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subscribe to read people get full run he comes in for just twelve euros fifty per month. it's really hopes a peace conference aimed at putting an end to the years long. with the country's oil reserves acting as a magnet for those vying for a share all the resources. also coming up in this polish nationalist march warsaw to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the country's reestablishment doesn't independent state there join for the first time by the nation's president. a u.s. judge orders a state's prison service to consider if a transgender woman can be held in an all female facility we put up for the bay today prison is a tough place it's all cool everyone should be safe but that doesn't mean that
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preclude you should be granted to people who claim that their transgender it's not a preferential treatment it's about keeping these people alive and that is actually the best interest of these prison systems. twenty four hour news live from moscow this is your r t international my names you know. your company our top story it's really is hosting an international conference on libya this monday the aim to end the conflict in the country that's been dragging on since the ousting of colonel gadhafi in twenty eleven france has also been trying to establish itself as a regional peace maker. of explains there could be all teary or most of behind all the apartment good intentions seven year. seven.
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chaotic here is a country torn apart two governments countless warlords tribes gangs duking it out for. and all will. of course everyone's trying to help stop this italy which has been flirting with general have who leads one of the two rival the libyan government controls almost half the country fronts with its regular peace summit swear macrorie plays the matchmaker paris wants elections as soon as possible one of the crucial elements is the organization of presidential and parliamentary elections on december tenth twenty eight it's a commitment on the basis of this process to fully and safely give their
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sovereignty back to the libyan people and allow them to express it on this date but it's only for one doesn't want elections premature and they think conditions aren't right they say and france france once something else they fear my fear is that someone for economic motives and selfish national interest is putting the security of north africa at risk and result of europe as a whole i'm thinking of someone who waged a war that should have been waged someone who said election days without discussing it with allies with united nations were indeed with the libyan people move over mad cause you tried to end your summit failed room is hosting its own get together for peace but rumors say general haftar may be too busy to attend what with storming the capital and all tripoli must be liberated and will not remain in the
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wrong hands the armed forces will act after making proper assessments we will move on tripoli at the proper time why is tripoli so important you might ask. legitimacy it's the capital the government that currently controls it is the un recognized general has controlled hof the country much of the oil but he by international law sell it only the recognized government can he needs the capital and make no mistake the libyans understand well what the europeans are up to and why they're backing different sides. of course there is negative intervention from some countries which we've mentioned during several meetings and international forums this needs to be taken into account and this should be at the international position towards libya and the direction of libya so that we can
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overcome this crisis. in libya has the largest proven oil reserves in africa and italy france one does much as they can get italian or oil giant any recently purchased a large part of b.p. oil and gas license with the aim of increasing exploration french rival totalis also be buying up drilling rights eager to get the pumps going this is a competition with billions at stake b.p. is the largest producer was the largest producer of oil in africa and not only that but it's highly prized because of its. technical quality is its so-called sweet low sulfur so it's highly prized in its refining is easier than some of the other stuff or other person at least serving ready once the problem is mr. area controlled all the oil that's the real question and not to be too cynical that's
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what the europeans are most concerned about originally they were back in tripoli just on the order of stability because it was recognized by the united. nation but increasingly the europeans are getting very frightened. strife in libya will further cut off their own supplies especially now with the prospect more sanctions . what's remarkable is that amidst all this endless war the lawlessness slavery crime will production is on the up by the end of next year they plan an increase in production to pre war levels one point six million barrels a day you can question their priorities but you can only admire the dedication. but what's the take of the people actually in libya well we spoke to some in the nation's capital tripoli who expressed their skepticism that
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a positive come from the meeting would be achieved. but you know i believe in what we want something useful we want a productive meeting we want them to agree on something and then return to the libyan people and tell them that they have found a solution no one has found a solution. with regard to the conference there is nothing new has the right solution is not wishful thinking that real quick there were more than one who puts all the parties to conference to reach a solution because the people who suffered enough as you can see may god guide them and bliss of going through it and. i think there is an undeniable conflict between the italian and french states over economic interests as well as over control and the image of the two countries. to another of the day's headlines stories poland celebrated ascent tendering of independence with a more than two hundred fifty thousand strong march in central warsaw all over the
