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was i was in the. palestinian armed groups to kyra truce with israel after a deadly exchange of cross border fire also this hour. it's over this isn't after all of this is done from all over. the heads of the non-profits legal aid group is recorded describing how she trains migrants to enter your read by tricking border guards. and a high ranking place woman in front takes her own life in a wave of suicides among offices in the country opposition parties say it's indicative of the poor conditions police face.
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is just ten four am here in the russian capital we're watching altie international . groups in gaza have declared a cease fire with israel off to the west cross border escalation since twenty fourteen over the past few days israeli warplanes have pounded targets across gaza after hundreds of missiles were launched by militants. the joint operation room of the palestinian resistance factions declares that the egyptian efforts have resulted in reinforcing the cease fire with the israeli occupation the resistance will abide by the cease fire agreement as long as the israeli occupation and he is to the egyptian brokered truce that statement from him asked for a fair to an agreement mediated by egypt however has been no official word from israel on whether it will uphold the truce. middle east correspondent paula join my colleague neil harvey in the studio to discuss the situation. well as we heard over
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there have mass which of course is in control of the gaza strip and monitors what's going on with all the groups that operate there has called for ceasefire incorporation with islamic jihad primarily has been firing a lot of rockets at israel now half an hour before they made that statement they did issue on their twitter account a statement in which they say that israeli strikes were targeting civilians saying that they believe that israel had run out of what they say are military targets and they blame the whole aggression on the israeli side saying that israel started this whole flare up of course a very different narrative coming out from the israeli side where we hear that they are holding no surprise i must responsible they say it was triggered by an incident yesterday in which a rocket landed on any israeli bus that was carrying soldiers and a nineteen year old soldier is in a critical condition and they say that they say has intensified and caused the whole situation to flare up and also hold responsible he ran they say that iran is the one that is supplying weapons money and orders to both hamas and islamic jihad
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in the territories now the final figure we have at this stage is seven palestinians killed and one israeli killed who of course was a palestinian worker unfortunately was on the israeli side during the conflict we are expecting that these tensions will continue to climb so it seems like a daily thing that we used to hear about the violence and the deaths in the region how did we get to this point well the last war between israel and hamas was back in two thousand and fourteen and it really has been an unstable situation along the border over the last few weeks we've had the great march of return that has intensified tensions and there's a lot of discussion a lot of emergency meetings that are being held in israel today there was a six hour security cabinet meeting where the israeli side is still trying to decide how to deal with the situation and what to do so it's not certain right now that this will flare up into a full scale war but certainly the tensions on the ground and every so often we witness what we've seen now is this kind of flare up in tensions in the last twenty four hours there were four hundred sixty rockets fired at israel hundred ninety.
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intercepted by the iron dome that is the highest number ever that has happened at the same time israel struck a hundred and seventy targets in gaza over the period of twenty four hours just take a look at what the last twenty four hours have been like that i thought. i . was i. was i. guess looking at those pictures there in the level of violence is it's terrifying to think that it's escalating you dredge where this was going luckily there is a maybe it's time to you know there is
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a pause in the violence and i must mention to gyptian lead at this what were they referring to well egypt has always come to the party in terms of being a mediator between israel and hamas and it has the buy in from the israeli side has the buy in from the palestinian side so they are and natural mediator in this situation they have been egyptian intelligence officers in and out of gaza over the last few weeks because we have seen this flare up happening a few times this is nothing new together with the united nations and in this case norway and switzerland they have brokered what seems to be a cease fire we're hearing from certainly the palestinian side that it's a ceasefire that they willing to die to if israel ends its hostilities so it always becomes a bit of tit for tat neither side really wants to see a flare up in violence it's not going to do the hamas and the palestinians in gaza any particular good and certain israel wants to try and avoid it so the one good thing is that both sides will be trying to find common ground through the egyptians and reach some kind of mediated peace. after the cease fire was declared people
