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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 6, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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ambles in long shots the political world here in the united states was shaken to its very core because it was here at canterbury park in minnesota that the former wrestler a hollywood actor and the mayor of brooklyn park minnesota jesse ventura shocked the world and became the thirty eighth governor in the state of minnesota today and watching the hawks we will look back on that historic win and take a look at his time in office and the true changes that he implemented and the things he fought for in his battles with the political establishment and the mainstream media so take a journey with us as we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of governor jesse ventura. street with a thing like. this would be the last part of. the day like you that i got. with the please. please please.
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please this is. what caused me to run for governor i kind of french myself to help us celebrate and remember the twentieth anniversary of the political campaign that shocked the world former governor jesse ventura was joined by several key figures in his campaign and administration campaign chairman dean barkley bill hillsman the campaign advertising guru and political strategist. running mate and thirty seven year schoolteacher made. and finally the communications director for the banter administration john would be. really was the one that got me interested in the third party movement because i've always been anti democrat and republican and in my neighborhood up there all of a sudden i started seeing. barkley signs for congress or senate i forget congress
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barkley barkley and i kind of thought who who's this barkley what is this independence party at the time who are they and so on i got involved there and i met them and i realized that the majority of the independence party a great many of them were disgruntled democrats and republicans who feel the system's failing and they want something new and so and i felt that way also and so i supported dean when he ran. a long story shorter. dina's from minnesota they have the fourth of july parade and he asked me to walk in it so we're walking. down the crowds going crazy but they're going crazy for me you know you're not a team and i'll never forget leaning over to me and whispering there didn't have to whisper it was pretty loud he said see the wrong guys running that was the
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genesis that's when the white went on the line you know it was my hometown and it's still not fair that you can be completely sure you do. and that's why i just wonder this would translate in the political popularity and that's where the idea i'm a hand in that's worth of thought we had a great big budget surplus because the economy in the ninety's was super strong and because of the taxation rate in minnesota they took in billions of dollars more than they needed and they spent it and i was doing talk radio and i was just outraged over that how dare them that's the people's money it's not fair is just because they have an excess doesn't mean their kids in the candy store and so when they spent the money i got pretty vocal overt and i made a statement on the radio one day i said. maybe i ought to run for governor you
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could sense the feeling out there that people were looking for something else and weren't getting it the center's never represented it's always the left on the right on the far wings and there and then the center is made to pick at quote the lesser of the two evils i guess when you get a candidate that occupies the center the left and right them can make inroads and i knew. that that we needed to ya. volvo's she did normally vote so i figured there's about twenty four or twenty five percent that are already voted for an independent with well as is ok with them what we have to do and you're right we had to expand the electorate so we can get to twenty five but how do we get to thirty five to thirty seven and i figured well the young voter doesn't vote for it out for me we can motivate that walk of voters to take a chance and show up we had
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a shot we did the first part of the campaign and that replay didn't stir well what you do is you do exactly you go to bed at which is whether you did you go to the people still unit event like it's on and on would you describe it to slug recently or hey i will fight you but i mean you think of a governor campaign you can oh you can understand or picture what the other side of the dialler not offering their hair off at the time you know good thing which is where the campaign was the mermaid caroline lived all right before and you know we never as i and god are three to line the campaign manager was a poll to have yeah there's a bolt out the argument i know he's running told he can't make this stuff up no no no you know this it was a complete. it was his grass roots as you could possibly as early as just three four people down doing this there was a guy i remember dean taking me to
