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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 7, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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hundred percent this country is still way way way back is it ok to die for this country but not ok to live in it as the u.k. ministry of defense announces commonwealth soldiers to take part in british war as we speak to reggae artist about when drugs scandal but first away from the u.s. midterm new liberal battle results. taking a page from h.b.o.'s game of thrones the president tweeting sanctions are coming confirming he is tightening the screws on terror ron as promised when he quit the iran nuclear deal russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has already condemned the actions but is it anything particularly new about the usa breaking treaties as it did in the past seventy two hours with britain and russia over iran the geneva convention continues to be broken by the u.s. as outlined half a decade ago by a president seemingly powerless to do anything about it did more become a symbol of around the world for an america that flouts the rule of law but right
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now britain stands accused of violating treaty obligations because of its de facto war in yemen even u.k. state mandated media here broadcast leaks of concern in whitehall private i've been told the government lawyers and indeed officials are very worried. about the possibility of a legal challenge on monday human rights watch and amnesty international were given permission for a spring twenty nine hundred challenge to u.k. arms sales to saudi arabia by then the death toll may be considerably higher than the sixty thousand or so we revealed on monday's show it's not of course just tories though that stand accused of betraying international treaties while to resume says she won't violate iran treaty terms alleged violations of international law when the labor party were in government were famously exposed at britain's iraq inquiry senior legal advisers from the british foreign office said they were always of the view that military action in iraq was clearly illegal may made the government knowing of that opinion at the time it will argue bleed. he is easy for
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donald trump as it was for tony blair to back away legal advice in washington today there is treaty violation precedents concerning native americans that will be much publicized at so-called thanksgiving later this month the usa anyway is exceptional according to trump national security advisor john bolton exceptional even when arguably threatening human kind as a species arms race began at exactly the time in moment when the u.s. opted out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty putin is to meet trump in paris on sunday when they ironically commemorate armistice day in the water when all was so what's next in his nature is leading light the united states a pariah a rogue nation because of economic warfare like this to nullify all the iranian exports to world markets we continue to go shoots to get all the nations to zero joining me from princeton new jersey senior iran nuclear negotiator said hussein was lovely and thanks so much for coming on going underground so do you think iran can withstand the loss of billions in oil revenues i believe iran is
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a red the will experience handling multilateral unilateral international international sanctions you know iran has been under sanctions u.s. sanctions for about forty years up to now iran has resisted it and has been able to hand there though iran has been greatly damaged because of the u.s. sanctions that aim and the objective of the u.s. sanctions is to bring your reign in economy to a total collapse i believe the u.s. would prayed that are there beginning of the u.s. sanction is tool to bring regime change in iran i believe this is something the united states has experienced for war heroes already failed and the once again president trump would fade in his strategy to bring regime change in iraq this time is the friend be occur as they unite to stay off the show. lee has violated the
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united nations security cancer council resolution because the un security council resolution two two three one approved a rainy and nuclear deal and the united states is the on live member of un security council to be strong unilaterally and to violate the sanctions and the second fact is the are there members of pearman and member of united nations security council russia china europe they are united to defend and to support the u.n. resolution and the uranium nuclear deal as you say russia and china said they're going to ignore the united states theresa may the also said u.k. companies should take advantage of business ties with iran and britain will try and protect business relations with iran what do you make of that u.n. security council response this is really far beyond the u.k. business this is an international issue a member of the united nations security council is punishing the are there members
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for implementation of the nuclear deal you know for the implementation of u.n. security council second definitely this is a big moment for your op to prove it is really independent and can be independent from u.s. pressures a territorial sanctions not only for euro but for russia and china and said definitely this is an opportunity for you and your op to expand economic relations with iran are their wise i'm sure chinese russia and they would go ahead regardless of the u.s. sanctions the eastern powers they are not going to give a dime to unilateral decisions of united the state therefore if your up decides to continue decide to continue business with iran iran would be able to have a balance. economic trade relations with the east and west are there why is iran
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would go more and more toward the eastern bloc's just like with cuba or arguably in your latest piece you quote the french finance minister of saying the outcome of the crisis with iran will be the chance for europe to have its own independent financial institutions so we can trade with whoever we weren't so is this actually emblematic of the beginning of the end of u.s. power in the world i think this would have a great impact because it is a fact for decades the u.s. dollar has dominated international trade and financial system ninety percent of international business has been ongoing the dollars now because of the iranian nuclear the because of the u.s. violation of united nations security council resolution because of u.s. unilateralism the countries like your like china like russia even like turkey they are thinking to have independent financial system from the u.s.
