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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 5, 2018 2:30am-3:00am EST

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that is the correlation between that and create long term also there will be i.m.f. empty christine legarde convicted of negligence in a paris court and here arguably taking china's side on the trumped trade war. of current tensions could reduce global g.d.p. but the most men percent over the next two years than the bretton woods good call up to the i.m.f. so bad cop jim yong kim of the world bank will also be in beijing here he is arguably sounding like a member of the chinese communist party they lifted five hundred million people out of poverty over the last thirty years unprecedented in world history and they know that huge portion of that was just because of their growth but now not only are they focusing on the quality of growth you know switching the strategy from you know one that was so focused on investment and exports they're also really thinking about how they can more effectively invest in their people and we know that that's a critical aspect. of their own growth strategy also meeting china's premier in
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beijing is o.e.c.d. secretary-general angle gourrier arguably almost quoting from call marks in his analysis of western economic crisis austerity we left a lot of people outside of this progress outside of the opportunities and this is something that we now have to focus on because it is giving results which are extremely extremely well predictable many times negative having to do with the quality of the governance so it is becoming not only an economic or financial problem it's clearly is social problem and a political problem in the quality of governance and governments of course while major nation governments grapple with self-inflicted political instability they haven't for mostly been involved in political instability in the developing world except this week u.k. state mandated media has been interviewing the u.k. funded white helmets claiming that russia not the you. has been responsible for
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killing in syria foreign office minister alistair but even posed with a leader of the white helmets in westminster joins me now via skype from paris france is a mother superior from a monastery in homes agnes mariam to the mother agnes thanks so much for being on the show what do you make of the british government proudly showing their support for the white helmets when you know we expect. to govern learn to work day i think he wanted he meant that in that heard. these and that should be the next. leg to be that he cannot spot or be with. because the white helmets when you say ambiguous the white helmet say they have helped that they've helped save one hundred fifteen thousand syrians maybe some in your community in homs province you know what we have seen now you know who are being left out and. from where. the snake.
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eyes. it means it's the way of ten that did not for four u.-t. u.-b. difficult time but if you could. see just people who weren't really sure what. they were left behind we tried to get right out of the leader the white helmets on the show because he's in london he's been on before but we couldn't seem to get him this time he did say though this week here in london that it is russia that is responsible for the killing of civilians so for instance in the seed you just spoke of russia is doing the killing when larry cannot see it because any time that the next that he can feel the touch on the ground is that of course that is. maybe thirty coffee this is the lot of both in any country and if you have these.
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people they force an intervention and then he will eventually eventually stop the war and there should be two. and two of these. but britain is supported the overthrow of president. and you would agree that russia has prevented british support and british help to throw them into damascus. that. if. you meant that the input. to support c. . ninety four and for that intent is politically and financially intent is sometimes for the lives of civilians and weapons. he's thirty is it accordingly it was not
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more the kind of war it was and then showing that the core of a lot of hard christian communities feel threatened by the assad government i am not see it yet but they even see the. nineteen ninety four. and. of course the. conquer the opposition and the very tense is. that i but i didn't see. it kind of imagine what he. most people in the government of the. united nations because this is up at length. in britain had says it had to bomb syria because the government was using chemical weapons if you want to punish the government if you do not. see the
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notice unless you destroy your own current the old you only know one country to be spit on and then you could use the most so it. does not go and against the national and you let me finish why do you think russia and yourself have been criticizing the british corporate media elite media as being part of a misinformation campaign i can say that only look for new media have been very fair to. on leave from time to time some d.c. then voice so it would be so i accept and. agree. there were a b. b. c. and the other thing being it was using me and also letting me to use is fair from my point no. news information is not part i am giving in.
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and before god before then i am saying what they see and what i have been saying has been a third of his being if you notice by everybody i think there is a kind of dick there's. the fifth or sixth of so the third shift for our mind. continues to support the rebels the you call radicals do you see now the violence is lessening in syria and the war is essentially over. we are very happy if they're . big. parts of this city and thirty two here has been a thread for our eyes and the ground to better lives for. everybody. much much more call for the birds and the seas to all. very.
