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tv   News  RT  November 6, 2018 8:00am-8:31am EST

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i. i. i. i i. i. i. i. like. america is heading to the polls in facing the contested mid-term elections that are being billed as a referendum on the trump administration. un report the war in yemen escalate significantly over the weekend fourteen million people face starvation in the country but also to come this hour an r.c. another suspected stabbing in the british capital brings the number of murders this
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year to one hundred nineteen the mayor of london warns that it could take a generation to resolve what's been described as an epidemic of violent crime. is just gone four pm here in moscow you're watching international. now the u.s. is heading to the polls on tuesday as a critical midterm elections these are live pictures from the polling stations on america's east coast in new york city and also in arlington polls that have been open for something like two hours now with the country divided over the trumpet ministration and the democrats desperate to wrest back control of congress from the republicans campaigning has been face.
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you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. it is. left wing mob and that's what the democrats are. two words i'm going to find the money of the two thousand and fifteen election one which kavanagh and the other is caravan supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh brett kavanaugh witches that are placing a hat on brett kavanaugh caravan invasion or about the caribbean care of. a series of suspicious packages sent across the country mail by mail bombs fire alarm here will keep you posted on that. believe me.
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in the us are held every four years through the presidential term and this year americans do have a lot to choose to including all four hundred thirty five members of the highest representatives thirty five seats in the senate and also thirty six. but this time around it is all about one man who isn't even on the ballots his. report. usually the midterm elections in the united states are about as exciting as watching the grass grow low public interest in a low voter turnout and the ads have a very amateurish quality to them. agenda
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a page and. then mr trump said you're right. so why is the biennial snooze fest suddenly turned into a political extravaganza well it's apparently about one man i'm not on the ticket but i am on the ticket because this is also a referendum about me so let's go over what's at stake. the big one is impeachment if the pollsters are to be believed the democrats could regain control of the u.s. house of representatives with a majority they could then gain the ability to bring formal charges against the president impeachment has been on the minds of some democrats that he is impeachable the democrats want to retake control of the house so they could move to impeach the president telling me it impeachment you think that trump should be
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impeached i would vote yes you would have to take a vote i would vote. now the democrats could get the ball rolling with the u.s. house but whether or not they'd be successful is a different story let's remember no president in all of us history has ever been removed through the impeachment process richard nixon came close but he actually resigned before the senate could put him on trial but impeachment fears aside a blue wave could put the brakes on the presidency. so trumps policies that's what's really at stake here if the democrats regain control of the house they could block and delay the donald's plans he can kiss that big beautiful powerful wall goodbye plus if the house goes democrat but the senate remains republican we're going to have some good old fashioned washington gridlock two words for you government shutdown.
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in the case of a democratic surge we can expect an onslaught of investigations into the trumpet ministration with the house majority the democrats could subpoena witnesses and get their hands on key documents this means that all things from business transactions to furniture purchases and sexual assault allegations all of that could come under scrutiny so we are going to have oversight committee hearings on their presence use of the cell phone the democrats take over that he's going to be subpoenaed and investigated we want to see the truth now results are hard to predict but one pattern from the post twenty sixteen world seems to be playing out pretty well at the polls americans get to choose between chaos and more chaos cable mup and r t washington d.c. meanwhile the trump ministration is raising the alarm over foreign interference in the mid to that is accusing china russia and iran of meddling in the voting through
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social media. critical elections coming up in november and control of congress at stake twenty eight t.v. this year's midterm election that this year's midterm elections as the twenty eight election season begins to heat up there are new concerns about the security of america's election system i mean how secure are we there's been some finger pointing at both of iran and china. now to a developing story about breaking news to tell you about it got us here in russia so i guess the simple question is is russia still targeting the united states no question the russians will meddle in this year's midterm elections russia is at it again at it again russia is up to its old tricks. from the americans they seem to be either willfully or blissfully ignorant of what's going on. why won't the president say that they are doing this why you see such a rush he hasn't even tweeted a single piece on russia's goal is real simple
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a message to the road trust to create division of social and political content carry out cyber attacks two of them or the other nefarious that you were in the middle of information and meme warfare is james bond evil villain level plotting the russians they know everything that irritates this country when congress and the general public disagree simply along party lines and the russians are winning they seem to know everything that hurts they're going after all this stuff women fighting around this country have been heating up more so they're really not articulating a single viewpoint they have weaponized freedom of speech and the public loses trust in the press the russians are winning and the only thing stopping them is news media broadcasts like this be careful what you read they're still trying to get in our heads in this country we need to stand up and say we're not going to allow some russia to tell us out of the. sunday cliche. in lieu. the. election.
