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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  November 4, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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welcome to the great american pilgrimage banally extravaganza with your host stephen stevie be bald. so here's the coolest part of the great american pilgrimage it started out as an experiment where like you see me now i was sitting in a mirror dressed like this my hair was not done as well mind you but that's ok. in that foreshadowing i saw the great american pilgrimage and i said to myself steve a bit could you just get an r.v. and get the dogs along with everybody stick perfect on camera and back to one and. three how to sit. there a good that's very. head on out across this great land i don't think you could add
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another task to what you dealt while driving but eating soup while patting your dog while texting while driving while talking on a follow probably new record multi-tasking while driving on the highway i want to build a bridge but telling me anything is possible. in the wake of this most radical political event which was this last presidential election it's caused such an extent division so for me. i've always believed in the hope of america i've always believed in the opportunity of america most of all always believed in the freedom of america. i'm not feeling that funny but absolutely now so how do we go out sort of conversation let it be
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a lot of fun because i think everybody next with laughter i went out there and i utilized my own unique brilliant genius sense of comedy. and i use that. to heal a nation. now that hasn't always worked out from. this today free or the day. you. say this. is not the. you guys ride some really cool gnarly big machines we figured from our friends at desk digital cash we bring in our own heavy artillery. this quote wins by a sam slide. and from there. start to create a dialogue create
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a conversation between a lot more listening and have a willingness to not be in a hurry to be so judgmental whoever it is i'm talking to but rather listen and learn about who they are and then see where the conversation goes from there and that's where you guys out there or all you pilgrims around the world that have jaw and this conversation whenever there is a question in america whenever there is. an injustice that needs to be uncovered there always is a people the people behind a pilgrimage a movement and certain inalienable rights. they see that right is it in an liebeler . because the very back of my head from what i've heard in the important people say they. are in early able writes like you know to mean in illian of people who i see in alien in iliad will. say not in the halal who would like
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to see it again in alien a bill that's not a you say it in alien the bible both know if you want to talk about it in illy able i mean even with the word means put max is in aliens will add is a green plant work. said this is it takes in carbon and parts oxygen. we are breathing fire every moment with max is a best max moment spared out a little spare the local flora bebop is five four so it's a pop up about eight pop bottles max is just not going to be told how to order. not to be mavericks period. mainstage here the best of the best festival in corpus christi. right now they've got
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a. bit of all i would out of those mexican mexican dresses and if tell me what that is i'm a visitor here what am i looking at you know could you help me and just dancers because that smacks baby maybe alistair it could be the spark. a great american to be the great american revolutionary declaration of. war against all accomplished. lists the kleptocracy the cactus stocker sea. yeah the catch a stocker sea ruled by the least qualified now we can talk about stuff that's not in the show right when we set out to do the great american pilgrimage we made a plan it turns out that the plan really just couldn't be done down in venice was we're at the cows in coffee shop and we're meeting this holocaust survivor and
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we're getting ready to have an interview with him and we set it all up it's really wonderful to meet you take this and this one here with your heart ok. let's meet in a sixty if we listen. and knowledge. that. he had out. when then this little children's come a sing song. played dade county yoga session broke out which i guess is quite normal here on the west coast you know stay right here i want to go downstairs. to have any of the footage of me spilling the coffee on. awkward to see there were some hiccups during the great american pilgrimage it's never know what might break loose or. change.
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it but heck do i mean anyway. i don't do you. do you unchanging and i'm married. so what we're doing what is this what are we doing since reading what you tube comments you tube. which brings me to the first comment from some of you tubers is that what you call the kids today you tubers right because i know over it our team which is our network of distribution our russia today they're big with the you tube as well those folks they like the you tube r.t. does and apparently the youtube likes us. on and we see those so these are important here's what i see you know me so you know i can see that it was dark. the moment.
