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greetings and salutations as well knock me over with the other watchers u.s. president donald trump and c.n.n. reporter jim acosta's love affair is back making headlines again and what has become a now familiar dance routine at a news conference on wednesday the following waltz of dunces took place between acosta and trump. but me answer that question is president i think that's an ask one of the other folks that set out for me ma'am on this wednesday that's enough the president had one of the dumbest that i may ask you on on the russian vesta
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geisha. that's enough this altercation between the donald the acosta and some poor white house intern tragically caught between the two biggest egomaniacs in the room led to the white house press secretary sarah sanders tweeting as a result of today's incident the white house is suspending the hard pass of the reporter involved until further notice and now we can cue establishment corporate media outrage in about three to one bank go yes just about every corporate news journalist an organization immediately jumped into the press to defend the poor jim why can't we take out the isis bastards acosta and his grandstanding brand of reality t.v. journalism c.n.n. of course immediately released a statement surround sounding the alarm that this unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy in the country deserves better jim acosta has our full support. yes i i can sympathize i feel for poor little jimmy i do feel is
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paying him enough dro we here are to about our first amendment rights and journalist credentials denied and suspended by the us congress for more than a year now since donald trump's department of justice forced us under threat of arrest to register as foreign agents for you know reporting news and raising questions that make those in power of comfortable but i guess our first amendment rights are as important as little jimmy because our salaries are paid for by corporate insurance giants and big pharma so you know all kind of swirls around that let's start watching the whole. thing. with the. real thing it's like. the bottom. like you that i got. with. this.
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well remember the watching the entire rover the door and tell her the. cost of versus battleground five hundred million trillion and whatever the worse is there ever is in power i mean i'm glad you brought up today and you know we all know is where this. obama didn't put up with his nonsense either the difference is obama just tended to lead keep it calm and cool while you know jim acosta did he did which is a little bit grandstanding it always feels a bit like he's auditioning for his to his own talk show which is great because i mean just give me one would have to say about what we need in that job you need a reporter and what he did in my opinion was pushing mulayam of being going from an opinion person or an analyst to a reporter also you're not mad to vest we're there to do a job as a white house or porter and there were. the reporters who are african-american woman are called a racist by donald trump did she try to grab the microphone no she left the
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microphone go around to her colleagues and when it came back around she said she asked another question about policy because that's what you do. years of things for me it's like. nobody likes how donald trump talks about the baby and nobody likes that oh and he has a you know he uses his bully pulpit to be a bully and we all know that but why players game you know why why why do the exact same thing why did caught up in this reality t.v. thing i can tell you i think it was i honestly think c.n.n. feels bad because they sort of they started the whole fake news really where we started the fake news thing and false news and propaganda outlet and everything came from c.n.n. first they were calling literally an entire group of people every single person who works here traitor. treasonous acts of talking about things how dare we without checking with i guess c.n.n.
