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subscribe to rob people who get all rocky cultured for just twelve euros fifty per month. donald trump again lashes out at his french counterpart emanuel macro on who wants greater independence from washington. bureau for me the ceasefire deal yesterday combined with the long term deal with the masters is a surrender to terrorism israeli defense minister resigns just a day after palestine palestinian militant groups announced a cease fire in an attempt to stop an escalating conflict which has claimed eight lives in just twenty four hours and also cancer patients in iran find it increasingly difficult to get life saving medication as washington's reimpose sanctions begin to bite. comes to life in ukraine in summer camp where children are
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treated like young soldiers untrained by far right activists to fight russian friends. on six pm here in moscow you with international now it seems the burgeoning romance between donald trump and emmanuel macron is a thing of the past there's been a sudden sharp cooling relations with the french president talking of putting distance between europe and washington while trump has taken to his favorite platform twitter to lash out at his counterpart with more details his shot at the. let's take a look at some of those international headlines now the bromance is over this hour in the bromance of the saying that the friendship is come to an end that's what is being discussed in the international papers here in france if you take
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a look here this is le parisien it's basically saying that trump is making fun of mark corn and that's something that's being discussed across the papers talking about those tweets which attacked french wine which attacked much popularity it's have a look at those tweets that trump made and say exactly what he said but it was germany and world wars one and two how did that work out for france they were starting to learn german in paris before the u.s. came along pay for nato not france makes it very hard for the u.s. to sell its wines into france and charges big tariffs not fair must change the problem is that emanuel suffers from a very low approval rating in france twenty six percent an unemployment rate of almost ten percent make france great again well for so long the two presidents had been having this beautiful romance that started here in paris just around a year and a half ago hugs and kisses but it's all gone sour as
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a result of this interview that much corn gave. that can defend itself. depending only on the united states that exhibits greater sovereignty well it's not the first time that much corn has spoken out against trump's policies and being in stark disagreement with them remember when trump pulled out of the paris climate accord this is what mcconnell had to say back then. i considered a mistake for the u.s. and its people and a mistake for the future bob pointed then of course who could forget the fact that trump pulled out of the uranium new. here accord something that really riled president mack on on is it is new and it was our proposals that after the americans root of the agreement stock has been seen as a catastrophe it. was the most part it seems that trump has let all of those
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criticisms slide but not this one when it comes to the creation of an army or why is that will some experts are suggesting it comes down to one thing and one thing only money the idea that if they knew in european army was created that could mean less cash in the pockets of the usa and donald trump as a businessman the idea of losing money is a kin to a capital offense he may also be unhappy that map corn could incite others to join this revolt already we know that the german chancellor angela merkel has said she is fully behind this idea so this idea of castigating matt call and twitter could be just serving another purpose of trying to keep the troops in order. i count your political expert here a man not a mom believes that macro has been played by trump. trump before to come
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to paris was. shocked and angry but out of these niggas she tactic. strong statements in order to make a spark nurse took a different position on each works on the following day. just repeats what the average chance once from europe and you say really europeans sure spending more we didn't need to for our security he works for the united states once it's got french president who was not strong enough to keep his own position. far right freedom party has organized a summer camp for kids which looks more like a big camp journalist from the associated press to visit the site where children divine the strict rules and learn how to be soldiers with more his. now that's what i call a legit summer camp. both
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of you know about early morning wakeup calls. oh yes right by our. chance that kids will remember for the rest of their lives. was catching march. welcome to the temper of will summer camp and western ukraine it's pretty much a boot camp hidden in the forest the people who set it up are from the national socialist svoboda or freedom party so who can get enrolled officially it's for teens but a.p. journalists who went there say they saw children as young as eight here they're being taught how to kill did you do this you know they still
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live there it seems limitless new coal then out of system but it used to know what i was doing he should post fun things when one of the only two of his mostly. but not only do they get to learn how to take down those who adults are calling russian invaders the kids are also taught to stand up to what the instructors see as degrading trends in the west. of the us this. should make you. walk if you will feel. so out of the. west that was. what may seem as an ugly display of far right shaw the brainwashing appears to get full support from the local administration well earlier this year kiev splashed some of its bug. on youth projects the goal is to prop up what they call national patriotic education some of
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these projects are run by the stream far right. even the nato backed atlantic council think tank tried to raise international wariness with this article and indeed we didn't write that amnesty international's pointing out the issues more than just critical ukraine is sinking into a kill sort of uncontrolled violence posed by radical groups and the total impunity practically no one in the country can feel safe under these conditions and if you're wondering if any of this could actually spill beyond ukraine well just lately and f.b.i. agents criminal complaint said ukrainian neo nazis were believed to have trained white supremacists in america just wait till some of these youngsters grow up.
