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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 14, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EST

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the state run station off the air killing ten people and wounding nineteen with twenty believed to still be buried in the debris according to an associated press report the international called the bombing of the t.v. station a war crime all the terrorism bill clinton and tony blair arguably more guilty of crimes against journalism. we'll have more in the weeks atrocities in u.k. armed israeli and saudi military action later in the show first after the british government's de-facto defeat in the face of german corbin's onslaught of a brics it legal advice i'm joined by former u.k. attorney general lord morris is the prime minister approaches a so-called endgame morris how is the democratic exercise in u.k. history ended up with jeremy cool be in order to be next prime minister demanding the publication of bricks and legal advice because the. audio. of a new nneka matter this started on there though there of utmost significance going
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to war is a very great significance for any country this is equally if not much greater on these very aware of occasions their office is advice how's it been published neither the contents nor the existence of an office as advice is ever of it the only exception has been in the war it was refused in must meet. the existence of the device was conceded in february one thousand nine hundred by both douglas heard the fighting secretary nicholas lisle the attorney general but not the contents maastricht being the precursor to closer european integration the previous treaty which was of the utmost importance and indeed the foundation of where we are today on this occasion on the. occasion the cabinet secretary decided it was their new nique occasion standing on. and therefore the he
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then to turn. his advice should be published and i've come down very very slowly very lucky overnight that this is the major occasion my suspicion is that he's never with the formal opinion that you don't you voice does conserve your free caulks. my guess is that he's never put anything formally on paper before the cabinet before the prime minister because he's not a public law expert he will be advised by treasury counsel who specialize in these fields. if you will the attorney general now though because of tourism is political problems suddenly finding a pen and pencil and talking to treasury legal advisor. the kind with overnight consult with a specialist who knew better than i am i'm a criminal lawyer if i decided to murder one of the by far i was the man to come to
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a because i knew all about it. but i'm not a public law expert and that's why the attorney is not acting on you though is. a lawyer is not the lord advocate or the equivalent in scotland there were joint opinions on the maastricht treaty of the lord advocate and the. experts is another matter because there's another element. to the day so much but the cabinet minister leading to in the past twenty four hours even raised the profit do independent legal advice being a factor here aside from the legal advice of the government what does that even mean that's nonsense because the advice of the government constitutionally is her majesty and emphasize that her majesty's law offices mugger's as attorney general and he is the advisor the principal adviser to the government. he.
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get an independent report to support. irish backstops or perhaps the whole country. which was raised by a remain as is the kind of scoop of legal advice that not only leads to perhaps the destruction of good friday remember to state aid restrictions it affects agriculture industry all the different elements of the brics agreement. they've been kicking the can down the road and tried to get on with what they think are the major matters. result. and they're all part of the huge area. issues i think we can put. aside and try to deal with what appears to be the principle
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is what to do with northern ireland and my feeling is northern ireland is an important part of our country divided we have the border in the middle of the. very important. now we've reached a point with the dog. and it's being and as the debate of course but on the state aid issue part of the reason the british focus the corbin. leadership of the labor party state aid restrictions are contained in legal advice about three nationalization of the railways electricity water. without the agreement when i was secretary of a six. aid for coming to a brigade and the fact any aid that was given by her majesty's government or there was nothing else at that stage had to be. i'd need the same way if we are
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part of europe there will be no stations is this way. write things down then i mean obviously you said this would be advised treasury official now they might have to write it down because the government has resumes been forced to they why didn't you write everything down on pieces of paper i was devised on the cost of a war. very difficult very tenuous so i took the opportunity of putting everything on on those like other correspondence it is now public knowledge that the documents can be made available as you can see why jeffrey wouldn't want to with sort of negotiation because. it could be tied to it and. i am surprised. that he hasn't well i'm george resume would completely deny that there's any such lacking legal knowledge around the cabinet table she lost his appeal court decision about the ability to
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unilaterally revoke article fifty completely with the. time left if possible what's the mood in the lords because no eight hundred to one thousand statutory instruments are needed and the vote was in two hundred sixteen eight hundred two thousand sets three instruments and needed for bricks it to bring the law in with the law and you will be part of that process yes. i've just been reading the agriculture. which has been severely criticized by a block report from the select committee on delegated legislation in the lords which examines all these delegated pollers bills and they've come to a huge amount of criticism of the bill which. dozens if not hundreds of stature
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to edge of us that there is no hope for tall either of examining the population or even dealing with the numbers of them in the time available i mean it's not just that there are only fourteen of two hundred thirty six international treaties have been rolled over so the britain has these with other countries when is that heading your way as well. i would be but we've got to go through a legislative process and that means the two houses of parliament how we can be done in a little bit mounted will be acted for years before anyone thinks this is all came law we're talking about were you surprised then that the transport secretary chris grayling said he was exploring the idea of chartering ships to guarantee food supplies and meds and supplies to this country because of the lack of all these types of agreements if there is no deal. as i stand it maybe our.