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first so and that's where you get a lot of this kind of first amendment hypocrisy when we see it come what kind of coming out of this because everyone's like oh jim is right to say the government it's like ok i get it yes it does freedom of the cross example would be like penn america's of the free expression first of them adversely advocacy group they filed a suit against trump over its threats and treatment of reporters in october put america c.e.o. suzanne also issued a statement saying we specifically cited his threat strobes threats to withdraw press credentials from reporters based on critical questions and stories as a prime example of this behavior regrettably last night yet again the white house demonstrated precisely the pattern our lawsuit documents bush. get when our t.v. had its for press freedoms attacked and i'm talking about r.t. america here american citizen legal american citizens doing the job of journalism in the united states. unfortunately we didn't get that same sort of thing trumps department under a trumps justice department even though there are some not bad they don't do enough
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i gotz rush hour and all those horrible fake news people yet these are the people that in an op ed and c.n.n. dot com nozzle actually writes forcing r.t. to register as a foreign agent is justified far is just one more reminder that apps. from far reaching more far reaching action purveyors of propaganda and fraudulent news will likely continue to work their will on the populace that is ill equipped to defend itself do you hear that people at home just so we're aware just so everyone knows you don't know how to think for yourself. sorry you know and at the end of the game it is like i said it's playing trumps game when you see reporters get up and do the grandstanding you've got to ask hard questions when you know the best of asking hard questions of people in power is in my book that i've seen over the years is my lead great over davey when you see him doing his thing and spent a lot of art and that's how you hold people accountable you don't groom stand
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around and went around and i will say this about this and it's the same sort of helen thomas on the mount lisa world they didn't respect the office even if they disagreed with the person yes they did respect the office they respected the job they were and how important it was for them to keep their cool totally agree totally that's the most important thing we got to remember at the end of the it's true i mean it really just gets. brought into a lawsuit filed over six the new york state the girl scouts of america feel that the boy scouts of america has violated their trademark saving in court filings that quote boy scouts of america does not have the right under either federal or new york state law to use terms like scouts or scouting by themselves in connection with services offered to girls or to rebranded itself as scouts and there are by falsely communicate to the american people that it is now the organization exclusively associated with leadership development services offered under that mark to girls. this comes after the boy scouts of america announced earlier this year
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that they would officially be opening their flagship scouting program to girls as well as boys next year and would immediately begin accepting girls into their car. for a more inclusive scouting experience for all of their children the boy scouts report that since the announcement at least sixty two thousand girls have enrolled in cub scouts adding to the one hundred seventy thousand girls are already participating in other programs within the boy scouts such as the explorer program and an official statement the boy scouts of america responded stating we applaud every organization that builds character and leadership in children including the girl scouts of the u.s.a. and believe that there is an opportunity for both organizations to serve girls and boys and our community. is gender segregation the new progressive pop form for women or is this another example of adults putting their own egos ahead of the needs of children they are tasked to guide the boy with a kind of
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a lean towards the ego side of a feeling that's what's going on now i mean this is one of those things are. you seeing the girls go through this kind of oh wait a minute like aren't we wanting. more inclusively are i was in the boy scouts actually doing something smart here saying like you know what the idea of like just having one group just for this small you know this group it's kind of archaic you know for those paramilitary organizations like the scarab military and. military organizations like the boy scouts girls that will vary. with that stuff. but you know it's interesting to see this because it really is about families and it's about families wanting to be able to do something together and group silverstone the former eagle scout told money is what it meant for his relationship with his daughter when she joined the boy scouts he said quote i'm excited to be part of that and do the same things with my daughter. meetings with their families so why not bring them onboard into the organization officially
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and continue that message of scouting that seems like a perfectly logical thing to say now argue look if the girls. you know if they're not being able to keep up in recruiting that's your flow girl scouts you've got to do a better job to get people to come to your. yeah and they've lost a lot of members over the years. and part of that is because i don't feel like they housed in as progress so in many respects as the boy scouts of america i mean boy scouts of america were letting in trans children a lot earlier they were they have broken ties with the mormon church because there were they said look you can't force this on to these kids we will have these kinds of things and here's the full disclosure i was a boy scout explore i taught at a boy scout camp and i will tell you my experiences there were a group of young men and female scout leaders and again a lot of kids. and
