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i. doubt. that. four pm from moscow china prepares for war beijing is getting its military battle ready for a territory dispute relations with washington to look into that fully. poll shows that half of people in britain are
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a blip to yemen devastating war despite the u.k. being the second biggest supplier to the saudi led bombing campaign. rights groups the french government to relaunch a probe into the full rwandan genocide as video emerges from more about the slaughter previously admitted. before you know the only two you could push you back you close on the. media. to make somebody if you look to be a. very good evening for me kevin i just have four pm here in moscow now because they were this the next half hour for this up that started with this news the first the president of china has instructed the country's military to be war ready for the
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raising the specter of a potential conflict over trade and beyond but what's this all about what's rhetoric what's really here we're trying to look at it behind the scenes more galaxy of our senior correspondent probably perspective on it. so here's the thing the chinese government almost never says anything you wouldn't expect that's their thing their game ik they're incredibly careful reserved at least with their tongues so when the chinese president orders his military to prepare for war serious indeed . the military to concentrate on the bouncy revenues for war the chinese are preparing for war out loud how over how did we get to this well trump for one aside from land blasting the chinese at every opportunity is tariffs is sanctions his trade war he's also being very heavy handed congress has just approved a second arms deal with taiwan in eighteen months. of untruthful the sales of
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weapons by the united states to taiwan damages china's sovereignty and security interests that beijing sees china and taiwan as two parts of a whole two chinese entities same culture ethnicity same languages with two separate governments communist capitalist the end goal is to reunite into one state there are differences of course currently preventing that and about one hundred kilometers of c. that separate the two and trump always a fan of sticking it to the chinese he's been through it in his warships right between the two china's. we have expressed our concerns to the u.s. side the taiwan issue concerns china's sovereignty and territorial integrity and is the most important and sensitive issue in china u.s. relations. for starters how about you express your concerns about these
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important and sensitive issues to someone who cares a little more because that in trial. if you worry about. i don't worry about things. let's be grateful never worrying about anything unfortunately. there are those in china who believe that america wants taiwan to declare independence and the chinese are preparing for that eventuality militarily . it's your own you know we are resolute to defeat any scheme or act of taiwan independence in any form. thing is the taiwanese don't really see a point to defending themselves taiwan which recently switched from
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a conscription to a volunteer army is having huge trouble recruiting even reserve troops dodging the after rule that's the point the devil when. the government needs to think whether it's necessary to bring conscription back if they think national security matters but taiwan is a minor player in these confrontation if war does break out it likely be the people's republic of china slugging it out with the united states rather than taiwan and that is a war that trump really really ought to be worried about the world is really at a cross rolled facing major threats to world peace and development between china and the united states the tensions are getting more and more acute and the united states has been pushing china rounds he really china and imposing unilateral
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tariffs on the chinese exports china does not want to have a trade war with the united states china does not want to have a conflict with the united states but if the united states really wants to impose these things onto china i think the chinese people will be fully mobilized behind the chinese government and the chinese military. your search says yemen's devastating war has claimed fifty six thousand lives over the past two years some five times higher than previously thought despite it being considered the world's worst humanitarian crisis a british charities found out there but almost half of people in the u.k. are unaware there's a war they're all even though their country is the second biggest supplier of weapons to the country waging a bombing campaign but has more on the findings in a moment but first here's a look at just how much of a toll three years of war has taken on the yemeni people.
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hi do you know what's happening in yemen. so much. i'm afraid i. don't. know sorry what's happening in yemen. now there's a war soldier review. for some middle east politics tired no idea really do you know what's happening in yemen sorry do you know what's happening in yemen thank
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god it's taken the lives of thousands of civilians and caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and yet according to a new poll almost a comp of the people in the u.k. have no i did there is a war taking place in yemen a war in which a saudi led coalition is conducting a deadly campaign event strikes in an attempt to drive out who the rebels hope you carry don't know about most things so when you question if i can imagine china's terrible why do you think that is no enough has been said about to you depends what the media seem to starting at a particular point in time with you through to public knowledge and opinion so you think it's under-reported good the war in yemen isn't just another humanitarian crisis in a far flung parts of the world the saudi led campaign is being waged partly thanks to a hefty supply of british made weapons the u.k. government happens to be the second biggest supplier of alms to the saudi kingdom
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after the us according to the latest figures u.k. military sales to riyadh increased by two thirds in twenty seventeen from the previous year the mother of jamal khashoggi has brought the u. case closed to strategic. partnership with the riyadh into the spotlight now an increasing number of politicians here in the u.k. are calling on the government to explain its unceasing support for the saudi led war in yemen perhaps if more of the public knew about it the government would be under more pressure to. french human rights groups are calling for a probe to be reopened into the one nine hundred ninety four genocide in rwanda in east africa is to establish where the french troops had any blame for the deaths of hundreds of people that they promise to protect their village of business sero video from news website media part appears to show a senior french military officer discussing the ongoing massacre of several days
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before the army decided to intervene. before you only to you could push your duty but you took those on the only call you know you deal with to make strong body a democracy and. the genocide in rwanda lost just over three months it left nearly a million people dead more paris tonight the culpability in the bases here a massacre rights groups led by the french n.g.o.s saying the case was closed prematurely. lines of inquiry were not sufficiently followed up to allow investigators to determine france's military and political responsibility french military authorities were aware that from the afternoon of twenty seventh of june on words civilians were being killed the survivors opened the case thirteen years ago although back in july it was scrapped due to lack of evidence and lack of convictions but survivors of the massacre claim they asked the french military for
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help on june twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred ninety four but the military only came three days later already after hundreds of people were killed in the massacre and the allegation now is that the french government actually knew what was going on and specifically decided not to intervene the genocide was committed mainly by the hutu government and its backers against the ethnic minority tutsi tribe and allegations of the french government supports for the hutus who carried out most of the slaughter in the genocide have been rough on the french government's relations with the rwandan government for years but the french although they admit that they have made mistakes they say they have no complicity in the genocide that took place there.