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in january ukraine did pass a law recognizing russia as an aggressive state and last week the ukraine vice prime minister said that the country is trying to build a strong democracy whereas the kremlin supports populist nationalist movements but independent journalist martin summers thinks the western media is. waking up to the growing nationalism in ukraine let's get more thoughts on this from journalist brian we don't. he's been covering events in ukraine for several years now and i think he joins this. good evening thanks very much for coming on and now you've covered events in ukraine for several years to where you shocked by this story when you story. well i'm not shocked about the story itself because it's been widely reported for years especially in russian language media but i'm white i'm just shocked that it's finally been reported in the west i mean associated press
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have gone in there obviously a syndication agency so obviously you know their copy then has to be reported in other mediums but i'm pleasantly surprised that you know outfits like the washington post notably have covered it although some of the usual suspects you know the guardian and outlets i doubt if ignored the story once again but that's not surprising but it's good that for the first time you know many readers and western countries are finally learning something about what's really going on in western ukraine particular with these nationalist groups do you think there be any ramifications with regards to this story do you think it will be something that will fade away ultimately. well i mean you know there have been tens of the reports over the years about foreign activities in ukraine they have faded away was very interesting i think the broader picture is that the way things work in the west is that you need pressure groups you know think tanks to kind of get on these bandwagons and kind of you know almost force the agenda and what's very interesting is here we've got children you know schoolchildren minors being trained to hate being trained to kill been trained to fight and where is amnesty international
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where is human rights watch i mean they're not interested i mean where is the american embassy what is supposed moral leadership you know lashing out against this where the british embassy i mean there's plenty of time to. you know complain about other subjects and you know it's all part of a broader picture where things that are going on in ukraine are swept under the carpet and it's very interesting in the context of how russia has reported or hungry for that matter or countries that you know the liberal media have problems with their leadership now i hate what about three and i don't want to get into what about you but you have to ask like what are the reporters from the west. in kiev actually doing i mean there's reporters there from france twenty four b.b.c. radio free europe all the usual outlets and they're ignoring everything i mean where are the reports on the attacks on the roma camps where people are being killed i mean literally much the same nationalists that are training these kids from the same gene pool at least have gone into areas in western ukraine raided roma camps and actually killed people but i mean there may be reports but they're buried i mean are buried in the mainstream as the as the case goes there's no
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guardian op eds about them there's no new york times op ed you know another story in ukraine recently which is a horrific story is the acid attack on. a young activist from the south of the country which you know again there have been some reports on her death but no real context as to who did it for example the reports in the western media have not outlined that the perpetrators were members of a far right group i mean that's just brushed under the carpet another story is where the chief prosecutor of ukraine you really think oh supposedly offered to resign because of you know not investigating properly attacks into activists and you know it's all a farce again i mean it's reported he's going to resign then a few days later you know conveniently petro poroshenko the president refuses to accept his resignation and now he's still in office you know i'm not a word about it i mean you know this is a guy who i have to look down for a second is i want to give you the exact quote the prosecutor general of ukraine when asked why fifty five cases of attacks and activists have gone you know on
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solves he said and i quote i need to look down for a second the blame for this situation lies not only would that elements and the poor work of the law enforcement bodies but also in the atmosphere of total hatred to the authorities which some civic activists have been stirring up in other words the prosecutor general the country is blaming civic activist themselves for attacks on them by far right groups i mean this is absolutely incredible has it reached a point a point now brian west in authorities western media. ignore this any longer has it reached a tipping point you think. look i mean another example of the news vacuum in ukraine just last night just yesterday. there's a problem with heating in ukraine at the moment which means what ironically some of the correspondents in here from the western media may not have heating in their own homes but they're not reporting on it because for months and months i don't know if it's been resolved now but there was no hot water and certain districts of kiev i mean that was going on since april or may also at least two weeks ago i haven't