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dollar lives dominance but before we get carried away ghibli swift the financial transaction system they said it wasn't related completely toward trump has done but they immediately suspended some iranian bank access so if they are read the. stop business with iran from almost two thousand and six or two thousand and twelve and iran could iranian economy could resist without despite of sanctions despite of sanctions on central bank despite of sanctions on oil and everything iran has already experienced sanctioning or its central bank for six years i think this time it would not be international consensus on sanctioning iranian oil or central bank therefore iran would have more rooms and . nowheres to play and to resist because trump does say he wants new negotiations
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so if you were still a senior nuclear negotiator for iran and you had to go to a meeting who knows in geneva what would you be saying to the american delegation in the context of the fact that these sanctions are now being imposed iran has never been against negotiating with the u.s. and other international powers neither unilaterally nor multilaterally as you know iran is negotiating with russia with china with your over the regional issues and if the risk cooperation there is possibility for cooperation iran is already cooperating iran already negotiated with the united states on afghanistan and they did cooperate on afghanistan issue therefore there are clear facts iran always have been ready for negotiation but this time the reason iran is declining the red negotiation with president romney is because first of all the
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language of threat and disrespect for the trumps administration has for iran iran would be ready to negotiate based on a mutual respect second everyone understands thrums policy if not personally at least people like john bolton or a state secretary pompei or the are really after regime change therefore iran says if you are after regime change then negotiation for a while the third element is respect for international rules and regulations the nuclear deal is international decision it has twelve reason lucian of international atomic energy agency it has united nations security reason if the us is going to to break to violate international rules or regulations and decisions then even though if you have negotiation and if you have agreement who can trust you for fair they're respecting a bilateral or. international agreement you know if i go back. during two thousand
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and three to two thousand and five when i was member of nuclear negotiation team we really reached to a framework to a degree in two thousand and five three retain your france as jacques a straw former british foreign minister said we were almost close to a final. solution but we failed every one fade iran and the three failed because the u.s. position was zero enrichment in iran are there was the same the agreed on twenty fifteen we could have in two thousand and five and in ten years or rather than fighting between iran and the vest they could to start negotiating for cooperation on the regional crisis in order to bring peace in the stability and that's why i believe again president from is kiri ating
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a big mr parcher nitty because the deal is already agreed to have a u.n. security council resolution iran has fully complied there is zero failure from iranian side complying implementing the deal therefore president from could respect the deal because this is the most comprehensive deal during the history of nonproliferation and ask for iran for negotiating on this is stability crisis in the region like terrorism like the crisis in yemen which is the wars crisis like crisis in libya or or iraq or so therefore he is practically fueling the tension and the regional crisis in the region by confronting iran because back in those days iran everything from iran to his will or to syria was on the united states's side in the post nine eleven period just tell me a little bit about the. this time around we need to really to understand and to
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have sincere transparent and correct understanding from the sources of this is the ability and crisis in the region saddam invaded iran to disintegrate iran the arab countries neighboring iran united states your and other powers they supported invasion of iran this was a big mistake when saddam invaded kuwait iran stood by cooperate and condemned saddam invasion of kuwait however the us war in iraq in afghanistan saudi arabia u.s. war on yemen netto arab a war on libya we have had nine wars nooning last twenty thirty years which all has happened i did buy us all by nato or a joint cooperation between our our neighboring countries are made to and the us like
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yemen like libya like iraq what about the fact that israel was one of the first countries to welcome donald trump's decision. leading to some critics say that the us is basically outsourced foreign policy to israel israelis saudis they did everything to impede a peaceful resolution on iranian nuclear crisis they did everything to create another war in iran everyone knows israelis they did everything to push the us to attack iraq it is well know now and now they did everything the us to attack iran to create another disaster for the region went from took office i believe it on yahoo took the opportunity to convince him to be true from the nuclear deal to go to confrontational strategy and i believe saudi arabia and the israelis and the state is to push the us to go. thank you thank you for the
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break from the u.s. sanctions on iran to using b.b.'s not bombs just sound up for palestinians speech watching all the civil walk through of going under the rug. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be precise this is what the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first city. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution of you tube clip the demonstrations