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president did and how the situation. the idea of. becoming a cop. i don't find it very appealing nobody else and i hope we do not come to that situation the particle problems of getting medicines. i'm told is one of the problems i mean we have and we do sort of these problems your feeling then is that it's going to be able to happen by the end of modes i think. has. to decay and the time scale which seems to me somebody who is out of the major decision making and you decision making that is an impossible task over to the general thank you offer the break as the taliban calls for a complete u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan after peace talks and we speak to an award winning
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journalist who interviewed a summer did not scruffy corbin right maps and sites just going through this week's top stories all right. coming up in part two of going underground. to. put themselves on a line they did accept or reject. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be precise this is what before three of the people. i'm interested in the water.
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as the media become unhinged in there of trump the president's most ardent critics in the media hang on his every word news cycle after news cycle are all about trump and much of this coverage is negative as journalism lost its purpose are journalists now nothing more than ideological advocates. hillary clinton is a warmonger and the democrats are easily conned into spending trillions of dollars and the defense industry and why they control the house defense stocks went up there i mean is there any clear indication that the democrats are the party of war . welcome back after monday's destruction of a t.v.
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channel by the israeli government by the british government and others i'm joined by the editor in chief of raju one thanks so much for coming on surprises no more outraged that israel destroyed the t.v. station and innit. so if this is normal nobody paid attention at all iraq t.v. station is bombed people were killed journalists are completely you know displaced so there we don't hear any any criticism or any sympathy in other parts of the world this is the proper the why do as there is a there is a really bombed element are before in south lebanon the american bombed. in baghdad so if if you are not with them you know it means they can't do anything nobody will you know reason finger look at the bomb. of hamas it is a television station hamas was elected and a. transparent. election and in palestine what happened no nobody i didn't see
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a single piece in the newspapers talking about a mass station was bought and they are saying that we ask that the stuff of our decision to leave but in two thousand and four they killed more than two thousand people they did not ask anybody to leave before they bombed them otherwise we wouldn't have this high number of casualties to take place and what was behind their brigade commander no baracoa was being killed what happened you know they sent as special forces to gaza and order maybe to kidnap one of hummus leader or kill him in order to bargain because there are two hostages israeli hostages what hamas may be they were looking for the place of those hostages and in order to release them so maybe there are looking for that it means of other tool is there is soldiers killed and how mask it as as
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a hostage or something like that because jane for hamas prisoners in later stages we don't know but it was very fishy why why hamas is talking about a truce. a sort of permanent. peace for a ceasefire why the israeli decided to provoke the talks or to revoke the truce to send special forces to provoke hamas they sent about four hundred this is actually a big question we don't know is there some rift among the israeli cabinet that netanyahu was in paris and that time. his defense minister for example liberman did he decide to spoil the water for we know that election is coming to israel so we don't know but there is there actually committed a very very grave mistake by doing this and trying to actually. put an end to the truce which was and was extremely successful and this feat well as usual we
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haven't got the israeli ambassador to london here we go for him let's just turn to yemen now jeremy hunt the british foreign secretary was in saudi saying he wanted to get to the bottom of the shoji killing even as edward snowden was reeling that he was claiming israeli spy ware was used because shoji assassination. order the hunt should be in saudi arabia to talk about. whiles apparently there was an ongoing operation in yemen colonel tokyo mulkey of the saudis military said there was ongoing when you make a jeremy hunt being him but i'm surprised jim hunty did not actually. pick any blame to the saudi government he said you know we managed or we succeeded actually to reach some sort of deal with the saudi government the injured people to be treated outside the yemen let me we're going to hootie community people going to
