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seems the election settled little if anything now there is a dueling investigation warfare gridlock on steroids is this what the voters voted for. which you are not an easy question when you are not the government. you all for it is your voice belongs to you and gives a status in your voice certain people accept to saying they would not accept was a situation we said it would it is a difference which led to protest the official committee. changing the system back again is going to be very expensive for munich the preliminary calculation came to nineteen million euros by twenty twentieth's and that's without the license fees for microsoft. the moogs is a list in island of fflick on the students to bus one tune is gazed
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to even if you are a new school done most miles indicated of the arbor it's been hashed does only opinions tied to m.t.b.f. own feeling in him in benighted will the going gets. in soley on this fertile womb. bit of a nym concession to dilute the. parked. in a mood pool in the kid order comin the pool room along tot the height owns the mokes. and best to signed us for the next five. when do people not paying you. the truly hot seat you have. on dean come and live.
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in studio on the opinion page from a nym i'm an economist from conception. this new government unmarked usually. in the administration is about to start with the change over to open source which the microsoft friends in munich are about to give up even the italian army has begun to break away from microsoft it has already replaced microsoft office on thirty thousand computers with the open source program lever office there were historically. leaving office. lots of office at a low. dose as you jane said well but also the death of their more brains so that when it's out of course i may be close to twenty probably chairman of the likes of isabel and then it's out of this to get to talk i said i was going to be office in
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history but it serves a softer. take and then separate deep to the. pride of when the bride this is the leader office right i know if. this were claiming it was. kamila the world. it's the same. subject always help or just to the image of ted we're going to do it i doubt there is. a bit i mean that's your own it or to respond as she told me what all the queen it is probably a considerable. the french. is one step ahead of the italians did not only converted the office software but also like the munich administration changed the operating system from
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windows to linux and by doing so saved around twenty million euros in eight years nevertheless the police department is now coming on the massive pressure investigate europe has seen an order from the ministry of the interior to force the return of those on the money to microsoft does the corporation have such an influence one of those who has been following this for a long time does it from the french n.g.o.s appeal which fights for the use of free software. because that. was all he gets also except for the strong it gets i can. fill them. up as you want to link them all. over in a song you can while playing up on a box and i think you can surmise from. the. more what you do. this and that this here on the definition. is said then you step in wait.
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didn't you say something polygonal and microsoft meant about how the survey email address in austin is today he said. it's not me that you want at best. point. what john the last bird was a duffer by srila released on shift either because of course it equal or what of arnold ever in the book which you could bottle as he warns and on the basis of atsic edged its use of books no more but always it will put a lot of our lot at it on these occasions because of what are so what is the going is one of these weeks to come on the little bit. nobody in the ministry of defense was willing to give us any information about the corporation was microsoft. but investigated your
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openness found a ninety expert from the french government who is prepared to talk about it we have an appointment to neutral place because he has to remain anonymous in order not to lose his job but no career is even investigated your a colleague let me now know has also found documents that show how closely the french government cooperates with marcos ok the album for the fans for the show they give him a hug and document he asked him get her for. the us and about a minute and the e-mail address of the tidings minister young's a party had on schreibt their them for. us and another document. that's going out is a myth about into. english by microsoft under status can see a clear invaders mcclish is not always meant if you do lexi's more it is a nice big leap is that they are off was that as if you. don't like anything way. and more. yet is the
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point of the. course of the. illusion. on a kidney. at their. the closeness of this relationship is also demonstrated by. secret treaty that the ministry of defense has maintained was microsoft for ten years not even parliament has been informed of its content and conclusion it's the contract between the french ministry of defense and microsoft and we have no doubt that either amounts of money are any legal procedure. and it was all black if you can see these all black and what is important in this country is the amount of money. they spent on that it's all black in the amount of money and it was not even come here in front of the senate because an important senate op asked directly to the minister of defense we should definitely mr because she just doesn't demand
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a commission of inquiry. yet another blacked out contract once again the corporation prohibits the government from providing appropriate information but now finally the parliament is going to examine what microsoft actually gets in license fees from the state treasury according to some sources it's around two hundred euros per workstation and here extrapolated to the whole of europe this would be a double digit billion euro amount per year which would be put to far better use if it was invested in an open european software will france's parliamentarian succeed in breaking the council of silence. and will this get us. to shift. how short or. even took. off in six.
