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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 26, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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he was a journalist so our pinheaded media hacks were finally able to see past their endless defense of saudi arabia and reveal the truth no doubt no doubt stop and stuff stop stop it. if that were the case they would have extensively covered the and the intentional murder of palestinian journalists a few months ago in gaza where they were wearing press across their chest and were still shot by snipers but let's not jump to conclusions that maybe the snipers thought that meant their shirts had been pressed at the dry cleaner and they didn't like the left the sticker on there and the snipers shot them because they were like they claim the gazans are struggling but clearly they are dry clean ag dr levi. and if our mainstream media cared about journalists they would have extensively covered the police shooting of reporter erin schroeder in standing rock where while on camera she was intentionally shot with rubber bullets they would have covered
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the arrest of journalists at the g. twenty protests or at occupy wall street they would be standing up for journalist giuliana sometimes and they would have covered the time can jansen was severely beaten by our secret service all right. when the life of an eleven year old detective is just rough it is. what she got to keep work and she has five kids in a drug habit to pay for the bill. and i'm not saying you can't find one mainstream story on some of those things i mentioned but none of them got a tiny fraction of the twenty four seven because josie treatment so why is the media doing this is it that they really have it in for you know saudi arabia they want to make them look bad now if that were the case they would have covered and any of the countless horrific acts by saudi arabia a country that publicly behead people for crimes like being gay is fairness and accuracy in reporting made. the mainstream media hardly mentions the saudi
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perpetrated genocide in yemen supported by the you would hit us they hardly talk about our massive weapons deals with straw was so proud of he made his little crayon poster of it. thirty five fighter jet one trillion dollars putting together a collage for your royal saudi lover priceless. and then. and then i finally figured out why they're doing this because josie was part of an elite d.c. crowd he was a writer for the washington post he was a member of the club that is when our media and our government get upset when you harm the elite you can shoot a rast censor lowlevel journalists all day long the corporate media don't give our . don lemon owns a personal citizen journalist that he rides to work on actually rise to work
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and if you think that looks rough i'm not even showing you where he inserts the gas pump. why why should they care what average is the low level journalists those aren't the elite they go to yale unless they are just saying jail with an accent. only the elite matter this goes for more than just murder imagine the number of people harmed by the two thousand and eight financial collapse the number of homes lost a list of the victims could wrap all the way around donald trump's tremendous four times and have room to spare one who went to prison no one only bernie made up that is it so how was bernie made off different from all the other con artists on wall street he stole from the rich guy to protect the only god of course task yearly. martin scraggly he got all the oh you know he has all the appeal of a. snake shaped a bad guy in
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a harry potter film but he didn't go to jail for increasing the price of medications to such a level that they were if you could afford them that's what got a locked up that's just normal wall street business that's a normal day you know you've got a locked up for lying to investors for defrauding the rich got to protect the elites rights this is why. this is why no president or higher official goes to jail even after we discover let's say there were never any weapons of mass destruction in iraq you know if they're not going to jail. this is how did cheney can shoot a guy in a fight and get away with it all right it's how bill clinton can launder money through the clinton foundation it's how donald trump knows that despite being a cartoon villain of corruption he will never go to jail because they will always protect the elites now that doesn't go for you and me that doesn't go for the idiot
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kid in detroit who recently spit on someone's pizza while he was working at a food counter and now could end up in prison for four years four years of president do you have any idea how much our water and air and food is polluted by large corporations they are don't think. they are dumping the chemicals on quisling of course not rock it into your water supply every minute they are chemically pissing all over your face every goddamn. and the only bar is they're going to see your gold bars the worst still faces a payout if they lose a trial no studios going to jail but if you instead taint someone's pizza with your spit you get locked up for years because of pizza spitters not only eat a pizza spitter is the average of poor the working man i mean unless he's a professional pizza spitter and you can live hit a pepperoni from thirty yards away or identities in a leap. suspect but for the most part the entire system the courts the politicians
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the media they know their job is to protect the upper class and the reason we are finally seeing our media cover the killing of a journalist is because saudi arabia may be unforgiving will mistake of murdering one of the elites how many of them watch this is. welcomed welcome monley can take the news from behind here in the us as you know we're go getters we never give up we fight tooth and nail and once our teeth and nails are gone we fight for tat one such they're gone that's when it
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really gets the. point is because we are go getters we don't wait around for things we'll wait for enemy forces to come and kill us we kill ourselves for the past year drug overdoses have been the number one cause of death for americans under the age of fifty this is a big shift overdose is replacing heart disease as the number one killer so basically drugs are replacing baconator sandwiches as the top killer of americans and since the opioid epidemic is largely thanks to big pharma downplaying the risk of opioids and making them heavily available really the number one cause of death has simply shifted from windows and white castle to produce pharmaceuticals. as well. meanwhile small there are always way out like second or third pathetic pathetic mol burrow you get back out there you kill some people. now the c.d.c. has new. numbers showing that certain areas of the u.s.