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took to the streets of gaza. celebrating what they see as a victory for hamas they gathered at the ruins of the accept t.v. station which was destroyed by an israeli. and across the political people doubt that's what is any ceasefire with hamas they called for an immediate military operation in gaza we had some contrast in the conflict. i think. would like to see and to go as far as for the war like what happened in two thousand and fourteen so i think that . the homicide at least they said that from the very beginning that we are committed to. down the whole thing but at the same time we need to understand that this israeli are also going to do so as they thought in this last. action they had achieved nothing good to the contrary if we look at the israeli media obscene
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mutely why being the government and say that there was a big failure by the government and the israeli army in even the you know dealing with the whole thing. so the israeli government on the one hand would like to have a cease fire right now the problem is is the israeli government and specifically the israeli people want to put an end to this type of behavior and the way that hamas has been behaving in the violence and the terror of hamas which is seeks to destroy the very state of israel if the hamas or any of the palestinian terror organizations would just lay down their weapons and stop you know inciting and stop terrorist stop paying terrorist families stop encouraging terror stop encouraging palestinians to kill jewish israelis the israeli army would react. if he has been really to magically sharing the director of an engineer which provides legal aid to migrants explaining how she teaches refugees to lie to border
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guards. because if you. are this is. this video that's been doing the rounds online is part of a larger investigation project by the canadian activist laura sullivan the clip allegedly shows rekha who's the executive director of the legal aid in geo advocates abroad in this video clip she seems to be telling the undercover crew who were filming her against her knowledge that she coaches refugees and migrants on how they should how they should speak to border police into other officials. knowing. this is working to determine these characteristics.
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and. well many of you watching would be pretty unfamiliar with the name advocates abroad there are a legal aid n.g.o.s it's been operating since the beginning of twenty sixteen they provide legal aid to legal advice to people going through the asylum application process the ngo operate in the e.u. as well as right across the middle east area their own website says that they've helped fifteen thousand people cross into greece into the european union that way and another two and a half thousand into the e.u. through differing ways advocates abroad issued a tweet in which they said this was all right wing propaganda that had been the video it being altered and it was altered for political means now that tweet was later deleted they've also since deleted their online social media presence their
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twitter account has gone. and their facebook account has gone as well so expect certainly more to come of this video coming out in more on that investigation into what's been going on there with n.g.o.s reportedly helping but in some cases asking to break the law those people who are trying to come into the country astonishing numbers of pins they're going to islamic state in syria and iraq that's according to a new draft report to be tabled so the parliament's speaking at a debate on tuesday lawmakers have already expressed their anger. explored skip feeling conflicts and out of the lessons of human rights a snapshot approach delivers bad policy countries need to share their interpretation of arms controls rules because currently we see member states failing to even make full submissions the draft by jim an emmy paisa being missing
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expresses shock over the volume of weaponry going to die as it calls for much tougher action to stop export licenses that might be used to supply terrorists writer and broadcaster jonathan fryer says the supply of european arms to extremists in syria has been known about for at least three years. well the reports are that indeed that has been the case this is something we've known about that since two thousand and fifteen when diana shaw thought that state was much stronger than it is today the syrian government was reporting that finding caches of weapons which the origin and even more importantly at that stage what all the weapons that were being found in iraq which had been seized by pious fighters but the really key element of this is really the and use certificates what seems to been happening is that weapons which are not in principle destined for the i went through
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particularly ball garia into a lesser extent rumania and within channels to i guess fighting this and that's very concerning and one understands completely why members of your colleagues in strasbourg this week all taking this very very seriously and wishing to bring in the measures which could basically stop this sort of abuse of and use the u.s. democrats are threatening to launch dozens of investigations against president trump that story and more after the break. you know world a big part of the new lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we
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need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. as the media become unhinged in their of trump the president's most ardent critics in the media hang on his every word news cycle after news cycle are all about trying and much of this coverage is negative as journalism lost its purpose are journalists now nothing more than ideological i think it's.
