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tv   News  RT  November 13, 2018 11:00am-11:30am EST

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the. headlines on r.t. palestinians declare a cease fire amid the latest violence which has erupted on the gaza strip and israel attacked one hundred sixty targets in twenty four hours in response to hundreds of missiles being fired from the territory. of. the head of a major non-governmental organization that allegedly recorded discussing how she trains migrants to trick border control guards into letting them in. high ranking police filming in france her own life and the latest in the way of suicides among officers in the country opposition party say it is indicative of poor conditions police facing and artistic. contains documents showing the salaries arab
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state fighters were paid for their reign of terror. good evening welcome you're watching r.t. international seven o'clock here in the russian capital. the palestinian groups have declared in a joint statement a cease fire against israel after the situation on the israel gaza border suffered what's being called its worst escalation of violence since twenty fourteen israeli warplanes have unleashed a torrent of bombs hitting targets in cars or after hundreds of missiles were launched by militants there. what. it was i
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was was the israeli military claims it destroyed more than one hundred fifty targets including a ham ass intelligence center and a t.v. station according to sources on the ground at least three palestinians were killed and many more were wounded when israel in turn says it was only responding to heavy shelling of its territory carried out by militants in gaza and has now sent to tional forces to the border. and what you saw just there was the moment an antitank missiles fired from gaza hit an israeli bus five people were injured one of them seriously all together militants in gaza fired some four hundred missiles into israel around one hundred of those were intercepted some did land in residential areas killing one person and
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injuring another seventy defense sirens who reportedly heard again in sudden israel on tuesday morning while the events of last night to follow a covert israeli raid which resulted in the death of seven palestinians including a local militant commander an israeli special forces colonel was also killed we spoke to a professor of international law at georgetown university and he told us the situation in gaza is fragile. these attacks the israeli attacks is going to alienate the palestinian much further because anyone who would be injured road lose a dear one a loved one in these attacks would not harbor any good feelings for this or even the u.s. . administrations in general and particularly this one and this present president has been doing exactly what israel would want what israel considers its own
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interest chaos like this would lead to all kinds of unexpected things not in the best interest of the us on the long run and i think even in the grass interest of the jewish people in israel and the israelis in general but this is something that only the future will determine where the recent escalation does come not long after egypt to try to bring the two sides to the negotiating table and broker trades the gyptian intelligence service held separate talks with hamas and israel and also in july the russian president hosted israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas working towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict was high on their agenda however some ny fear that that diplomatic work may have been in fact. we were so close to another deal and then israelis launching its secret units in special units to
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a secret operation in gaza and this operation fails when israel knows that we are just about to get some kind of another deal to sign some kind of another deal which will guarantee some kind of peaceful days or weeks or months or years and then it goes wrong and then israelis killing seven palestinian warriors and one israeli coronel is killed and we are again in this vicious circle and then the hamas re eggs aren't proportionally it is very exact proportion this vicious circle repeats itself again and again and it will repeat itself again and again until the problem of gaza would be sold. another nice video has been released allegedly showing the executive director of a major n.g.a. which provides help to migrants discussing how she teaches refugees to lie to
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border guards. because you. are this is the. way that. this video that's been doing the rounds online is part of a larger investigation project by the canadian activist laura sullivan the clip allegedly shows rekha who's the executive director of the legal aid in geo advocates abroad in this video clip she seems to be telling the undercover crew who were filming her against her knowledge that she coaches refugees and migrants on how they should how they should speak to border police and to other officials. knowing that. this is working to determine who these are interested.
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in and. where many of you watching would be pretty unfamiliar with the name advocates abroad there are a legal aid n.g.o.s that's been operating since the beginning of twenty sixteen they provide legal aid to legal advice to people going through the asylum application process the n.-g. o. operate in the e.u. as well as right across the middle east area their own website says that they've helped fifteen thousand people cross into greece into the european union that way and another two and a half thousand into the e.u. through differing ways advocates abroad issued a tweet in which they said this was all right wing propaganda that had been the video it been altered and it was altered for political means now that tweet was later deleted they've also since delete to their online social media presence their
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twitter account has gone. and their facebook account is gone as well so expect certainly more to come of this video coming out in more on that investigation into what's been going on there with n.g.o.s reportedly helping but in some cases asking to break the law those people who are trying to come into the country. through all of our reporting there now the creation of the world's biggest trade bloc is on the table of the summit of the association of southeast asian nations or assay and as it's also known. is making his first appearance at the summit in singapore but the event has been overshadowed by rising tension between china and the u.s. as you go she died of reports that i'm appalled in his ear in singapore and while his official program is set to start only on wednesday he's already kicked off some of the events he had planned on the margins of the summit like for example meeting with the singaporean counterpart of another big thing everybody's kind of looking