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are hit far harder by the opioid prices than others not surprisingly some of the worst hit are the areas that have been economically devastated the rust belt the parts of america where corporations extracted everything they could and then got them out this just goes to show people don't give giant corporations anough credit rarely do they get the recognition they deserve for the deaths they cause. you know i mean i mean it is true they don't do it for the acclaim they just do it for love of the sport but still. for example over the past few months a lot of palestinians have been killed in gaza by heavily armed israeli soldiers a lot of companies have helped to do that but no blue ribbons were passed out nelson two hundred five people have been killed since the beginning of the great march of return there have been twenty one thousand two hundred eighty eight injured including five thousand three hundred forty five from lima live ammunition
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resulting in over eleven thousand hospitalizations meant press did some research into which companies are doing the heavy lifting on these massacres here are here are some the will to give them some recognition here are some of them caterpillar inc supplies the bulldozers used to tear down palestinian homes now that the product placement right there in that house that brand awareness for caterpillar went through the roof when those bulldozers went through people's roofs. but that's not all so combine the system supplies like weaponry and security equipment such as tear gas and flash grenades but don't worry it's not dangerous it's just a light weaponry and through that ash grin they like a disco party for a war zone now combined sandstones puts the aba back into mahmoud abbas. what is abbas but multiple abos.
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point is the heads of these corporations pay no mind to what's morally reprehensible or whether their own mothers defined them as. bagging across the dusty. they don't care these brave corporate titans forge ahead nonetheless and they sleep soundly knowing they work hand in hand with other brave corporate entities as hillary clinton taught us oppressing people in an apartheid state takes a village really takes it to ok ok it takes two villages with one of them sealed off for medical supplies and food and clean water and only has electricity for a few hours a day but basically it takes a village. all right let's move on to another suppression celebration. forget about the fireworks as you know we hear redacted tonight are evil russian spies ok we have
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a job to do and that job is tricky american people into wanting health care and a higher minimum wage and paid maternity leave because the moment on american mothers are spending more comfortable time with their babies rush you will have one aha i got i'm on. it we're getting close we're getting close to winning anyway it seemed like my ghastly plan was going along perfectly intil just last week an anonymous person revealed my true identity there is a new facebook page called leave the camp exposes there it is the leak camp expose they use my actual profile picture and when i first heard there was a leak camp exposed page i thought someone had finally uncovered my photos wearing nothing but a little knitted turtleneck on my. no that is not that is not you have been exposed
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instead of this page claims to expose the truth about me and as you can see right there at the top of their page they ever be told the logo of the channel the show is on and i have thought during all these years that we could hide that logo way down in the corner of the screen that's when we put it way down there you know used to hide it but someone did find it a valid id and i even tried to confuse people by always having like as a slurpee come to kind of blend or maybe a stuffed animal little furry note book there that. i thought then they would know what's going on you know but could somehow the trolls discover the logo that's been on two hundred seventeen episodes redacted the by. the way the facebook page as a featured post at the top that says we camp is one of the funniest wittiest
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comedians out there his show covers vitally important issues to american society howard k. . was there are they all right for exposing my funniness my woodiness in the vitally important info i present. would it be too much to include something about my creepy jesus good looks. i don't invest half my income into book very in feces facial treatments were nothing. but then suddenly. but then suddenly my anonymous hater has a change of heart in the second sentence he says in all tabs understand the modus operandi of heaven. she says to just have our stroll. why you yelling at me to do the thing i thought you were going to tell me about this is like a sex ed teacher walking into class or going understand how do you know which of course. ok take it easy. so my lover slash hater
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explains my modus operandi once a lady has you nodding along with the truth sections of his hilarious broadcasts he seamlessly segues into a false propaganda about russia watch. other. then mr lee camp exposed goes on to prove this by saying i've said a bunch of things about russia that i've never said. so apparently my modus operandi is to tell you vitally important things about america and then say things i've never said. i am such an. oh yeah he also goes on to say have deleted a bunch of posts from my facebook page that i never deleted keep in mind facebook will ban pages like freethought project police the police the banned them for being fake news yet they'll keep a fake news page likely camp exposed so to combat this for roche's propaganda on