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weekend the annual parade was more controversial than usual though as the polish president and government official to attended the event along with far right groups . of polish flags on bombers were draped down streets and across squares among the slogans where usa empire of evil and poland. catholic it's also been reported that a number of neo nazi symbols were spotted on the flag burned there was a large police presence watching over the march which took place at the same time as a state military parade the government's decision to march alongside far right nationalists has been widely criticized. a jewish philosophy professor from the hebrew
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university in jerusalem told us the migrant issue is leading to a rise. nationalist sentiment your. the polish government decided to actually embrace the. tendencies and. ideologies of the past because. the fear from the immigration creates a bias a political bias and a political agenda to bring this into a defensive approach towards the entire matter of the immigrants threats from the past are becoming the true reality of the present and rising again but we must pay attention to the fact that today we have more reasons not only under symmetry them but also what is going on with the european approach to the borders questions and to the immigration question. also on sunday. donald
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trump were among the heads of state attending world war one commemorations in this while the two didn't have an actual meeting they still managed to grab headlines for what was described as over friendly body language and hawkins discussed the reaction with r.t. america host scott anal hughes. this time they're actually being very tight lipped in fact this weekend that was something very uncharacteristic of a trumpet mystery of it is that we didn't have a lot of details we didn't have a behind the scenes being leaked out to the new york times the washington post which makes me think that possibly the leaks might have been locked down or more importantly we're talking about such serious issues that even those who might have played would have passed through i was going to not in the best interest of either credit or any of the parties involved hundreds of speeches of course there was a lot of media speculation on both sides from from the american and russian side and in the end the believe the president should lead you to the reason why it didn't go ahead was pretty much out of respect for the french they didn't want this
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to happen. probably probably a good idea as we discussed i think it's a good idea but i think it's not only just out of respect for the french who are your host out of respect for the reason why they were here to honor the veterans across the world international they gave their lives for world war one in all the conflicts going on i think it actually had been very inappropriate for president putin president to meet together and i think they actually showed very good respect for each other more probably the soldiers that were being honored this weekend by choosing not to take the time attention away from them and the meeting itself was was quite brief foods and said yes there was a meeting but was there really any more to it than the you know. in the back that we saw at the. top some pleasantries and reaching this change do we know any more was there any juicy details coming out of that said there is a juicy details because for once both gentlemen did exactly i think what the world didn't expect them to do for so long both of them have been characterized as one in drama and having all the attention on them and this time they actually about the
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tension to be right where it was and for that i think a lot of people unfortunately that seem to have a negative view of president putin and president are disappointed they wanted to see some sort of chaos they wanted to be able to throw insults after them and say look at what they did but the truth is both men acted exactly as good representative of their country this week and. now it is rare if a double visitor brought occurs with protests. was no exception. sites familiar to londoners here a giant balloon depicting trump as a baby was seen flying over the french capital protesters slammed his immigration and foreign policies and said they're growing weary of the us president. disgraced america and we think that time does not represent american people professional he's not somebody that i would look at you in any shape or form and i
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just think you know he's putting america he's not a french issue is a global issue and that's why we're here protesting he's not welcome here he's not welcome anywhere obviously there are lots of other problems in the world and one of the things that's upsetting me about trump is that he's distracting us from these other issues historian peter because nick told us he's not surprised that in such an obvious fear from been put in decided to set aside any talks. they were there to commemorate the now hundredth anniversary of the end of world war one so it does make sense that they were going to postpone that meeting since they'll have another opportunity very shortly but the world is in a serious situation now and we need to be speaking to each other we cut country after country conducting the largest military exercises the largest war games in decades how this should not be forgotten the broader context is that the world is rapidly sliding into war again so the lessons of the commemoration of world war one
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that cast you for that horrific war which tens of millions of people died which upset the international order which paved the way to even more terrible things that were going to come we have to learn the lessons the problem is that our leaders don't learn the lessons of history. not for those watching us from the u.k. i'm wearing a blue tie today now that may seem obvious of course to many a few but more than fifty years after the first color broadcast fisons in do you still watch their screens in black and white according to a t.v. licensing report.
