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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 12, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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during the past thirty is lebanon has been subject to six invasions from israel. six invasions. practically every. five years we are having. one and this is definitely coming to you have never. join me every day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics or. i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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a low in welcome across or all things are considered i'm peter lavelle is the idea of peace in yemen and a theatrical also trump is insulted the europeans might defend themselves and russia gate front and center again. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst with sputnik international and we have these and he is a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of the decay of western civilization and resurgence of russia all right as usual german cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i would let me go to you first here donald trump went to paris for the. ceremonies commemorating the end of the first world war the bringing of peace. yes after that carnage of four wars
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four years and twenty million dead in twenty million casualties. he felt insulted that his host president mccrone in france proposed a real european army very insulting to really insulting peter considering he trims very dismissive attitude towards nato in a number of ways how do you respond to it well. normally what would you clear russia should be insulted because actually here's what you said faced with russia which is that our borders and has shown that it can be a threat we need a europe which you fail to itself better without just depending or do without the states in a more sober in manner and of course so what we're globalists is kind of interesting coming out of his mo who is threatened here you know if you want to build a european army against the united states no against russia he says it quite openly and i think it's a disgrace one hundred years after the war in which france and russia were on the
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same site in which millions of russians date he says it russia which is know it all borders he forgets to mention why russia is at the borders of the european union it's not because russia expend it is because nato and the european union expend that not paying any attention to any concerns that russia might might graze about it only mention russia did he also wanted to you know this is a series of russia china and we all are fearing the imminent chinese invasion of europe on the other side of the world i know i am right you know trying these troops are about to disembark and you know in normandy i've been pretty sure but he also mentioned the united states and even the united states he said that talking about the need to defend against that this talk is simply trying to put on warhawk credentials come on france can't even pay two percent. of its g.d.p.
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according to nato structures and he's talking up a european union army like this here i think and what i want to talk about also the reports that mcchrystal did not want putin interim glenn job. also said this is not a new idea though it's actually here i'll share with you here the national interest last week wrote an article that article washington smothers independent european security issues the entire history of it since one thousand nine hundred one six months after the soviet union collapsed. in germany for the petersburg task force which was the purpose was to develop military capabilities for their opinion now they were able to strike a compromise with the united states in which they would have a clear division of labor usually nato would do the interventionist in the nations and the the e.u. would do the dishes and then do the peacekeeping or the training so bad cop i mean oh yeah yeah i'm going to solve the one but i would hold it equal. to the u.s.
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military go in there but what has happened now of course is there's been more push for a new army because trump is alienated europeans and they would come through forget that the british has been the main want to obstruct in the army and now with brics it they're pretty much out of the way and from france they've been pushing for all the to develop the security initiative outside new structures and the germans would like to bring it in so you have all these different incentives for developing the army about. i think also an important point is that the e.u. is through the struggling for its existence now the purpose the reason why people join to use political and economic reasons and economically it's flopping is going from crisis to crisis so i think there is a need now to actually get a new purpose for the u.s. and it looks like that's pivoting to what israel is there any indication even that the europeans want to have their own army well it depends on what your opinion on the name of the elite something you don't know we'll the europeans normal europeans i think see no threat from russia. their sequel the wars in the middle east they
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don't want to europe to support these surgeons in syria they don't want europe to ball believe beer in order to kill their qaddafi and plunge the country into the civil war but it will look at what has been going on since one thousand nine hundred two the european union actually started more was the united states i remember how how the whole thing in libya started it was not the united states it was such a crazy and the french planes that boarded first. how did the yugoslav war began begin there was a large you can look more which said some people think that the united states started all of this no paris a lot of them asked you know they will or the united states to go together with them in india it was like that in course of the united states was providing air support the ground operation was conducted by european troops if you look at the history of european union since one thousand nine hundred two they didn't make peace with any of you know the united states at least improved relations with cuba