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we spoke with a survivor of the massacre and i asked her if the revelations now were a shock. nor i. know the video doesn't surprise me i was very happy that media published the truth we the survivors have known this for a long time it's important that the french people know what happened back in one thousand nine hundred ninety four when the military was there so i only know that promise to declassify the archives they didn't work out it's everything he published was already known the only thing i have to add is that the french people have to know the truth the context of the one in genocide was a four year war this argument between france and rwanda has been going on since one thousand nine hundred four do the french have a mandate to differentiate have
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a mandate to intervene if the french are to sears observe this and they had a mandate to intervene then they did something wrong. soldiers typically. do not do not take action now demanded. with midterm elections looming in the us a poll suggests that it would juror to voters view the two party system currently as outdated and flawed many are now seeking a third substantial option of the throw their support behind it seems as caleb opens by voting out. in the united states we have a first past the post electoral system where essentially voting for a third party is throwing your vote into the garbage or at least that's the mantra coming from the media really people who say oh yeah you know i don't know about hillary and so i voted for jill stein i think you wasted a vote in north carolina for jill's my guess the hardest thing for an independent is to convince the voters that you're for real and that it's
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a viable choice and they're not wasting their vote the only thing that was kind of holding them back when you talk to them is they would say oh i don't want to waste my vote like the one of their vote to count i grabbed vote republican because i want i'm not going to waste my little as an independent in ohio earlier this year there was a special election in which a democrat was narrowly defeated by a republican twitter lit up with outrage not at the democrats for perhaps running a less than effective campaign but rather at the green party for daring to participate in the political process and win a few votes. de green party can you please wait to make you a symbolic votes and the time when a government isn't being overrun by white supremacists. you know what so i immediately think the green party tonight on russian mentally. green party voters don't tell me you kiribati environment if you know your vote who made the difference between a dam winning over rap and used to choose to vote for
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a candidate who has no chance of winning now the us state of maine tried to correct this with a new voting system essentially voters get to rank the candidates from best to worst and if no solid majority can be established by their first pick then the second votes are calculated in order to pick a winner the idea is that one can still vote against one of the major parties and have their voice heard in the final results but in maine the state legislature overturned this new voting system and it was a big legal battle to get it going now there's other states eyeing something similar but there's a lot of pushback but. i hear is that people do want to have independent other parties come to the freighters so they're so tired and sick of the political dysfunction because the democrats are the public is that i think americans are really looking for a choice i think the united states to use it like that so there are only two parties and they don't want to let anybody else come into existence because. i think they both secretly know that other parties are not sort of corporatist
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parties but actually there are parties out there and independents out there that actually do want to advocate for the people but of course they don't want us to get in there because then we would win and they would most americans view the two party political system as outdated but the mainstream media continues to play the you're either with us or against us card so the voices of the majority of americans remain silenced in the political process caleb mop and r.t. new york. really bad weather right now in the heart of europe ten people have died after a devastating floods hit a number of regions in italy with three quarters of the city of venice literally submerged under water winds of almost seventy miles per hour of the thirty's implement a code red alert to cross the region most of northern italy in some parts of venice the water was as high as one point five meters as people bladed their way through those iconic streets. have been closed because of it with officials saying this is the fifth biggest flood on record as i said northern italy as
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a whole because of those storms what you're seeing here is the left of it. badly hit after it's reinforced collapses you see dozens a yacht's battered to pieces and see for roads one of those to be flown civil protection units being mobilized to help locals and to monitor high risk areas. on the way he writes international how a muscle in a city the mail bomb campaign has got americans increasingly worried over a politically motivated hate speech one of the stories ahead.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk.