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very important and he was fully into the venture on. to the syrian government like russia and i believe it's we have to acknowledge it and everybody occlusive even the opposition and did you explain this on your tour in the united states recently and what were the political class is saying when they heard your perspective on syria we had to face everywhere the same kind of so-called nickel position but not many have been to see the. lead their lives and even a very distinct department in the media here in britain we didn't hear so many christian voices from syria we heard from rebels on syria why why do you think we didn't hear so much from christians when you know the kurds. are the republic.
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and they want to hear what they want so because then we think then that they will. be shown and. feel that you are. the nightmare. that any of the. western countries have supported that. and the other sponsor of happening they would like a kind of color. state they speak about. well we would like to see the sygate people. who are pretty neat. you know kind of keep cool and just finally as a palestinian i have to ask you what your thoughts about events in palestine as the
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great return much britain still selling weapons to the israeli government. how do you characterize events at the moment in palestine red alert seems the creation of . yesterday and he. what he said happening. human rights. they say. look. if they were going to these weapons now it's for the first we invite the israeli ambassador to london on who can get back doesn't drive this progress whether it does that gap after the break the global forces covering up the true scale of the u.k. back to the war in yemen and how scottish rolls royce what has defied the cia backed coup by chile in general pinochet told us about coming up about to have
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going underground. you know world of big partisan mob and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watched. the hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spanning dramatic development only. exist i
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don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. there's no break here in rwanda no weiss's terrorist. bad memories. twenty four years ago this country song end of the world. after the genocide there a moment women in rwanda. fell to women to fix the broken.
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welcome back to yemen now last week u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt seemed to endorse u.s. calls for a cessation of hostilities in the war in yemen arguably spurred on by the killing of saudi journalists but much less attention has previously been paid to u.k. u.s. involvement in the war that the british government now appears to want to end a yugoslav style humanitarian corridor with a new study by the armed conflict location an event data project may give more food for thought at the foreign office revealing that the death toll in this u.k. war may be over five times widely accepted figures. i'm now joined by andrea koppel only the study's author and thanks so much for coming on the figure normally given to this u.k. back to war in yemen is ten thousand dead would have you found. to your work to conclude that the fatality total yemenis up to fifty six thousand people killed
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as a direct result of armed conflict this does kind of leave outside all the people that have died as a result of malnutrition disease and other lives it out so this is fifty six thousand and you're not counting all the people who save the children in iraq for one hundred fifty. children will die today because of the war forty million at risk losing fifty six thousand because of armed conflict presuming this can't be to do with aerial bombardment because the british government says that the area for training the pilots for warplanes the u.k. is obviously training saudi pilots in north wales there's no british. killing in those figures there's no british soldier of course on the ground or british planes brittany's support in the saudi led coalition in refueling and training as you mentioned. the number of course includes both combatants and noncombatants. but they're easily least we recorded for instance at least six thousands of people
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civilians that have been killed seventy five percent with our tribute to them to the to the saudi led coalition the ten thousand figures that the u.n. have been using since twenty sixteen seventeen hasn't been updated since so that's the major problem and the problem is that the media have continued to use that figure as he was actually the only immutable figure of casualties in yemen. that figure actually the u.n. at the noted that since the very beginning was already in on their estimate they said they're actually there ten thousand to ten thousand people there were reported to be killed where. recorded using figures provided by medical centers of course many people do not make it to a medical center do not make it to the clinic run by the red cross or the government and so those people will actually end up being in the top of talent it's very likely that our our figure has well to fifty six thousand you mention might
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be an underestimate and that the scale of the people killed in yemen what we do he's relying on secondary sources so media international news agencies national media and other local outlets are available online how do you know whether their say and your american propaganda. news agencies or british yeah we triangulate has much as possible the information of these provided in all these media of course there are areas in yemen where there is kind of one sided. reporting cleared we don't get funding you don't get funded by saudi arabia or the you know we get funded from a number of different partners including. the government of the netherlands the government of the state department as well as some european union countries the