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somewhat now trump is destroying you with that the only quarreled with russia with yugoslavia with libya with syria with iran with anyone who objects so basically and the one that called which he is saying that europe needs to be kind of for a defensive play against the united states more than one hundred thirty i'm just you know i mean is this is this something is this some kind of gambit that mcchrystal is playing right now because i don't i don't see there's a lot of political goodwill and certainly no political guts and there's certainly no funding for such a thing this is widely a political move and we could just to dismiss this as. you know across this version of news and fact i think a lot of this is simply a way of striding striking back against trump's criticisms of and demanding that european countries spend more on their defense as part of nato strong. no let's
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remember all the european countries have their own national armies most of them you know in significant except of course for like france and the united kingdom. if you sit or if turkey is not part of the e.u. of course but it's part of nato right. and they also are also part of nato structures but they still can't most of them all but five of them can't even spend two percent of their g.d.p. on the military in fact this may actually be the discussions of it may actually be a way to cut the military spending because france and the united kingdom have previously in the last three before brags that of course been involved in cooperation where they share military resources. because they can't afford you know this global type militaries you know the capable of power projection around the world and you know this is what the european union you know these countries like france are really concerned about it's not defending their own
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countries it's being able to project military power in africa in the middle east in aid right we recently saw a united kingdom. usually french troops involved in the south china sea right in these military parades that you know the u.s. is putting on their saber rattling against china so i don't think we should take talk of an e.u. army seriously if anything this is just the way for him to try to hit back strong i mean let's say in an imaginary world because nato is certainly not going to go away any time soon but in an imaginary world where if there is this rift growing rift between the e.u. and the united states would european elites still consider russia a threat because you'd have to go through a threat analysis here and because a lot of it is driven by russia is driven by the united states mccrone can pick up on it but. i'm basically convinced that the europeans would want to actually engage
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russia in terms of security and not deeming it is a as an enemy i don't necessarily agree because if you look at what the european union's done in terms of economic numbers times when they looked at how to engage with the neighbors of the common neighborhood house with russia it has always used tools such as such as eastern partnership which excludes the russians when they have now reached trying to reach further into eurasia they want to mention here is an economic union so this kind of dismissiveness some approach some of the europeans would like to take on the idea of being a military. competitor to russia you're telling me that no i'm saying that they have no interest in harmonizing their interests and integration efforts with or with russia i think one wants and i'm not i'm not saying that but i don't know what i'm saying is it will be deemed the same kind of enemy ok militarily. some military power stuff becomes the reasons for a reason for the u. texas to come take another so this is a this is the defense of the european union ok it's not but new nato that is
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expanding to the east though by hook or crook we have to remember that the current crisis in ukraine was precipitated not by nato expansion yet right not by military move but by the e.u. graph going to me a liberal shock therapy diktats of an e.u. association agreement and when at the last minute the ukrainian president yannick which backed down because he wasn't getting the billions in funding he expected to be able to finance these deep deal liberal shock therapy cuts and said no not now not under these conditions and because that is when the european countries in the us openly quite openly on the streets of kiev to crowds cheering for the overthrow of the government they actively participated in that if that's not meddling. i don't know what this is german foreign minister there chairman of the
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union parliament this head of the european diplomacy catherine ashton they were cheering they were supporting then the peaceful protesters who capital punishment you know what is meant in if not this and again you know this praise from across that everyone keeps me schooled at micro said that basically we should be wary all the poorest of the united states that can threaten europe security is one of these voices where mount trump won the election unexpectedly in two thousand and sixteen and trump won't draw missing peace with russia what was the reaction from europe. not that ok we know what to say i got to get over the break here hold on to that thought ok we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real estate with our.
