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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 1, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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it's with these types of terror attacks radicalized white people who are sending pipe bombs to people of the opposing party who just killed eleven jewish people who just killed two black people in kentucky because they couldn't get into a black church look at the result things deaths and look at the perpetrators d.n.a. and is doing everything they can to try to cast a negative light against anything trump in obviously the majority of the voting bloc in america is working class white men these incidents that are being painted are they're happy and are being painted as down from what is really not true people like don lemon are going to continue to perpetuate these false narratives in the hopes that maybe it can just prop people from what's actually going on in america which is a great thing right now economically number of people across all demographics including white latino and blacks in particular where black unemployment is a historic low bombs that were just sent did not kill anyone but they were still
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acts of terrorism and you can't deny that the person who was caught by the emily i was a donald trump supporter is a downer from supporters and if we are being honest really but he is a registered they're going to go there is there is there is information he hasn't he it doesn't matter he's done it i took your work right you've got only if we can read his minutes alex is up a bunch of different ways you can sit there in julian sam and state that he specifically and donald trump supporter of he was inspired to do that by donald trump we have to be honest about post reconstruction white terrorism against black people we're not being honest about that we're not going to get to the root of the problem white supremacy found in the united states of america white supremacy exists in the united states of america and white supremacy is rising across the world called don lemon said this is just a further and a continuance of the division that was created in america under the eight year old ministration of barack obama and the desire for me i'll be back with headlines in about twenty nine minutes stay with us are two international.
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given the way which the last terrorists attacks were proclaimed structured using european logistics these as you can see there's a certain desire to change the way of life change to society and for us. greetings and salutations. tell me if this sounds familiar my hawk watchers you get home from a long day's work you flip on your favorite network reality show and then as the show goes to break it comes on crawling out of your television from
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a dark place located somewhere in the sliver of madness between k. street and could do i'm speaking of course of the ubiquitous election season political ad you know the ones with the overly dramatic music and two dollars graphics package at the dramatic narration telling you how candidates so and so hates children loves crime wants to steal all your tax dollars and ultimately hates america and if they're not bashing their opponents the ads are small it's the soft focus of bears telling us how candidates so and so has true american values as someone who loves their family children cops firefighters and their dog fish cat or whatever and that he or she will also talk with you about your problem sometimes in your living room at your work in your driveway or your front yard you know true american values that come with one heck of a price tag yes p.q. media is now predicting that total political ad spending will reach get this six
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point seven five billion dollars in twenty eighteen in fact advertising researchers at boral associates actually predict that number to clock in even hired almost nine billion spent. now these numbers are staggering my friends and the horse race politics of this year's midterms have got the media companies you know licking their greedy chops recently steve burke head of n.b.c. universal hailed the election ad spending during comcast third quarter earnings call announcing to everyone political is way up we're adding a very very strong political season looks like it looks more like a presidential year than a midterm year. so well while city water supplies are filling up with lead over thirteen million u.s. children face food insecurities and more than forty million u.s. citizens do live in abject poverty are democrat republican friends are spending billions to enrich media moguls and get themselves elected. i think it's
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time to start watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal with. the bottom. like you that i got. with. this. because. he was the number on the watch for the hawks i am tired robot and on top of the other tab of the interview taken twenty nine trips around the sun many years in a row yes. as a campaign ad you know the ones that see it to be as one ever ever influenced your vote for like who you're going to vote for like you were you know watching dynasty and saw the ad come out of dinah diocese and i would think anyone have
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a falcon crest probably that it's about yourselves. yet right now never tell us your question never i have i have been i have been i have had my opinion about. but he changed in the negative that i wouldn't vote for them due to one of their ads but i've never watched an ad and said i want to vote for that person or watch to. sort of hit campaign ad one of those on the at the mean one where you know your cum i would never not like an opponent of theirs because of its advertising i worked in advertising for a decade you know let me tell you it's mostly a lie that's the old boy so it's hard for me to get on board with politicians and advertising it's just battle battle but. you know what's interesting is that i mean when you ask all the experts from campaign strategists you know executives to television industry everyone they're all will tell you that according to broadcasting cable the t.v.