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now the world's attention has been drawn to the plight of starving children in war torn yemen where forty million people are now on the brink of famine that after the new york times published a powerful picture of a dying girl this is her tragic story. while i'm a mass mother our situation is getting worse and we're suffering from malnutrition passed away from our new tradition after twenty days in hospital one of my neighbors call to say that one of my children was sick i grabbed my daughter and one whole after two days she died of malnutrition her brother is also ill before
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she died and left her brother at at home and ran with her to hospital but she died on the way. each person has to manage by themselves and this is one of the tragedies of the aggression and one of the tragedies caused by the war which is why some day by day children of food and water so far ten children suffering from severe malnutrition have died dozens of children are suffering from diseases and medical complications and they have no funds for treatment. despite the fact that she was sick i loved her more than her brothers. whatever she
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needed i did my best to bring that to her but i had no money to send her to. only hear. her father went to borrow money for her burial my situation is better my hope has gone after margaret. or the photo of a mouse or an outpouring of concern on social media over the humanitarian crisis in yemen which has been largely ignored up until now by the mainstream media but after the new york times posted the photo it was quickly removed by facebook which cited its rules concerning images of naked children well over fifty thousand people have been killed in yemen since twenty sixteen saudi led strikes the main causes civilian casualties however cholera and polio are also putting the lives of millions at risk two thirds of the country is in dire need of humanitarian aid
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saudi arabia meanwhile claims it only targets heathy fighters not civilians oxfam's representative in the region says that neither side in the conflict wants the world to know what is really going on in yemen. so were coalition of the horse this doctor in this room to room and also with your authority to make it very very difficult for journalists to get into the room and that's when you know it's really very difficult for. us to actually tell the story of what's actually happening there because we need the international media back to ask expose what's going on with the lives horrific numbers and quite startling just sick to see that we could have gotten a million people starving and that the british government the french government the american government the law behind this and all supporting this war is this is this is this is quite incredible actually i mean the policy just simply wrong and they have to stop it now to brilliance this war is not to do it now we need an immediate cease fire if goodness alive and if. that to turn human around.
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the mayor of london says it could take a generation to tackle what's being called an epidemic of violent crime in the capital police have now reported one hundred nineteen murders since the start of the year. explains rising knife crime knife crime knife crime epidemic an average of three killings a week londoners don't feel safe to quell public concerns about the rate of violent crime london's metropolitan police have deployed five hundred extra officers on street patrols one senior police officer has said that children as young as nine and ten are now carrying knives and compared the situation to the wild west with attacks taking place in broad daylight in front of passers by and c.c.t.v. cameras but the reasons behind the surgeon violent crime are now the subject of fierce national debate police federation's blame cuts to police funding there are
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around twenty thousand fewer police officers now than there were eight years ago while the rate of violent crime. has shot up the home office's own leaked documents suggest that there is a link between cuts to police budgets and serious violent crime london's mayor says that it's a deadly combination we have fewer officers than any time since two thousand and three at a time when the population is going up it's more and more difficult and yet a government minister has denied the link between cuts and crime pointing to other factors instead like social media the claim about police numbers does isn't supported by the evidence or for previous spikes in serious violence the late show of crime is changing the gangs or using social media to communicate they're using mobile communications in a way that ten years ago even five years ago simply was not possible back in twenty
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fifteen and abroad winning senior police officer warning to reason may who was home secretary at the time that cutting funds for the police would risk national security we run the risk of watching community. risk. and ultimately risking national security so up until now the government's managed to deny that slashing police budgets would put public safety at risk but as the death toll mounts and public concern increases arguing that there's no link between budget cuts and violent crime it's going to be more difficult i've absolutely no idea why a who was home secretary for most of the last eight years before she became prime minister i have no idea at all washee didn't listen to the warnings the governments do know and there's a link between the rises in crime the levels of violent crime on our streets and
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the number of police officers for the very simple reason that they know that if there is a link established they will be held responsible they are responsible the whole thing is a total shambles and it will take at least ten years if not longer to sort it back out if we started tomorrow or most given no indication of starting tomorrow and watching out international still ahead for you this hour the race to replace angela merkel is the head of her cd the party is on with two with front runners rejecting her migrant policies we'll have a look at the candidates more detail just after the break.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on a lawyer. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want to. get it right to be close that's what the four three of the more camp you could get. interested in the waters of our. last question.