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the. series and i'm the leader. through i was in their full room didn't shift. been waiting for this excellent baldwin is a sandwich short of a picnic. this person is already a pilgrim they have joined the pilgrimage they understand it they get it and we thank you welcome here's another comment from one of the youtube kids it says good should go with people doing their jobs and asking questions great idea using original media concepts so here's a person that really has captured the vision of the great american code. so i like that comment that's a nice one i prefer thank you dennis. here's another you tube observation and a comment when i ran for public office that was part of my theory that if there
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were more dialogue between individuals across all walks of life is. that true healing of a community could occur now there's a pilgrimage people i'm not interested in my opinion i'm interested in learning from other people's opinions going around the country talking to regular people but we're having fun with a letter that cotland on the left hey that's the hot blonde that's the only and this show is that conversation and that is the inspiration. for the great american pilgrimage up i can't pronounce this person's name a s a send dius so this you tube years observation is up that is norway l.o.l. i haven't laughed like that in weeks good job guys. read the what's the monument we went to look at feet at mount rushmore and i get out of the r.v.
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and we walk by this tour bus and we see this flag on the dashboard of this tour bus check this thing. and that was a real moment i consider and i go oh my conscious is a tour bus of people on some kind of confederate flag tour. and i pointed that out to max who explained to me that it was not the confederate flag now that is norway . this youtube question and comments is simply is that stephen baldwin. well. here's another you tube comment right now it says dash digital cash just went up more than five hundred dollars in a day so one of our sponsors dash digital cash which is cryptocurrency pilgrimage was responsible for keeping not awareness out there about dash and what
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they're all about and how it's wonderful opportunity to make a difference make money for yourself and then bless others with the dish the beat. and the gaps were like the charlie's angels of death so it's the simple i. see already received. three thousand votes also. behalf of great american. and dash general cashier's check for five thousand dollars for operation delta dog this is substantial. and really appreciated thanks to. changing. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does my mike will still be on the board just run from god i'm just going to come up with as if either of these on into this it's
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a must also apply been proprietary software you don't know the whole scope isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public i think microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that. this is selling they want. to believe. this is the. problem started on. the old business stopping there was a steel mills in front is up and his cards on the fine. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy one from day shouldn't let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful it's very critical time time to sit down and talk. and there's now a building around the break here in rwanda to know why is this terrorist. bad memories of. twenty four years ago this country's soul a real look at the end of the world. after the genocide there a mom women in rwanda that man. fell
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to women to fix what the men had broken. in america the law welcome back to the great american pilgrimage finale extravaganza when we last left our hero he was reading comments from you tube and this observation from cher he says does anyone here know what dash is without having to google it but it's dash me dash is a digital currency it's bitcoin with customer services i'd like to say. as digital . cash cow. cryptocurrency. love this one to come every year just because this should be a series. i hope the person just watches the first episode
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over and over and over. to venice beach california. stuff going to venice beach california. welcome to venice beach california what a revelation that personal have later this is serious. the next comment from some dude whose name i can't read says maybe by pilgrimage they meant they drive around america i am through watch this i'd send this innocent looking plastic gun into the back of. this it says it look i'm a kid and i crossed it out because i wasn't going to say anything just hit it five or six times because brisbane atika. that's what you got to get it but that's my prejudice by the way that's weird dude i want to jump into another one it says a couple of rent boys bumming around america so right now what you're saying is you've got some kind of vibration with me max and the twins which are saying
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billions and billions and many mixes are ready at the ready like this like the minutemen it's a seminal moment in american history what does that mean. a couple of brit police bumming around him rent boys or maybe that's probably somebody who's like a hardcore are very enthusiastic. but. i'm changing. here's another you tube observation and it says is steven drunk or just a match roll it is. anyway you be the judge. america. take a look at one of them next this is
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a sure some are not going to hit the house or a kid will want your rights so they focus that's it like a silage. like i made this little a little bitty it to financial book wow don't be frightened. when i see that some flame an excellent here's another you tube comment it says more like american crackhead pilgrimage. that show me where it opened to his into his lap push up close and i galloped to. feel the heat oh this house is about. i mean we're on a pilgrimage trying to turn left here that guy almost cut me off does he realize who is a passenger in this mighty pilgrimage. rio de janeiro. in
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the back of the thing it's just no poop no other you tube comment here folks. says. i love this program but if i was travelling with steven less him i would keep him and throw him in the closet he can be so obnoxious. well we got into a fire fight he would field so i hit him on the top of the play helmet and told the five. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. and did he respond yeah good how will the system that be just a minute and he sure first. well radio's my first as well. as well and that's from this cat dmitri but i'll tell you what son just watch your
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watch your shenanigans my guard dog the now globally famous on marine in rio de janeiro he'd be on you look at the split son. picked. up the watch yourself to me trick can't say that i said ok can i say that. that wasn't mean right and changing. who want to apologize those the host of the great american pilgrimage turns out i was wrong it's in in the bull the word alien is in there. now let's go make some other observations of the great american pilgrimage join in and let you.