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you know world of big partisan mob and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten by color timestamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be. bridge eight point six percent market saw
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a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remembering one one showed you know for the mid one and only. during the past thirty years lebanon has been subject to six invasions from israel. six invasions. practically every day every five years we are having. one let's say and this is definitely coming to help leverage. welcome across like we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you
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we're discussing some real news. or let me go back to glenn here is finish up on the trump being insulted in mccrone . trying to be the new son king of europe i just want to make the point that i don't think the european union really believes that russian tanks are going to roll into poland but but my my point is that based existence on the e.u. based on military threats than the huge russian neighbor is going to be a key focus as a comparison i think it's worth looking at nato in the early ninety's because when the soviet union collapsed what happened in nato with nato that self said we need to either get out of the area or out of business out of the recession meant we need to start expanding intervening. if you don't do this with a higher purpose and more in and they too will fall apart my problem of the. becomes dependent becomes reposition itself as
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a military power dissension will go down the same path they will it will need and then in order to exist if that is russia if more crowd wants to exert to express european solver and t. from the united states and other countries may i suggest that he starts not with the military but with political and intelligence independence from the united states i mean i certainly remember in the last couple of years revelations through wiki leaks that the cia had penetrated every single significant french political party right not worry about russian naggers about the cia and french political parties or when obama's intelligence was bugging merkel's bulbul followed right where was the big reaction against that you want to start expressing some sovereignty and independence try doing it with your intelligence and politically you know we're going to finish up and it was basically recognized by the united
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states that they need to download radios or phone conversations over the french and the spanish so what the problem is you know when you're talking about you're a been dependent on the united states you have to you have to make it more clear which you later states obama and hillary they're reviewed in their in their liberal ultra liberal circles in europe ruled in circles in europe before any of these people come back to power russia will have a united front against you know this will be all forgotten exactly and there is a very widespread view in russia that somehow the united states is bad and the united europe may be good for russia well let me remind the russians that there were two times in history when you were like that military under not bordello and under hitler both times the consequences for russia what prejudiced from that switch gears here. i started out by the program program saying asking the. the idea of peace in yemen and i think all glenn i mean there was
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a lot of rhetoric over the last few weeks but now the demand that it be you say should have some kind of past of all the hostilities in yemen have gone on deaf ears the punishment for shogi is still to be revealed. and the united states is said i don't think it's happened get that it will no longer refuel saudi planes in yemen is it was this all just p.r. it's just business as usual war in yemen yeah i think it's mostly for signaling of course with this murder in the consulate a lot of the u.s. media discovered that there's a war in yemen and you know while we're not amazing we're going to be watching this program but you've been watching this program you know it all the time but you're correct it's often portrayed as a saudi war against women but it's very much for us us the war against him because the united states provides the weapons the training isn't just refuse logistics
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just intelligence most importantly the targeting is what lead gives to target so this is pretty much pulled the trigger and. that's the end of it so i think. this this this idea that the united states come to more to the saudis is false but that's because the u.s. has a stake in the outcome of this war as well so i don't i think this is mostly a signal and congress is pushing for it probably the most is pushing for the most dreadful signal that has come out is that the trumpet ministration may designate the who'd be as terrorists i mean that's if that isn't mixed signals ok pompei of the war most come to an end and then the state department in the defense department may designate the victims in this war as being terrorists i mean i. it is i don't know and definition of terrorism they're talking to clear those who are thieves terrorists and not saudi arabia right i mean we had a quote from the washington. post this week that you are smilin teary leaders
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continue to see saudi arabia as a key partner in the counterterrorism fight that has dominated the pentagon operations two thousand one hundred of us those of us orwellian according to the. clinton e-mails us intelligence says that saudi arabia and qatar are war funding and arming isis al qaida. and boko haram so i mean who is also to the terrorism here now this is just dumb this is absolutely is glenn so this is just signaling this is the minimum step they can take to try to drive our degree of public perception remove they continue to provide arms see for i am. going to go to this all as usual about iran saudi arabia is absolutely necessary with america's pathological obsession with iran.