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a lot of younger girls that would come along i mean and there was there was no disrespect for women there was no confusion about that because these young men were taught a whole series of things but it was a family pet family sort of situation so another dad who didn't want his last name is greg from birmingham alabama actually said you know anybody concerned about girls joining that that would cause some sort of problem which is kind of the girl scouts are saying that girls should be alone and shouldn't be by boys whatever and one of these dads greg said my daughter played baseball a couple of years ago with the boys and i don't recall any of them being a reparable e harmony because they had a girl. and i think it goes on the same it's the idea that girls will be a rapper being harmed if we are meant to have girls and boys will have to learn how to talk to you joe i just go through this if you know as we learn from what the me to move has taught us and things like that we should be teaching boys. and girls to get along at
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a younger age and that equal equality of respect with each other and the boys boy scouts can do that through opening it up like they are i don't see anything wrong with that because the more we interact the more we're not going to have this idea that we're somehow we're all so different and that i'm better than you or whatever it is you know and i have to say this is one of those things a bothers me if you want you know there's nothing wrong with being in an all female organization or any of things like that don't get me wrong i don't join organizations but. you know there's been many studies i'm actually a couple years ago there was a medal study of one hundred eighty four studies of segregation by gender and education and what they found as one claim of single sex school it advocates is that for girls it would improve math science performance because they're not mixed with boys who it's claimed dominate the classroom but there is not any advantage if you look at the controlled studies and what you're seeing is that girls are how you're happy it has to do with that person stop segregating genders and making this
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division amongst us teaching our young age so as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter and your poll shows that r t v dot com coming up we delve into the unanswered questions surrounding the death of the tories boston mobster james whitey bulger journalist michelle but the stay to watch of the hawks. i think it's important to do something that you're passionate about. even though you know you may not think you can do that and i didn't think there was any chance of me becoming an astronaut but i really that's what i was passionate about and i wanted to at least try to service if you try whatever it is you're interested in and general for the. if you have that passion if you have something you think is
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really interesting but you think it might not be possible that doesn't matter just just give it a try you never know where the mind of. what started the revolution recently against mubarak was the price of wheat when the price of food went up to forty to fifty percent of the monthly budget of the average injection and therefore we've all that if you want to create a revolt if you want people in the streets rioting if you want a global insurrection against banker occupation keep rising without raising the price of fish can't raise the price of food you'll get your out you get your insurrection you'll get your torches in your face for x. you'll get your hundreds of millions of starving people on your front lawn demanding to be fed you'll get it. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to. the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always
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spontaneous or is it you know or here i mean you know i lived. in the new bill is that i'm the new school in need of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who to vote invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. last week saw the violent death of one of the most notorious gangsters in u.s. history one whitey bulger after he was transferred to the dangerous and controversial hazelton prison in west virginia for those of you. familiar with bulger he was the head of
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a ruthless organized crime syndicate in south boston where exploits were forever immortalized in several films and hollywood including black mask starring johnny depp and the departed starring jack nicholson in five bulger was so vicious that he landed himself second on the f.b.i.'s ten most wanted list just behind osama bin laden for twelve years but it wasn't just his criminal exploits that gained bulger his notoriety he was also our rat an f.b.i. informant to be exact and while the mainstream story is that bulger used and manipulated the f.b.i. to his own ends and use the bureau to protect himself from prosecution many now believe there was more to the story than just a few cricket agents and that this f.b.i. connection may have played a role in the circumstances surrounding his death i think handsome fellow inmates earlier we talked with boston journalist and author michelle they feed her report on the bulger crime family stance of late we started by asking her about how dangerous in prison actually is which in twenty fourteen had over one hundred fifty
