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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 14, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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purpose are journalists now nothing more than ideological advocates. in the media i'm joined by my guest charles or tell the new york he is a private investor and a writer as well as host of the podcast show sunday with charles also in new york we have joe concha he is they were media reporter for the hill and in nashville we cross to roger l. simon he is an award winning novelist and academy award nominated screenwriter as well as co-founder and c.e.o. americas p.j. media right gentlemen crossed the rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate joe let me go to you first here i guess i can pick the easiest example the dueling match we saw with jim acosta and president trump here i mean what is the state of journalism and i'm not let light letting either guy off the hook at least at this point here but what does that tell us about journalism today journalism today i would say has become
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a matter of many more opinions being put into reporting which is leading to mistrust by viewers and by audiences and jim acosta is a good example of that jim openly debates the president on certain issues he takes a side and then decides to become the captain of the debate team during press briefings like we saw last week and eventually becomes a confrontation where after every press briefing whether it be with white house press secretary sarah sanders or with the president self the story becomes jim acosta and donald trump in terms of the confrontation and terms of actual information that made benefit the american people as far as what the president is doing his administration is doing so last week is a perfect example the president took sixty eight questions from thirty five reporters that's about an average of two per reporter for whatever reason mr costin felt he was entitled to ask for questions and when asked to give up a microphone when the president wanted to move on he held onto it like a three year old as a lollipop and you tell him that it's time to give up the candy so. so i think
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that's the state of journalism today where we have too many opinions being injected into actual reporting and that's a problem because you're supposed to report facts as a white house correspondent and not offer your feelings up on a particular topic yet where you well said it no charles you know c.n.n. says facts first but i mean c.n.n. now is synonymous for a brand that says trump is a liar i mean that's it i mean i can't understand how what few viewers they have left actually continue to watch it because i don't care what trump is doing every second of the day i twitter is more than enough. you know i mean that's why i think this show which is modestly amusing ancient aliens is getting more viewers and c.n.n. ever i mean if you want to hear. propaganda you know where to go if you want to tune into the white house press briefing you'd like to see the many fine journalists and there are fine journalists in the white house press corps get a chance to ask questions and elicit facts we're not interested in the news in the
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reporter's opinions we're interested in getting facts and i think i thought journalism's and i'm not a journalist but i thought the goal of journalists was to report facts as news to a wide viewership and i think increasingly more and more people are turning turned off to this approach and that's why they're going to alternative formats and that's why i think c.n.n. m.m.s. n.b.c. and others like them are in serious jeopardy you know roger one of the things that i look at and we've mentioned c n n n m s n b c already on this program what i find exhausting is their moralizing because. there's not very little coverage on the opiate crisis for example in the united states which is a every year more people die related to this opiate crisis than the entire number of american servicemen that died in vietnam but i know you hear that sometimes like with tucker carlson and i think he's great at doing that but you don't hear about these issues here. it's because i think that the liberal media is moralizing they
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think they're simply better than their political opponents certainly they think they're better than the president of the united states and my character and my characterizing unfairly go ahead roger. oh i think you are but also there's another factor involved here and that's. the ever popular money i mean whether these people are trying to do is attract a attract their audience it's a very specific only this even though c.n.n. is fairly new m.s.n. b c which is almost a clone of c.n.n. . is attracting a larger audience they've. weeded c.n.n. at the same thing be it was a cost to horrify but by the basically the same game where she really interested in the whole white house press corps who gets to be there in the first place one of the reasons things like the opioid crisis are not to mention is the people who are
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sitting in that room are mostly the same people who are sitting in the front rows since i first went there to write a screenplay this is true back in the eighty's when i was given access to that room was the same a.b.c. c.b.s. in the same front room and and of essentially it's a car to now and a cartel do days what do spirit it's the same as in a lot of countries as in russia too there are only certain already only certain companies get to get a seat at the table ok so let's now go flip to the side of donald trump now obviously when you look at the cost collision course there it's great for a click bait it's great for everyone to have opinion upon and i mean it again it's very exhausting but you know. in a way you know c.n.n. and trump they feed off of each other instead of confrontation it's it's. it's
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advantageous for both of them because there is a good number of viewers out there that just have complete contempt for trump and on the other hand complete contempt for c.n.n. so it's almost like playing a game in. i mean trump really gets it's really out of saying that about c.n.n. and acosta because he knows his base loves it and it will be played over and over and over again everywhere including fox so i mean there is a very symbiotic relationship here go ahead joe the oldest game in washington is to attack unpopular institutions right a republican used to attack the i.r.s. you're a democrat you would attack a republican congress and so on it's a mutually beneficial thing with the president and with c.n.n. for instance or the media in general but it's not just his base and in other words ninety three percent of republicans feel that the media reports knowingly false information which is a pretty scary thing it's no longer bias now is it actually some people see it as
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a completely intentional act but then seventy nine percent in this isn't actually those polled by the way seventy nine percent of independents eight and ten basically say the same thing a majority of democrats say the same thing so when the president attacks the media there is no downside to that yet in terms of him doing that but to go back to an earlier point in terms of the same people being in the room i have a proposal for this and i'm actually borrowing this partly from ari fleischer who used to be a white house press secretary under george w. bush and mike mccurry under president clinton and that is we got to rotate different reporters in there on one day have the president white house press corps tuesday bring in business reporters thursday or wednesday the foreign press thursday maybe bloggers and then friday everybody gets a three day weekend or bring back in the white house press corps i think you get a lot more different questions in there and a lot more questions with substance and said the sizzle that we're currently seeing charles that's a very good idea here but the cartel i like how roger phrases it the cartel would have nothing to do with it i mean n.p.r. and c n n m s n b c they will instantly horn's lane yeah well you know again it's
