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and here. when it doesn't come through or turns out you know you're actually alienating people. every now and then the electric coach is up to the electorate catches up to him and knocks him out of office but i mean this is one of the reasons i was constant always sort of gets i mean words are blamed or thanked for making whatever it's whatever we do the right thing but we're blamed or thank depending on your point of view because there's this idea that we can hold these elections well this is kind of the point about a big a battleground state is that. we're fickle when you lie to us it's kind of like the way we don't like to be there will be nice everybody will give everybody a chance you know but once you can see the promises aren't kept. that's when they suddenly you won't get as many people out and you won't be able to go out and get new people to make up for it so that's the one thing with scott walker that i think is is this like pretty amazing this mark scott deal just good slide worse and worse it was worse in the beginning and that was like the minute it came up but the
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minute it was announced we talked about on the show that i've never thought it was going to come through the way that people said it dead and you can't sell jobs to people and then not have jobs greg delay the executive director of good jobs first told come in dreams if foxconn has to import chinese engineers to wisconsin that would be yet another insult to wisconsin taxpayers this is already the great disappearing jobs deal of recent u.s. history more than four point five billion in taxpayer subsidies that works out to two hundred twenty thousand to one million dollars per hundred obviated stacks players in the state of wisconsin will be take picking up the tab up to a million dollars a job you know parks towns pushing back they're saying. you know they told the wall street journal a goal was to drill go broke this idea that they're going to bring in chinese workers you know not even hire us workers for certain positions there's a big no no that's not true it's just road trouble finding people were in trouble
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finding people but they haven't even built the place you know exactly exactly but as i said this isn't just a republican issue this whole entire i don't know what is your of voters going to say there's no. there's a real x. is one hundred percent of politics here and i'm glad you brought up the mccaskill of the. democratic progressive or so who is that yeah she was like beer and all over the place to try to return it or see one point like you said she attacks like she wants out of the war and she goes against bernie sanders and not a good thing not even having like a a positive useful policy discussion it was just more of the same nonsense you know i think she can. she can call more and slanderous crazy you know we have the right but according to legislative records and macleod mccaskill voted the same side as warren and sanders at least sixty percent of the time. i am due for
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a yeah you don't know that you could just get in the r.v. and go to worry you're going to take a plane plane and that really going to blew my mind when it was like ok she's a plane private plane issues apparently throughout her career or what. the prime minister has a certain point she claims the plane was only used to get to stop the were out at the end of the r.v. two or you know that they couldn't use the r.v. and was just had to go get them and that this is all just election silliness and she told reporters anybody could have followed me they could have seen when i got off the r.v. and when i went and got on the airplane where our us flame the thanks claire thanks for pointing out how physics works that you didn't just magically show up in the plane of the biggest burglar it's supposed to be the r.v. to around the state could not voters of suddenly you're getting into the plane when it's no longer an r.v. tour it's just a tour so why call it our view too and that goes back to the thing that people can't trust politicians you know as though you don't know harvey they just care
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about telling the truth to their people over there that bites them back though. while the follow from the recent united states midterm elections continues to ricochet around the nation and claim more political heads than an episode of game of thrones we're going to miss you jeff sessions now really one of the biggest lessons coming out of all the chaos is a pure will of the people pushing back against laws and leaders who seek to silence their voices case in point the citizens of florida voting overwhelmingly to restore the voting rights of over one point four million of their fellow citizens plagued by past felony convictions often referred to as a jim crow style law florida was one of only four states that prevented x. felons from voting even. for their time and debt to society was served this block roughly ten percent of florida citizens are voting including one out of five african-american florida voters not anymore in response to florida's vote journalist shawn king declared on twitter that now one point four million former