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out for here is the fate of the so-called regional comprehensive economic agreement now if that comes into fruition you could see this stablish month of the world's largest ever free trade zone because the sixteen countries it seeks to unite they all together make up with a total of a third of global g.d.p. it is being pushed forward by china it is the main spearheading force but it also does have some opposition some skeptics like for example india doesn't want to cut back on its import tariffs they say their economy benefits greatly from them and so that's why some analysts are saying that it is really unlikely that the deal that the pact will be signed here in singapore but well it's a good platform for those countries to sit down and resolve that least some of the differences another thing also kind of all revolving around china is any more city between beijing and washington you can see the two countries are literally at each other's throats over many many things for example china wants the united states to
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stop conducting military drills in the south. a c and washington just flat out ignores that washington made an arms deal with taiwan that did not sit well with china either and of course there's a trade war that donald trump launched against china and so with both leaders with both the ping and donald trump not attending the summit these differences aren't going to go anywhere other nations who are present here they're concerned that they will have to pick sides between the regional powerhouse and the nation that sees itself as the globally dominant power things can get even worse because the man that the united states decided to send here as their ambassador is mike pence and he did not mince words when it came to china china has initiated an unprecedented effort to influence american public opinion the two thousand and eighteen elections and the environment leading into the twenty twenty presidential elections china
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wants a different american president his remarks have been compared to those major in the cold war between the united states and then the soviet union so it doesn't really look like that the whole animosity between beijing and washington will die down anytime soon. a record numbers of french police officers are committing suicide with the latest victim a prominent campaigner for officer welfare r.t. charlotte been ski has more from paris well there's shock here in france because this individual is seen as being or having been a leading voice in the protests in the movement of police against the attacks that offices have been undergoing over the last three years she was a woman called maggie biskup ski and she was actually at the founder of that movement now the reports here in front suggest that she took her own life in the last day using her service weapon and she was found dead at home with
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a note nearby and that death now. is being treated as a suicide here in france but why was she so important well the thirty six year old was actually also the founding member of the mobilization of angry policeman this was a group that was set up back in two thousand and sixteen after police officers received a massive attack they were attacked with protesters with molotov cocktails and in fact two individuals the police officers severely burned with others being injured as a result of that attack as well now she has also been under investigation over the last year for what she described as speaking out to the media about attacks against the police without permission from senior officers from the police service now police suicide is a burning issue here in france with the statistics showing just how incredibly high it is for this particular profession now those statistics show that in july this is
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the latest it is sticks should that for this year nine thousand police officers and sixteen had taken their lives that was back in july in two thousand and seventeen more than sixty police officers took their lives now it's such a burning issue that the government did launch a plan to tackle this earlier this year saying that they want to do more to help people realize if their colleagues needed support but there was criticism that that plan didn't go far enough well there's been a lot of reaction on social media today to the news of that death including from senior politicians such as the interior minister and the leader of the national rally i was embarrassed to yawn with colds a few days ago. and here i hear the anger of the police and we are responding concretely with more effective measures and more resources on the ground the suicide of my president of the mobilization of police officers association is
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a terrible symbol of the police suffering she said tireless for. denounced this suffering took and it's a big shock for all of us well we've spoken to many police officers over the last year or so who've talked to us about some of the issues that they face some of the abuse some of the attacks that they face in fact one police officer we spoke to in the last six months said that as a result of that piece they had actually considered taking their own lives let's look back now at some of the most serious attacks that offices have faced in front .
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watching out international still to come this hour u.s. veterans are left in the cold as a new study finds disturbing numbers struggling to make ends meet we'll have the details just after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development only. exists i
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don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be. the two going to be close this is what the four. people. interested always at the water's edge. again wearing numbers of u.s. soldiers who've taken part in the international war on terror the military campaign known by washington in two thousand and one and i struggling to make ends meet and
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you study has found that they are facing even worse hardship than veterans of previous wars this kind of explains veterans are the favorite cause of pundits politicians and anyone else who wants to appear patriotic across america there is no shortage of support our troops bumper stickers. flag waving and praise for the military remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation who gave their last breath in a distant land fighting terror gave everything for family country god and freedom or you our respect our veterans are a national treasure their sacrifice will not be in vain but all that bombastic praise an expression of gratitude doesn't exactly translate to a good life studies show that veterans of the war on terror are among the least likely to be able to afford a home once they return to the united states that's right those who've risked their lives in conflicts around the world are among those who struggle the most for basic
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needs like shelter with housing obviously veterans are going to space you know a whole host of related challenges a combined with all the ways in boy mean to legal situation too is that the general perception among the population when you have twenty thousand veterans suicides a day is it better make particularly good employees i'm tempted to say stones in a proud p.t.s.d. and in combat but it's really so much deeper than that in a big part of what my generation of veterans is based need in the united states day particularly unique combination of mental health issues that come out of the nature of the occupations of iraq and instagram and the treaty that we get from the v.a. is i have experienced myself where the bush hillsborough than actual fact the treatments the trauma suffered by many veterans takes its toll on all of society just recently a former u.s.