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checked in the last couple of days last night increase of iraq which is one of the largest cities in ukraine it's closer to in the middle of the country i mean last night local citizens raided the offices of the local gas company begging the authorities to switch on the heating because temperatures are subzero i mean here in southern russia obviously here in sochi little bit different as a subtropical but further up in krasnodar in raw stuff there was snow on the ground last night and this morning i assume it's the same in in ukraine and southern and central ukraine which is so nearby and there is no. where the people reporting this i mean it's like you know what are these reporters actually doing in kiev i mean what what is the point in them being there for not going to report stories i mean this is the issue so you're asking me do i think this is going to change something i'm not sure it's going to change anything to be honest you i mean another point made in the air your report i listen to when i was waiting to come on mention the hatred that these liberal that these nationalist groups have for lesbian gay and transvestite groups and bisexual. groups and have for you know western liberalism
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in general we've got a bizarre situation where liberals in the west are sympathetic to the current authorities in ukraine but because the media is not reporting the story properly they're not aware that these nationalists which are propping up the government authorities in kiev hate their european liberal values i mean detest them i mean and most of these guys are far to the right victor or ban for example or far to the right of the polish government but there's not a word about it brian look fascinating to talk about all of this we're going to have to leave it there was a young journalist who's covered events in ukraine as we said earlier for many years thank you. now in other news israel's defense minister has quit slamming his country's response to palestinian attacks week on monday israeli fighter jets struck palestinian targets after militants in gaza launch rockets and mortar shells of indoor librarians resignation comes as palestinian groups and israeli confirm
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israel confirmed a cease fire he branded the truce a surrender. for me the cease fire deal reached yesterday combined with the long term deal with hamas is a surrender to terrorism there's no other word no other meaning but surrender to terrorism. well meanwhile residents of an israeli town on the border with gaza strongly oppose the ceasefire with hamas and claim its government is caving in to militant violence heavy cross border fire has killed one israeli and seven palestinians. i. was.
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ok let's get the views now. skinny's a russian israeli journalist and political activist we appreciate your time mr reskin tonight mr i've been a step down claiming that israel's response has been too weak to have mass do you think he has much support in israel. well of this ceasefire of course was very popular and what liberman did was actually a good political step from here is a partial. point of view it's good for him politically that he will try to encourage the knesset to go for a new elections and the he will try to gain certain points by there are a few things must be explained here number one that we're talking about major crime against here bad eighty on this side of hamas there are four hundred to four
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hundred sixty rockets fired on our civil targets neighborhoods living neighborhoods four hundred sixty rockets i mean this is a crime against humanity and of course whatever israel does is still lethal and. one has to understand the reasons why is the royal agreed to or the cease fire you know. well prime minister here likes innovations high technologies and the israelis number two in the world and probably he is about to innovate something how to settle this ok with hamas how do without doing what the united states risk in the market is. claiming that yes as adults what you're be instigated against hamas actually help the ceasefire when hamas also feel that they're locked in the cycle of violence now responding to israeli aggression.
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israeli aggression meaning what shelling on our civil neighborhoods i mean just let's stick to the facts and the talk about fantasies the fact is for example there was. a palestinian refugee camp yarmouk new york damascus and they also had this habit of shelling no shelling on the civil neighborhoods of the mass schools there are hundred forty five thousand residents in two thousand and eleven headed by this same calm us and i hope you know that hamas was in damascus in your role and you must have been interesting and i understand your point but what i'm trying to say. is the way to dunaway way though by now i am nothing seeing more violence while i see the reason no one hamas fighter in yarmouk again when president
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purged their whole area nowell residence there you have to want to explain the hundred forty five thousand people disappear and multitude of them are refuges this is how the people act in our neighborhood now let me remind you what russia did in aleppo and what america the united states did in muscle and in the rocker and if we are talking about major solution this is how it works and i understand the point you make i mean i read it in the river in a great time of it can i ask how things work resulting relating relation if you have an organist who will have on the political situation in israel he's calling for more elections do you think that will happen. yes good chances there in a couple of months will have been your law the world pass the elections and again the same prime minister all the way in their elections as you understand in
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general terms an attorney i was very popular although this ceasefire decision was not popular not any our one step by step first to solve the problem of iran with some of our arab partners and that there will be no funding for hamas because iran iran. sponsors hamas terrorism iran hundred million dollars a year and. let let's give our prime minister this. chance to solve it peacefully i think it's a chance to solve it peacefully without doing what others in our neighborhood usually do i guide brought examples what usually happens in our neighborhoods with the gas is three different types of them yes sure ok we appreciate your thoughts on this mr s. going to have to leave it there that was a door skin russian israeli journalist and political activist thank you.