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i gained in the u.s. the man accused of gunning down eleven jewish worshipers in a synagogue last weekend and a separate suspect accused of sending mail bombs have both separately appeared in court after donald trump announced his plan to visit the scene of that synagogue massacre there was backlash across u.s. media outlets the coverage focused on whether the crimes that we're talking about here were politically motivated and maybe if the results of the spike in hate speech because of what the president said along the last few months was known in the media against his visit either it turns out. personally i would like him to stay away if he can come and not make it about himself and not make a political and certainly why not he is fueling those people who are extremists and i'm very very sad for this country if this could be the start of
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getting along than so be it and i think that would be a good thing we need to start working together well in the wake of those incidents social media sites or come under increased scrutiny in both cases the suspects that express their hostility online the alleged pittsburgh gunman robert gregory boas wrote a series of anti semitic posts on the social network dot com in the wake of the massacre the website which is popular with the so-called right to free speech advocates was indeed taken down then then there is the case of. the man reportedly sent that series of nail bombs he was active on twitter he's believed to have written death threats to politicians including former vice president joe biden on the platform we put the links between social media and hate speech up for debate. we don't want people telling us what we can and can't post and you don't also want to have the government telling companies what they can and can't put you know having said that. the companies themselves have
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a moral obligation i think an ethical obligation you know like like facebook or twitter to prevent. incitement in their sites but that's for them to do and it ought to be something that the public pressures them to do not the government requires them to do but it should be naturally what you would do with social media platforms that these social media whether it's facebook twitter you tube they can't be held responsible for whoever posts anything on their on their websites and that was so that you know we can continue to thrive in tech expansion now of course hate speech speech is protected in america even though hate speech is horrible and abysmal and that is a protected right of speech we can't arrest somebody for for an opinion that they might have no matter how egregious or or ugly that opinion seems there are solutions to the problem of the power of google or the power of facebook or the power of twitter and those are to break the damn things up it's the same problem we have with newspapers and with in broadcasting you know we have these giant
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conglomerates that control all our media and they determine what gets in and what doesn't get in the all these organizations should be broken up shouldn't be allowed to have the monopolies that they have we don't want the government coming down and telling us what we can and can't do especially when it comes to social media but i think if we put the power within social media company executives then we're just saying we don't want government to regulate it but we want this these powerful business to regulate it and so we're just putting the power into one other person's hand we're looking at three of four major social media platforms and much of the speech comes down and so we have to we have to consider the fact that it would be a lot more beneficial to have twenty thirty forty social media platforms i think the main thing is to accept personal responsibility and really to grow up i mean the. in public does need to grow up and only accept responsibility but not engage in these things and then we can put proper public pressure. made america somewhat talk to political atmosphere these days hillary clintons are facing
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a backlash today after the job being that african-americans quote all look alike and quote she was correcting an interviewer who had mixed up two democrat politicians using a cory booker's and using comment to him in your kill file i don't know anything about him saying kick them in the shins essentially start to get to that kind of political i was eric holder erica america what you're sorry yeah i know they all look alike no they don't. allow that. well if buchek clinton on twitter over the races for joking like you suggested if he'd been donald trump uttering the very same line though the outrage would have been much more vocal it comes courses many high profile african-americans are calling on others in the black community to ditch their support for the democratic party who've long been a pillar of the democrats' base. i. i. i.
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i i. i. the plex it will spend twenty thousand nine hundred fold in every major city in america that the democrats have to short. i just admit that they keep doing better going to trump presidency. i.
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think. this logo. these colors were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero kanye west thank you. thank you. the case of wiki leaks co-founder jr song shoot contested new rules over a stay at the country's embassy in london the songs claimed his rights were being violated but a judge disagreed with the whistleblower claim that ecuador was plotting to end his political asylum and hand him over to the united states where he's wanted for releasing that trove of confidential documents for years but. acquittals new rule book for a science then. say he was it was handed to him last month these rules they include restrictions on personal visits include
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a ban on communications which might cause diplomatic harm to ecuador whitley's publishers sought refuge inside that embassy six years ago no but relations with key to every cell of late under the current government leading to this current standoff with his lawyers it's clear this process call was issued with strict respect for international law the ecuadorian state has an international responsibility to protect mr sunshine even rights activist peter tatchell told us he believes ecuador is trying to wear a sandwich down here with a view to getting him out of the embassy. well let's be clear the conditions imposed on during a song by the ecuadorian authorities are extremely draconian they are in some respects similar to the kinds of restrictions their prison they would face in a maximum security jail now of course in some respects some aspects of these conditions are reasonable but the way they're being imposed very clearly with the intention of making life unbearable for mr a song does appear to be part of
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a deliberate try g. to make life so bad for him that he voluntarily leaves even though ecuador a saying that he's welcome to stay. there the headlines so far you can follow all our stories we got so many more from the r.t. dot com our main site for no for me kevin owen have a good day. when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the merry go
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round be the one. doing all middle of the room. real new. politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. more so more want to be rich. but you'd like to be closer this is what it looks like three of the boys can be good good. interested in the world and work out. there should. seem wrong when old roles just told. me to get to shape
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