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will be england well i wish so many were so you know because simply why he was silent this war is going on for at least a year or three years and a half what about those people who were in. more than thirty thousand yemenis were injured most of them children and civilians why british government was silent about this why now there realize that there are injured people who need treatment outside given they cannot be treated even inside yemen because most of the hospital were bombed by the saudi alliance this is the problem now this thing don't we should actually advocate for stopping this war completely and to the with the rule of the saudi troops and emirates troops from yemen and let the yemeni sort are themselves vigorously the the trouble ministration as we draw in all refueling me there refueling for. this is something to be honest they should stop a munition should stop besides the stop selling fifteen sixteen to their
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saudi and to the united arab emirates who are using these warplanes to bomb civilian targets inside yemen briefly to afghanistan i should say though that britain has license five billion in weapons to saudi arabia since the open war began what do you make of the fact that. trump business saying there should be no afghanistan presidential elections next year and the taliban russia china india pakistan all talking in moscow and the taliban saying right it's time for the u.s. to get out of afghanistan it is a russian breakthrough for russia actually for the last seventeen years it used to be american territory that american promise their grammy. ability jobs prosperity after seventeen years look or for situation of their taliban control about fourteen district and they are active in more than seventy five
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percent of the afghan it directories and the american actually come out decide what to do with afghanistan there are that they're here maybe the question will give them you know. helping and we don't know yet ok but just finally why did why did fifteen thousand british servicemen and women die or were wounded since during their seventeen year tour we have never been there where the american goes the british full of them there is no independent policy is there is no independent strategy there is no independent government there cannot say no to united states this is the problem so. how many people belong you know a thousand people are going to stand there are still involved what they are going to achieve in afghanistan this is the biggest question and daughter that is going to answer this ok taliban there are afghani people you know we cannot say to taliban leave afghanistan to come to britain. you know.
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asylum status one example this is this is the biggest problem i think britain is wrong they shouldn't follow the steps of the american and now they are following the steps of. imposing sanctions against iran trying to set up a new need to use a new tool in the middle east in order to fight. the fight. and fight in britain for example is. the united states it is that i would like actually better to mobilize the american and the. british and other european in order to fight their war against a symbol of the global how we think. well joining me now to go through some of the week's top stories a journalist and writer the u.k.'s leading independent news tried the canary steve drop or steve away from television stations being bombed by british isles countries
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let's go straight to the tweet about the german invasion of france indeed so this is mr donald j. trump tweeted a man you know my grandson just building its own army to protect or because of us stronger. arshad but it was germany and wild was wild and two how did that work out for france they were starting to learn german in paris before the u.s. came along pay for it all dot good point well made well indeed this is trouble because matt brown came out and suggested about a year. trumps up in arms about this i mean his timing with this awful tweet couldn't be less appropriate really because it just might be appropriate let's go straight to this absurd story of a deal being investigated. right just claims once again so un envoy warns poverty in britain is a political choice this is the un special rapporteur fearing in the baltic yes exactly i don't know what his business is. special up to a philip alston who specializes in extreme poverty he's got an investigating u.k.
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doing a tour and a fact finding mission this particular story he has to jailbreak an essex which has been the subject of many programmes on the television about poverty about benefit claimants about austerity he's also been hearing evidence about food banks quite forthright actually has come out and said that for the food bank system in this country it shouldn't be an replace of the state operating in protecting people who are at the bottom rungs of society but of course there's an added element to this which the mainstream press of generally missed this is the thing with the fifth reports by un subcommittee in thirty months in the u.k. we have you in committee on economic social and cultural rights reports in june twenty sixth at another un human rights committee reports and we've had two reports by the un committee into the rights of persons with disabilities one of which said the u.k. government have committed grave and systematic violations of people's human rights resulting in a human catastrophe this is a concept missing this is now the fifth time the un would have investigated the u.k. successive u.k.