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facebook we created a new page and titled leak camps exposed exposed. where we revealed a modus operandi globally camp exposed we're going to quit trying to buy no no you stop that listen. i have a new standup comedy special super patriotic very uncle sam comedy special not allowed on american t.v. it's available for pre-sale at least camp comedy special dot com it comes out on election day november sixth but you get twenty five percent off if you use the promo code uncle sam that's league game company special dot com well there are. after almost two years and office many still question. whether donald trump has
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a coherent foreign policy the same cannot be said about the president's national security advisor john bolton when you think of bolton the word subtlety and diplomacy don't come to mind so is there no bolton dot. the thing about saudi arabia is they is the oil as a weapon you know if they get too close to investigating what's going on over there they push the price of oil up now on the last ten years because of fracking in america america position the south as energy independent and no longer subject to the political pressures that can be borne upon them from opec and the saudis so we're going to see a real test of this because. all of the litany of horrors coming out of saudi arabia is making people feel. good politicians to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president. some want to be rushed. into going to be press which is like that before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of. course. prosecution will need to become almost. a full. court where you push. the threat of fines somebody known to see do i mean young you know i mean political pressure on the gold you've been to the moon concluded you know through security industry news with bundled up business models used by american corporations doubtless was incomplete please someone could have been too busy to use c. to choose your mate who was seen. the solution. lies up
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in association with the potato. i know took any salsa on those it is just smelly to me to maintain an investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy. back we turn now to st louis missouri a city whose police force is so racist they make boston's look like the editorial board of ebony magazine. in addition the st louis police aggressively use oppressive surveillance to spy on residents twenty four seventh's but thankfully there has been some resistance here now to explain is our senior invader of privacy john a fellow donald. was very young same louis yeah first of all little known fact historically in christianity st louis he's actually
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the patron saint of entrenched racist saying. oh yeah that city is simply living up to its name also you begin to surveillance by local police is happening all across the country so st louis residents have nothing no work it's what gives us all something to worry about come on our people fighting back and all right folks are pushing to get see cops laws passed which stands for community control over police surveillance but it might as well stand for colorblind concubine obviously pregnant santa because it makes no sense then. how does shifting power from the police to the people not make some sense just look at how unreasonably it's explained by the a.c.l.u. bitter should be if you don't agree with us because we're a bunch of fresh as they say the efforts principle objective is to pass c cops
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laws that ensure residents through local city councils are empowered to decide if and how surveillance technologies are used through a process that maximizes the public's influence over those decisions that's the most reasonable thing i've ever heard. purchasing. graphing calculators in both and then reselling them as teleportation devices for a profit is the most reasonable thing you've ever heard earlier a way. i hadn't to do for yeah well having the people surveil their own surveillance that's crazy how is that crazy truck because no reasonable person would ever go for any of it ever i mean currently in st louis alone more than six hundred cameras are constantly watching people there's a system microphone set up meant to listen for gunshots that inadvertently pick up private conversations the police deploy sting ray devices to track people's locations and they use automatic license plate readers to catalog travel routines
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it's all coordinated from the st louis real time crimes center which sadly is not a place where bill maher is held accountable for his islamophobia. real time that part that part is unfortunate but everything else should require approval and oversight from the community are our civil liberties are being stomped on you're starting to sound a lot like terry kennedy the st louis all day or a man who's pushing for the sea cops laws say all day or man you mean alderman with the is an alderman. in elected official like a city council number. that's boring. i thought it was somebody who was willing to do it any day or that you asked them to you know and all their man and. i thought it was so cool i believe it's not hard to become one myself a lay. there meter reader out of laura bush's auto biography
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without jamming this fork into my. mind you know george and glad i'm here putin signed a nuclear arms reduction treaty i read make way for ducklings to russian children at the state children's library. they all laughed when they heard the names jack kat lack mak mak mak pack and quack i can do unless i get a good idea if they. want to do that turn the other who was close to service to be intentionally being formed limb from limb but many postal workers are fighting back for more on this let's go to truth bomb that let me go. to the u.s. postal service boom always i'm smarter by their motto neither snow nor rain nor he