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know when our pilgrimage began. we started out. in los angeles california. from there we went to. phoenix arizona you may turn to go now i think they're dumb guns and they're a wake up and i'd like to hit them in the head with i'm a loaf of bread you know. started in los angeles california this spring you're here. to make sure that is right here we had an altercation with a guy on p.c.p. and he german our scuffle. did i think of. a. charlie. and went to say mics are a zone of you know i am. here abraham lincoln exactly now i'm going around your
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kind of father i'm one of the most important but i'm on your five dollar bill yeah it was from phoenix we journeyed all the way to denver colorado. i know what you think you're thinking we were in self from there not at all. we took the pilgrimage north. right up here to the rapid city. from rapid city we were only. two for the sneeze and you're. once again continuing on the pilgrimage north. is that right though you forgot texas. why circled ok so who are. as i was saying. from griffin city we journeyed to
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bull. of the great city of chicago and you still forgot texas where it's texas from there yes where's the down there in boma it's circled there yeah they're from denver. everyone is convinced brilliant i am until right now. run eight excuse me. you will. do this on top of the snooze button. so look like there was sand this was there were personal of what we're doing now i was rehearsing we went from here.
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pulls you down to here is a houston area specifically the beaumont texas area you look a little smiley and and get it on carry on thought it was because i'm in the right there. and then from texas already. dead it looks real we're in chicago. right. no. one from texas to mt rushmore. appear here oh there's a reason to become an actor because i don't know any of this stuff and now you're having fun ok. i got. you tell me. our heroes say goodbye to texas and hello to the open road as they set
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their sights north on one of america's most iconic landmark s. re seriously drove from there up there i thought you know i'm going to die in a flaming wrecked on mount rushmore was better to do it and even. it's a pilgrimage really never know where you're go. ok so we went from beaumont texas all the way up to mt rushmore. right yes stephen. and we saw mt rushmore. a brother in the light. shines upon our forefathers as we approach. this is it and from mount rushmore where we go. to talk to you know take. time i think ok to talk. like
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tongue. in my tongue or healthy really healthy i think you. do it. right sure here your three eights. and from there we went to chicago here. i like big cities brother for new yorkers right but i come to chicago i've got a lot of old friends here we've got great deep dish pizza and chicago was just the windy city. called the pomeranian. is kind of like an iranian but with palm in front of where we go from there you drove the massachusetts right straight through. to this area here you. see that it's kind of like a. you know. this is really magical people the phenolic there must be up to great american golden age. where we actually took our personal
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or do you. know we took it out upon the water. was. going to see. that there are you could walk on water and by golly it did. very. last over more. great american built. to be honest with you we really don't know where the pilgrimage goes from here i believe are on the precipice of a whole new principles and that means that. the impossible has now become possible to cairo. here in america cairo us is latin of course for a moment in time when things are no longer in sync and when you bring the power of
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stevie big macs keyser together. in terms of class me i mean he has never actually been used to nobody has been prosecuted but you are right it was only renewed ten years ago by a previous government and it really shows how out of stack the political establishment has been there's been a huge movement of women and young people on days been pushing the political establishment you know relentlessly on the issue of the abortion rights because ten women a day leave the country and five others were taking the pills online illegally. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution of. the demonstrations going to be
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relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your goal or here put me in your list put video through me in the neighborly as i knew you needed all of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took coach invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other calls that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. ministries police forces in the city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by mike was hoping when the board doesn't perform on the rise of god this is not the guns through the. woods as that on into the city at the last possible cliburn proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have
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a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that. more. softness of the offensive zone selling the solstice will be one of the more vocal in. the warden's. means this is the i still. hadn't done with the old patients stopping there was listing of all the fun is up and describes on the fine. there's nowhere below ground pretty clear and no one to know why says terrorist bomb shelter. bad memories. twenty four years ago this country song a real end of the world. after the
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genocide there a mob women in rwanda. killed a women to fix a broken. iranian spend american flags on the on the fifth three of the nine hundred seventy nine us embassy takeover as washington to reimpose all form the sanctions on iran and.


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