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a debate i think was a twenty cities public telephone right and we were sitting in a cafeteria or something watching this debate and that this one and. i just said you have to work for jesse because he was so different from middle in those debates . and campaigns that you were actually part of the strategy you were there doing the numbers yeah we we really did we had. really good voter targeting gross as well and the other thing people forget about this campaign it was really the first effective use of the internet yes in a political campaign. we didn't have a feeler is that the feelers ations people e-mailing other people but there are some pretty big indicators people forget the context of the entire race we were at the state fair the democrats for some reason that still eludes me invited
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everybody to their debate is so jesse would show up other third party candidates show up and every time i'd watch these debates go on. everybody would be nodding when jesse spoke so it's not hard to figure out if you're at a democratic primary or that and there's five candidates in the democratic primary and this guy is the second choice of almost everybody there you start to go through this is a very different dynamic than we've ever seen before if he's the second choice of all the democrats that's pretty good that's an awfully good starting place when i initially ram there were malta opponents because i was in the debates very early on before the primaries even came around but when it got down after the primaries it got down to the big two or if you include me three. hubert h. skip humphrey the democrat hubert humphrey's son the former vice president's son
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and he was the current attorney general. maire norm coleman the mayor of st paul who they always i found it very interesting. that humphrey was always referred to by his political title of attorney general humphrey coleman was always referred to as mayor norm coleman and even though coleman had no more mayor than i did i was always former. jesse ventura so why was the only candidate that had his private sector job put in front of his name where the public and i have been a mayor so should shouldn't be former mayor jesse ventura because we're talking politics here but that's the body or so that i face but in hindsight that was probably good but if they did name the other two private sector jobs i don't want a landslide because then it would have been former warrior skip pomfrey and former
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lawyer norm coleman or some of the substance of those debates was really surprising to people and all those things that happened in the debates had never happened i mean they would ask. a question and skipped as the family disease of luxury is so he starts talking immediately and you can see him trying to formulate an actual answer as he's talking so he is up his entire two minutes they give the same question to norm coleman he starts right away he's trying to make his points he gets cut off because he's going to go over they ask jesse a question he says yes. and they say nobody knew what to do they say would you like to elaborate on it and and he says us mean question i gave you an answer. still nobody knew it to be nobody and i don't say you know history of politics in there ever not use their entire two minutes to say something i want
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to piggyback. because i believe in him and said yes and. i'll never forget the moderator did have a sense of humor because i looked around when moses studied and i said well i answered the question did night on the moderator of the new web yes i mean if he did so at that double song get him into the crowd good and all that required was a yes or no right in another debate it. as of friday night and the two other candidates are all dressed up. jesse shows up using is football coaching outfit you know anything like a sweat shirt in and technicians yeah and i was home office shacks yeah that's right there and then just banks people relate to somebody like that you know it wasn't all show and then finally there was the third debate where you told that amazing story about the gay wrestler whose companion couldn't get in to see him
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then he was dying of aids i mean i heard. all over the state when he said that there was one of the most affecting things i've ever seen wallet how can you have a sign telling you who you love and who you don't get to sit by your bedside it's dying or you are making an emergency and becoming game you're not allowed in there to salute and say movie you know and it's so scary and i think that. the fact that i didn't you should know nothing. you know people knew that that the answers they were getting were true and from the heart the truth was what if you were looking at . jesse ventura and and the campaign from the outside as i was that's what started to resonate with me it was it was the truth and you would also often use examples of truth and knowledge that gave you two things it took place
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for debates i said number one is tell the truth just don't want to think there are too since you don't know the answer minute yeah it's fine it will make you look a real person you don't have it all there and just personally know your performance than your bait you know you want from what. beginning at september today or shares and they looked at the shop to the mid twenty's and we had to spell one penny on advertising and that mob i pointed to a couple radio ads that was that and that's where we got into position actually when i looked it up just a day or two ago and jesse was at fifteen percent october fifteenth. and he finished thirty seven percent so a to a literally a twenty point jump in three weeks on you tube and that's rest of america was about .