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assaults in two murders take place within its walls. well i think the bigger of course it is why would a real eighty nine year old whitey bulger wearing diapers and who are prison that is of violence look you know i'm not from west virginia i have covered a lot of people that have gone to a lot of federal prisons the idea that this many for me i get more frustrated with the number of assaults there have been inflicted upon correction officers and people who are in large horsemen doing their jobs i mean for a couple of you know murderous lowlifes violent and i don't think of as many people get raised up as when you hear that more than one hundred c.e.o.'s have been assaulted in the same facility i think it speaks to you know a real problem with what's going on in hazleton in what's going on with the federal bureau of prisons frankly i'm glad you brought that up because. i think that's one of the biggest issues as well this repeated it so there is
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a repeated transfer of vulgar leading up to the murder at hazleton and i think the issue of him as you said being alternately transferred to hazleton because it seems incredibly out of the ordinary for what little i know you're the expert but it seems incredibly out of the ordinary for a very well well well known f.b.i. snitch to be sent to a violent prison with people who are connected to people he snatched are like that seems like i made huge mistake by the bureau of prisons. well i mean listen it's either sheer negligence in confidence or it is by design somebody had to pick up the tear this look at the suspects that are involved in this brutal attack i mean think about how this guy that now look i know a lot of the victims whose loved ones were brutally viciously savagely murdered by whitey bulger and believe me not a lot of people in boston are crying over his violent end but here are the facts it is impossible there are federal prosecutors in the department of justice and the
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federal bureau of prisons they literally have commissions who sit down and try to decide how do d. conflict they call it with separation orders so if you are for example a bank robber and a tory is famous bank robber who might have been featured in a couple of movies how do you find yourself at hazelton alongside. what people are calling the handsome hit man. who was from the genevese crime family and was springfield massachusetts a guy who whacked genevese boss is now in a prison with another massachusetts guy who i hear could be this very notorious charles town bank robber then you see that de calais angelo now back in the early one nine hundred ninety s. whitey bulger's crew which consisted of whitey his best who was a guy named stevie. a rifle man slimy and cadillac frank salami these guys all of
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whom turned state's evidence all of whom of cooperate with the f.b.i. these guys were at war with another faction known as the bobby karata faction well what a shocking quit cigarettes d. calander lo who was part of the faction one of the many people who were sent to jail for decades with the help of whitey bulger and his partnership with the f.b.i. he's in the same prison as. bank robber and now you have a guy who was in the opposing crew who went to war with whitey bulger and his people the fourth guy here as cadillac frank salamis codefendant and a recent murder conviction so it's impossible to fathom that these four stand up guys who have notorious penchant for both violence and a reputation as being so-called stand up i mean all four of them end up in the same way of the same prison and then why it is well then four hours later this guy is
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a lock in a socked as eyes are nearly gouged out they try to cut his tongue out and they wrap him up in a blanket and leave him for dead i mean it seems like there had to be a lot of forces that work to create a scenario where something like that could happen it is pretty aggressive but would you step back and look at the numbers are for me you know it doesn't it's hard for me to sit and be like oh this is totally by coincidence that all this happened is totally there was no totally a mistaken happenstance that all this went down and you don't look at one of the main suspects or you know in bolger's killing is this guy freddie some of these you you mentioned earlier and you know fred he's a fine moral upstanding citizen in his own right really he's serving a life sentence for the murders of two crime family members among other exploits and you know what do we know more about him what was you know obviously what do you think his motivation was how does he really connect the bolger like to explain
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a little bit about this character of the associated with boulders dud. well we all know that organized crime in the underworld in any criminal empire is pretty much scraping the bottom of that of the barrel for people who don't immediately roll who don't cooperate with the feds don't become rocks and so there's the able of mention suspects including give us these are known as stand up guys who a despised had an unnatural loading of people who they believed were rats now not only was whitey bulger a rat he was secretly getting paid by the f.b.i. so he was worth a rat because he was working simultaneously. a paid top echelon informant and as a result he had like a free reign to wreak havoc on the city of boston so there's a special sort of hatred for again so-called stand up guys when you look at a man like whitey bulger paid to rat out his friends and step people up and you
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know people forget the very early origins of whitey bulger becoming a government cooperator and you know there was an affiliation way back when with the former assistant u.s. attorney named robert muller. so there is a very long history with whitey bulger and his very controversial program the top echelon of wonder program in fact it's become so. damaged congressman stephen lynch was from massachusetts wrote legislation in april of twenty seventeen called the federal employment accountability act and there's a reason for it because these unholy alliance is blown up in our faces you know you guys know you and i we all talked about maximum harm my other boy and tampons and i have affiliations with some certain government officials i mean you
