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tv   News  RT  November 12, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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prime minister treason may says she's ready to establish a more productive relationship with russia despite describing the country as a global threats. italy hosts a peace conference aimed at putting an end to the years long conflict in libya with the country's past all reserves acting as a magnet to those fine for a share of the resources. and israeli warplanes bombard gaza killing at least three palestinians in the sponsors to rocket fire.
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live from moscow this is international welcome to the program. the british prime minister says she's ready to establish a better relationship with russia in a speech in london theresa may also kissed moscow of posing a threat to u.k. security. we remain open to a different relationship one where russia desists from these attacks that undermine international treaties and international security and we hope that the russian state chooses to take this path if it does we will respond in kind the prime minister to resign may seem to be reaching out and offering an olive branch to russia indicating that she was open to a no a more positive relationship between the two countries but all of this comes against the backdrop of degraded relationships between the two countries and
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particularly in the wake of the incident in sol's ri in march where the former double agent script hollande his daughter yulia were poisoned allegedly with this novacek nerve agents and of course the government of long accused russia of being responsible for that incident for that the tag something which russia has strenuously denied and has even offered to help with the investigation into what took place but in any case the reason may again repeating today that she held russia responsible for what happened b. could not turn a blind eye to the threats we face. this is open economies and free societies we needed to increase our collective resolve to tackle the most pressingly those threats emanating from russia now last year perhaps the accusations were very different the prime minister used her speech to the same of the lord mayor's buying
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quit consisting of some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the u.k. to once again take aim at russia although this time the accusations were centered around allegations of russian meddling and hacking in a number of elections across the west sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption this is included meddling in elections and hacking the danish ministry of defense and the put into stark among many others it is seeking to weaponize information deploying state run media organizations to plant fake stories and photo shopped images in an attempt to sow discord in the west and undermine our institutions so could it be that this speech by to reason may pave the way for better relations between the two countries in any case that seem to place all the onus on through russian shoulders disc if that relationship is to crewdson to become more open no mention of russian concerns around nato expansion of nato
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soldiers in places like poland and also what russia says is western meddling and destabilization in places like the ukraine and told those concerns are addressed remains to be seen exactly what this speech will lead to in terms of better relations. italian city and has hosted an international peace conference on libya the north african nation has been torn apart by conflict and instability since every threat of colonel gadhafi in twenty eleven the presidents of egypt and told kerry as well as leaders of local tribes and militias from libya to. hearts and the heads of the libyan national army general khalifa haftar is expected to take center stage the conference was initiated by prime minister just separate contests but certainly isn't the only european country with an interest france has also been trying to establish itself as a regional mediator but says more and asked if explains there could be all terry
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a motive to the peacemaking efforts seventy years it's been seven long chaotic years a country torn apart two governments countless warlords tribes gatherings duking it out for power and all will. of course everyone is trying to help stop this italy which has been flirting with general who leads one of the two rival libyan government and controls almost half the country fronts with its regular peace summit where macro plays the matchmaker paris wants elections as soon as possible one of the crucial elements is the organization of presidential and parliamentary elections on december tenth twenty
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eight it's a commitment on the basis of this process to fully and safely give their sovereignty back to the libyan people and allow them to express it on this date. italy for one doesn't want elections premature they think conditions aren't right they say and france france wants something else they fear my fear is that someone for economic motives and selfish national interest is putting the security of north africa at risk and result of europe as a whole i'm thinking of someone who waged a war that should have been waged someone who said election dates without discussing it with allies with united nations were indeed with the libyan people move over matt call you tried and your summit failed room is hosting its own get together for peace gen have tub controls half the country much of the oil
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but he by international law can't sell it only the recognized government can he needs the capital tripoli must be liberated and will not remain in the wrong hands the armed forces will act after making proper assessments we will move on tripoli at the proper time make no mistake the libyans understand well what the europeans are up to and why they're backing different sides. of course there is negative intervention from some countries which we've mentioned during several meetings and international forums that this needs to be taken into account and this should be a consolidation of the international position towards libya and the direction of libya so that we can overcome this crisis in libya has the largest proven oil reserves in africa and italy france want as much as they can get italian or
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oil giant any recently purchased a large part of b.p.'s oil and gas license with the aim of increasing exploration french rival totalis has also been buying up drilling rights. to get the pumps going this is a competition with. stake it is the largest producer was the largest producer of oil in africa and not only that but its boyle is highly prized because of its. technical qualities its so-called sweet low sulfur or oil so it's highly prized and it's refining is easier than some of the other stuff from other personal each server what he wants to problem is mr kerry area controlled. that's the real question not to be too cynical that's what the europeans are most concerned about originally they were back in tripoli just on the order of stability as it was recognized by the united nations. but increasingly the europeans are
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getting very frightened. more strife in libya will further cut off their oil supplies especially now with the prospect of more sanctions on iranian away what's remarkable is that and the stool this endless war. slavery crime will production is only up by the end of next year they plan on increasing production to. levels one point six million barrels a day you can question their priorities but you can only admire the dedication. israeli warplanes have conducted dozens of asterix in gaza in response to cross border rocket fire is the most intense escalation of the conflict since twenty fourteen.