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ads are still the most expensive form of communication for political campaigns but . they're you know essential to the cordon campaign strategy you know you get the message you packaged into. all of those no you know what actually happens on a lot of areas and i think this happens at the local level you know on local television more often than say your big cable if you're watching all the cable networks are just going to see that the more national ones but on a local level it does nothing but irritate everybody i mean i grew up and rural wisconsin and i even now when i talk to everybody back home none of them are saying we're. going to solve this ad does it never happens you get sick of them because they're one after another after another after another after another and they're spending more money which means they're just to do it like annoying people and the problem is eventually people get worn out by it they don't want to see politics and they end up not voting and that's a very good point in the numbers that we're seeing this year in spending it's truly awestruck nominal i think if we use that how many people glad you brought that up
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how many people company kids could we feed how many books could we buy for students how many schools in baltimore could we fix with the money they just spent to get themselves a job that only costs a friend that only pays a fraction of how much it costs to get the job so my grandfather always told you the politicians you characterise the politician if they spend more to get the job than what the job will actually pay. you know but like when you look at twenty eight thousand in the ads but if you want to see so the wellsian media project found that this year the number of congressional and gubernatorial ads that spiked fifty nine percent over levels from the previous midterm in two thousand and fourteen so they also found that the number of negative ads i moved portland the number of negative ads soared sixty one percent over the previous midterm so you have nearly five hundred sixty nine thousand attack ads that have aired since the labor day eclipsing the twenty ten record of negative ads that i read which was nearly four hundred fifty. and then when you start digging into the dark money you
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should. sam wiles leon group they study the study found just about four out of every ten ads from groups of so about thirty eight percent of the ads are seeing are from dark money organizations of those dark money political ads which is the idea of not the candidates or any official it's outside groups that are the internet citizen united money you know that are on there know as so of those funding tilts toward you know our friends the democrats get or of the dark money at least in the in the house races about forty one percent of house out some dark many groups are from democrats compared to just twenty eight percent from republicans and democrats lead the senate races in dark money out by forty three percent to thirty nine percent margin which begs the question why are you spending the most and losing the most. and here's crazy as someone knows them are going to disappear it's it might be because that t.v.
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advertisement doesn't actually help you as much as you think it does those are good points. porton. down. according to the twenty seventeen point in time survey from the main state housing authority at any one point in portland maine there are one thousand and eight people in emergency homeless shelters at least fifty three completely unsheltered and another one thousand and ninety four that are in traditional housing in a city of just sixty six thousand dealing with this problem is causing even more in july of this year a planned two hundred bed homeless shelter was put on hold due to concerns from the nascence corner neighborhood association that it would bring crime into their community when kenneth a capron founding director of the nonprofit memory works saw the proposal stalled he came up another solution for the unsheltered of portland a cruise ship captain is proposing the purchase of an old a used cruise ship to be permanently docked in portland's waterfront the ship would
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be able to house over eight hundred passengers and have a three hundred person staff that would. a homeless shelter affordable and transitional housing as well as job training and social service providers right on the boat temporarily called hope harbor capron is currently applying for a grant to complete a feasibility study portland even struggling set of the proposal i have no idea if it's the craziest idea i've ever heard or the most brilliant idea i've ever heard but what i like about it is that he's coming up with creative ways to figure out how to build housing in the city of portland so as cheap housing becomes harder to find it most cities taking is taking a retired symbol of capitalism the cruise ship and using it to let hope float for the unsheltered in america isn't such a stranger weird idea after all you know it truly is a lot of props to the sky i think for coming up with this it overlook a little problem so wait a minute if we get this giant cruise ships sitting around here just collecting dust