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felons who have been banned from voting for life will all now be granted back their voting rights a huge and hard fought victory one of the most important of our lifetime. how was that was probably my favorite story coming out of this week of the midterms are the you will see him people who look good. whether the charge of the crime served their time were guess what you don't get to vote the rest of life because everybody that's a ridiculous law we're supposed to rehabilitate your city could be part of society but you're not allowed to be part of society because we were habilitated you because if you're yeah yeah i mean that's the problem if you would see him floridians actually step up and say you know what we're going to change this this is ridiculous you know that really was i think the biggest or one of the biggest stories to come out of two yeah and actually it's funny because those are two there's a bunch of stories on the midterms i think what's interesting is the mainstream media is just like whatever well they're talking about trump on the yes they well
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they talk about just sessions all afternoon it took us three seconds plus the four seconds now for me to mention it again but one of the things was also in the museum of there is another it's these jim crow era style era laws and those were things have been around and new orleans louisiana had one also that got overturned but had to do with having to have a unanimous vote unanimous jury decisions in order for a lifetime putting things in lifetime. court to be charged with a life time whatever so anyway a metaphor on a medically reinstates voting rights for people with felony convictions upon completion of their sentences including person parole and probation excluded are those convicted of murder or a felony sexual off at the school that's really new. and look what's really interesting term is when you see the numbers off this victory then according to the numbers the ballot measure surpassed it had to pass the sixty percent threshold in order to get an order to pass it got sixty four point one percent of the vote in florida from these voters and the democrat for you know four percent support as
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it's a huge amount of your truthfully there's a huge amount but then when you try to get over sixty percent that's really incredible and i can't stress enough i hope we see more of this going on around the country but also yes there will be so awesome. yeah i mean will sanchez a former game you're gay. member from miami you served twelve years in florida state prison for attempted murders and robbery had this to say a polish politicians have been playing with this amendment in this issue for almost two decades and couldn't get it down when people put politics aside and put people first you can get over sixty percent of people to agree on something regardless of partisanship regardless of their walk of life that's really beautiful and that's really the story that's not to me is the key story out of this is the there you go you know the best you had all sides of the political spectrum say this is wrong and they all universally agreed with that yeah i mean there's a lot of a ditz just there's i guess there's you know there's quite
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a bit that can go on you know with these kind of laws and like i said you have louisiana who's taking up this idea of meaning you know used to be you could have eight people on the jury say you know you did it go to jail for life and now and this really literally part of jim crow these were made to make african-americans disenfranchised from voting from being part of the community and the fact that it took us all twenty eight is a huge difference and i think florida is looking at a very different presidential election in two thousand and twenty because literally about ten percent. every single florida election comes down to one imagine another ten percent of the nerves your target you know one point four million new voters out of this system even if even if you know by a vote of ours and stays home you're still talking about close to a million that's what actually in florida could change an election as we know if half of the people who have the right to vote half of those people half of those people show up you could literally change an election on for a presidential election now wisconsin florida. is as large. as the real for
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us going to get interesting real thing. started already come your way oh yes please i don't know there are any more elections up with us to visit. i don't need no more presidential talk because the know they're going to start in january so there's going to person two elections are coming so i was listening to a top. totally different for i'm not only talking about cartoon puppy i'm scared i'm all right i'm going to talk watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics to cover the facebook and twitter and see our poll shows at r t v dot com coming up you may think you know the story of black said but trust me it has nothing to do with kanye and candor so when you speak with the real founder of blacks that's really a connelly up next people. because . they are.
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the supposed to sing label. myself or something and the syria. rolls going to say what a business with them must be so it looks. this is needless folks who. want to show up on a shelf us out i'll show you i am. ok
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see that look i'm going back to the bios to look at them out on the funniest diplomates post it's open for most of the shows just the fluid souls of. the moon you were doing you must. move. since. i think it's important to do something that you're passionate about and even if you know you may not think you can do that and i didn't think there was any chance of me becoming an astronaut but i realize that's what i was passionate about and i wanted to at least try to sort of lease if you try whatever it is you're interested in it and in general for people if you have that passion if you have something you think is really interesting but you think it might not be possible that doesn't matter just just going to try and you never know where you might end up.
