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tv   News  RT  November 13, 2018 6:00am-6:30am EST

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israeli warplanes on a massive airstrikes on gaza response to hundreds of missiles being fired from the enclave also to come this new study finds retired american soldiers who took part in the so-called war on terror are struggling to find basic housing and the u.k. prime minister to reason may say he's ready to establish a more productive relationship with morse code despite describing russia as a global threat and party arabic documents showing the salaries and rewards islamic state terrorists paid for warfare and various acts of terror.
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on two pm here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. international. israeli warplanes have unleashed a torrent of bombs hitting targets in gaza this came in retaliation for hundreds of missiles being fired from the enclave is the most intense escalation of hostilities in the region since twenty four to. the israeli military says it destroyed over one hundred fifty targets including a hamas intelligence center and a t.v. station according to sources on the ground at least three palestinians were killed
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and many more were wounded when israel in turn says it was only responding to you heavy shelling of its territory staged by militants in gaza reports say israeli tanks and now being deployed to the gaza border in preparation for a potential ground offensive. what you just saw there was the moment an anti-tank missile fired from gaza hasan israeli bus five people were injured in that attack one of them seriously altogether militants in gaza fired some four hundred missiles into israel around one hundred were intercepted but it but some did land in residential areas killing one person and injuring another seventy reports say that ad offend sirens were activated again in southern israel on choose day morning for the events of last night were preceded by covert israeli raid which resulted in the deaths of seven palestinians including
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a local militant commander and israeli special forces colonel was also killed by a professor of international law at georgetown university told us that the situation in gaza is fragile. these attacks the israeli attacks is going to alienate the palestinian much further because anyone who would be injured road lose a dear one a loved one in these attacks would not harbor any good feelings for the israeli view as. has been doing exactly what israel would want what israel considers its own interest ok our flag would lead to all kinds of unexpected things not in the best interest of the us on the long run and i think even in the grass and service of the jewish people in israel the royals in general but this is something that only the future will determine whether it's the
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escalation does come not long after in jip try to bring the two sides to the negotiating table and broker a trace gyptian intelligence held separate oceans hamas and israel and also in july the russian president hosted in quick succession israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and also palestinian leader mahmoud abbas working towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict was high on their agenda given late getting levy there from the her its newspaper says that all the intricate diplomatic work by now has been in vain. we were so close to another deal and then israelis launching its secret units in special units to a secret operation in gaza and this operation fails when israel knows that we are just about to get some kind of another deal to sign some kind of another deal which will guarantee some kind of peaceful days or weeks or months or years and then
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it goes wrong and then israelis killing seven palestinian warriors and one israeli coronel is killed and we are again in this vicious circle and then the hamas reacts and proportionally it is very exact proportionately this vicious circle repeats itself again and again and it will repeat itself again and again until the problem of gaza will be sold. and you studies have found that u.s. soldiers who were part of the war on terror struggling to make ends meet they are facing greater hardship in fact and veterans of previous generations this kind of morton reports. veterans are the favorite cause of pundits politicians and anyone else who wants to appear patriotic across america there is no shortage of support our troops bumper stickers flag waving and praise for the military remember all
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those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation who gave their last breath in a distant land fighting terror gave everything for family country god and freedom or you our respect our veterans are a national treasure their sacrifice will not be in vain but all that bombastic praise an expression of gratitude doesn't exactly translate to a good life studies show that veterans of the war on terror are among the least likely to be able to afford a home once they return to the united states that's right those who've risked their lives in conflicts around the world are among those who struggle the most for basic needs like shelter with housing obviously veterans are going to space you know a whole host of related challenges combined with all the ways in boy mean to legal situation to is but the general perception among the population when you have twenty thousand veterans suicides a day is that veterans don't make particularly good employees i'm tempted to say
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stones in a proud p.t.s.d. and in combat but it's really somewhere deeper than that in a big part of what my generation of veterans was in the united states day particularly unique combination of mental health issues that come out of the nature of the occupations of iraq and instagram and the treaty that we get from the v.a. is i have experienced myself where the bush hillsborough than actual effective treatments the trauma suffered by many veterans takes its toll on all of society just recently a former u.s. marine gunned down twelve people in a california bar here or heard of maybe suffering yes to crisis. and i thought that was i don't understand i was part of this. question one the deputies went out to the call with the crisis team that felt he might be suffering from p.t.s.d. facing that the fact he was a veteran had been mccord the war on terror has had a massive humanitarian cost the latest study puts the death toll at around five