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welcome back to. the creation of the world's biggest trade bloc is on the table as the as the on summits of southeast asian nations but it's the event is being overshadowed by tensions between china and the u.s. as he goes down off reports. a lot of important is here in singapore and while his official program is set to start only on wednesday he's already kicked off some of the events he had planned on the margins of the summit like for example meeting with the singapore and counterpart of another big thing everybody is kind of looking out for here is the fate of the so-called regional comprehensive economic agreement now if that comes into fruition it could see this stablish mint of the world's largest ever free trade zone because the sixteen countries it seeks to unite they all together make up with a total of a third of global g.d.p. it is being pushed forward by china it is the main spearheading force but it also
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does have some opposition some skeptics like for example india doesn't want to cut back on its import tariffs they say their economy benefits greatly from them and so that's why some analysts are saying that it is really unlikely that the deal that the pact will be signed here in singapore but well it's a good platform for those countries to sit down and resolve at least some of the differences another thing also kind of all revolving around china is bending more city between beijing and washington you can see the two countries are literally at each other's throats over many many things for example china wants the united states to stop conducting military drills in the south china sea and washington just flat out ignores that washington made an arms deal with taiwan that did not sit well with china either and of course there's a trade war that donald trump launched against china and so with both leaders with both the xi jinping and donald trump not attending the summit these differences
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aren't going to go anywhere other nations who are present here they're concerned that they will have to pick sides between the regional powerhouse and the nation that sees itself as the globally dominant power things can get even worse because the man that the united states decided to send here as their ambassador is mike pence and he did not mince. when it came to china china has initiated an unprecedented effort to influence american public opinion the two thousand and eighteen elections and the environment leading into the twenty twenty presidential elections china wants a different american president his remarks have been compared to those major in the cold war between the united states and on the soviet union so it doesn't really look like that the whole animosity between beijing and washington will die down anytime soon. china i'm less than told us the use of the u.s.
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dollar in trade between asian countries well the kleine over the coming if i don't think it's likely to lead to a deal or isolation as such you know in the sense that u.s. dollar would be totally abandoned when i was definitely lead to a more than a single currency being used in some of the major transactions but don't forget the design a dollar we have already got the euro and the british pound i think that in the future we're going to see the remember. and want more than one row and not too distant future the importance of the remember well matched that of the at least the british are all the euro. and could well overtake the japanese yen but there's this doesn't mean that it's going to unseat the dominance of the u.s. dollar anytime soon it would take many many many years. the u.s.
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democratic party is reportedly planning to hits president trump with eighty five investigations the party will take control of the house of representatives in january after last week's midterm election. there is going to have to be investigations if the democrats do take the house president trouble wake up wednesday morning to a very different political scenario here on the hill they are going to investigate this president and his administration they do intend to request president trump's tax returns former speaker pelosi insisting that her party will be strategic when democrats take control of the house in january they're going to begin immediately to investigations on impeachment the democrats are expected to demands trump's tax returns which he has refused to release since taking office they could launch new probes into alleged collusion with russia though we're looking into the president's alleged role in paying hush money to former porn star stormy daniels plus there are
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plenty of other items on the list ranging from the legality of the travel ban from several muslim countries to the administration's spending on finisher. with control of the lower house in congress the democrats will have subpoena power meaning they can legally require any witness to testify in congressional hearings and produce documents since september alone the republicans have blocked sixty four subpoena requests from the democrats form an annoyed congressman michael patrick flanagan believes the democrats should use the new powers sparingly. congress is not an investigative body it's not what it does it has the power of oversight but oversight of the administration executing congressional will and spending and in the direction of the nation democrats who have no agenda and ran on no agenda and have no desire to actually manage the business of the nation have only this to run on and they want to distract this president from the work he's doing because they
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just disagree with him they just don't want him to be successful and this is a way to derail him and the policies that he's doing i think the nation would like everyone to just take a breath step back let's do some stuff if there's really some wrongdoing the democrats think are some are some genuine wrongdoing not just we need to see his tax returns because we need to know he's not worth as many billions as he says years we want to publicly embarrass him which is all that tax return things about that that's ridiculous and nobody wants to see time and energy spent on that. record numbers of french police officers are committing suicide but the latest victim a prominence campaigner for officer welfare r.t. charlotte dubinsky has more from paris well there's shock here in france because this individual is seen as being or having been a leading voice in the protests in the movement of police against the attacks that offices have been undergoing over the last two years she was