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welcome back now the u.s. is allowed eight countries to continue buying oil from iran are three imposing punitive measures that were lifted in twenty fifteen when the nuclear deal was struck america's national security adviser said it was a temporary exemption china and turkey which have both been granted by us of criticised by washington's penis of measures. well we were asking for an exemption from the united states we have also been very frank with them but cornering iran is not wise isolating iran is dangerous and punishing the rein in people is not fair to the kids against sanctions and we don't believe a new results can be cheap through the sanctions meanwhile france germany and the u.k. vitiated joint statement defined terms threats to european companies doing business with the islamic republic they say they will work to maintain and develop financial channels with iran a moscow meanwhile insists its iran has been in full compliance with the terms of
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the nuclear deal don't trump describe the new restrictions is the strongest american sanctions ever they affect more than seven hundred individuals and they also aggressively target the financial energy and shipping sectors america and iran appear at an impasse over the sanctions. regime has a choice it can either do one hundred eighty degree turn from its course of action your normal country or can see its economy crumble but a lot of. the us is not a reliable negotiator or. president is around willing to talk to the. meanwhile thousands of demonstrators to take to the streets in iran's capital to protest against the sanctions on sunday burned american and israeli flags and chanting death to the u.s. iran so far remains to find putting on a show of force over the last two days team including major drills and batteries and radars have been deployed across a number of areas in the north of the country conservative t.v.
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and radio commentator steve told r.t. he's been bust it was clear from the start the u.s. wanted to impose sanctions. many of these sanctions were already in effect until barack obama cut them off the president that it's safe signing on to that iranian nuclear deal cut off these sanctions stop the saying sure it's part of the deal and donald trump ran on a platform of getting out of the deal he did get out. the deal so this was just about to happen now the united states doesn't care that the rest of the world is still signed on to that nuclear agreement and is against these sanctions what about the company that ensures the cargo that goes from iran to the country i mean they also do business with the united states and the united states will accuse them or could very well of secondary sanctions violations here of or put secondary sanctions on them for violating the sanctions and these countries that do business with iran all do business with the u.s. and they're just not going to risk it. there are concerns judy's safety after
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his legal team say that someone did try to break into the ecuadorian embassy in london. hasn't left the building since twenty twelve when he sought refuge there fearing extradition to the u.s. and situ as more. according to reports citing the wiki leaks founder his legal team it's being claimed that quite recently a songe had experienced an attempted break in inside the ecuadorian embassy here in london just behind me where of course he has been holed up now for over six years and according to these reports that cite his team what allegedly happened was a sanch had experienced an attempted intruder trying to break through one of the windows in front of the building and what stopped that intruder allegedly or at least made a sanjay we're of him was a booby trap that set up using a fire hydrant and now any more details or information about what happened next who
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this person might have been or any details on this really continue to remain a mystery so that's all that we know so for now we have contacted the metropolitan police to see if they had anything to say on this and they said they have no reports of such an attempt to break in and we also tried to speak to officials inside this embassy they told us over the phone that the ambassador is. not currently in place so they're not charged with the authority to make comments on this matter but supporters of julian a songe have made it clear that their concerns about his security are quite high this is what his mother had said quite recently the loss of my own children children and. then immediate critical danger the former president of ecuador. publicly wark it when u.s. president not paid recently visited. a deal with down to haiti and julian i've got
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to tell you it well if you can see behind me the building is now currently covered with scaffolding this also raising concerns about whether or not this could be somehow affecting the security camera operations that are that have up until now been in place so lots of questions about coming from some just supporters now about whether or not actually see being inside the embassy all of this even more so highlighted by the fact that recently a sanchez had quite a rocky relationship with a quick jorian officials if you remember his access to the internet as well as other communications and visitors had been restricted by a quick dorrian officials who were not happy with him expressing his opinions on political issues around the world that restriction was later partially lifted in exchange for certain rules that julian assange had to follow that officials were asking of him to follow which he was not quite happy doing whatsoever so really exactly where this whole saga is going to be heading next could really be anyone's