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hundred thousand half a million but the authors of the study admit that it's actually much larger and additional a large number of people have died in these wars by indirect means researchers suggest that in recent conflicts for every one direct death there are at least four other indirect deaths not surprisingly among veterans many are starting to ask is all this bloodshed really helping a lot of veterans and we know are starting to understand the these wars and fundamentally illegitimate that the stack of spices they need were not made just in vain but not even in a righteous cause but who are the perpetuation of the current system of governance of the this live under throughout the world where people in charge get to treat people who aren't like broccoli the perception of the wars in iraq and afghanistan has definitely changed over time you're in the united states and just. a matter of going oh yeah we get it now that we were like you that we were taking advantage of
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it as a people so badly and being convinced to support these invasions and occupations many americans feel that during the vietnam war big mistakes were made and how veterans were treated that's why we see a huge amount of flagwaving and support for military families every time there's a pentagon intervention sends them however at this point a lot of americans are starting to ask if supporting the troops is really just about flags and bumper stickers a lot of americans are wondering if supporting the troops means that maybe we should be more cautious about sending them into harm's way so routinely and if we should be maybe more concerned about giving them a decent life once they return from conflict kaleb up and r.t. new york. singapore is hosting the thirty third annual asin summit which will just to exchange views of regional and international concern china says it is looking to upgrade its positions while vladimir putin is making his first
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appearance in singapore well for more now on the summit that's for flight to singapore you go down to discovering things for so you go good afternoon just run through them what are the hopes and expectations for this year's summit. indeed of lattimer putin is here in singapore and while his official program on the summit at the summit begins only on wednesday he's already kicked off whatever he had planned for today for jews there should say well he's already met his a singaporean counterpart he's also set to meet with the malaysian prime minister have like sort of a business dinner with them but also another thing everybody is kind of looking out for here is the fate of the so-called regional comprehensive economic agreement and well that agreement would be comprehensive indeed if it comes into fruition now what it is is a pact between sixteen nations that has been spearheaded by china and if it is
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signed well it would see the largest ever free trade economic zone established in the world now again as i've mentioned beijing is the key power behind it the key power driving it forward but also it does have some opposition it does have some skeptics who don't want to make concessions like india for example who don't want to cut back on its import tariffs which it's economy benefits greatly from now so analysts are saying that it is unlikely that the deal will be signed here in singapore but well it's a good platform for leaders to sit down and probably resolve at least some of their differences another thing kind of also. giving around china is beijing's animosity . and with washington the two countries are just at each other's throats and over many things the south china sea for example where beijing wants the united states
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to stop their military drills washington ignores that there's an arms deal washington made with taiwan which did not sit well with beijing as of course the trade war washington launched against china so many many very serious things going on between the two states and other nations present here their fear their concern that they will have to make they will have to choose sides between the regional powerhouse and the nation that sees itself as the globally dominant power and with neither chinese president xi jinping nor donald trump attending as well it doesn't look like these differences will be resolved anytime soon and all things considered really they can get worse because the man washington is sending here is mike pence and he did not mince words when it comes to china have a listen. china has initiated an unprecedented effort to influence american public
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opinion the two thousand and eighteen elections and the environment leading into the twenty twenty presidential elections china wants a different american president well there you have a really his remarks have been compared to those major in the cold war between well the united states and the soviet union so it doesn't really look like that the whole animosity between beijing and washington will die down any time soon. she's done a force there reporting from singapore. now the british prime minister says she wants better relations with moscow in the same speech though to live in london treason may describe russia as a global threat adding that any improvement in time is conditional. we remain open to a different relationship one where russia desists from these attacks that undermine international treaties and international security and we hope that the russian