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blood let's use this you know i mean that's love's good and it is but there's a there's a lot of the isn't you can you know he was saying it depends on how much you got them for but it's an interesting way to sink about this in the united states we've got over half a million homeless and that's people living on shelter that can include people in their cars whatever i mean you know the one thing that there's a lot of pros for this you know this plan especially in an urban city where you lose it you don't have a lot of space through to put actual buildings on that's such a big problem so what you have here is it doesn't use up any up any available land or it's transitional the organization has said that you know it conferences that will be anywhere between it could be as low just by the ship could be as low as five million. it would have about four hundred cabins that they're saying depending on the kind of ship it is it could go up to twelve hundred. people thought it could do and if properly maintained one of those ships could could last the city one hundred years that's really cool so there's
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a little pros of it was the pros of you know i like is that there's. kinds of housing in each area and they would be able to do affordable housing immigrant housing transitional housing for people coming in and now you know i like that idea obviously there's people who are going to like that idea and one of those people piers to be are scott mitchell. architecture professor at the university of southern california he told newsweek it would be hard to get homeless people to do that people generally want normal i think it strange to say we have no more land for you so we're going to put you on this boat for the longer term it is almost like a prism we think of that argument i mean it's really a lot of plastic and very thoughtful of the homelessness crisis it's going to be hard to get those people to do what they want normal they want to home let's go for it someone a home they want to work they want to mill you know they want proper medical care that's what most of those people want they want to be the idea they want normal as
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if they're going to be picky about it later and it's not a prison there is a huge difference between letting people come on and off of events how is it it's no different than a building so what's your point with going to put it out there and when i do it's really rare and i think it's incredibly rude to sit there and simplify that these people they want you know what the homeless want carolyn not what really bothers me is like we're talking about in the previous story you go you know six to nine billion dollars being spent on political ads and then here we're you know you've got a guy just saying look we got to figure out what to do with poor woman's homeless how about a cruise ship a fraction for one hundred million dollars to buy and retrofit and it would literally cost less than one billion dollars i mean look at the state or ships for that look at the state that we're in as a country we're takes people picking you know it takes independent people outside of politics trying to solve the homeless problem when this is a political issue this is a government issue and you would hope the politicians that we elect would be able to go and say hey this is what we're going to be the good solutions for this you
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know you know because it into other them and that's i don't think the. people want normal it's other but this is the one thing that's interesting about that is it isn't it isn't a one size fits all approach which is what most of the time it is it's usually a homeless shelter or a transitional housing place a whatever so the idea was catherine who by the way runs a charity his job as he runs a charity that helps people with dementia so it is a good guy later already we know he's a guy he said we're looking for we're looking out for populations the homeless population the low income population the workforce population an immigrant population who all need housing they all need job skills training and we would offer that on board so the idea would be that for people who are just moving here from another country are the working class who are between it may be coming to portland for work and that they could have that they could move with their families it could be there you know a lot about that idea is you know as we keep turning our back on climate change i mean the homeless people might get out because they're on the boat when the sea level rises higher as we go to break hard watchers don't we're going to let us know
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what you think of a topic for coverage of facebook and twitter shows at our t.v. dot com coming up it appears michigan was indeed the canary in the coal mine is now in newark new jersey and other cities across the united states of reporting unsafe levels of lead in the water supplies and men sometimes it's the simplest of solutions that have been to fix even the most complex of problems those found in the space above but stay tuned for the whole. relationship banks but it's recommend trouble couples to keep talking to each other this advice would also apply to president putin and president trump on the eve of the second meeting is it enough to pull the u.s.