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know the president of the iranian academy of medical sciences a center powerfully worded appeal to the u.n. secretary general over the reimposition of u.s. sanctions he describes how the lives of many patients in iran are in danger sanctions have put off drugs from working in the country we did visit one cancer treatment center in toronto. security council must only condemn hamas but we condemn in the strongest possible terms this aggression by israel there is no thanks husband is a cancer patient and we are worried about his medication and their costs medications used to be available before but after the sanctions they have become more expensive and rarer and we are worried about the future and what will happen. this is the second round of my chemotherapy off the sanctions before my chemotherapy used to cost two hundred eleven euro but now if each round i need to
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pay four hundred and twenty two year zero and drugs cannot be found easily like before we have to search them in different pharmacies with every single one of them not having a specific kind of drug. now when they impose sanctions on our banks the money cannot be transferred easily to a foreign country in order to buy medication. that we're not allowed to bring in many devices and some of them like components it's obvious that without these parts the devices simply won't work. we're going to do everything we can discuss is iran hard as the british say to make
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to squeeze them until the pips squeak. want to hear we have nine bets which are full every day into this health clinics with the sanctions just not able to respond to half a million patients. with a social professor of political science calling cavell believes that washington's ultimate goal is to bring down the iranian government at any price the united states is going to say we iraq until it's great will it allow us and of course the arabian before we'll be harmed within a viable economic blockade the whole by the. members of the administration the trump in this race is that this will cause the iranian people to rise up and overthrow the current government in iran so even though john bolton says regime change is not what the u.s.
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is seeking that is simply a euphemism because what he really wants to do is to bring down the current iranian government with an economic pressure and economic sanctions. just come up to half past six meeting here in moscow that's the news for now but back again at the top of the. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than that we
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need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in the. us the benefit of tremendously economically through the cost of the wheels to the world by coming out of the effect we're giving of the power to impose structural adjustment on the list of countries over there it is a lie that is so fundamentally doesn't understand how these a these are useful tools of u.s. imperialism if the facts right so it's not clear what is right is i mean it's true that these are the. deeply unfair to the u.s. they're on the. to the majority world of the global south and that's really the reason these reforms.
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i. was. i.
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i. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle as the media become unhinged in the air of trump the president's most ardent critics in the media hang on his every word news cycle after news cycle are all about trump and much of this coverage is negative as journalism lost its purpose. are journalists now nothing more than ideological advocates. in the media i'm joined by my guest charles or tell the new york he is
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a private investor and a writer as well as host of the podcast show sunday with charles also in new york we have joe concha he is they were media reporter for the hill and in nashville we cross to roger simon he is an award winning novelist and academy award nominated screenwriter as well as co-founder and c.e.o. of america's p.j. media right gentlemen cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate joe let me go to you first here i guess i can take the easiest example the dueling match we saw with jim acosta and president trump here i mean what is the state of journalism in i'm not let light letting either guy off the hook at least at this point here but what does that tell us about journalism today journalism today i would say has become a matter of many more opinions being put into reporting which is leading to mistrust by viewers and by audiences and jim acosta is a good example of that jim openly debates the president on certain issues he takes
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a side and then decides to become the captain of the debate team during press briefings like we saw last week and eventually becomes a confrontation where after every press briefing whether it be with white house press secretary sarah sanders or with the president self the story becomes jim acosta and donald trump in terms of the confrontation and terms of actual information that made benefit the american people as far as what the president is doing his administration is doing so last week is a perfect example the president took sixty eight questions from thirty five reporters that's about an average of two per reporter for whatever reason mr costin felt he was entitled to ask for questions and when asked to give up a microphone when the president wanted to move on he held onto it like a three year old as a lollipop when you tell him that it's time to give up the candy so i think that's the state of journalism today where we have too many opinions being injected into actual reporting and that's a problem because you're supposed to report facts as a white house correspondent and not offer your feelings up on a particular topic yeah very well said charles you know see.


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