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state chooses to take this path if it does we will respond in kind this all comes against the backdrop of a year of degraded relations between the u.k. and russia especially in the wake of the incident in salzburg which source the former double agent and his daughter a union poisoned with a substance thought to be no reach or can do of course in the wake of that incident the u.k. government laid the blame squarely at the feet of the russian government who in turn denied any involvement in it whatsoever and offered to help in the investigation an offer which was rebuffed by u.k. or thorough. reason may again repeating in the course of her speech that she held the russian state responsible for what happened to the script we could not turn a blind eye to the threats we face. this is open economies and free societies
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we needed to increase our collective resolve to tackle the most pressingly those threats emanating from russia now last year to reason may also gave a speech to the lord mayor's created tradition for the prime minister to address the event every year and on that occasion she too took aim at russia although then she was accusing the russian government of involvement in meddling and hacking into a number of elections in western countries sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption this is included meddling in elections and hacking the danish ministry of defense and the put them to stark among many others it is seeking to weaponize information now remains to be seen whether this year's speech will result in better relations between the two countries there are some who are skeptical and say about to resume a speech focused squarely on russia and put the onus for
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a more open relationship on their shoulders and had no mention of issues of concern to russia like the ongoing expansion of nato towards russian borders things like nato troops taking shape and carrying out exercises in places like poland until all of those concerns are also addressed perhaps somewhat skeptical to think that this speech could lead to better relations between the two sides he said i reporting there will be discussed reason ways remarks with the political analyst john white and also the u.k. independence party any pain david kopel. our reaching out to russia was in the form of a mother there eating out a constitution child then promising said sharon that it will be forgiven if it was to change its ways this is not the way to affect rapprochement with any country and less western governments not to see the world through russia's eyes and understand how russia sees things then there will be no meeting of minds and this will just go into the box marked antipathetic western governments must start to lead and sue not
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rather than later that they must also listen as well as speak we should be diverted to to make keep friendship with russia i don't add make sure that the braves were appropriately bought in the future rather than make things more difficult we should try trying to lose all these things that quietly without shaking a big stake i think we need to be more sensible and not be lethal drugs or we need to do trade with russia because that that's the way to to move forward quite talking is probably better than uncertainty it was not international going to take a quick break we'll be back until.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development only loosely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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come back to us he now asked the arabic has obtained documents detailing money and rewards paid by islamic state to its militants for example almost two hundred dollars for the capture of anybody being to be an infidel and also fourteen hundred for destroying its tank showing that eyesore terrorists are not just motivated by ideology.
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in other news some in the u.s. a complaining of a supposed war on christianity universities at the moment because in one incidence a student northeast wisconsin technical college was allegedly stopped and ing at cards consigning the words jesus loves you she sued to claim claiming her freedom
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of speech had been violated although the court threw out the siding with the college which argued that she was stopped because she was in a stuff in the area well in another incident a christian student prep about a university is facing calls to resign off the ship stained from a vote on a resolution supporting the l g b t community and librarians its simmons college published a guide warning christians that the phrases merry christmas happy a star and all cite god bless you are so cold my crime aggressions against muslims we discuss the issue with the legal analysts lionel and also the editor david into . if this were any other religion or any other situation nobody would have any problem with this nine that would be it would be up understood it would be it would be tolerated there would be diversity it would be understood but if it's christianity if it's jesus on college campuses today no go there this is
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open season in this country especially on college campuses he will go through the litany of complaints regarding christianity no i'm not speaking up beehive of somebody who was overtly christian i personally am your religious doesn't matter one way or the other what i'm telling you is that there it is anathema it is considered not in any way tolerate a bull it is not a diverse atheists agnostics no problem we understand we tolerate we get christians you're on your own that's a fact and that's just really not true i mean i my wife teaches at temple university in philadelphia and there are christians all over the campus handing stuff out all the time no problem. there's bigger problems i think with with muslims because there's some harassment of them by other students but you know in
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general i think in general it's live and let live with religious puff on campuses it's a huge exaggeration and it's being used to promote this notion that everybody is becoming intolerant. statue of the sikhs values from the indian subcontinent to force in the school has been vandalized in the u.k. it happened less than a week after the monument was officially unveiled. or at war or an outrage the incident happened in smethwick in the west midlands the statue was put up one week before the centenary commemorations for the end of world war one the phrase sea boys no more was sprayed along its base a member of the u.k.