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three palestinians were killed during monday's ass strikes and many more wounded as the israeli military says it destroyed seventy targets including mass t.v. station militants in gaza fired more than two hundred rockets into israel most were intercepted but several landed in residential areas injuring fifty three israelis this all happened today off to a cave at israeli raid which killed eight palestinians including a local minutes and command. dozens of rockets that have been fired on the israeli gaza border one of the rockets struck a bus a civilian bus in israel and led to an injury of five one of them was
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a serious injury the israeli media any israeli forces a claim of these rockets have been fired by hamas which they consider as. terrorist military action also we have dozens of rockets that fired from gaza and air strikes of israeli air strikes that respond to these rockets at the same time this is kill ation or distribution of discrimination that is happening in the gaza strip recently is due or a result of the operation the special military operation that happened yesterday by the special israeli forces. there was an exchange of gunfire between the israeli forces and. members of hamas that led to the killing of seven members of hamas one of them was a senior leader in hamas and as well as a senior officer in israeli forces and another was injured.
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professor of international or at georgetown university gave us his fusel the conflict. these attacks israeli attack is going to the palestinian much further because anyone who will be injured. and loved one. would not harbor any good feeling for this review. and particularly this one and this president has been doing exactly what israel would want what. truth chaos like this would lead to all kinds of unexpected things not in the best interest of the u.s. on the long run and i think not even in the best interest of the jewish people in.
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general but this is something that only the future will determine. students and teachers have held a rally in paris against president micron's education reforms challenge penske was there for us the people here defiant they say that this suggestion which has been proposed in the budget for two thousand and nineteen like she discussed more at the national assembly here in france could result in the loss of two thousand six hundred and fifty jobs being cut from the higher education from colleges here in france and the teachers here say they're unhappy about this they say it doesn't make any sense given that the ministry of education is only sickest show that in the next few years there's going to be an increase of food teachers and additional students every year so they say how does that work if we can't the jobs how do we then have enough staff to be able to teach the students here in france and they're
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angry i was speaking to one woman earlier he said we've been out protesting against moscow now for the last eighteen months or so and sometimes we feel just spondon but we remember every. and this is a protest that we have to come out we have to make all voices heard because she said this is the only way that she feels that they will ever be able to change some of the reforms that much corn has been implementing the role of the rapid speed since he became president back in two thousand and seventeen so people hit calling for a change the cooling from are going to listen to people in the streets they're saying that yes he had suggested what is referred to would be when he became president when he was elected but what they saying is that the pace of the reforms is chief fast and there is not enough discussion and they are angry about that and as such hundreds of come out to the streets yet again to protest against those changes by the government here in france and in recent weeks we have seen other protests
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protests by pension is unions have been out describing the government policy as breaking the social fabric and we also source traffic to normal standstill in paris when paramedics went out on strike just a week ago. to give. us federal judge has a prison in fresh kills in illinois to reconsider a transgender woman's request to be moved to a women's prison in maine took legal action against the state's correctional
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department claiming that she's being treated like a sex slave twenty six year old deon strawberry hampton is currently serving a ten year sentence for burglary she says she has been sexually abused in four different men's prisons previous requests to transfer to a women's prison has a lawyer has praised the federal judge as intervention. this is an important step not only for school but in general for transgender women imprisoned across the nation the u.s. department of corrections says it makes every possible effets to safeguard federal prison is that even though i department of corrections maintains a strict zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment the department carefully considers house in assignments and the unique needs of offenders who identify as john's gender we discussed the story with rights activist anthony raja's rights and political commentator steve malzberg. trump