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u.s. state department and it's notable that the head of the pentagon appears to be very concerned by the mounting casualties and death toll in yemen almost pushing pushing britain into it arguably you don't delineate by a manufacturer of war plane or bomb because those are launching figures you're giving for air strikes. i mean you don't know whether any british manufactured bomb that killed those civilians or with any british made and manufactured warplanes have been used in killing the civilians we don't carry out that kind of that level of investigations de vries however extensive reporting that u.s. made bombs. u.k. made bombs even italian made bombs have been used in yemen in episodes where there was an indiscriminate killing of civilians including of course as we know. children or are we men the high court in london said that our robust arms export
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regime here is is brilliant. britain must continue and must be able to continue exporting killing machines to the saudis which are being used it's very difficult this is something of course we can't corroborate because we don't have the resources and. and the ability to verify what kind of weaponry has been used for all these bombings because now we have a document that read apparently leaked to a british newspaper saying that the saudis have done sort of publish a deal for publishers g. for aid money and saudi arabia the u.a.e. supply third of the total humanitarian aid budget for your minister britain as players aid and in return i don't know maybe it will be the casualty figures but certainly their actions in yemen it's up to price strategy and both books saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as well they've been very willing actually to provide humanitarian assistance at
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the same time they are conducting they are leading these air campaign that has killed also thousands of civilians in yemen. the u.a.e. in one of the most recent investigation by buzz feed as well was said to be behind some assassinations extrajudicial killings of some islamist leaders and we obviously invite the browser on the show because the brahmin as religious belief said that cessation of violence. would be pointless without going to political solution maybe the government moves like this in the general matters of the pentagon is that no we. so to really think about a ceasefire what do you think of the fact that we've been covering this war preview . it was the devil showed you that he was to one person's death rather than the six the new came up with seems to have moved the narrative on for elix irrational i
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mean the death of one single person compared to the scale and the numbers of you know many people have died over the course of the past three years doesn't doesn't make sense. of course that has increased the pressure on all western governments. to accept pressure. on the saudi government particularly and on the u.a.e. certain extent to stop the campaign stop in the air campaign probably will not end the war because the war started as a local war in yemen. but it will definitely help resuming the peace talks. bring the two parties or even more than two parties because there's plenty of actors out there right now fighting to talk negotiate a cease fire which is the most important thing and provide humanitarian aid and relief to the people across all of yemen that are suffering because of these four
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hundred cover only thank you some viewers may be asking why workers on killing machines used in yemen are not laying down tools that's what happened in scotland when workers discovered they were maintaining engines for warplanes used to aid a cia backed coup in the latin american nation of chile while u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn was widely derided in elite media for recently being in geneva to mark twenty years into an attempt to make pinochet once a war crimes charges a new documentary suggested and joining chile legacy in the u.k. joining me now via skype from edinburgh is the award winning director of night parts around philippe sierra for the pay thanks so much for coming on the jerry corbett as i said was laughed at for concerning himself with. in the shade rather than things in this country what made you think the stories of these scottish workers. could make a good film about relations between britain and chile i mean originally i didn't really think we get this far this was a story our when i was a kid my father was a neck south from chile and the story of the scottish boycott of chilean engines
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was one of the methods to insert a diety so early on it was really more about finding out. you know if there was any truth to the story and if they had any impact why was it so it's been a long process been six years to get to the point where we actually discovered you know why we're making a film in the old guy's himself in this one discovered how much of an impact he had . and hawker hunter war planes were used by the dictatorship and in the coup maybe so the hawk a hunter was the most exported to british. crafts around the time and so by the time dear area force no longer using it they were ex and so into about twenty four different our forces around the world and some of them quite dodgy. so on the day of the coup in chile on eleven september one thousand seven hundred three to our counters flew over century ago a sort of this going to irreversible damage to. memory to attack the palace where