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going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it still or here i mean you are live with video of the. split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. welcome back this week the u.n. sent a special report only stream poverty and human rights to britain to investigate the human consequences of post twenty eight crash will start. he cuts but back in april
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as razor maze windrush deportations gadol broke the un's own human rights council determined that at the heart of british society lies structural racism joining me now is award winning musician not to use socially conscious new album is called man like in i.x. that he woke up to going underground tell me about this new album oh well can i say it's amazing. it is amazing. we love into this new album and we record it with the governor would like to record me and my band the rebel ship so yeah it's just a song for heathen upliftment and unity as well is yeah more than a million you know you know people have heard the song bedroom. and we know that yes but i mean i don't know whether it's going to florida saying it's going to gateway that one song which is on the album which closes the album into far more things than just love song it's going to be put in that we like to go deep
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and that means on a spiritual social. political that of them i think is more spiritual social and healing within that like music for me is a deep peeling and it's just one which level you want to look at it but like we try and get all the levels in. general then presumably it's going to be a single one people tell me you have playing which is also on the strike on the album one people who are playing it in in the country which technically britain isn't going to be can only actually row in sudan i actually wrote it on the bank of the nile because we were invited to play down there and we would have first band played on the floors in thirty years they said that wasn't sanctioned by shari'a nor the previous band with bob marley in the way it is to promote a pile of one hundred flyers or something and must've been thousands and thousands of people came it was a lot it was kind of almost a life changing experience only because. there was so much secret police even
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getting in the day for our kids our pedals were bombs we couldn't get out the airport for two hours it was it was mad to see a whole novel way of being and the fact that there was all that tension at the time as well and obviously going to us to dance ambassador learned about they may invite you back on who you know are we loved it but your musical influences and i mean we know that the most political punk music use the reggae beat the clash what is it about the beat that seems to allow your lyrics to show like reg like the kind of. we mean like the reggae kind of groove so reggae comes from this thing it started with this thing called the heart beat and the heart beat groove is the same group which is it's the. ancient rhythm and it's the it's actually the be at the heart goes boom boom boom boom just like dark and that was the foundation of reggae music
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and reggae music particularly roots reggae music has always been a little bit like folk music is in england it's just a voice for the people because when you have something as simple as the heartbeat they naturally want to talk about things of the heart and things of the heart is only things that matters to you which is sometimes it can be what the politicians have decided and how that affects you sometimes it can be the hardships you've gone through or your loved ones or even that go that you love when you come away from not be people sometimes write what they want when you come into the. economy focuses you as a musician to write about stuff that matters seven i was great on this show a few times collaborated with you on bad him on this show and said britain is completely racist and he's being i mean it was quite shocking because in his position he's taught in schools no. was it like working with him a little. benjamin is a legend and
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a very good friend it was it was to show you just come in and it was just one take i want it to be longer i wanted to work with him and stuff but he just come and did it and it was just too good we couldn't change it i mean some of what you said about still being racist if you want to comment on not sure i mean he said he said that he was feeling it all the time i feel it i feel it is funny because we got pulled over by the police the other day and we got one white band member the rest of us is not the way none of us away apart from him and if you see the difference in the way that we both interact with the police and how the police interacted with us. it was like night and day and it just makes you readjust and rethink in terms of not necessarily because we associate racism with name calling and all these types of things but it's not it's about it's about your lane and what is blocking you and when you have a lot of things blocking you in your lane based upon lanes being that's
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a color of skin or culture that when you've got so many things blocking you in more of a type of way which is for want of a bad institutional racism. social climbing problems this is this kind of stuff hundred percent this country is still way way way back in terms of that type of thing you know hundred percent of the journey of the soul burned down this place but none this place the lyrics a bundle in this whole place and take you all down with me with you so with chains and your strange names and your fancy artillery no man like i was ever built for your slavery. it's coming from a place of pain in anger and it's coming from a place of suffering and he's willing to literally ripped down all of these massive buildings like how gone do a gig on the harbor in bristol and i'm looking at is massive massive lloyd's bill