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carmo. i think saw. this you didn't. think you toss. a ball because no one who could. no one here is an example in and. out of them to be false. but lived on the run to support your doable name with. your. book chris i don't see. the force porpoise of course. don't get in the. doggy door. and fall who do be. the closest diggers and defense who is this army of the admitted poor coming from microsoft but daughter does for the nuts who know is that your
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hope all is over then you take it from class to think all of us could put on more net that sure we call self. on and also. call the war or two along the way do this you nor do most. of. these don't this guy saw. the microsoft systems a whole saw a security risk their overcomplex and vulnerable and only the microsoft experts know the source code this computer club has been criticizing this for a long time they have to act as kind as they had set up performed well but in the town say it's just stopped at. z. and then all this and i can't be on that page had. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on
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top of the story or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest street in truth to stand losing business you just need as the right questions demand the right answer. question. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution two to put the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no lawyer here i mean your list book video a clue in the new bill is that i do split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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lawmakers many a factor come sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick moves. around. the world. with the truth of the slave. i don't force it on the syria.
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rolls going to say the board of business with them must be so it looks. this is not with. us our album. ok seems like i'm going to. look at them out on the funniest or flawless most of the time from the shows just the moon and so on also. noodling you must. move.
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to. the vulnerability of microsoft office programs is many times greater than that of the open source program liberal office so this was looked into by the italian army and it's also easy to demonstrate. each text program stores a document in the form of lines of code that the user normally never sees. the same single sentence creates ten lines of code in libra office form in the file saved in the background in microsoft word there are more than one hundred lines of code so microsoft provides a lot more dangerous space for viruses to infiltrate computers. the be aside the german federal office for information security confirms this the microsoft formit office the cyber attack a far more opportunity for attack. the security get for the want to cry virus
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demonstrates the extent of the risk the compilations controllers have either not noticed the programming errors for ten years and have therefore introduced them into all microsoft systems since x.p. or they knew the mistake but kept it a secret the fact is the american super secret service n.s.a. . used this very mistake to program a spy tool and used it until it was probably stolen by an employee and sold to cyber criminals. in view of such dangers doesn't the state have to insist on the disclosure of the source code for all its software but that's not in my future galland and it's. in the eye catching the fork in the dust and a sense test just. want to tell.
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us what has to content how fast paced it's and so i thought i had a consequence. data protection officer your one is also considers this gateway for american secret services in microsoft programs unacceptable after all the german constitution obliges the state to unconditionally protect the data of its citizens get the angle of developers tune in to get it and what's always got in four months he wants to introduce the human it's entirely microsoft concept with a conscience lest you have the consequences in not to survive. in prison the guns. of the conversation internet filmon dot to give your lies to the microsoft on this problem at the time when done to them just cited the resigned. i
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was the in my young niece who plots be done with it also called. we wanted to talk to microsoft about all the topics of this film including data security but unfortunately they never had time for us over many months of written questions also remain unanswered. and equally in full has at the at me and to my list to get your. pleasers a month has come across an explosive secret paper from the federal office for i.t. security the b.s.i. according to this the experts there also have considerable mistrust of microsoft as early as twenty fourteen before concluding the current contract with the corporation they made forty six demands to close in build security gaps and oblige microsoft to deal properly at least with the authorities and i understand that answer's unfair in this b.s. most of those must be ministerial now far. as i'm physically known for months on
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station foundation catalog fun sex in fields the following visited the infant art history that it's got his indecent followers catalog and unflagging this b.s.e. and microsoft they're an interesting time as a garnish maale adumim goes over to go and voted in space on the of it when i'm going in if i was still on this because you know microsoft in elevators holy shit will hit the clinton busines or a dime goes on the consequences. of the not the hometowns and this is in the thought the source because he had lost a shoe vote a very. good. nuff unseen by microsoft is foolishness on bidding. for dems is that i. feel i should offer ganesh or keep the order does he does. one do the following lifted. to the phones and of. the inapt as for targets nish
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deferred toward the suspicion. of illegal on. those. on it again about including from because you know my liberty moderately to. this is. of course we tried that right away and this is the answer unfortunately we are not available for a shooting date at the moment you are welcome to send us your questions in writing . we were happy to do this. but we never received a reply. the european parliament has long since ceased to rely on the sure ensues from the americans after the snowden affair it made tough demands for independence for europe we need the commission we need the parliament to arch clearly on the member states to deliver rules and standards on how you need. to consider the key figure
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for you data protection law explains why. microsoft. called start this and done towards. the so-called don't need. it in the you're going to talk india will come to soon for it so has to go for negotiating with microsoft that's the alternative on the market that they can go. that's a. good. move. for months. of open source software. but these are just bean. and beater.