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russia relationship how much of. crisis. with a country still reeling from the lack of concern and outright villainy showed by our local and national elected official officials of the flint michigan water crisis now just four years later the lead is back in the city water again but this time and newark new jersey according to c.b.s. news as of right now roughly one in four of new york's children under the age of six have to tactical amounts of lead in their blood and despite what politicians and others may not want you to hear any level of lead in your body is dangerous especially when you're under the age of six here is r.t. america straight each of us with more on the heels of the water crisis in michigan
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now new work may be faced with a water crisis of its own led contaminated water now putting the health and wellbeing of new works residents at risk i don't see you happy about it i don't feel safe and i have kids to stuff you are you worried for my kids to a state data indicates that there are those taken from water taps over the past year and a half how the l a hoover was safe i received a message about two months ago stating that there was no fears there wasn't any lead in the water and there was nothing to worry about and there was going to be a town meeting city officials abruptly changing course now telling residents that in some areas their tap water is not ok and contains lead levels above federal guidelines about two months later i got another voice mail stating that there was lead in the water and it was only between houses made from this time to this time in east new york the mayor said in a statement in cities with old infrastructure lead leaches out of lead service
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lines that connect us to these water. mains with the pipes inside homes new work service lines are the property and responsibility of individual homeowners in new work our source water is safe until it enters led service lines of private homes in fact many nearby cities purchased pure water from new works reservoirs and have done so for generations they're handing out forty thousand water filters across the city of two hundred eighty five thousand people telling parents not to let their babies and young children drink the water but for many children it's too late about twenty five percent of new work children under the age of six have detectable levels of lead in their blood and experts say that any level of lead could be dangerous this study says that the high levels of blood in the drinking water is a result of a chemical used to stop blood from leaking into the water from lead pipes and residents homes but it was losing effectiveness. now the city is facing
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a lawsuit from a nonprofit organization on behalf of residents the group saying the city violated the federal drinking water law and that lead levels are some of the highest in the country a problem they are comparing to the water crisis again according to the new york times fourteen thousand children under the age of six who were tested in two thousand and sixteen had measurable levels of lead in their blood following the discovery the state announced that large water systems including new works must be tested for lead every six months and twenty seventeen the results show that more than twenty two percent of samples from its water system tested during the first half of the year exceeded the federal threshold which is fifteen parts per billion of lead while city officials say they hope to resolve this issue within the next six to eight months city employees will continue to distribute water filters to the households that were affected and urged those parents not to let their children drink the tap water reporting from city hall in newark new jersey trinity chavez
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r.t. . this problem isn't just contained to. city of new york in fact flint michigan was truly the canary in the coal mine on the national lead cray says that everyone needs to be concerned about joining us now is our to america's actually banks who has been following this story as it stretches apparently from sea to shining sea. you know we know flint we know new york new jersey now we're seeing. what other cities what other commuters unfortunately aside from new york in flint like you mentioned baltimore city for at least a decade now the public schools there have been provided with bottled water for students and staff this comes after authorities tested the water fountains and filled the high levels of lead but this is been going on for at least a decade and nothing has been done the as of yes but that's not the only place and the maryland that's being the fact is there's howard county a very rich county and maryland that's being hit with this as well of
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a situation isn't any better now between what was at september thirteenth and october sixteenth the public schools there they were tested there were their water samples were tested now each one of these samples had a large. just mentioned the e.p.a. had a threshold when things when the water is tested and comes out to be fifteen per billion parts per billion that's when there is immediate attention that's required to do something about the water now at howard county public schools their water tested positive for a lead and they saw numbers ranging from twenty two to two hundred eighty eight parts per billion hell out of regis is that that's high like that's real dick elice now authorities are saying that they're going to do everything they can to fix the issue and the state is requiring them by law by twenty twenty to test all seventy seven of the public schools there for lead and by then it could be too late. by
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twenty three months and. years that school kids are twenty twenty don't even worry if your kids to know is going to be in school before he or she will be five kids though there's a tacit bio that. it's ridiculous but there's one other city i want to mention for remove on syracuse new york it was deemed to have the nation's highest lead poisoning rate back in two thousand and sixteen and just last year six hundred kids were diagnosed with lead point poisoning and these were kids that were around age one to you all these are tumblers these are. it's essential i mean you know i think. tyrrell and i we grew up at a time where it was the thing about lead paint you know about in people it was being abated and things like especially this were being taken out because we were all told these old things are really bad for us to know to even see if it's sort of