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banks geysers financial survival bill they say the girl was. close to these it was a social plague support diet good news i don't call them right now so stop the. ministry's police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board doesn't run from the presence of god i'm just going to go through the. woods as the theory that the dog gone into the sea at the best possible and proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under
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a cyber threat and not only that some team think office can put us in more. softness of the assistance is it still that this is also one of. the almost didn't miss you all do. with. these this is the i still. don't miss the all business starting there was a steel mills in front is up and describes on the phone. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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early on the material pain. you know we did that we we did look at you know some of the results were progressing amongst the groups. naturally my own level of revenue stream we hope i am sure the chances of me becoming you know i needed to be softened by felt i felt strongly that i'm told them i'm sold branch that back to defend a lot of people i actually was polishing my kitchen cabinets that i get this call and they said my name is rose and i am on the committee for justice and tour as a candidate for governor and i said yes and they said we're wondering we
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would like to ask you to be his running mate i said no i'm a teacher i'm not a politician i knew that he wanted somebody who had a background in education because of this like of experience with education to do that in the schools and such and i thought well you nor i do not have i think i had a thirty years under my belt they're ready of being a teacher and i knew the schools from the children point the parents point from the administrators and there were a lot of things that i thought need fixing so as i met with my family they said well you're nearing retirement you are always talking about how to improve education and maybe this is your opportunity so i thought about that so the next day i got a call from jesse asking me if i would be interested in being his. running mate as
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a lieutenant and i said yes i will do so i was from that point i was so excited because i could talk. education you are crucial to the success of the stick to i mean there's no way i don't think that jesse lives without you on the ticket because you gave it a certain sense of gravity to us you know and education is so important to voters and to this day i don't know if people would remember your name but they know that jesse ventura ran with that teacher for sending email is a conference room and we're discussing in these that we should do a victory tour or divert turn to our house the first time we came off loyola you know what second until our and i go all over the state of minnesota in forty eight hours or three days i think your us within our vienna meters tall order here at the
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end how are you going to shop there are slow as are going to do the film as a was a and he says well we should use the internet and do some live shot outside of the stuff and fan of build some momentum saw you know i said then i says ok stop throwing everything else in months but this i have to that was another thing that nobody had ever done before i mean people have done bus tours and stuff like that before but the whole rationale behind it was this is the next navy seal campaign is committed will be campaigning when they're sleeping ten miles of people would go on the road john and pay and there's like food cars behind those with with balloons with all those following the ocean and then as laid leave others would replace them so we're going gaming people everywhere who go to rome wasn't exactly a well oiled machine so we would be running sometimes two three hours behind and we
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were going all night so you'd show up three hours late at two o'clock in the morning to someplace homework yet and there was still a tremendous number of people that are a nuisance sunday night these people. got to work monday morning these are farmers regular people they'd waited there for two hours for us to arrive when we come out and it was unbelievable i mean people hanging out at midnight in willmar minnesota paying off a building and of course the other two immediately imitate it so this skip on free goes out and gets a bus and he can't get anybody on the bus or to show up so they end up paying people to be on his bus or a crowd gets old and norm coleman has a bus that looks like something out of the music man i mean the whole thing they must spend way more money than we spent in the entire campaign on this bus because the bus would roll and they'd roll out the stuff at me like
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a stage and all the sound stuff going on to get up to the song and dance everything gets rolled up back in a bus off to the next stop we've done a lot of races and i have never seen people work as hard on a campaign as your people did and they were almost all volunteers all staff and everybody was almost dead at the end of that bus trip but they saw it through and it was an amazing success in fact i oddball bread. we hired b.l.u. ask you she's an agent that she job but everybody else on my campaign the only person that got paid was doug freed line and that's because he had to leave his job full time and take over you know the campaign for the party so we paid doug the equivalent of what he made. this is truly a people's campaign i don't think we've seen anything like it before or since the democrats other parties talk about their get out the vote program all are
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volunteers all this organization they have this is a situation where the people in minnesota organize themselves we were driving there to canterbury that night early evening there was a strange. circled around the mood in the sky that night truly was because i remember my son and my wife and i all looked at me and my son was in the backseat and dad something strange is going to happen he said to me on the way out. and so we went out there with that expectation but when i truly realized. it i always believed i could win but believing in actuality are two different things but what got me that night was when word came in that the lines to register were longer than. that to me