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guess. in germany the. party has reportedly stepped down as she prepares to run for the party's leadership replacing the outgoing merkel but the jury's still out as to who will actually win this race is there are other major contenders for the post as peter all of reports yes it's off to the fact it's fast at the next. do you party convention in december i will not run for the chair of the party secondly this fourth time is the last one for me i will not run for chance and i join the twenty twenty one election the queen is dead long live well that's the thing we don't exactly know who is going to step into angle or merkel shoes as the sun begins to set on her career and front line politics her coalition has taken a pounding in popularity polls of late and those come paining to try and be the next leader of the christian democratic union
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a just sling for position so let's have a look at who the front runners are. for the c.d.u. is the start it's not about which single person is shining within the city but the party as a whole has to shine. on a greater. abbreviated just a k.-k. is the current general secretary of the christian democratic union party and frequently talked about as angela merkel's chosen one a difficult catholic she is culturally conservative opposed to gay marriage and to abortion however when it comes to migration she's on side with angela merkel's policy saying that they are in step with her religious beliefs she's also on side with angela merkel's policies internationally skeptical when it comes to russia but very keen on e.u. cooperation same old same old big problem a.k.k. could be though the people got sick of the same old same old and that's the very reason that i'm glad merkel's job is up for grabs. spahn is
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a completely different story however the thirty eight year old health minister seems to hate everything mrs merkel stands for her migration policy is the white elephant in the room according to mr spann he opposes limited dual citizenship for young foreigners criticized attempts to loosen laws on advertising abortions and called for banning the book or in public he is liked by the right wing conservative element in the party to an extent his homosexuality and marriage to his long term partner last year thought to count against him with traditionalists though when it comes to international affairs he's seen as more nationalistic and some even speculate he's the one most likely to get on with u.s. president donald trump do you think that if. you did this club intend to keep on. making up the triumvirate of front runners as
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a blast from the scene do you passed frederick metz was part of a group opposed to anglo-american becoming leader back in two thousand and two they viewed the twenty first century's iron chancellor as just helmut kohl's girl from the east merkel defeated him and then ousted him from party leadership cd you need progressive political discussion and in my opinion this means the c.d.u. needs to get things straight about its image fiscally conservative he once famously wanted to digest germany's labrinth fine tax laws so they would fit on a big popular with traditionalists when it comes to international matters he's very much in favor of e.u. ever expanding union and after the greece debt debacle that's not so hot with the old guard when it comes to germany's place on the international stage it's very clear. trends atlanticist since i became a cosmopolitan germany. and the european. enlightenment whose most important
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political allies are the democracy is always with whoever gets the job being set up as the logical successor to one glimmer as chancellor how do those candidates fare . we have two competing models here one of them is represented by two alpha males who are clearly quite conservative compared to most of their ambitious their power hungry up against them is in some ways another miracle like figure who will continue with her line will be a hard sell though who wins who are less to do with which side of the political spectrum the candidate comes from a more to do with their personality and drive to fill the position the papers here are suggesting they could be as many as twelve hats in the ring for the top job at the c.d.u. however the smart money is going on the eventual leader of the party be one of those three front runners we just talked about the cd you will elect their new leader at their party conference at the beginning of the sembler and whoever gets that job well they're going to be charged with leading german politics into the
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post merkel era peter all of the berlin thanks for thanks for watching don't forget though we've got plenty of stories for you to our website at r.t. dot com. make this manufactured. public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. around be the one percent. we can all middle of the room. there's no brick here and no wonder. no why is this terrorist.
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bad memories of. twenty four years ago this country song a real end of the world. after the genocide there a moment women in rwanda that men. fell to women to fix what the men had broken. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. ministry is police forces and city administrations of many country.


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