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administration recently loosened and change regulations that came down under the obama administration they say that if you're if you're judged on what you are based on your biological sex ok so this person that we're talking about in chicago in illinois though i would be judged a male under the trumpet ministration and the reason it was changed is because female prisoners in texas had a similar situation and they sued and they didn't want a transgender male who said he was a woman coming to their prison they said it was an invasion of their property that you keep everybody safe but you don't start making accommodations special accommodations to gender dysphoria is accepted by the american medical association in american psychological association as distress from gender assignment at birth so this isn't just something that people are doing for fun this is a recognized medical condition based on science based on research and decent study
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so it's very very important that we train these prison facilities better just like the entire society needs to be trained and more informed about the very specific issues that are affecting transgender people nationwide free marketing about personality people twenty people how much money do you want to spend how many special provisions you want to make in a system that probably doesn't have enough money in the first place for twenty people you need to keep everybody say if but you can start making special provisions to anybody who says that they'd feel like they were women when they were met born a man could be classified as trans gender whether they mean it or don't mean it i mean you have to consider the masses as opposed to the twenty people involved. well that's a very very dangerous. mode of speaking i happen to be from what is referred to as a minority class and just because white people are in the majority does not mean that as an african-american or a light next person that we should be subjected to white supremacy secondly it's
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hard for he said i have seen a lot of the letter that you talking about what our earth are you talking about white supremacy if i could if i could just finish it's hard for me to have sympathy for the prison system not having enough money when they were able to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to the donald trump campaign all the time prisoners regular present men and men and male prisoners all raped or attacked or pekin that's terrible so anyone that wants a transfer out they're going to get the same treatment as this transgender no they're not i mean prison is a tough place it's awful everyone should be safe but that doesn't mean that spec actual privileges should be granted to people who claim that they're transgender it's just not fair instances of violence is not a a function of preferential treatment is a function of safety we also have special provisions for younger inmates we have special provisions for inmates who are proven to be suffering from mental health illness it's not
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a preferential treatment it's about keeping these people alive and that is actually in the best interest of these prison systems who are using these people for cheap or free labor in. saudi arabia has decided to slash its oil exports by half a million barrels a day the new says technical able price climbing above seventy dollars a barrel i'll tell you a piece of news which is that december nominations of five hundred thousand barrels less than november so we are seeing it tapering off parts of it is year end parts of it is maintenance so we will be shipping less in december than we are in november. saudi arabia's decision has sparked phase of the supply shortage after the recent me five the u.s. to reimpose sanctions on iran washington said it wanted to reduce iran's oil exports to say right well the last week president trump added an exemption for eight countries saying that he didn't want to cause a spike in the oil prices i gave some countries
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a break on the oil. i did it a little bit because they really asked for some help but i really did it because i don't want to drive prices up to one hundred dollars a barrel or one hundred fifty dollars a barrel. economist steve cain says iran saw a trade is still going strong despite u.s. sanctions america's trying to influence the viability of the iranian government by manipulating what is the most probably volatile process them on the planet the process of oil the oil market is so volatile the last thing it made it was somebody else drawing a political hand grenade into it which is what the americans have done by attempting to bring down the iranian government these sanctions there are so many factors that can go in the opposite direction of what the americans want but they have followed his control over this not like to have iran has many ways of getting around that by selling it profit groups or selling. doing bottom triton song with
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countries like china. a statue of a sikh soldier honoring those who fought in the first world war from the indian subcontinent has been found allies in the u.k. the incident happened in smethwick in the west midlands the start she was one week before and tannery commemorations for the end of the world war one but just five days later the phrase support his name or was sprayed along the base is a temp reavis least for indian soldiers serving in the british army. am. her. i am.
