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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 12, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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in this country which really starts as a result of the arab spring where the moving slowly perhaps towards democracy and we see the arab spring which promises democracy and they don't like it so they decide that they're going to set a face against them to try and undermine the possibility of democracy in their country or they would say standing up for you a traditions and people will know the u.a.e. is a dubai is a tourist destination and so they spent a lot has been a lot of money particular in this country to try and marginalize the opposition and that country and also in this country so they try to pressurize the british government for example to investigate the muslim brothers and british government exceeded to that amount they pressured them in particular by threatening to withhold b.p. contracts threatening possibility of three billion systems contracts so there was a lot of arm twisting and. bribery essentially and i think this is not standard lobbying i guess but this is what they did in order to get their political demands
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and the political among the particular to encourage the idea that the muslim brotherhood is a threat to democracy everywhere that it's a terrorist organization which is plainly absurd to in terms of the party it should say one should say. of course it was worded in this day. and so there was an attempt then to try and marginalize to that encourage a whole lot of essentially islamophobia ideas about the role of muslims in public life try to marginalize muslims in public life but the thing that shocked me the most and i'm kind of used to conservatives being islamophobia but then we turn it turns out that quite a lot of this is actually being pushed by the united arab emirates in a way which anyway it's the israeli lobby in the same kind of tactics not surely in the end we discovered the same thing tanks being employed by the us funded by by the zionist movement by the israel people in this country and in others they denies any. idea any accusation of bribery i'm sure they probably say carrot and stick but
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you also have e-mails in this report suggesting that the chair of the u.k. foreign affairs select committee told me to get an old friend of this show because he quoting now a treasury official they were talking it well the they targeted the whole range of political movers and shakers yes in parliament the foreign affairs committee yes and the conservative middle east which is funded largely by the e.u. we also you know the cabinet and the prime minister david cameron and they much wider than you know journalists think tanks a whole range of political let's talk or sit in a one eyes i mean they're the buckley brothers telegraph peace talks getting the muslim brotherhood. and you see that is coming from the lobbying activity well it was very senior people from the who we know we've got the emails who were systematically briefing key journalists who they thought would be sympathetic towards when white politely called islamophobia going on these issues and that they
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did a lot briefings and a lot of things came as a result of some of the stuff i guess the journalists might have done by themselves without the help them through the journalist would just say yeah i believe they got a lot of help to do some of those things and so they say yeah it was an also an attempt to try and marginalize those journalists who were students critical of the . democratic politics so they talked to people in the b.b.c. arabic service who they didn't like to try and get them sucked there's a whole range of dissidents in this country who got asylum in this country who they drew up they got the loving cup company that he hired in in london to drop to what is going to be a. yes crew other and he's not there anymore with the ex foreign affairs official gerald russell he used to there was tony blair's point of the nine eleven that's right here so obviously the media you know inside the foreign office and then worked very closely with the much of this like to know what is the point of this no
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wrongdoing but these journalists and politicians should be declaring this is the public that they're well of course they'd be the rules on disclosure which should be used but it's not just a question of disclosure is when you put all this together you're seeing strong arm tactics to manage and manipulate in century some fart traditions of british democracy and i you know there are many problems of british democracy but this is an extraordinary range and depth of activity which had concrete influence you know the setting up of an inquiry into the muslim brotherhood came as a result only if he was a specific outcome which they got by threatening economic bribery essentially we'll get the government's view on that i'm sure they'll say that they had other accusations but as you say the subversion of democracy then all the white a geo political scale connects directly. world peace itself. being the u.s. pro trump line i should say the emirates are different policies arguably to be which is the capital. in the violation of un resolutions they're lying
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the same as the israelis lying. brotherhood to qatar and there until iran and they've encouraged and continued to encourage along with their neighbors the saudis . hatred of those countries in an attempt to move against those countries of which you know that the trump decision to reintroduce sanctions in iran is part of the agenda because the world's worst humanitarian crisis is the moment yemen is the last. britain and saudi arabia speaking about this is the he is in the lead. to runs the motor and is the mentor and the mentee the she is m.p.'s he runs saudi arabia he was put into place by by them they expended extreme political capsule we see you know this from the e-mails from a table at the. us which shows that they were backing up in the early days and b.s. and trying to say was he he said reform or all these interesting things will happen