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a woman called maggie biskup ski and she was actually the founder of that movement now the reports here in front suggest that she took her own life in the last day using her service weapon and she was found dead at home with a note nearby and that death now is being treated as a suicide in france but why was she so important well the thirty six year old was actually also the founding member of the mobilization of angry policeman this was a group that was set up back in two thousand and sixteen after police officers received a massive attack. back they were attacked with protesters with molotov cocktails and in fact two individuals the police officers were severely burned with others being injured as a result of that attack as well now she has also been under investigation over the last year what she described as speaking out to the media about attacks against the police without permission from senior officers from the police service now police
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suicide is a burning issue here in france with the statistics showing just how incredibly high it is for this particular profession now those statistics show that in july this was the latest statistics showed that for this year nine thousand police officers and sixteen had taken their lives that was back in july in two thousand and seventeen more than sixty police officers took their lives now it's such a burning issue that the government did launch a plan to tackle this earlier this year saying that they want to do more to help people realize if their colleagues needed support but there was criticism that that plan didn't go far enough well there's been a lot of reaction on social media today to the news of that death including from senior politicians such as the interior minister and the leader of the national rally i was embarrassed to yawn with colds a few days ago. and here i hear the anger of the police and we are responding
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concretely with more effective measures and more resources on the ground the suicide of my president of the mobilization of group police officers association is a terrible symbol of the police suffering she said tireless he denounced the suffering to occur and it's a big shock for all of us well we've spoken to many police officers over the last year or so who've talked to us about some of the issues that they face some of the abuse some of the attacks that they face in fact one police officer we spoke to in the last six months said that as a result of that to be. they had actually considered taking their own lives let's look back now at some of the most serious attacks that offices have faced in france .
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the french government is also coming under fire for its treatments of royal officials the mayor of a village in the east of the country writes an angry letter to the president of the hunting and his resignation. after thirty years had enough the compromises then kept the states withdraw have used up morally and physically according to official data more than one thousand mayors have resigned and from since the last local elections in twenty fourteen that number was fifty five percent higher than the preceeding four years we had from the director of the
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french will remain as a satiation he said austerity cuts i'm government targets have made it difficult for local officials to do that chops. swathes the french government is trying to limit the powers of authorities in regions to apartments and calm down this is a process that's been going on for a long time and it's made life difficult for local officials present markram is pursuing a policy of austerity in regard to local authorities he says he's not cutting funding for local authorities funding has never been this low there's a toughening of standards that we should these local officials struggle to carry out that. the main task of rural matters now is to receive new arrivals because rural france is becoming more popular than that there have never been so many people moving out of villages so it's important to maintain a dialogue with the french government very good official is already familiar with so i put it this is what i see if you want to improve access to health care education and expand employment in the broader economy we need to tackle these problems and the country will not develop if the government continues to hinder our
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efforts to pick out row on twitter and facebook play a real time news update i'll be back with the latest inhofe and asked time. kind of financial survival job today was all about money laundering first to visit this question this way different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in the tough talk or say we just have to give mccoll and say ok i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got
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a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal. much kaiser of course. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi don't tell was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at ash was a german company going until it developed so the denied a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything. you know she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that. not only want the money i want the revenge.
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in a world of big part of the lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. that's not on every.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm as the media become unhinged in there of trump the president's most ardent critics in the media hang on his every word news cycle after news cycle are all about trump and much of this coverage is negative as journalism lost its purpose are journalists now nothing more than ideological advocates.
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in the media i'm joined by my guest charles or tell the new york he is a private investor and a writer as well as host of the podcast show sunday with charles also in new york we have joe concha he is they were media reporter for the hill and in nashville we cross to roger l. simon he is an award winning novelist and academy award nominated screenwriter as well as co-founder and c.e.o. of america's p.j. media right gentlemen cross-like rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate joe let me go to you first here i guess i can pick the easiest example the dueling match we saw with jim acosta and president trump here i mean what is the state of journalism and i'm not let light letting either guy off the hook at least at this point here but what does that tell us about journalism today journalism today i would say has become a matter of many more opinions being put into reporting which is leading to
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mistrust by viewers and by audiences and jim acosta is a good example of that.


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