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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to tikrit the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent. revolution is always spontaneous or is it your goal or here i mean your list book video dreaming the neighbor lose out on you schooling you go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took coach invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. politicians to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be. that you'd like to be
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close to what the forty three of them all can't be good. interested always in the water out. there should. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping to avoid doesn't implement the muslim god i'm stumped on this is going to come to the. woods as that he that he got into this it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments on the cyber threat not only that some seem to think off message put it more. often simply a sense of this is selling the late one. thing to the south and
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the warden's problems with. things and this is the. one who started on with the old vision stopping there was a string of phone calls and from his up and his cards on the phone. when i was your conservative activist candace owens announced her new movement to encourage african-americans to leave the democratic party the mainstream media was so caught up in the kanye dust thumping at the white house that they missed the most egregious thing about candace owens the exit movement it wasn't hers just like
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me too before at the blacks it campaign was not invented by some new media darling it also had nothing to do with political parties founded in july of two thousand and sixteen following the brutal murder of philander castiel at the hands of minnesota police officers blacks it sought to start a new black economic movement to encourage economic stability opportunity and health and african-american communities according to their website black said in its nature is not a political agenda but a theory of change to collectively build institutional economic agency that benefits black americans which is why when candace owns attempted to trademark or black so logo an actual book founder malia calmly considered legal action saying quote there's too much at stake at this point to allow a movement so important to just be co-opted for political stunts joining us now from minnesota is the founder of the actual black that movement malia connelly thank you so much for joining us today. thank you for having me but moira first of
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star rod first i want to ask what is the status of the cease and desist against candace or ones and what are your feelings on her movement that can terms that are going to americans would be better represented by republican politicians. other status is our attorneys have sent out a cease and desist and we're going to trust this process and their capable hands and we hope that we can resolve the matter soon. i think as far as my reaction to the movement you know at its roots legs it and i personally support each individual's right to believe what they want i think that the focus should be that legs it is a movement around economic power and nothing more so i think it's great that qantas has a movement it just can't be called like that. and that that's really the
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position that that we're in. and that's what i want people to understand about what actually. blacks' it really is because when this came up i think we were a little confused because we had talked about it on this show and suddenly we were a bit confused by the whole kanye candice oh and i was like i didn't know that's what it was about i thought it was about credit unions and finance so explain to our viewers at home what are the core economic truths that you truthes that you think the mainstream media politicians get wrong about predominately african-american communities in america and how is that making it harder for people in those communities and those communities to succeed. i think the reality is that when you create economic institutions that provide agencies have people like the black people in the black community who have been pushed aside or left out of economic participation you creates a regenerative foundation for generational wealth and the insulation of that wealth
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keeping that wealth in community that's really the core of what blogs it is about and that really the reality is that you know access to economic agency doesn't know party lines this is an issue that affects all americans and especially affects the black community where reports show that black community in america will be a zero net worth by two thousand and fifty three and so when you mentioned earlier that this movement we can't risk it being co-opted it's truly a crucial movement and the confusion and candace has cause has not only harmed our members but it's harmed her there are people who truly want to support black empowerment and if they're looking for a movement that truly does that economic power is at the root of that and that movement is the truth like that one one area your movement is focused on is
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predator or predatory payday loan companies and you know who they get under my skin i can't tell you you know can you tell us. a little about what those are and why their grip is so common in african-american and poor communities around this country. exactly payday lending has it's a new product really that emerged over the last couple decades and what it does is people that need a quick access to liquidity to cash to cash flow who don't have about access through credit or through a community bank they go to the next spec's best thing which is a payday lender and those loans are extremely predatory because the interest rates can be as high as three hundred percent and because they demand a full payment at the end of those two weeks or whenever you get paid next most people can't afford that and so they end up having to take out another loan to pay off the principal of that loan and you can imagine how that cycle continues the
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products and services that plagues it has been instrumental in creating in our community and communities across the country are watching very closely the model that we've created is all about creating a community loan fund that provides small dollar payday loans we call it the new day loan and those loans are given out to community members up to five hundred dollars and zero to a person entrance we launched this program back in july and so far we have a one hundred percent repayment rate so this type of ability to stand in the gap where community members black folks folks who are on banks or under bank to don't have access to basic financial products and services they end up relying on predatory practices because these institutions will not provide equitable products and services for people who are of smaller means and this is the space where blacks that steps in which is why it's really an important movement and it's a national movement that folks all across the country are depending on. what is it
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is about payday loans and it's another thing i've seen having grown up in poor white communities and wisconsin is that the. i think this is something i'm seeing in such a horrible way and my own communities back home and watching people who don't have five hundred dollars for for an emergency who have health care needs for people they love and they end up taking out these loans and that cycle keeps going around and around and around and one another area i keep saying this and also is in housing and gentrification gentrification is cause a major housing crisis in this country and most major cities it's housing one of the areas that that your movement as tackling and what areas specifically because i know you've talked a little bit you call it hot boxing which i encourage our in to read your paper on that and about sort of the justification but what can you tell us about that that part of the movement. first the concept of how boxing is all about doing the