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and with iran and i don't think the united states itself as a country is interested in all of this mass but let's look at the process let's look at the peace makers from the united states which is to force to stop all of this cruel things from happening there is a report from reuters that cia director general hospital. audio recording solve his death you know when she visited the stumble i can imagine her reaction so what after all the presence that. ran in you were up in other places was she really impressed by what you want at least when you know when you're under pressure or with the first thing that went into her leg was damage control that's what. drew mike to the peril of my company or you know you want him to save yemen when he says about iraq you saw that this week iraq's leadership to make a decision whether they want their people to beat and of course well that's a step up from you know act like a normal country i think that was the quote before i think this is wonderful. pompei zero because he's actually admitting white us motivations with sanctions
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on any country and so he's always been right he says he speaks out the other side of his mouth of supporting the iranian people against the whole us at the same time he says that the iranian leaders had better get in line with us foreign policy if they want their people to eat i mean this is the same time thing we saw with north korea when t. rex rex tillerson was saying that with the advent of ghost ships with north korea that we were starting to see some real the same sions were starting to have an effect which is because the north koreans were sending fishing ships out without even a nuffield to get back home they were so desperate to provide food right and we saw the same thing all the way back with madeleine albright and iraq when she said it was worth it right however real you know we can debate you know the numbers that were involved in the question also is she five hundred dollars half
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a million she as the question was phrased she accepted the premise and said it was worth it to kill to starve a billion children happens i think and for me is maybe it won't make a difference because the news cycle is so short in the attention span of people in so short that i mean for the first time during this horrific war actually got some coverage i mean even in the mainstream media here. with this more public awareness here and i know that there are members of congress i don't know how high on the list after the midterms but i mean yemen is part of the conversation now like it has never been before but that also applies to shape the narrative but i do agree that i think congress has pushed for doing much more than scaling back support with much more than simply the refuelling that the narrative is shifting as well that's why you know this week the saudis started saying you know we stand with the people in them. because well i'm not sure how that works but i know if. i saw
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that i do know. the guy said something rather snide on facebook about the united states pushing the idea that there are and that's out there that they're a terrorist group and of course we're pushing for a cease fire so i think because you know tens of thousands of people were killed the u.n. warned about the millions of children are and are in risk of starvation so. if you go into this huge humanitarian catastrophe i think it's time and the media is focusing on that now i think there is they really need to start hopefully don't know and i have some kind of a minute or i mentioned three topics in my introduction i want to get to the third one now russia gate where of you welcome back here mark. i mean we have that now we're going to have a shift in congress where they will go into the g.o.p.'s hand and investigations into the right the democrats and the investigations and the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. will probably go away. yeah i mean certainly with the house control what were
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investigations that were there as far as i'm concerned paul ryan never put enough force behind you know as a counter reaction to you know the political nature of the way you know with the mueller investigation going after metaphors back taxes really i mean that's that's what you come up with it's just silly but now you know the democrats will launch you will see a flood of subpoenas they will put as many republicans and figures in the trump administration as possible under oath to give them provocative questions just hoping they say something stupid and law i write however inconsequentially about something you know that has nothing to do with actual russia gate collusion or anything like that you know they'll go into their own personal histories and taxes and everything like this because this is all about you know the house version of mock raking so subpoenas hearings investigations into trump's sexual peccadilloes
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however far in the past into his taxes into giving jerry cush narrow security clearance in a position. the miller investigative in was small for the same blood sport and ultimately if you look at public opinion polls before the midterms russia gate doesn't rate and seeing very important with the public it is with the democrats of course and with the liberal media it didn't pay the many divisions i think in the elections so they're still going to do it. no but you're correct they are going to push it partly resisted them across through they haven't really come up with a clear political message in terms of what's wrong with the country. and how do we move forward so instead they go yeah well they say that trump is narcissistic can only talk about himself but the democrats they will to do the same do only talk about trump so that they really get going and then someone off to the took the house was the first message is a came out always should get toxic hasn't we should do you teach kind of
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a no we shouldn't teach trump my goal of this is inoffensive because it will go through the republican controlled senate but nonetheless if you think can ok another job in here goes by so fast gentlemen i have run out of time many thanks my guests here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember topples. suitable to sleep for. my little course on the syria. broken there's a lot of business with the must be so if. this is new with. a
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scene at a condo in the bios a look at the mother and the funniest blow exposed to the show such as the flu and so almost like. you were doing your. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active rich in the nineteen seventies cretonne had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company develops a little mind a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said is just cut short minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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subscribe to rob people also get a roughly constant for just twelve euros fifty per month. basically house a peace conference aimed at putting an end to the years long conflict in libya where the country's vast oil reserves are acting as a magnet to those vying for a share of the results is. this term all on the israeli border as israeli jets strike the gaza strip in response to have. the rocket fire two palestinians have died in the attack. but my god. and students and teachers pull into the streets of paris to show their distaste.


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