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you know some of your unit was if you surrender were soliciting a message to anyone not to oppose that and the workers may not have known that it would become a crucible for a new liberal chicago's the economics what did they want will concern the most about this order to maintain a rolls royce engine i mean they're aware you know there were four wars royce and most of them there were there was or since they were in there you know fourteen sixteen year olds and started the printing so that's been their entire life you know when to so the saudi image of the coup in chile in effect the responsibility and you know six months later the first engine arrives in the factory and fulton who was a world war two veteran had fled from italy to germany found that you don't want to you know put his name to it so you refuse to work on them there are some quite simple to the action this is one of the longest action of solidarity's in the world . the guys manage to keep these engines in scranton for four years interests for ages scottish elements until it has vanished in one thousand seventy eight and the
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guys were told within six weeks they're going to learn about in chile and already in service this doesn't really go with them but that was the last that they've heard. so. you know it's been a long time to get to get some proper answers and it wasn't just bob fulton and the three others that are in the film soon transport unions show solidarity with their actions here and that's goal and that's where bob fulton took the initiative and there are to his colleagues and it's right to to kind of rallied around him or the shop stewards and sort of thirty shop stewards who are their representative for each union in the factory supported bob and you know it took it to their. shop floor and i was four thousand employees back the action. knew back then of course you know this was one nine hundred seventy four so they had trillions where i had a different kind of power back then and supported his cronies completely and this
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is without them knowing the scale of torture and the disappeared i mean one has to say that margaret thatcher of course in this country hailed pinochet as a hero you obviously chilean just to give us some perspective on the kind of torture that the british and american governments were defacto backing in chile i mean it by seventy four six months after the crew thing the thing that motivated bob was definitely no e.u. was in the house politicized some of his colleagues you've heard a lot about torture and human rights abuse which church so you get a came from a slightly different perspective you know by by early seventy four some of the crimes committed by pinochet his regime were already torture why well known it's only until the labor government i rise to power in seventy four that i started taking this seriously overall index to me that is about a million trillion. in exile as a result of the you know from the coup you see a muddled times columnist said about the german call been being in geneva with
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michel bashfully was tortured by the regime the former leader of chile that it's kind of obscure why should it be relevant to a political leader here in britain today and what happened in chile in the one hundred seventy three. well i think it's been there you know it's been a party line show ever since the crew itself sort of downplayed the actual. atrocities that were committed you know and then in play i suppose the what distro it is the coming economic miracle of chile and their pinochet which is a complete fallacy has been debunked over and over and all you believe in before then though was in the solidarity between you suggest in the film by israel perhaps india in kenya who came to the aid of pinochet given what these goldish workers were doing and the many more there were no indian archives i found within the u.k. and in chile there's many countries who are one well aware of the embargo you can
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borrow against chile and are trying to see if they can sort of sideline it without them themselves being affected by the embargo but i was definitely suggestion that they thought inviting the leaders of the boycotts to chile would somehow sway. and their opinion if thereby cut british and others do it i mean it was absolutely a discredit to us from those royce inviting them and their and their spouses to chile on a nordic strip or expenses paid trip. i suppose if she does how things get resolved or bunch of money at somebody and. the debacle. workers i walk into. thank you and you can see the night bus around and you kate cinemas now that's it for the show wednesday would winning musician stage with bob marley from ziggy marley tell us about modern slavery the wind drug scandal and racism in britain plus an exclusive performance from his new album man like i still that he would authorize such a media are we back on wednesday one hundred one years to the day of a bolshevik revolution that would change the world forever.
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joined me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your style or here i mean your list put me in the. new school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure
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a secure and prosperous and democratic. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that mike was hoping when the boy was. just going to guns. and proprietary stuff. where you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating a good public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that some team think office can put us in more than that so we call softness of these incidents and this is still the response of the late one local all the more open to moving to most of the world in this field borden's all of those with bad signal police and all this in the arsenals that will
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be done with the old vision stopping them also steel mills in front is up and describes in the fine. stories here on r.t. the us has reimpose.


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