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basic foundation explain to us why that is offensive this could be a racist attack because one of the world's. supply as it's called also cory actually was a british term you used in a drug tree where it's described people work literally work look free from the indian subcontinent so this actually does most of the your burrow. in the history when a member of the town's neighborhood policing team expressed concern over the vandalism and he assured the community that a full investigation will be conducted there have been several recent cases of hate crimes against sikhs in europe in august the doors of a temple in edinburgh but petrol bombed in february this year a sikh man was assaulted outside parliament in london while waiting to meet an m.p. there and a man tried to pull off his turban before shouting muslim go back home which thing again says more could be done to prevent incidents like this. we carried out
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a survey in two thousand and sixteen after the presence of others and we are asked if they'd experienced hate crime in the last twelve months when we asked people where they've experienced discrimination often came from things like police officers teachers a school. immigration officers of the ample seems to be people in positions of responsibility are actually the very people who should be trusted are the ones that are carrying out this forms of discrimination in the way they treat. watching off the international that's how things are looking so i scuse me so i thought today we're back again and just i bought. the book.
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good with the truth of those two syllables. my little course on the syria. rolls going to say the course of business with the mustard so it looks. this is new with. a lot of slow slow slow slow slow motion idea of. some of. the cases that i know of that deal but you also look at the model your body is diplo it's most of it's open for most of the shows just the moon souls of. the moon you were born you must. move.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be that's. what you want to be close that's what the four three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of the house. or city. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war. was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies cretonne had as the chair of its bowed a man convicted of mass murder and slavery ashe was a german company going until it develops in the denied a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to
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have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything. she said is just. silly to mine victims who have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge . greetings and salutations. the united states of america celebrated veterans day this past sunday november the eleventh and everywhere on newsfeeds from sea to shining sea u.s. citizens thank their fellow citizens are served in the united states armed forces and while a parade of online banks along with a few actual parades is a kind showing of respect to our veterans who according to the u.s.
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department of housing see roughly forty thousand forty thousand of their brothers and sisters homeless on any given night maybe maybe maybe just maybe it's time we start actually showing them a little bit more than kind words and camera time at a professional sporting about you know call me crazy but maybe maybe it's time to stop creating new better news given we can barely care for the ones that we already have and that starts with ending the seventeen year long generational boondoggle of blood the united states war on terror the cost of war project brown university's attempt to pull back the curtain on the real. as of the u.s. war on terror not just the financial ones but the physical and emotional issues as well they just released a sobering report on casualties from the almost two decade long war right in the time for veterans day they found that somewhere between four hundred eighty thousand and over five hundred thousand people have been killed in the united
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states post nine eleven the wars in iraq afghanistan and pakistan and they go on to make the very sobering point that because of limits in reporting the numbers of people killed in the u.s. post nine eleven wars are an undercount means it's actually less there's probably more than what they're actually predicting and that this tally does not include indirect deaths you know those deaths that occur from the consequences of living in or near a war zone like well starvation loss of electricity loss of heat loss of care you know proper health care indirect best would also include the p.t.s.d. related suicides and bile and that our veterans face here at home as well so my friends anough enough with the red white and blue feel good means the sports stadium.


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