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blows your mind what exactly for our audience at home who doesn't know what exactly does the effects special on these young kids what does lead do to children and adults particularly most people know that lead poisoning is dangerous but they don't know the specific of facts lead point it's very dangerous especially for kids under the age of six because they're still developing but they're also more susceptible to being exposed to contaminate the things are these kids they love to play they love to play on the floor they love to run and so they're just putting themselves unintentionally in a position where they are contaminated but they're also placing contaminated items in their mouth and so that's how they are being exposed to it but kids it can cause like physical and behavioral problems lure i.q. hyperactivity and slow growth unfortunately and children and when it comes to adults adults who are already have issues they could possibly have high blood pressure joint peen even headaches being exposed to law. it could
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potentially harm them even more but even so for women who are pregnant they could potentially have prevented chore burbs or they could unfortunately miscarry so being exposed to lead i mean it's a very serious matter and it's one of the things you look at where you see this i mean i'm surprised we're saying it now in maryland and in a more affluent neighborhood but we usually see it in very important. that have been sort of left behind and you wonder about you know this idea of where did all the bad our fellows come from in these neighborhoods where did these kids with all this aggression why didn't they do well in school why are they doing that's why can't they get a regular job maybe because you've been poisoning them with the water i mean i'm just saying there's going to be a lot of studies a sense plant which by the way is still doesn't have clean water but that's one of those things that we're going to have to look at the effects down the road and how much of that has affected entire i mean we have
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a prison system and i bet if you check most of those people in there that have led points it's good to know too that it also isn't just water too because what also happened is you have all you know we're used to saline all of that lead me out of this fear of eventually settled into the soil and then got into the soil and now with the construction and things like that we saw in new orleans and other places where the digging up we've been called down in los angeles as well they're digging up knocking down buildings in the middle of the scraping and. couple to slip if anything what what what is our lovely government suggesting that these people do besides laying the blame on what we heard from the mayor of new york very well this year the government declared a war on this came from scott pruitt many of us don't know what that means exactly but it was declared now there are current federal regulations that require the cities to monitor water for lead but a federal task force is hoping that the e.p.a. will revise some of those rules so that it says no level of lead exposure is safe that only makes sense but that obviously hasn't been done just yet as we can see it
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now. the agency is also recommending that lead service lines be replaced and up to ten million homes ten million homes and i'm sure that's probably under reported but this isn't something that a lot of people can do on these lines could cost up to twenty five hundred to eight thousand dollars to replace and there are people who you know they live in lower income households and they just can't afford to replace lee's line so putting them in harm's way they're more likely to be exposed to this flood pain but it's unfortunate that the government local government state governments are putting the responsibility on and visuals it really is a real especially when you see you know all the reports of as we've talked about this travel and on the show were you know most people can't afford a five hundred dollar bill at this point what five hundred dollars you put them in writing you know and now you say well we get eight thousand dollars to fix the lead in your pipes and here is the city we're not going to help you out with what. you
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take the money all that advertising money from the election ads that we talked about that billions and billions of dollars and i bet if one of the political parties gave them money to clean up some of the water i bet that would be more than a matter. of thank you so much for coming on educating us on this subject because you're welcome. the human race here on earth has confirmed the existence of about thirty eight hundred planets outside of our solar system and about seventy percent of those were discovered by nasa's kepler space telescope on october thirtieth kepler was retired mainly because it just finally ran out of fuel and launched in two thousand and nine the kepler space telescope was able to spot exoplanets by staring into the stars literally it looked for dips and light sources to identify those planets now says ames research center told space dot com quote it changed how we looked at the night sky. and hubble telescope made news this week
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when it was wrongly reported that its gyroscope was fixed by turning it off and on . actually they turned it on its fun too fast rattling hobble around then they turned it off and back on again and it worked so just so we're clear they flipped it on then off then on and banged it around a little bit but all that matters is that hubble is back at work as kepler retires into its place in history you know it also works too if you if you blow on the cartridge marjorie's eyes are back and they're low but that's when you go by your knife and away i was on a track so i was very sure i could fly and boy are you going to work at nasa all right everybody that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are told or loved about so i tell you all i love you i am tired robot and i'm top of the wall if watching those hawks never great day and night everybody.
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that's looked beautiful as well as a. lot of. the small english town gets a shock as its run down streets appear and a republican attack out of the u.s. . space agency says a faulty sensor caused a field.


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