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think about it you know there is. there's zero accountability and i completely agree that large needs these implements to get the job done but when it goes bad there is zero accountability most of you know you know this is the thing i feel like it's a very strange thing because it's been why you know they seventy's and eighty's especially for boston and that whitey bulger era of mob crime was so brutal between that and new york i mean was so brutal it some of the worst things happening and you had f.b.i. and sometimes police involvement in the of things and i think that's what makes these this such a wild story about whitey bulger that he was able to be free of first so long that even to get said and here you are eighty nine years old this happens now you have spent many many many years covering organized crime in boston i mean you've come face to face with their wrath for covering them at times it's not an easy job to cover these people what are your thoughts do you think this is sort of the
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beginning of the end of the bolger era and do you think reform could come from this if we ever again you think will ever really know the truth of what bulger is in a way that with the f.b.i. . you know it's interesting i'm writing a story right now for newsweek it's called snitch fellows and if you really look at and you brought it up you know if you look at the f.b.i.'s involvement in the early one nine hundred ninety s. from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine hundred. three there was a mischievous interesting war with the colombo crime family with two factions there was combine the snake person go his faction and then there was victor reno who is doing triple life sentences and suffering from dementia in prison while his son has uncovered vic arena son has uncovered some pretty interesting documents pertaining to if you recall greg scarpa aka the grim reaper this was an ugly rigorous piece of garbage greg scarpa but guess what he was protected
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for decades because he had friends in the f.b.i. that friend was special agent lynn delvecchio lyndall vecchio federal judges and if you remember the brooklyn district attorney tried to lock glen del vecchio up charged him with being part of two homicides and. part of the story i'm working on is how i'm cooperative the f.b.i. was trying to take down that dirty f.b.i. agent when delvecchio one of when delvecchio was prius was h. paul rico another f.b.i. agent that was handling whitey bulger and. some of the other top echelon informants and you might recall that each call rico was dragged in front of congress for that hearing they had resulted in a report called everything secret that generates the f.b.i.'s use of murderers informants and h.
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paul rico was asked do you how do you feel you some people to jail innocent people to jail they died their people died because of what you did by giving information to you are mobster c. eyes people died because of it how do you feel he literally shrugged his shoulders and what do you want he is. wow i did this is this is a ha ha you can look it up of these this all exists and what happen is for rico not they. what happened to lindsey del vecchio nothing what happened to the the mahogany row as they call the upper echelons of the f.b.i. that allowed all of this through take place nothing. what do you get when you mix two decades worth of snapshots from the hubble space telescope why is . observatories adaptive optics system in near infrared camera with a survey about five hundred galaxies out in space well you get this hiding behind
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clouds of gas two galaxies are colliding and at the center of the collisions are two super massive black hole. merging into one huge black hole now the images are special because they were able to see this phenomenon for the first time by using hubble and observatories objects they were using they were used to be able to see the merging of these two black holes that's ten times clearer and sharper than it would look from a telescope on earth surface is the equivalent of going from being legally blind to having perfect twenty twenty vision and the still images are extra special because they don't rely on interpretation of the data so the merging of galaxies by the way can take billions of years to complete so don't expect the milky way to start merging with our neighboring galaxy and drive it anytime soon but this new discovery by scientists made us to help us prepare for that event a little bit better in a billion some odd years can't we can't afford to can't ever not plan ahead on this
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planet and there are a paradise that were deployed absolutely because i don't know where it would comply which are beauregard has her stroke for our. first over the very rubber of the water in this world we are now told we're about up so i told the wall i love to roll and have a lot of people are watching those talks with the. there's no break here in rwanda says terrorist. memories. twenty four years ago this country's most of the world. after the genocide.
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in rwanda. children women to fix the broken. the headlines here on our national police in the u.s. identify the gunmen who killed twelve people i'm a busy california bar on wednesday as a twenty eight year old former marine is believed to have committed suicide following the atrocities. of thousands rally in the us against donald trump's decision to fire attorney general jeff sessions the muller investigation into collusion with russia is now under threat of. a government continues to face a backlash over its handling of the grunfeld tower fire it is accused of placing
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gagging orders on experts investigating the tragic.


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