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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 3, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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you have award winning poet so if you have the core performing the poem ground zero . as how does it say i'm going to tell you tourism is twenty twenty seven planned for the homeless and their opposition to a cease fire in yemen at pm queues goal is simple coming up a day's show but first prince charles and his wife go to gonna today the west african nation in the news in spring of this year. a controversial military cooperation deal was approved by parliament last week some of its members walked out in disapproval the u.s. will invest twenty million dollars in equipment and training for the country's army to deal also includes joint exercises and the right to use the nation's radio frequencies and runways and for those who think the u.s. military doesn't usually pour into a developing country without there being oil here's what happened in the capital in the past few days. oh revenues equitably distributed to the people and not ending up in the pockets of. the most important resource for the nation
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is its people. and in the future of our country yes there is climate changing fossil fuel in ghana and right now the trumpet ministration is arguably fighting the chinese communist party for access but while the brics it minded britain will be using prince charles to seek business opportunities in the country it may be useful to remember what garner wanted to be before its visionary leader quote when a crew was overthrown by nato i.m.f. world bank linked forces. fitting that an agreement should be remembered on chinese t.v. because it was when in beijing that he was overthrown award winning journalist seymour hersh claimed the cia's role in the coup was pivotal and garner would
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arguably soon be brought into the i.m.f. world bank model of developing nation decline this year though the president signaled decades of i.m.f. to factor management may be over i think they'll be able to respond in a way that will maintain their commitment or are you concerned that if. the economy in china slows down that the people that have come out of extreme poverty are going to be and now president says the u.s. will have a new military base in ghana but could it have one in libya africa's richest country before british bombardment under david cameron and twenty eleven well let's turn to the mediterranean bordered nation once ruled by get afy now undergoing a relocation of u.k. backed isis linked rebels from syria joining me from moscow is a man who could be president if he can be saved at afi after next month's elections dr i reckon i had he served as the country's ambassador in the u.a.e. and has been the lead coordinator for the libyan stabilization team welcome to going underground before we get to your candidacy and the longer term problems and
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challenges for libya there being killings this week how strong is isis day in libya after all just over the mediterranean from italy and greece first of all thank you for hosting me unfortunately even though isis was completely destroyed it were true it was their stronghold and the army in the east. managed to a stand them out of being goes the and the no. unfortunately they have scattered. all over the country especially in the south. the center of the country as well. populated not only somebody more two of these and remote areas but actually live amongst the populations in sleeper. cells and they strike at. everyone so the why would some key attacks they have recently attacked in tripoli even known the north sea and most recently before the elections commission know the
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catastrophe in the south where they have killed so many people in the area. the catastrophe is not only the killings of these innocent people and pray for their souls but the catastrophe is that our politicians are fortunately in the parliament and in the state council and in the presidential council are going. on with their bickering and. instead of organizing themselves to go for elections that can really get to meet institutions in libya and can do unify institutions in libya they're actually trying to prolong their stay in power as much as they can the cost of the libyan population so we're losing people to these isis attacks but we're also. suffering a great deal the population is suffering in luck of medical care or proper
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education electrical supply water supply all services are actually delivered and of course the most important services security and these project killings of innocent people are just another example of the second forces that the libyan people are having to make simply because their politicians. are not uniting in order to put the country on a proper truck british politicians don't seem to be mentioning libya much suddenly much less than they did when britain was bombing your country in twenty eleven there's a conference scheduled in sicily for november the twelfth how do you characterize a sudden nato nations say britain and france particularly and their response to helping the challenges you just mentioned let me first of all comment. on the conference which is dissipated libya has many conferences in its name and there have been many conferences in many places it is extremely important that more is
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not just another starting from zero but learned was to build on the conference the outputs of the potus conference and conference there were four four stakeholders from libya there was. the head of the. of the head of the libyan national army there was the head of the presidential council and nationally they had of the state council and those four stakeholders in front of the whole world committed to having elections by the tenth of december of two thousand and eighteen it is very important put more builds on that begins from the output outputs of tyrus we should be discussing how elections are supposed to be implemented when are they supposed to be in implemented exactly with what mechanisms under what got aunty's how they can be monitored and how that is all going to be implemented how many libya is there because some people have always said that it suits some nations nature nations perhaps who don't really want one of the countries that could be the
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richest in the world being an organized country or at least would like it to be an i.m.f. satellite when you ask the question how many bills are there if you ask the libyan people and they have been asked multiple polls and by the u.n. commissions and various studies the libyan people are you know in a mess and wanting to be united to stay united to have a united future to have a united libya a libya that is thriving and that is a brilliant future or libyans i think are unanimous in this regard the division of mess is actually quite artificial when the international community and recognizes the parliament as the only digital but legislature but simultaneously ereka. presidential council and its government that are not that i can guys by the parliament the government never got the confidence vote even though they tried several times when you recognize both simultaneously you're actually actually
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inadvertently or advertently diving go edge between east and west and trying to divide libya libya is united libyans are united and the best way to overcome all defensive nets is to allow for direct elections so that the libyan people can express their free will and can choose a leadership and a management team for the country the country has enough resources for its population to be amongst the happiest in the region so you of course would be running against safe gadhafi presumably who reportedly has mass community support you think could beat him in a popular vote let me put it this way any libyan including safe in islam gadhafi who has no judy because judgment against them criminal judgment against them has every right to run it is all about what we can deliver to the libyans it is it is not certain if you were on or not that is up to him and. many of the circumstances surrounding this whole issue. in other people's hands including.