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is building built on slave money and if you catch me at the wrong time i'm going to look at this building under the younger brothers are suffering right now like we are really suffering and i don't mean me because i'm not suffering ok i'm doing music for a living i do what i love and it's a blessing but if you go to where peoples are even in tottenham i know it's not like the biggest ghetto in the world because everyone's got government housing and stuff like that but the mental slavery chains as well i want to light a fire on the desist i'm. one of the reasons why i do make music as well because i thought you were going to say centuries of slavery to build say the port of bristol but you're talking slavery now i'm talking about both and i actually took them up both so i'm talking about yes some talk about the centuries of slavery the of bill even all these buildings where we are today and. recognition is just not there and no even attempt to any type of reparations when we've seen many different
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groups of people ask for and get reparations but for some reason we don't get reparations and we've seen many many things happen with other different let me say cultural groups which get introduced in schools again the way we get so is we get to ok you guys were slaves and then it stopped and it got saved by this guy william you will save by this guy will you move forwards and then it will stop and now we all get along and everything's fine. the fact that this gets taught to my children makes me angry you know and it makes me think about homeschooling and it makes me think about what different alternative ways of doing stuff because people in blairite labor conservatives liberals they might say to their way more people of color in positions of power do you think that they suddenly forget the kinds of things you're talking about as soon as they become a little richer. i mean the kind of people in positions of power i would necessarily say they forget i would say that i may be censored i remember when i
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was first signed and i was lots and lots of things which the reason why i didn't work out was because there was looks a little bit of a witch on it just chip chip chip away and then really and truly it's all about survival when it comes down so we as a human being we just we want to survive and survive without the right type of cultural and spiritual alignment you can actually end up treading on people's heads that you don't even realize that you're doing it just on the simple fact of survival so i don't blame none of these colored politicians in positions of power because essentially for them it's a violent thing right for their family then often that they can you know we need to start kicking down some doors. revolution you worked with forty seven soul good friends of mine. there with the. problem supporters of b.d.s. the palestinian movement lolla del ray of course famously stopped a concert in israel recently what do you make of boycotts like that. i think.
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often it's a good news. report that. i think everyone who has a t.v. screen who has had a t.v. screen in the past twenty years and hasn't got their head in the sand has been able to see what is going on in palestine and. i don't need to comment on that because the bombs are not speak for himself but it goes back to what you said about caring if you're a big record companies as you have to play somewhere people like lewd if you like the deal really. i mean you get into trouble when you do it do it your tool yeah well you do when when you're playing around the world the. good good thing about me is that i left the record handle and. i can take people telling me what to do. you know that thing that does get me some sound is that there are independent artists out there and there are authors out there who talk about revolution but
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they still go and collect israeli money and play gigs that don't benefit palestinians and when you going to play music which has a revolutionary twist to it i'm not going to mention names because they probably know who they are. then you need to just stand up for what you're standing up for otherwise you get looked at as a fraud if you're going to go and sing songs for the oppressed and not for the oppressed then you need to look at yourself and you about what you're really doing and said i'm not just for singing but for everything. for the people why do we need to just get money from the oppressor. money doesn't make us happy and i think he will be playing us out with his new song one people from his album man like guy and i x which is out now if you're in london you can see ninety perform at the old camden palace koko in camden north london on friday november the ninth we're back on saturday to speak to an economic advisor to the british government ahead of asking how they pack and g. twenty summits when china russia and india arguably challenge nature nation power
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until then keep in touch via social media we're back on saturday forty three years to the day that the un general assembly post resolution three three seven nine which determined that zionism was a form of for racism. come from.
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there's no break here in rwanda no weiss's terrorist. bad memories. twenty four years ago this country's soul a real end of the world. after the genocide there in all the women in rwanda. it fell to women to fix the broken. was. just supposed.
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to. be. a tremendous success. the republicans hold on to the senate democrats we take the house of representatives saying that that is a huge blow to the press. larger than usual voter turnout scores. with polling stations opening late voting machines breaking out. of the news and jewish organization in germany has called on the government to put on special integration classes for new year arrived muslim mind grants. spiking ante.


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