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marine gunned down twelve people on a california bar here or heard of maybe suffering from p.t.s.d. to crisis. and i thought that was i don't understand i was part of discussion when the deputies went out to the call with the crisis team that felt he might be suffering from p.t.s.d. facing that the fact he was a veteran had been in the course the war on terror has had a massive you. tarion cos the latest study puts the death toll at around five hundred thousand half a million but the authors of the study admit that it's actually much larger an additional large number of people have died in these wars by indirect means researchers suggest that in recent conflicts for every one direct death there are at least four other indirect deaths not surprisingly among veterans many are starting to ask is all this bloodshed really helping a lot of veterans and we know are starting to understand this these wars and fundamentally legitimate that the stack of spices they need were not made just in vain but not even in
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a righteous cause but who are the perpetuation of the current system of governance of the this live under throughout the world where people in charge get to treat people who aren't like broccoli the perception of the wars in iraq and afghanistan has definitely changed over time you're in the united states i think just. a matter of going oh yeah we get it now that we were lied to that we were taking advantage of it as a people so badly and you convince to support these invitations in occupations many americans feel that during the vietnam war big mistakes were made and how veterans were treated that's why we see a huge amount of flagwaving and support for military families every time there's a pentagon intervention sense that however at this point a lot of americans are starting to ask if supporting the troops is really just about flags and bumper stickers a lot of americans are wondering if supporting the troops means that maybe we should be more cautious about sending them into harm's way so routinely and if we
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should be maybe more concerned about giving them a decent life once they return from conflict kaleb up and r.t. new york. now there are growing claims that i suppose it worn christianity as being forty universities in the u.s. and one incident a student at northeast wisconsin technical college was. from handing out cards containing the words jesus loves you she sued claiming her freedom of speech is being violated but then i call threw out the claim siding with the college which argued she was only stopped because she was in a staff only area well in another incident a christian student university is facing calls to resign after she abstained from a vote on a resolution supporting the l g b t community and librarians at simmons college published a guide warning christians that the phrases merry christmas happy easter and also god bless you our so-called micro aggressions against muslims we discussed the issue with the legal analysts lionel and editor david lindorff. if this were any
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other religion or any other situation nobody would have any problem with this nine that would be it would be up understood it would be it will be tolerated there would be diversity it would be understood but if it's christianity if it's jesus on college campuses today no go there this is open season in this country especially on college campuses he will go through the litany of complaints regarding christianity no i'm not speaking up beehive of somebody who was overtly christian i personally i'm a religious doesn't matter one way or the other what i'm telling you is that there it is anathema it is considered not in any way tolerate a bowl it is not diverse atheists agnostics no problem we understand we tolerate we get christians you're on your own that's a fact and that's just really not true i mean i my wife teaches at temple
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university in philadelphia and there are christians all over the campus handing stuff out all the time no problem. there's bigger problems i think with with muslims because there's some harassment of them by other students but you know in general i think in general it's live and let live with religious tough on campuses it's a huge exaggeration and it's being used to promote this notion that everybody is becoming intolerant. now a statue of a sikh so we'll go on ring values from the indian subcontinent to force in the first world has been vandalized in the u.k. it happened less than a week off the monument was officially unveiled. barack.
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her earlier on our arab. the incident happened in the west midlands stat she was put up one week before centenary commemorations of the end of world war one the phrase see poise no more though was sprayed along its base member of the u.k. basic foundation explain to us why that is offensive. this could be a racist attack because one of the world's. supply as it's called also glory actually was a british term you used drugs three weeks describe. the look work literally work look free from the indian suck on stomach so this actually does most of the your bio. indian history with a member of the town's neighborhood policing team has expressed concern over the vandalism and he assured the community too that
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a full investigation will be carried out there have been several recent cases of hate crimes against sikhs in august the doors of a temple in edinburgh are petrol bombed and in february this year a sikh man was assaulted at side parliament in london while waiting to meet and then pay a man tried to pull off his turban before shouting muslim go back home. our sister channel harty arabic has obtained documents detailing money and rewards paid by islamic state to its fighters for example two hundred dollars for the capture of anybody deemed to be an infidel and fourteen hundred for destroying a tank it does show i saw terrorists were not just motivated by ideology.
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all. you want yasi international thanks for the company to saving our private continue
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after the break. i would make just manufacture two cents a statement of public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. when the final larry go round lifts the one percent. so we can all middle of the room see. you rick. good for the troops up to sleep for. my bill for sunday and this is their.
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roles here to say of course the business with the most disorder because look. this is new with. a lot of slow slow slow slow slow motion i am pleased to. see. the case is that because of the way that could be a bios a look at the model your body is diplo it's looks like it's home from the show such as the fluid soles a. new tool and you must. move. one
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else so it's seemed wrong when all rolls just don't hold. me close yet to shape out just a bit comes to educate and it gains from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. by our max kaiser this is the concert for us are still in florida we're just finishing up our gonzo american pilgrimage shoot cross-country journey into the soul of america coming to artsy in december look for stacey yes we're in florida
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which is the home of the swamp and we have had elections just now where we drain the swamp of one party and install some more in congress so we're going to go over some of the election results just so you know because this is a swamp people love the swamp and you might hear some noises behind us that is some people building into the swamp where they like to live with the alligators here behind us in terms of the actual polls that we saw in these midterm elections twenty eighteen the number one issue for both democrats and republican voters was indeed health care that was the number one issue both parties both voters they cared about health care they did not apparently care that much about russia but we get into that in that moment but health care was the number one issue max. that's correct health care number one issue why because the country is sick.


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