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and that they are behind been directing in a way the saudi what we saw when we see what's happened with the saudis the merger of. cetera and we see the activities of the saudis and tarnishing around for example the new t.v. channel iran international which is run by the saudis through through a front group. part of the same strategy which is to try and demonize marginalize iran so as you say these are have significant consequences for world peace it's not just a question of you know perhaps slightly corrupting lobbying practices i'm talking someone would say he appointed moment been silent as the crown prince david miller thank you well while britain sides with the u.a.e. and saudi arabia and yemen. and as long been accused of being the u.s.a.'s poodle in afghanistan iraq libya and syria one of its commonwealth nations this week faces a dilemma with iran collins' nuclear armed pakistan take i.m.f. money or turn to saudi arabia and china or both joining me now via skype from the pakistani capital is former minister of state chairman of pakistan's border
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investment names i mean diaries now c.e.o.'s coming to our capital one thanks for coming back on the show how would you characterize then the nature of pakistan's talks this week with the i.m.f. i think it's a good start it's important at least we're out of the what right have enough funding for at least the next twelve months from china and saudi arabia gives us a lot of space in negotiating room without a mess i want to get on to jagger and saudi arabia but as you know around the developing world the i.m.f. doesn't have that going to reputation and usually calls for mass privatization as a loan condition is that what pakistan is going to do under imran khan the government has been. you know first of all you structure a lot of the student braces before you broder and the steel below the. national lines decided they would restructure it so it's been made a public you know it's very hard to negotiate a good driver deisel gas but was it easier or more low how you what what would the
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government should be in business anyway yeah but there's a story in the japanese financial times saying that there are going to be loads of privatizations but i understand terry in safa successfully stopped steel privatisation in the past few days that's right they haven't really stopped to do what they've said is they need to restructure it make sure that you're going to buy ability which becomes invested well and becomes an engine for growth rather than you know an impudent some people that say arguably the companies are never ready public service is another never ready for privatization of door but why go for the i.m.f. the bretton woods washington institution when there's so much the attraction it seems from the brics countries russian telecoms investment. chinese investment there any need to go with the i.m.f. only one of the reasons to go to the m.f. is to send a signal to all the global markets stable to really create a platform to get more investment we are already voice for crude
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pakistanis eight percent or more crude street to accommodate all its young people right there is no other with this point some critics say the near liberal privatization policies lead to inequality we saw that in the benazir bhutto's premiership do you not think that the area i'd be bank which wouldn't perhaps specify this kind of privatization known condition would be a better bet i think we could take all the funding we can get. i don't think privatisation we do all you generate a lot i.m.s. and therefore i think there will be some accommodation on both sides you know one of the reasons presumably is because the six million dollars from saudi arabia what do you make of the pakistani parliament voting against sending pakistani troops to the u.k. bags out the coalition in the world's worst humanitarian crisis in yemen i think this gearbox of what for that and we've said you'd be our neutral. in this region but one thing you've done is you know just you would do to all sides
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if you told the saudis that if you are attacked you are there to support you and defend you i think there was real concern on saudis part in terms of their national security. from that boy do you through i did them a backstop yeah but of course in nato nations all we hear about is the control ji murder in in istanbul taking six billion dollars from saudi arabia at this point in time we've got a close relationship. is this and we've got to move forward to those issues that are beyond our control we cannot influence what happens to us central. some much larger word the. differently. but on up your focus of our son's future and this was important for us and just to your knowledge any meetings with liam fox the. cabinet member here about breaks it deals with pakistan so it is
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a fifth most populated country in the word so huge market opportunity issue when we move from a low income to be didn't treat it where you strong the services for national service especially. this is what box i mean it's a very strong diaspora one point two million people about saudi origin in the united kingdom and that's you know that's a very strong relationship debatable lens on and i thank you thank you after the break what links farrell tommy robinson and the i.d.f. we speak to award winning hip hop artist and activist cokie all this more coming up in part two going underground.