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nor feel it stays these couriers from this wisdom pleased to have their appointed rounds here. i think you get the feeling there if you try to get. your view but that motto might sound a lot different if the trump administration gets its way because after years of it being suggested the trump administration is proposing privatizing the us postal service belong to congress passed in two thousand and six called the postal accountability and advancement act is the reason the u.s.p.s. is going broke because the law requires the postal service which receives no taxpayer subsidies to prefund its retirees hope benefits up to the year twenty fifty six a five billion dollars per year cost that no other entity private or public has to make this means the postal service is legally mandated to refund benefits for
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employees who aren't even born yet. could you imagine if every guy you knew had to open up a savings account every time you've been to a stock they would lose zero points in this multibillion dollar loss jumpstarted a years long conversation on privatization and now the agency has been picked. apart for the better part of a decade the corporatocracy is going in for the hills forcing postal service reps like mickey barnett and now former postal service board of governors chairman to tell pieces of i mean pundits like fox news's john stossel my privatization is a bad idea going to private. there's no one going to buy the bullshit sure that's mandated to go everywhere in this country there's no known happen just sell it in and if you live way the heck out you have to come in to the local seven eleven to get your mail john stossel doing a seven eleven and get my mail i'll get
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a while gotta get my mail. but not several leavitt and i want the postal service there is a legal obligation for wall while to provide you service no matter where you live. unfortunately. getting that age of privatization diarrheal you saw it come out of john stossel could become a reality because of the white house gets its way only profit will determine who gets their mail and where they can get it and you can expect higher costs and way less service especially in the rural united states where a private business like u.p.s. will think twice about driving through world america in a vehicle that has one car door and blends in effortlessly with a hunting zone but the people who represent hundreds of thousands of unionized postal workers aren't giving up without a fight on columbus day you must be elsewhere across the country decided against celebrating the life of the races martyr and instead use their day off to protest
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privatization both shouting the u.s. mail is not for sale. a slogan which is a privately civil considering they could've taken the easy way out and just held signs that said don't make us go postal to get the point across yes. i realize the term going postal sounds pass but i didn't intend postal workers to babe and destroyed that he wouldn't make letter openers look like medieval daggers if you're somebody who was blessed enough to afford living in a place with access to internet e-mail and private carriers good for you but remember that's not the case for every american yes the us postal service isn't perfect but considering they process nearly half a billion pieces of mail every day we should take a moment to think of the letter carriers who are sacrificing more than just their time to deliver universal service thank.
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you very good reporting from washington that leave it till we're back here today. here are your headlines from the future or next week you'll learn st louis police officer quietly explains to rocky the department more fun back with more openly racist. i am a little too real i am coming up in november tired of losing out to drug overdoses when these introduces new extra believe opioid almost supreme with fentanyl frosting on their charge pills but i have live comedy shows coming up all across california this coming week san francisco santa cruz can you go to redacted torridon cause or to get the details redacted or dot com also check out lee camp comedy special dot com it till next time could i.
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priest who raped me when i was fourteen years of age was known to be a sexual abuser when he was ordained a priest and the church knew about his offending behavior and they were going to continue to abuse from these ordination right through his entire career as a priest. trying has been coming up with a lot of statements saying that the arab states of the gulf should take care of the middle east or other we're still committed to the middle east so there's there's a lot of incoherence there but i think saudi arabia is hugely important to the
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united states and i think trump understands that and this is this is exactly what was driving his kind of commentary on the. killing i think that's at the end of the day it's not going to change the status quo of america's polls because if you do those. things guys are financial survival guide. when customers go by to reduce the price. to now well reduce and lower. that's undercutting not what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. cranking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive truck people who rush to
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a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to. this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many. people who are in a slowdown from march the last jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality he told. the u.s. justice department's names fifty six year olds his own style because the man in custody suspected of sending out mail bombs targeting a range of top u.s. political figures. with donald trump's trade was showing no signs of abating the old photos japan and china are making the best of a bad situation signing a new economic deals together.


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