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a member of the town's neighboring policing team express consent over the vandalism his shield the community that's a full investigation will be conducted that have been several recent cases of hate crimes against sikhs in europe in august the doors of a temple in edinburgh with satellites by a petrol bomb there were no injuries but significant damage was done to the building in february of this year a receipt man was assaulted outside parliament in london while waiting to meet an m.p. a man tried to pull off his ten been before shouting muslim came in twenty sixteen three teenagers stats and aged a homemade bomb at a sikh temple during a wedding party in the german city of s. and. a member of the u.k. based seek foundation told us discrimination often comes from people in positions of authority. we carried out server. two thousand and sixteen of the road so that when we are asked if they know that experienced
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a crime in the last twelve months when we ask people where they've experienced discrimination often train from things like police offices teachers at school. immigration officers at the airport so it seems to be people in positions of responsibility are actually the very people who should be trusted what warms the carrying out this forms of discrimination the way they treat simply because you look differently. the head of nato has voiced concern over french calls to create a so-called european army speaking at a forum in berlin and stoltenberg powers not to undermine transatlantic ties. therefore the increased you are first on the fence are important for the security of europe. and it can make nato stronger so i welcome this efforts but only if they are on could it would in the
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transatlantic partnership last week president emmanuel micron's said europe needs to combine its defenses to protect itself from china russia and the u.s. and in a tweet on friday president trump called those remarks insulting later on this meeting in paris the french need to try to iron out the dispute telling president trump that europe needs to be less dependent on the u.s. . since that time the firms who have the european security to be being assured just mines the united states and we need the most visible injuries that you would use it for. you know what my attitude has been and we want to show your true employer through the weekend which ever way we can do it the best most efficient would be something that you both want and. senior analyst from one policy letter thinks the french plan for european army is unrealistic. europeans are already
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having enough of a hard time coming up with the two percent that trump asked them to move to give to nato where would they find the money to create a new europe. armed force if there is such a force eventually does imply meet the erosion of nato as. part of the dismantling of nato that's the only way this is possible thing could work i think definitely that would be tensions within nato states simply because the front has finally put into the fire they've enjoyed nato or at least they participated in nato for so long. without putting out their share of the funding funded. jim in charleston as a longtime rival has announced he's stepping down as me to the christian social
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union and the american system party in bavaria and most of the high level shakeup pinch him in politics but who will see hoffa has confirmed he will continue as the country's interior minister i'm leaving the post of chairman of the christian social union it has been decided my position as the head of the interior ministry i have no reason to make statements on this issue. the announcement comes after disappointing results to say office party in the various recent election two weeks ago after poor results for angela merkel c.d.u. and another regional vote in the state of has she announced she would step down as party leader and wouldn't stand in the next federal election yes's of the missing woman's father had acted fast pull out the next edu party convention on december fourth i will not run for the chair of the party secondly this fourth time is the last one for me i will not run for a chance and i join the twenty twenty one election no one i seek
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a seat on the parliament and once again we discuss the resignations with german political author hans static lingam and he thinks the decline in popularity of the ruling parties is a signal that the general public wants change first of all what people are kind of what they deserve is a choice. after so many years and all of a coalition of the two biggest parties at the time the social democrats the christian democrats plus this is the party of the christian social. union. what that meant was that. the center didn't have any choice any longer you know the two big parties having the same government program and i think this has strengthened the fringes.
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is specially on the right side and i think. and i hope that the days and times of the grand coalition. at least come to in the end of chancellorship and then i guess. we have a new game a game where both the social democrats and the christian democrats will show clear alternatives for politics in germany. just a click away for more details on any of us or race i'll be back with the headlines inhofe announced time. during the past thirty years lebanon has been subject to six invasions from israel . six invasions. practically every day and every five years we are
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having. one and this is definitely come up he has never. been a world of big partisan. and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.


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