promote. contempt is a pathetic when i see steve i felt unable to sway public opinion patrick crown receives heavy support from his american partner general electric together they launch a media counter offensive what upon us what if we don't know what i thought of that awful days that they did. that's done badly call it cause no demagogue no long walk six they made it easy on the exception as one of the big vision the early plagued if they e-mailed good sources and also all of us all caught on the screws just all along saying oh we're on the true god don't know your dog out say israel are always going to face your heart's forsaken jerusalem building or she is gone but now it's like you seriously don't they come to love point to point to this and he. says when he said are you that still me get my place means that are you that stone he will
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meet you said and that are known to berg seems helpless against the general electric machine backed by major banks law firms and communications specialists the fight already seems to be lost it on the poker have found a. now that is unique as a dentist as soon as tim but in a dramatic twist the minister pulls a new weapon from his pocket and invites himself to the negotiating table you know now to take home one book. keep them in it than that and yeah no i said not a place probably as most petitions he has termed don't who could do city of it would let us that was he but you know their policy and they have no trust on cuz folks on do not tell it to he denies your knowledge if. this is all tal. old place only only could see we don't do that it says in a comp we don't know when we will not have. them is to numb the two as you've
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determined to hear it good person if you can are no one to bug had achieved an incredible act of sheer force he had transformed the general electric else dumb pairing into a tripartite partnership with the french state in the areas of renewable energy and nuclear power it appeared that french interest and sovereignty had been preserved so it was it that going to play morning was that they often are not discuss the music they play out on a manual that. and you look at shows. on them oh a clean way yonder of said tell us where you go and it hasn't caught on it's an equal cookies giveaway still false he saw ruefully there exists levy you don't you will no more difficult not not that i don't you care to conclusion do not have almost an hour early next you'll move lobbies don't see to not use their own tam's of people these any on june twenty first twenty fourteen the agreement is signed by general electric and the french state the sale has become an alliance at this
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moment the battle file storm appears to have been won however we have to go back a few years to understand the stakes. were. looked up to fourteen months fourteen months in a foreign prison fourteen months of never seeing a familiar face. bend and by all still management ignored by patrick crone and forgotten by his country. fourteen months of wondering when it will all end. how did one hundred ranking alstom executive lose everything overnight. why is he. these men who question him so insistently. want to confessions about his company do they want from him.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. i'm not. wild give easy wild fun this us. war union said one slide yes solves. the rational assaults in their. possession of the need the feel. good when you go cause i'm not.
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dumb the pull me at the ball up my pizza in the. scheme of them shows slips that he had ceased to. exist small fortune in the beginning to your. fortune for the automobile of a boat is more than enough to show that you. believe . the thing about saudi arabia is they is the oil as a weapon you know if they get too close to investigating what's going on over there they push the price of oil up now on the last ten years because of fracking in america america position to stop us energy independent and no longer subject to the political pressures that can be borne upon them from opec and the saudis so we're
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going to see a real test of this because. all of these a litany of horrors coming out of saudi arabia is making people feel. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter you have to do with one trillion dollars and. more than ten point zero or prime stamping each. eighty five percent of all well you want to be rich eight point six percent market stock thirty percent from last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar. mark but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one. for the mid one and only boom.
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in twenty years a u.s. department of justice launches an extensive investigation and they suspect the french company of using corrupt practices for more than ten years to will contracts in many countries initial suspicions concern bribes allegedly made to members of the indonesian government in return for the contract to build a power station refuses to cooperate with the u.s. department of justice but the investigation continues regardless and extends to other suspected cases in taiwan saudi arabia egypt and the bahamas systematic and deliberately corrupt practices are revealed across the globe. and then. do not. let us finish off that.
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difficult. for difficult. then i think. that you will go although already condemned abroad it's surprising that alstom should simply brush the u.s. prosecution aside corporate leaders are convinced that the u.s. department of justice has no jurisdiction. for events that occurred outside the u.s. territory. i did it early to do i mean i can. tell you i'm one of these . pop dogs. that if you use it as you need it will be able when you take it be a pleasurable u.s. law or is the foreign corrupt practices act. you have sepia this allows the d.o.j. or department of justice to prosecute a foreign company for corrupt practices not on u.s. soil provided that the company has an identifiable connection to the united states
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after the moves it. was that. it was a welcome back to limo was it easy example system to communicate. america . nor was it easy. example a sat phone. doorstep and it would be modeled america if you. take it if you cannot will please keep boss. as it is unique. but on this one can do i mean again it's links was. with tom's refusal to cooperate with the d.o.j. as prosecution intensified in april twenty first team while traveling to the united states. a one time alstom executive was arrested. you won't
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believe. as you more evaded. the increase on duty security do you forgive i think did. the navy don't learn quickly don't tell more but we. don't need to become almost. designed to take over you. it's not just for the record ruchi who is under arrest three other former elst. employees some of whom have been retired for years before american courts they plead guilty to corruption judges and the case against becomes overwhelming. as you. do. in paris on
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february the ninth twenty fourteen at the lugs derrius bristol hotel patrick crone meets the general electric c this is the first encounter the first face to face meeting between the two men. tends. to sell for a company he hopes to free. himself from the clutches of the american justice system therefore places a condition on the sale general a big drink will settle any fine for. the general electric c.e.o. excepts and commits to the condition having killed two birds with one stone patrick pop the champagne. has been sold and its economic and legal difficulties are evaporating into the american sky perhaps the department of justice will even defer the payment of the five patrick crown this is the exact moment when irrevocably became america.