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doesn't. just. do isn't just meant. to ministers and. inventive. and so it. appears. on. the hope of to be something. as early as twenty thirteen. the commission adopted a program to free the european institutions and member states from the dependence on a few american software companies. why have the commissioners abandoned this policy. i don't think abundance is this police the only solution is to invest more to catch the critic is that by using this microsoft mono culture in public i
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t systems these public systems being held very vulnerable that same gene show up or exist themselves and no cyber threats anymore so my boss said rebuttal is a big difference in proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye but it's a solution not to use microsoft you're think microsoft is like a black box this window is full of enemies and let's see uses of microsoft software in the only interview you want to impose a further solution came from the european parliament itself to make the public source code a precondition in procurement for software called public eye t.v. . the old fish hook on this one has. been called off and doesn't think you ought. to be voted on and nothing in good
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times to be of was. not in the help it's possible it was the parliament completely wrong. i don't think so but we are using procurement systems to buy software it's an open competition for sorry for desktop software for office automation and for mail there is no competition i don't think it's so simple that we could just prohibits a user of some type of software and then no problems anywhere no cyber attacks no cyber incidents anything oh no we didn't. happy or oh i'm sorry i'm sorry if it's already there nobody nobody has claimed this and not no no not even really i would like to say you said this no those are billeted part of what you have been the european you all know there are a lot of other problems but the microsoft issue is the elephant in the room which nobody wants to talk about and that is the reason why we do all this film i don't think we have we have to intervene elite. economically so we have to
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invest more if we make open source of credit and public procurement of software for the public information technology systems this would create exactly this kind of alternative you're looking for and this won't overcome this one up early to make open source the try to really want to be a big bang for the european software industry in the short period of time we would have great solutions for the public id independent of the united states. that's cool as for. example. the bend in questions there was to follow to photons vertigo and of the standards into a probably did not. want the opinion. on him but i used to hunt on software. versus the nasties and when the stuff but it was part. of the default on loans and the. nervous dollars out of all of your business and.
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t.v. do you have a photo. on its own photo with microsoft i was going to order to leash design to sun the sun. both the republicans and democrats claim victory in the wake of the midterm elections but it seems the election settled little if anything now there is a dueling investigation warfare gridlock on steroids is this what the voters voted
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for. and there's now a building around the bridge here in rwanda no one says terrorists. but there are bad memories. twenty four years ago this country's soul a real an end of the world. after the genocide there a moment women in rwanda one man. fell to women to fix what the men had broken. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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you. are both of the suitable to sleep for. my little for sunday and the syria. rolls going to say boy i was left with the most historical. listening with. ok i'm.
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ok seeing that guy go in there but you also look at the mother and the bodies can blow it home from the show such as the flu and so almost. newborn your. newborn. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company gruntal develops and the demise of the drug it was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said is just cut short
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arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that i did not only want the money i want the revenge .
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subscribe to read people get lucky comes in for just twelve euros fifty per month. protests across the us soft to president trump for south attorney general jeff sessions who initially rallied the gates this nomination and i'm standing against his removal. here recently nothing i like about most of the people that trump appointed are you protesting now. because i'm mad as hell what women in texas for a second stations of betraying feminist values after costing them midterm votes in favor of the republican state's republican county. i'm very tired of being castigated as some sort of racist simply based on my.


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