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clementine a pile of cheesy slop stuffed inside the fin orange show in the suits unexpired bottle of sunny delights if you eat too many carrot you turn orange he'll be out and if you turn really orange you have to start saying crazy things and run for president the word is not the new black. if you. get it.
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ok to another story generating a lot of interest today a u.s. federal judge has ordered prison officials in illinois to reconsider a transgender woman's the night request to be moved to a women's prison it comes after the inmate took legal action against the state's correctional department reportedly claiming that she's treated like a sex slave in men's facilities twenty six year old dion strawberry humped and is currently serving a ten year sentence for burglary she say she's faced sexual abuse in all four of the men's prisons she's been held in i'm going to her previous request for transfer it denied but argues that she would be safer in a women's prison or a lawyer has praised the federal judge's intervention. this is an important step not only for school but in general for transgender woman imprisoned across the nation well the u.s. department of corrections which is responsible for the supervision of inmates say that makes every possible effort to safeguard vulnerable prisoners the illinois
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department of corrections maintains a strict zero tolerance policy towards all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment the department carefully considers housing assignments and the unique needs of offenders who identify as transgender. we discuss the u.s. prisons policy towards transgender people with rights activist anthony rogers writes on firstly a political commentator steve malzberg trump administration recently loosened and change regulations that came down under the obama administration they say that if you're if you're judged on what you are based on your biological sex ok so this person that we're talking about in chicago in illinois though i would be judged a male under the trumpet ministration and the reason it was changed is because female prisoners in texas had a similar situation and they sued they didn't want a transgender male who said he was
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a woman coming to their prison they said it was an invasion of their property that you keep everybody safe but you don't start making accommodations special accommodations and gender dysphoria is accepted by the american medical association in american psychological association as distress from gender assignment at birth so this isn't just something that people are doing for fun this is a recognized medical condition based on science based on research and decent study so it's very very important that we try and more informed about the very specific issues that are affecting transgender people nationwide free marketing about personality people twenty people how much money do you want to spend how many special provisions you want to make in a system that probably doesn't have enough money in the first place for twenty people you need to keep everybody say if but you can start making special provisions to anybody who says that they feel like there are there were women when they were met born a man could be classified as trans gender whether they mean it or don't mean it i
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mean you have to consider the masses as opposed to the twenty people involved. well that's a very very dangerous. mode of speaking i happen to be from a what is referred to as a minority class and just because white people are in the majority does not mean that as an african-american or a light next person that we should be subjected to white supremacy secondly it's hard for he said i haven't seen a lot of the letter that you're talking about what our earth are you talking about white supremacy if i could if i could just finish it's hard for me to have sympathy for the prison system not having enough money when they were able to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to the donald trump campaign all the time prisoners regular president men and men in male prison is all raped or attacked or pekin that's terrible so anyone that wants a transfer out they're going to get the same treatment as this transgender no they're not i mean prison is a tough place it's awful everyone should be safe but that doesn't mean that spec
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actual privileges should be granted to people who claim that they're transgender it's just not fair instances of violence is not a a function of preferential treatment it is a function of safety we also have special provisions for younger inmates we have special provisions for and mates who are proven to be suffering from mental health illness it's not a preferential treatment it's about keeping these people alive and that is actually in the best interest of these prison systems who are using these people for cheap or free labor anyway. the bank did go on for quite some time fears growth in the democratic republic of congo over the country's worst break of ebola the details coming up after this.