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it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at ash was a german company develops in the denied a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby if anything paul. she said is just. minix and i don't mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. during the. thirty years lebanon has been subject to six invasions from israel. six invasions. practically every i mean every five years we are having. one and this
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is definitely the kind of thing you have never. welcome back the last twenty four hours of mainstream media were filled by juries i'm a consistent voter for bombing iraq syria and libya and voter against strengthening the military government laying a wreath to remember one hundred years since i was just a joining me now is hip hop artist and activist loki let's take the political must as mistresses a b. and. d. is the point with world war one is our feel that there is in a systemic way an attempt to withdraw people's capacity for critical thinking so if we look at really the basis of britain entering world war one there are five justifications for it and all of them can quite easily be debunked so number one
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the thing that we are told is that britain legally obliged to. guarantee the neutrality of belgium through the london treaty that was signed in one thousand thirty's when in actuality as has been proved by dominic sandbrook that was a right rather than a legal obligation number one number two there is this perception that somehow if kaiser wilhelm was to get into france then the second was to get into france it would be an absolute disaster that while germany and france went to war in eighteen seventy one one hundred fifty thousand people died that is of course catastrophic but that's nothing compared to twenty million people dying number three is the idea and buts. and russell actually has an amazing quote when he says the british and the french say they're fighting for democracy don't let them hear that in st petersburg in calcutta because the point was is that in britain only eighteen percent of the male population could vote but in germany twenty two percent of
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men's population could vote so the enemy was more democratic and i know you mentioned the line about bertrand russell the real british philosopher in the new song of yes yes i mean and also you know there's the argument that it was the difference of small nations but that belgium had been in the congo and cause over ten million deaths ok and britain walk you point twelve million seven hundred thousand miles of the globe so how does that work if you look at the other argument was that it was about securing british naval supremacy well it's clear that actually these reports had come from a gentleman working for coventry ordinance company that were basically creating these ideas that the germans were in some way had these secret plans to overcome the british but that was debunked to the point that winston churchill came out and said actually that was a lie besides in one thousand twenty two after world war one britain in the washington navy treaty with the united states and japan basically submitted the seas to some extent to these other two powers moreover if we actually to look at
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what it was really about it was about extending british colonial power because britain at the beginning of the war q by twelve million seven hundred thousand miles of the globe by the end they occupied fourteen million miles of the globe and of course it was largely to do with the middle east and the oil that was there because you know in one thousand nine they had found the anglo iranian oil company and they saw that moving from coal to petrol to oil would be something that would be advantageous to them you know and that was the way it was just a these are themes brought out in the song called you're going to play that the end of the show a mistake by the powers that be mainstream media in this country that they avoid what you're talking about well i think. i think and something really interesting about that time is that you had a conglomerate led by alfred noble the inventor of dynamite it was called the noble trust and what it was is it was three british arms companies and four german arms companies and what it was done was it was done in order to decrease competition
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between them and they were all shareholders in the same company so for the first two years of world war one you had german shareholders making money off of german debts and for the first two years of world war one you had british shareholders making money off of british debts so what i find quite interesting is the continuities between the world of the arms trade number one in world war one but number two in this to ality in the way they behave you know of course we saw m b d a which is an arms company that multinational american would be a systems as well they actually won in both sides in the libyan war in two thousand and eleven so this constantly repeats itself this kind of version of different will get their views but i'm sure they get in themselves by saying libya was an early in their brief moment when tony blair was a great friend a good effie's yeah yeah i mean i don't know whether you think you can get there or response yet so aside from that history of a world war one we're having a poppy debate here in the job lloyd's of manchester united condemned even though
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it's going to yugoslavia of course was destroyed by nato britain taking part under john major surprises that even more recent conflicts cannot be. really addressed when it comes to a football player not wanting to wear the british legion puppy well i mean the whole basis for the poppy originally was put forward from a poem in which the implication was that if you don't continue fighting then you're in bad faith of the people that died and lady hague who is the wife of one of the disgraced figures in the british military because of his sub par performance during world war two frankly she was the person she was the person that came up with the idea of using. the poppy to guarantee national unity at a time when britain was considered to be ripe with revolution in fairness to the poor people they have removed the hague from the black bit inside the poppy and yeah arguably to distance themselves from alleged you know on the issue of the
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british legion their president was in two thousand and twelve investigated by the sunday times and was forced to step down because it came out that he'd offered his services as an arms lobbyist to people he believed to be arms dealers from korea you know you have be a systems involved in the poppy ball previously you have fails setting up shop and arms company french arms company at westminster chub station you have not keyed martin also sponsoring another ball for general remember and stay in the celebration of these things you know the point is that on companies had the same interest then as they have now and that is making money and imbue a people with n m o d and be a system sponsored conception of the past in order for them to think less critically about the present in the past few days there has been an iconic photograph from palestine and people comparing it to david versus goliath what do you make of the david in that picture may have been shot by
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a british made. straight with israel as a record why do you think it's not really debated the british of israel because i feel that you know palestinians have been rendered kind of expendable and people you know they are collateral damage to the relationship which is considered a red line in the british establishment unfortunately the recording artist notably recording artist for real and others have been raising tens of millions for idea of funds for veterans of the israeli defense forces and there's a connection between federal and tony robinson on the right here and well interestingly robert shelmon is the former he was on the board of directors for the friends of the israel defense force they are the forces they are. the biggest international donor to the i.d.f. you know just last year i think it was seventy two million dollars they donated but according to lucy brown who's an ex employee of tommy robinson told me robinson was receiving ten thousand pounds per month from robert showmen as