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the idea put in to. devolve. that's what he did johnny treat it be a that. and also. so you could call it if you see deval in the late people forget it it's and they don't think once it just kind of a new if you heath ask you know you know mom didn't have parted in about these are doing to me if only to get off and see who else on today's date on this you know solo up the army do i don't see the book is already doing these i want it more for the show to general sickly delusional talk is already a problem another country under circuity zero it is you need to create died to me
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and please always he said by the way in question because they were devoted to. develop some of these it only differences but google more. exceptional play need the absolutely most. people and only had to take a look at all the folks that they have it is a daily daemon again. within days it is unique despite several alstom executives being arrested from twenty fourteen on would patrick cronin his team went to the united states several times never arrested nor concerned they could proceed with the sale to general electric and peace it's hard to imagine that at the same time very has been imprisoned for a year from executives are detained by the f.b.i. the moment they set foot on american soil so much so that dom's director of legal affairs urges company managers not to travel to the united states strangely patrick cronin remains welcome tonight to news is false and use
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a simple ordeal look like tomorrow in france however patrick runs astonishing ability to enter and leave the united states on hindered is raising eyebrows he's questioned by m.p. jack at the french national assembly. hall. yeah. it could last fifty years. sure saturn on the earth just cements be. a tank it surely sure sure sure sure like this joan sure. sure nuff she says it isn't like question i think it is a for the more they. do something more that afic works as well as i can see blood pressure pretty to. spec when it but no proof i'm going to switch by committee imported you surely can ship. and on your own do do do but other commodity today
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patrick runs a vase avanza makes more sense to. it it is so that it on the over be accurate. enough you know money goes she has your safe. dish out of the economy social issues up by at this hour doc will see postulate a total manali medicare b. now america. last many of them that if i ask you do. you need to malice sit on your guy any day compliment of your commissions that i can to make equally monday call on it is that quick. it you know. or. was it as you need.
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and this isn't general electric's first attempt over ten years the american company has bought five companies that were being prosecuted by the department of justice for corruption the pattern is always the same an investigation is conducted and an acquisition unfolds under the threat of conviction and a severe fine which is avoided have been american british and french companies a twenty six million dollars fine was paid by the gray company in two thousand and seven after it was bought by general electric this was described as the biggest fine ever imposed under the foreign corrupt practices act eight years later that record is beaten by these lawsuits have systematically put pressure on the
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companies concerned facilitating a purchase by general electric for patrick cronin admitting a connection between any corruption prosecution against him and the acquisition of storm is out of the question according to the c.e.o. the reasons were purely financial some experts and journalists even said the same thing at the time of the sale. if you don't. explain. don't. worry. this is a monkey just yet if you do it. if you don't he takes the top should fall to those on the bubble the i'm less sure looks like he doesn't know yet it is a major was elected sure wish sure not all places can lead to point b. short used to shoot it is a quite a silly show me
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a gentle difficult discipline maybe because it is a multi-cultural emmanuel mccrum the successor to on a monthly book in the role of minister of economy shares this opinion. could you direct. mr cohen this group. can quota so you do good i post kate if it's made to fit on this you call it. on the fee as you say. except possibly one of you can a free os. and get up at mc we tried team knows what level to start and that was until this woman never again we had let there be no is a demo. tapes he explicit talk at all that lesson yet you only need one he said he can do by pulling the not to click on design knew that one day he did a cynical point all sale solving to the os your boss danced on a screws that hold that he knew existed then they. really should hold onto it is it
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persones if i did a quark which was a. please. r.t. tweak citron surely sell your marshall if she can. get him to go to tweak. the whole mimo you have to live off the money i did a book deal which she. called shauna doing easy prion disease. duvalle division noticed i'm an old people vehemently chris i go above it all meant all composites. of wash day go to work on top ways. it has sort of bhakti he concludes on chanelle a purely job you know moment. the streets will be no you'll be in there's so much to dos a lot of men can crawl to memory of all which will be shot i take it to last read just a joke i was told charlie cleek if you don't want the absolute. tell you because up . to success yeah i did
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a toy before by davies and also said that some planet is defeat your community sexual comments i was in aus and it he played all salsa and yeah. there's a mini camp was all dreamy trees can you get he could it be that this to me just from what i was here he can image the form of the not the mall v.l.a. this. systematic mall do need to live video simple cliches of course beat it internet him he can do again you develop enough she didn't mean it equips you all it. was all geniuses. now.
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after almost two years in office many still question whether donald trump has a coherent foreign policy the same cannot be said about the president's national security adviser john bolton when you think of bolton the words subtlety and diplomacy don't come to mind so is there now a bolton. i'm max kaiser one for my guide to financial survival this is as fun it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these has flaws are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more to them.
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totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed watch kaiser. tracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year trucks or chose to drive trucks people rush to a small town in north dakota was among the rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and of a station a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore slow down too much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal with. a priest who raped me when i was fourteen years of age was known to be a sexual abuser when he was ordained
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a priest and the church knew about his offending behavior and they were going to continue to abuse from these ordination right through his entire career as a priest. the u.s. justice department's name is fifty six year old says all sales as the man in custody suspected of sending out mail bomb targeting a range of top u.s. prison who fake it. with donald trump's trade was showing no signs of abating the old phones japan and china are making the best of a bad situation signing new economic deals together.
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revelations that britain's energy a minute.


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