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when lawmakers manufacture consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the road signals. to leave the room dream real meaning is really. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to press. the to the right to the press this is like the fourth tree in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of our. question.
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let's start back enough for care where the united nations is warning of the rising death toll from an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo the disease which causes internal bleeding spreads rapidly house already taken two hundred lives in a matter of months officials say it's the worst outbreak in the country's history according to the health ministry a vaccination program has so far enough to meet in iran twenty five thousand people since the outbreak started in august doctors say more lives could be saved if medical teams didn't face direct threats to their lives from armed groups active in the region picking up the story as you patrol. your new cell phone a necklace you just bought and a bowl of you might have forgotten the name of that deadly disease but there could
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be a connection between the three i'll explain in a sec this is the democratic republic of congo in the heart of africa that's where you find a lot of the pricey resources that the high tech and jewelry industries are after but who's in control of all that the legal extraction of me little's shot of cool and landline is school violence in a number of regions in the democratic republic of congo it is that i did almost a billion dollars in revenue for rebels and criminal groups the country's politics has been a violent mess for over twenty years now adays a new a bowl outbreak is making things worse for locals in only a few months it took the lives of almost two hundred people the health ministry says they've never had to deal with outbreaks of that scale and with armed thugs running the show in parts of the republic doctors are losing confidence in their
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own efforts i do think this is one of the challenges we'll have to see whether we're able to contain control and the current. within the current security situation after all even the brave us doctors don't want to risk their lives when they're under constant threat of being taken out at times it's just physically impossible to reach the affected areas on a harmed if we just look at the figures this belgian research center even stepped on the tremendous effort to map mining sites as well as our presence and in their most recent report day identified more than two townsend's mine sites in eastern alone. which gould being the most important ones when they found it over eighty percent of my mix were going in gold and some gold is it's more difficult to control and about sixteen percent of the miners were grouped in three mines and about whole of these miners were in regulated tweetie mine so so three eighteen
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months covered by that it's keep program so that good supermarket an idea about the magnitude of the sector and some of the proportionally very small but that's covered by the international regulatory initiatives but as we've heard from the un top man business means money does find its way into the fighters hands well back in two thousand and ten in america this law came into being and businesses were obliged to tell us if their products contained so-called conflict minerals from the democratic republic of congo reputation risks are to joke it comes out in a number of reports that are highlighted with the press on the companies that are doing little or no activity at all there is some companies that used to reports that are no longer reporting and so there is no reputational risk for them to be
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seen as lag not doing enough to ensure that they are not feeling any of the. conflict in the d.n.a. if we put bureaucracy nuts and bolts of side in april last year the legislation was basically suspended while some companies have kept playing by the old rules others could have found a handy loophole for themselves regarding the. big name brands in the manufacturing companies that i would buy a cell phone or a computer or a car for i do have influence there some of the richest companies in the world and they have the ability to work with their suppliers and work through their supply chain and have that assurance that they're not causing any distraction or violence against people you know or the planet. ok switching gears now with the netflix streaming service may find itself one
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hundred fifty million dollars off of pocket to a satan worshipping cult nothing supernatural here though just your regular copyright this beaut.
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well we asked netflix to comment this maybe add some meat to those claims but it's say the litigation process is currently underway and could not talk on the matter further ok let's cross over a few doors daryn to our studio because sophie shevardnadze is waiting let's find out who's in the hot seat today and sophie on code this is our international. seemed wrong. why don't we just don't. get to shape out just they become educated and indeed equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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in a world of big. lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is on offense very dramatic development only really going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and
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talk. welcome to sophie shevardnadze political divisions risk shaking their fragile six hour imbalance in lebanon can the country stand firm with this syrian war still raging right across the border today i talked to the former prime minister of lebanon siniora. lebanon is sitting on a gun powder keg of buried civil war hatred mire deep in a months long political stalemate.


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