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research to find out whether or not we have this right this concept of gentrification the timeline for it seems to be right when you know breweries and coffee shops pop up but the reality is that the pattern of gentrification in urban communities all of all across the country actually starts much earlier than that and by the time we start seeing the signs and symptoms of gentrification it's too late for community members to start buying and taking up space in the communities that they've been in and the folks who have borne the brunt of the burden of carrying living in you know communities that have been divested from are then pushed out and you know new development comes in so the concept of how boxing is really really important being in a position of having ownership an agency in a financial institution creates opportunity for permanence for communities of color specifically black communities when we have our own community bank or credit union then we get to make the rules about who owns and who doesn't get to make sure that there is equitable mortgages available for people that we get to make sure that
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there's agency for folks who are facing foreclosure without economic institutional agency in these communities it's very difficult for them to. allies in the timeline that they need to to fight gentrification this is something that we've seen in building the credit union village financial cooperative and we've seen the hunger from the community and north minneapolis where we are based in minnesota as your viewers and you might know is the second worst disparities between blacks and whites in the country we're second to wisconsin so people might think that you know the economic disparities are usually in the south but folks are calling minnesota the new south and so for us to be based in minnesota is very very crucial because we're right in the middle of what a lot of other black communities are going to be facing in the future or that they're facing right now and we're getting success we're seeing results we're seeing community members come together pull their funds build a financial institution and build cooperative ecosystems that can sustain our communities and that work cannot be disrupted that it can and i'm really happy that
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you've come on and really given people. the idea of what actually is and what you know not what's been talked about you know in the headlines and things like that and so for those people that have seen this interview and want to you know help your movement help this movement what what what's the best way they can do what can our eyes do how how how best can we help this movement. i would say first you are an ally if you believe and black community building power for itself if you know that government is not always the solution for black communities building power then this is the movement for you the true blags that we encourage you to visit our web site at blogs and then dot org and learn about the true origins of this movement it isn't about what divides us the barriers to access of economic power doesn't know party lines this affects all americans and actually the pay less payday lending issue is more prevalent in white communities and it even is in urban
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cities cities so the seriousness of this is that black community is finding answers that all of middle america is looking for and we don't need that work to be disrupted. bipartisan stunts and politics we need to find ways to come together and that is the blogs that movement and we invite everyone to join us. yes and they do so much as you know one of the things we've always talked about on the show is the idea of putting your money where your mouth is and that means i switched to a black owned bank here in d.c. instead of going to a larger bank switched out products a use using small you know getting giving business to small businesses that are black owned that are native american on that or anything of being able to do that and put it in our communities and thank you so much for helping us and i look forward to talking to you more about this and learning more malea connelly a founder of the minneapolis economic movement but alexei. thanks for joining us thank you so much. but there's only
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a computer out there and it took twenty years to conceive ten years to construct a nearly twenty million dollars to build a little bit price a process in korea is known as the spiky neural network architecture and it's able to complete two hundred million million actions per second because of processing chips that contain over one hundred million moving parts the world's largest no more six supercomputer was created by the team at the university of manchester school of computer science it was devised to work like the biological neurons in the human brain and could do so faster than any other computer on earth but it isn't just for fun because it can imitate the area of the brain dode as the basil ganglia researchers will be it will be studying ways to use the supercomputer to help those suffering with parkinson's disease also first say first pharmaceutical testing or related to neurological issues think about it humans had to use their brains to build a computer that mimics their brain so they could find new ways to treat people's
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brains whoa lover wow that's really cool that's really. cool and that i am ready for a robot over that is that it's a powerful powerful see if you you're right there right there in that that's some serious horse power of seven million million when you've got a million million i mean that will be the first if you have the supercomputer tab and it was like the problem at the top speed will be the first thing you'd ask. for like a i would be the first thing you'd ask. who is the smartest guy in the world. to which the i would be myself maybe i'm not all right everybody graphics cards are all three of a very remembered what it will be told we love the snow so i tell you all i love you i am tired rover and have a flawless keep on watching those hawks never great fame but.
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what started the revolution recently against mubarak was the price of wheat when the price of food went up to forty to fifty percent of the monthly budget of the average injection and therefore revolted if you want to create a revolt if you want people in the streets rioting if you want a global insurrection against banker occupation keep rising real raising the price of fish keep raising the price of food and you'll get your out you get your insurrection you'll get your torches and your pitch forks you'll get your hundreds of millions of starving people on your front lawn demanding to be fed you'll get it . with you i'm not an institution when you are not a government. you will voice is your voice belongs to you and use it. in your voice people next if you do seems it would look like said we should we say
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it was easy is it different. diplomacy and. the misuse. there's no we're building around pretty good here and no wonder though why is this terrorist. bad memories. twenty four years ago this country song a real end of the world. after the genocide. in rwanda. children women to fix the broken.
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subscribe to rub people up for just twelve euros fifty per month. police identified the california mass shooter who killed twelve people in a crowded bar as a twenty eight year old former marine authorities say the suspect committed suicide following the assault. mayhem following this week's elections president trump has lashed out at the media blaming it for dividing the united states and says left wing anti fall protests this toggery take conservative fox news anchor at his home the very same night as the photo. chaos at an anti migrant rally and heated counter protest in germany.


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