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a showman fellow so here we see a connection in another interesting connection between tommy robes in israel is of course middle east forum and you know director of middle east forum is gentleman called greg roman a former employee of the israeli foreign ministry and the israeli defense ministry and middle east for of course fund the. legal fees and also the free tommy campaign and protests which of course had people chasing police down the street wednesday is another silent march for grand lots of news about toxic soil and other elements but the papers and the media particularly fascinated by the pulling activities of a group of people on november the fifth what did you make of the ground for the legacy what i think the really important thing here is not to deemphasize the recent victories that have been had by the campaign so number one was the victory and particularly you know we can attribute it to go ahead he who is
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a member of the bereaved in the community who tirelessly since the fire took it point himself to lobby the housing minister which changed i think about three times but eventually they made a concession which was to change building regulations to now a one and a two level of flammability is required in the construction industry that was something that he had to prise from the government really against their will be seen by some as pretty small victories given that we're hearing the use of toxic of the all the oil around i mean i think we're going to be safe on wednesday even during the silent march one that i know you know of course i mean as someone that lives directly there is something deeply deeply worrying for us but i think. at the same time we should also at the same time as being cognizant about the risks to people and about the many many different ways in which that disaster has manifested in difficult ways and in dangerous ways into our lives to also appreciate that
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there is a dialectic process and a push and pull factor at work and that the people that since the fire were transformed into safety campaigners are actually working for the whole country you know we are struggling on behalf of everyone including in fact those people that made that ridiculous and hideous and horrifying video you know we are struggling for the safety of everyone in this country and i think the sooner that people come to that realisation and see themselves in the bereaved and the grieving in the area then the better just as ongoing of course in yemen the. assassination of doing that was just a blip or do you think the british government may actually stop the training of pilots well i mean of course historically it's believed that mark curtis has written about this britain were involved in a coup in saudi arabia to bring king face up to the throne in the sixty's as far as
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i understand so it's not outside the realms of possibility that he would now currently be somewhat surrounded by some mechanisms that would attempt to move from out of power but at the same time i do think it is unlikely you look at the you know the killing of jemaah one of the most telling things for me in the british concept context was the hypocrisy of the islamophobia industry because surely if you're one of these main superstars of the islamophobia industry that we have your main point of. concentration would be be a systems selling you know almost i think five billion pounds were. of weapons the saudi government you know surely you would be aiming your resistance towards the british government since they have people from the british military helping with targeting actually in the operation theaters with the saudis where they're targeting people people in yemen but yet it seems these people these charlatans and
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sycophants are merely mercenaries for the one percent they want to direct people's islamophobia in a horizontal direction rather than in a vertical direction of course there has been cause now for people to come together and you know and talk and cease fires and whatnot you know this is after the united states have made huge huge amounts of money in weapons deals you know that trump has been the main ambassador for and of course it's after you know the british policy which has continued from philip. you know tourism is there. and her position is well you know they they have made their money they've made their human blood money unfortunately blokey thank you loki and karim come out with their song refused to kill and that's it for the show we're back on wednesday when minority government leaders resume responds to bricks it questions as britain's parliament reconvenes a deal then keep it out to a social media will see on wednesday six years to the day the i.d.f. launched operation pillar of defense which u.n.h.c.r.
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claim took the lives of one hundred seventy four by the students including ten members of the family here is. with refused to kill whew. hew. you. know not. what. you. use them we talk about militancy you do risk to form a team mentality using how the system is savagery of sanity in charge of the fallacy. they feed you this is for the quakers that were bad before take your church your boss in the prison he survived before support should be chipped to by society for ever so concealed is the real you miss the real your version sober feel this is the conviction will say i was aware it was murder this is the tradition two
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thousand and three was searching for terms a want to be anybody's was searching for some he says the feet in the store to load in this is to each which for me died in jail she did and she said her eyes then they are sort of human new reasons their words the sun the conscience will soon be illusions of freedom there were few still to kill with the fiction you care the incident where. i was you just a man i'm with you is to. refuse to be. i want you to marry. i with you and i. care already because without a mention a parliament a your nation talk in off the woods it was offered and considered belgium was god in the eyes as we current of incense and kill fellow workers by which a clause abroad was meant to ask the board is infamous early church school system
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is a physical way it remains financial discipline cinquanta from the strangest of variables don't for no memento bondage to time to gauge is this man's or women's peace crusade question you should be for girl in the way it is that life is fly in the green girl with the real heroes of van dam or gram borders shut the seat down and man the each children good as gone there with one of them a for a feeling to meet the goals of and against their families that sylvia is reaching for the legacy of kindness that makes jill and then they can just walk away from signing her this man and. i will view. you as the. man. you used. to.
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you know world of big partisan movies lot face and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. is the idea of peace in yemen and also trump is insulted the europeans might defend
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themselves and russia gate front and center budget. italy has a peace conference aimed at putting an end to the years long conflict in libya but the countries involved all reserves acting as a magnet to those vying for a share of the resources. of. the turmoil on the israeli border as israeli jets strike the gaza strip in response to heavy rocket fire two palestinians have died in the attacks. on the truck. and students and teachers pull into the streets of paris to show that distasteful press.


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