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issues and so on but i do hope that he runs and i hope i hope that many libyans run women and men made that have been people choose the best program and choose the best leadership they can be good to be for moscow the rupert murdoch's son in this country says that russia wants to turn libya into a new syria what is the role of russia in your country the role of russia so so far as i can see has been very supportive of the united nations process they have reiterated their support of the of the process they want a political solution and they and they have been encouraging all the stakeholders to get together and they have been visited recently by the italians and they have assured that italians they would be partisan. bitting palermo i think the fear mongering of the even war mongering about russia is bunch of nonsense i think russia has shown
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a lot of maturity i myself have come to moscow to urge mosco to stay committed to stay involved in the debian file which should not be left to other countries. trying to monopolize the libyan fight this should be a balanced approach russia member of the security council has an important role to play to make sure that they would veto anything that would be detrimental to the libyan people and they should be firm about the affirming the libyan people's right to vote i know that some russian officials have expressed doubts about the elections and the conditions but i'm of the view and this is what i've been arguing in moscow that rather than wait for stability in order to have elections elections themselves can deliver stability because people when their spirit ins are blocked and when they're not being given services and when they're being dismissed and marginalized and when they're being deprived of the right to vote that is when things go unstable actions are important for stability in libya and you know i
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think the libyan army and the police you see general haftar of the army is in a room this week your and most curious countries like britain which bombed. fronts they seem to be. edged out of things arguably do you think russian is for hundreds in libya could stop another bombing campaign should should your government say no make the deals that london paris want the arming of the libyan army the air defenses the air force the those are those are decisions that would be made by libya's next elected government and if i myself did. i do intend to keep the libyan army on its present type of arms including russian weaponry and i do believe that libya needs up and ready to protect itself know what
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what types of weapons libya were purchased would be subject to the appropriate studies by libya's own army and the experts in the army and of course the parliament and there are many other things that have to be discussed what's important is that we have a unified army that can protect the borders of libya and unify police force that can deliver safety and who rule of law libya cities and villages. and huge areas to get afy it was africa's richest capita country no doubt you wanted to be again what role do you believe g.c.c. countries are going to play in the administration any sign that had been some on will make peace with maybe even iran and some how this could help the future of libya and libyans i think old regional stability. of conflicts would be helpful to stabilize the region i believe that libya must first and foremost
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focus on its own issues internal issues we need national reconciliation the social fabric of libya has been ruptured and quite wounded the population has been traumatized libya's a crossroads between north south east and west and can actually be a nexus for amazing trade and they can all make opportunities across the globe it can be a gateway to africa can be a connect connectivity know to not only euro but to russia to the east and this is extremely important that we build opportunities because it is opportunities and open horizons that can give peace to the whole region and i thank you thank you very much for most of the break we see in. here the invisible briton arguably left out of this week's budget with film director full sung and spoken word artist sophia and to raise a mini goals for the new ceasefire in the u.k. backed war on yemen the pm keep. going underground.
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and. rational. design of the needy thief. is.