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governments have gone under with owsley this man has begun as. bangladesh comparing britain to the poorest countries on earth it is absurd if you were a banker you remember the conserved apology you can't deny that there's an issue in this country i mean as well. we have to look at our property rights we said that sixty percent of the median average income in this country even e.u. came out and said that's not good enough we should be fifty percent so we're even underscoring poverty as it is is probably a lot worse than actually as well in fairness two hundred five billion pounds is needed for elsewhere let's go to italy see we're yes so this is. the watch over submarine contract this essentially the story that one of the trident submarine is has been sitting in dock for three years at a cost of two hundred million but nothing to do with poverty in this country at all the beleaguered tried and submarine system in this country costs vary between four to six billion two hundred billion and this news has essentially been throwing money away apparently in the governments aren't too happy we do as a nerve. but i should say corbin
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a city willing to press the button even after all this money is being spent one federation of american scientists is as is what beleaguered forty eight warheads on the most go area could kill two and a half million million outside moscow three million dying within two weeks of radiation exposure and seven hundred fifty thousand children with several million injured so a powerful system to protect our safety yes but is beleaguered because firstly the costs keep going up and up secondly we all know there's a nuclear war would be no win situation and thirdly i mean the relationships between the u.k. russia side up and down the roads med's banquet last night saying oh well russia if you tell us that you've been naughty and admit your faults and we'll be friends with the guy let's go to your peace in the canary yes so public support for fracking has officially nosedives so this is the department for business energy and industrial strategy does a quarterly survey of the public on their views on energy and u.k. and how we should supply and how the government deals with it and fracking is officially nosediving in december twenty thirty it's now plummeted from that point
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twelve percent support for fracking has dropped by it's now fifteen percent second lowest point so far since the us has been doing the survey meanwhile opposition is growing ten percent since december twenty third. now at thirty one percent of course this survey was done in september of this year this is before the earthquake started that press the new rows minor earthquake struck the mind of earthquake struck the strong storms of magnitude one point one this is of course a quote drill sergeant preston you are right in lancashire one point one magnitude earthquake was felt in blackpool now you say that mind of the scientific evidence doesn't back this up what academics in the us and academics i've been saying is these minor earthquakes quite often pretty loose more major instance because essentially the more you shake the rock that we stand on the more undermine the rock is going to become and the more likely the larger earthquakes are to fall it will do little additions is about five million people will die between twenty thirty and twenty fifty excess deaths using the plays of fracking that's been shown
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they're going to increase greenhouse gas emissions so they're not doing anything about climate change by introducing fracking i think it's more looking for energy independence you say with the budget just a few weeks ago they gave tax breaks to oil and gas companies on those recently the government signed off on more exploration of north sea oil fields i think with the situation in the middle east when so volatile with regards to oil look at the sanctions on iran and saudi arabia's reaction is that i think britain is sort of mirroring the us in looking for energy independence well here it home numbers of murders into any eighteen leche twenty seven teens a total figure on monday i think this is about that more than stopping journalists i think so yeah police are in talks to scrap the reasonable grounds condition for stop and this is the old go in control of stop and search obviously if you read the press should be believe there's a knife crime epidemic in london in the control and so the police are looking to scrap the reasonable grounds which basically means that they have a suspicion that someone is carrying on to be stopped and reasonably well apparently so look stop and search is always been controversy i was reading this
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morning that in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine six times more likely young black men were to be to be stopped by police the figure is now nine times more likely that black men will be stopped there's been constant criticism of this. it doesn't actually work but we're now seeing this kneejerk reaction to the frenzy around the epidemic in the capital where it's actually if you look at the figures as well historically not crime to highest under tony blair in two thousand and six two thousand seven hundred side writes the highest it ever was in two thousand and six two thousand and seven there were over five thousand hospital admissions i'm jus tonight for shop instrument injuries well known as i live in a community that's been. in the past year alone hundred yards from my doorstep and buys a cottage and so i know full well the implications of what's happening with not gone in london but also why it's happening and the things we see these pics and history of gang. like this there's an entourage of reason why it's happening so they it's capitalism capitalism breeds inequality and that's what is the root of all this
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angry young people who feel that the system has left them behind that stop and searching ultimately is going to solve that problem a system reboot of how we govern ourselves is what's needed thank you and that's it for the show join us for going on the ground exclusive t.v. interview with the new palestinian ambassador zoellick until global trophies at the expansion into the general delegation to the usa and even touched by social media will be back on saturday thirty five is the day that some government this is and the globalist easier than it was found in the mountains of mexico. you know world of big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting. past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. pranking game americans a lot of job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year girl and trucks so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to gold but this beautiful story ended with pollution and
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devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and the slow down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality and you don't. subscribe
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to rub people who get. just twelve euros fifty a month. donald trump again lashes out at his french counterpart emanuel macro who wants greater independence from washington. bureau for me the ceasefire deal reached yesterday combined with the long term deal with the masters is a sober end to terrorism israeli defense minister resigns just a day after palestine palestinian militant groups announced a cease fire in an attempt to stop an escalating conflict which has claimed eight lives in just twenty four hours and also to cancer patients in iran find it increasingly difficult to get life saving medication as washington post sanctions begin to bite plus comes to light.


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