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was the key you know we have same day registration in minnesota and i thought that's the key these people are not coming to vote for the status quo they're not waiting in line to vote for skip or more money. because it's their first time and i'll just state this i can't tell you all. how many young people have come up to me there and it just makes me feel so good to tell me always you know you were the first person i ever folded. and that to me is the reward. more than anything ever being the governor was the fact that we had that type of impact on the people they told us were untouchable. or we have that morning in their little political process yeah the university of minnesota or on the block for young people registering to vote on election day that's the first time i said maybe
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we may have done that because that was the missing piece that i didn't know of all time who are they going to show off i've never seen before or since the initial returns came in with you had thirty seven percent and you never. moved i've never seen anything like this yes all night it was thirty seven percent and coleman was trailing and he made a little bit of a movie at one point well that's the end of it now call him annoyance but it never happened he'll never get that it was interesting because when the first fairy returns came in the very first it was right in the order three coleman money the second returns came in humphrey ventura coleman i moved up to second and then i think it was at what five percent to seven percent was when i took the lead was that about because they had a three percent to five and a seven but they came in with a missionary and i went from why i asked to second the first that was the real amazing thing is that it was skip and roger mole that put me in the debates
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thinking i was going to take republican conservative votes because of fiscal conservative and it was the opposite comfrey at that time was polling like forty six percent coleman was at is thirty thirty two where he was all the time i was at ten. it was humphrey that went to twenty eight and i went to thirty seven percent norm was always within the margin of error never went up never went down i'll never forget the fact that we were in the bath and i had already gone out once to the crowd and they were demanding i go out again and i said no i'm not going out until the election jolles for i have not gone out there just to go out there you know on the election's over and i'll never forget bill was right here to my right side. on the t.v. set the first check mark came up jesse ventura's being declared the winner i don't remember which you from generally see c.b.s. or a.b.c.
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i don't know who made the first call but then all of a sudden the other two came right along the border and here's what got to me there was only sixty percent of the folder. and then. declaring me the winner. everyone wanted me to go out there and i said i'm a boy. how when there's only sixty percent of the vote but if i said you want me to walk out there and declare myself the winner i said what if i lose you well i'll be the biggest laughingstock in the history i said i'm not going there yet and i'll never forget bill sitting there call me a quiet voice he looks and he goes. he said you trust the students here i said yes bill i did he said that trust me. you are the guy i said. i said bill just forty percent of the phone left how can you say
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they haven't been wrong in fifty years because you've got to go all the way back to do it right here true or whatever is exactly fifty years. in fifty years those who are the governor elect and i remember all of us huddling in the closet there to try to figure out what to do next and terry who's the unsung hero of this campaign. was crying ashley because she did not want to be first lady despite the fact that she turned into like the best first lady in minnesota history it was just chaos at that point and i remember the other memory i have is when i finally did walk out all those volunteer cops were nowhere in sight all of a sudden there was like twelve smokey bear hands around me and circling me moving everyone out of the way. it was like almost you got taken over you know you got
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taken over your life was no longer yours anymore. it was a case of them in this election were where. we really were room and. just as i said if you saw behind the scenes. if you would. speak to. the.
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quote we shot. that night. i shot. it. i've been saying the numbers. they matter the us is over one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global
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wealth to the rich eight point six percent markets thirty percent. some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars ai industrial but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows ford to miss the one and only. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war. was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies cretonne had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at ashwood a german company develops a little mite drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. you
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know she said she's just. mimics a little mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. we want to welcome our worldwide audience here on r t america. ten pm on the east coast of the united states and we are now getting ready to embark on what is going to be a very quite possibly historic night for the united states of america these midterm elections but certainly no usual midterm elections i'm joined by my colleague scotty no hughes who's going to be helping to take us through this.


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