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more. in terms of me i mean he has never actually been used to being prosecuted but you are right it was only renewed ten years ago by a previous government and it really shows how out of step the political establishment has been there's been a huge movement of women and young people. they've been pushing the political establishment you know relentlessly on the issue of the abortion rights because ten women a day leave the country and five others were taking
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a forcible tales online illegally. and there's no break here and no one to know why is this terrorist. bad memories. twenty four years ago this country song a real end of the world. after the genocide there are women in rwanda. children women to fix the broken.
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welcome back well with no gunpowder plot like the one on monday's anniversary polman toast to the pm queues that was mostly about austerity but more on that in a bit here is old friend of going underground and you're mitchell m.p.l. skiing about the world's worst humanitarian crisis through the speaker of following the welcome call overnight from the american administration fold the ending of the study bombing campaign in yemen will my right honorable friend use. all forty at the united nations to press for a new security council resolution demanding an immediate cease fire a meaningful and inclusive negotiations to end. what is the worst and most terrifying humanitarian catastrophe on the planet. on the planet maybe but the u.s. pressing for a cease fire u.k. undoubted authority of the u.n.
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security council can literally forgotten in the r.a.f. train the saudi war plane pilots contributing to the catastrophe dres m a certain he didn't mention a nationwide ceasefire will only have an effect on the ground if it is underpinned by a political deal between the conflict parties and by right on befriend the foreign secretary discuss this matter with martin griffiths the un special envoy last night they agreed that the u.k. will continue to encourage all parties to agree to the escalation so jurys amaze position on twenty million at risk and one hundred thirty children dying each day is not to call for a ceasefire and to call for a deescalation while supplying bombs to support aerial bombardment but while millions are homeless in yemen there are homeless not far from dres a maze house since to shut two thousand and ten the number of rough sleepers has risen from one thousand seven hundred to four thousand seven hundred we now have homeless tent and camp minutes outside of victoria street homeless childishly
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believe that one of the main reasons for the huge increase is the posh introduction of universal credit to any hostile environment towards the poor can i ask the prime minister why she believes the number of rough sleepers has shot up by two hundred sixty eight percent on her watch here. well it may not be enough for the frozen on the street near to raise a maze house tonight but she does have a plan we have a commitment to harper are seeking by trying to twenty two to end just keeping by twenty twenty seven that's why we have already published a strategy to deal with this yes the strategy involves something by the year twenty twenty seven that won't help the average estimated death that will occur today amongst the u.k.'s homeless population at. don't officially calculators in the world's sixth largest economy and now to more of those written by u.k. authorities in the week of the apparent last budget before break that invisible britain portraits of hope and resilience is a new book describe director ken loach is
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a truth we can't ignore it eligibles joins me now for welcome back to going on the ground so it's cool invisible britain portraits of hope and resilience why the title i think in making a book that's trying to. enable people from marginalized communities to find their voice it was important that the stories offered some hope and also showed people out there suffering from more sterrett say the least in the industrialized communities dealt with things like nationalism racism are resilient there are many stories that we could have featured that were perhaps not as positive and i think it was important in the book to offer some hope where there's people up and down the country who have suffered from you know great hardships tragedies it was inspired by the first documentary that i made which was about a band called sleeth mods and it was filmed in the run up to the two thousand and fifteen general election and the band run a tour of places that a lot of bands don't go to and basically the idea behind the film is that where we
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were whichever town or city we'd meet up with people who were trying to resist austerity or the industrialized nation and asked them what they were doing if anything to resist these kind of government policies so that's really where the title came from do you think some of those hundreds of thousands of marched in london would know a little bit more about their own country arguably if they'd seen this book. or why they were so surprised that this country rooted for bricks and i think some of them would i think you know i voted to remain but one of the reasons motivations behind the book was to point out that you know there was this lump and mass of people that voted for bracks were there were all there couric and. of racist certainly there were people there are those things that votes for bricks we wanted to show people that you know there is a diversity of opinions about bricks. i mean it was a revolutionary act where ends up harming people that are most in dire need remains
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to be seen but i think the people responsible for brakes are politicians you know david cameron called on the referendum. and when you go to the public can you ask them to make a decision i think you do have to respect that decision whether there can be a vote on the final terms is the only thing you know that's a good thing but one thing that does disturb me is the way that everybody that voted for it gets lumped in as being this sick lump of mass of people and see i'm working class people blamed for i don't think is very accurate you also coron germans living in north kensington the poor or the rich is one of the richest areas on the planet. yes careen story she lived in gran felt our. you know her and her family made it out but then of the house for well over a year there's a level of bureaucracy in going to attendance and in chelsea council where the people that are actually having to deal with the survivors i don't think i've been
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very well trained in corinne makes the point in her story that. what should have been a very routine process of being very house is just dragged on and on and on and i think you know the council certainly have been culpable i mean there are all sorts of promises made to the people that survived about re housing them that have not been fulfilled you know we're more than a year on the hour and there are still dozens of families why it's impermanent oxic soil. yeah i mean are we interesting to see what happens with the actual site i imagine that there are probably property developer zinah up and thinking that we can build something you know there's a strong case to be married for a memorial of some kind. perhaps not the tower itself but something that remains there that isn't. you know about building luxury apartments in case and. another person on that one of the most startling pictures i found was just been persons very different to the guy in the channel four television series pictures of people
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talking about housing. to me about judgment was it was wearing a mask of this yes or just many housing campaign are in hand. she's campy been coming to yes been campaigns or save the west end in a lot met jasmine a few events from god in my last documentary which was about the social housing crisis and gina london you portray you in such about how you're doing something for the book and it seemed like one of those things we wanted to include quite a lot on housing because i think is the most important issue facing our country so you know just means work is just demonstrates how well how intelligent and how committed housing campaigners are that they often have done you know lots and lots of research into housing and planning laws because you know when you go up against councils when you've got to get housing associations in these big organizations you need to be fully versed in the laws people like jasmine really are an inspiration i
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think as you say it is optimistic but of course one study has it the one hundred twenty thousand people have really been killed off. every diet because of the policies. when you're taking these pictures and reading about them because i'm very much in your mind that these are drugs so i think you know there is certainly a class inequality in our society i mean i think one of the things i like about doing a book like this is the fact that you read statistics and i think in our society reading statistics about the number of homeless people the people have died as a result of benefit cuts it is shocking by think we cannot often read them and then just forget and i think reading stories and being able to look at a person and maybe forget the cystic and just see the human stories is a lot more powerful i think you know there are people out there people that read the right wing press whether that's the sun or the daily mail and people that buy
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those you know papers you know they're not inhumane they're not evil for reading that stuff but i think in order to reach those sort of audiences you need human stories you need to be able to you know win hearts and minds and i don't think that's the to sticks always do that whereas i think stories is a very powerful way of trying to board the next project also involving live this concert yeah i mean what we'd like to do is create a platform called invisible britain and what that would that platform would do would be to try and enable people from marginalized communities to amplify their voices and so in tandem without run training scheme a mentorships game so that people from working class backgrounds from disadvantaged backgrounds find it easier to enter the arts and media we also you know provide paid work placements on productions where they were films documentaries television programs so in very early stages you know see some law that you need to raise
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a lot of fund in. the next creative project that will be due in around the book will be a series of short films which will be a mix of established documentary makers and first time filmmakers to happen to you know start work on that next year. thank you before we go will be played. i was doing spoken word bird so here the core of her song gren fell but that's ever the show we're back on monday oh guy fawkes day for more of britain's continued backing for the war in yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis until then keep in touch with social media will be back on monday ninety eight years of the day that a million americans voted for imprisoned socialist candidate eugene debs to be president of the usa here's if you have a core and great for one year since we watched entire families burn to death because of neglect elite is in lack of respect one year one on the sufferers are still suffering some suicidal some homeless all are struggling this is a manifestation of classism stay in your flat or stay boston their narcissism this
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isn't what god meant when he said ashes to ashes he also expected humanity to practice compassion is a scary place when power comes before empathy so to the families perish the families divided to everyone who is there we commemorate this tragedy at the very least we send up a prayer. even soon this and i'm delighted to keep it as i live it here good for yourself then. finally. lena. you need. a deep. beyond. beyond.
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we have many things in this world and this is it enough for everyone and why some peoples wants to take our things all the power just for themselves and to see whether the. united states under many present has a long and growing of breakin its treaty and other promises not the united states says it's going to leave a treaty again you. know
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. every. part of the border body with a look at what we're. you can't. get it didn't. do. i.


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