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a it's a power struggle right now i think jim acosta should have had his credentials suspended because he misbehaved himself and it's not his house it is not his venue but charles the liberal media believe it is their right to do exactly that that is the problem. well i think what we're seeing in the marketplace and this is an immodest plug for our show is a move towards opinions that are backed up by sources and every one of our broadcast we provide a slide show for free with links to the primary sources so you can validate you know you can test for yourself whether our views and opinions make any sense and you can do more work look at it there are a number of alternative sites that do that type of work and i what's a to stick the taken as a group more more people are getting their news from such sites for youtube and other platforms then from you tube and other platforms than from the traditional media because the traditional media is too slow it's too and accurate as you point
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out nobody trusts it and they keep on falling on their face over and over again but then roger i mean the ok to all three of you suggested that what the liberal media is doing is doing now is not working but roger why do they keep doing it then i mean the this is districts are overwhelming ok i mean just look at the ratings i mean the cartoon channel is doing well in comparison go ahead roger why don't they address this go ahead. and i really truly unfortunately i wish it were true we could see a car to travel and we're winning every time writing the c.n.n. so the world would disappear and who actually i think the troopers turn them all of the i mean. he's giving them what kinds of publicity. actually i agree with joe supposedly that's a great point and sure. where you were the press secretary was trying to do
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something sort of like that but it seems to go on and either way so but. you know it's other methods have to be taken because in reality like in mr lisi is raking in the dough which it c.n.n. is it's much more that you know fox is obviously making tremendous amounts of money so it's not that the system isn't real. yet who are really not who are actually ok to go to joe before we go to the break here fox was mentioned here and their business model is doing very well is it because they have it and i think i'm thinking of like hannity and laura ingram i mean they obviously have a pro trump agenda i mean it's obvious for anyone to say but it works joe. yeah on the editorial side they mostly have approach trump agenda there's plenty of never trumpeters their tour show i think fox is somewhat unpredictable in that sense like you don't quite know what shep smith or chris when it's like you don't quite know what shep smith or chris wallace or brett bear the news side of the of the
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organization they do a solid job the other two channels their news organizations have now become there or the news divisions have become opinions but the reason why fox does so well i wish i had a pile with me i don't have to draw a circle here ok split that pie and a half fox gets that fifty percent c.n.n. decided let's go after the other half that m.s.m. d.c. has in terms of liberal and they get about twenty percent of that m.s.m. he gets thirty and that's why they do well because they have no competition from the right and c.n.n. decided to give up the middle so that's basically it and they just simply have more talent more compelling personalities on there it's that simple hold that thought we're going to go to a short break gentlemen and after that short break we'll continue our discussion discussion on the media in the era of trump.
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thanks guys are. they saying that the balance. this is the central banks that were dying at the moment the problem right.
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welcome back across town where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the media in the age of trouble. ok let me go back to charles in new york much like what joe does i watch a lot of media it gets more and more difficult as a as we go it through this administration. you know i'm more of an outsider looking in here but it seems to me that. the democratic party has m.s.n. b.c. has m.s.n. b.c. and c.n.n. as their spokespeople it is that's the way it looks from here ok and and then i would even go further if i get the impression. during this midterm cycle that a lot of democrats watch c n n n n b c to get their talking points it's almost
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a circular thing ok i've never seen such a large group of candidates repeat exactly the same thing sometimes in order ok and i think there's a lot of viewers in the united states that have a big problem with that go ahead charles you know i think it was joe i've heard him on television mention that one of the big conundrums right now is trying to figure out what is the true split between among democrat republican independent i think democrat or republican sure as fall and a lot and suddenly so what we see you're right what we see here are democrat talking points being spewed forth in a coordinated fashion not just on c.n.n. and m s n b c but new york times and other services and mo. to the print press and radio so i mean instead of focusing right now not on the mole or investigation but on the fact that it seems to me that democrats are trying to rig not just the election but the post-election gathering counting of votes that seems to be
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a serious fraud upon the american electorate we're not spending enough time talking about that but we have been obsessing for many months about whether russia you know might have purchased some facebook ads you know modest quantity that could have had an impact on the two thousand and sixteen election integrity of elections strikes me as a very important issue across the entire political spectrum we should care that we can know that our votes will be counted properly and in this high tech age we can't have we don't have that assurance as being played out right before our eyes that's a serious scandal i absolutely agree it roger it seems to me one another big problem here you know i'm i'm a conservative you know in l my viewers know that ok so i'm i'm going to criticize c n n n m s n b c probably far more than other television networks but. you know it seems to me that the cultural war that is being played out. the e.c. it seems to me that the liberal media is the flag bearer of that about values about
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families what a family is what about immigration the whole transgender debate i mean if you look at conservative media and you look at c n n m s n b c u c two different cultural world worlds there and it seems to me that c.n.n. really pushes that really hard is that a wise move on their part. why it's movies are hard to really say it because it's what they believe you know i actually had point that's my point that's my point they project their values yes well you know. we all do that's the sad truth you know one of the things just being revealed is i see above about all this if you pay attention is this is what journalism always worse i mean it's written by human beings and we're all human beings are by us let's face it i mean we're looking at your side as you are and i think that there's a lot of silliness and absurdity in the values the projected by c.n.n.
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but i did land down and we were all this wall around the opened out because back in the old days i mean i know you know personally or i remember walter cronkite and we all believed in religiously but it turns out back you know if you look back some of the things he said were dead on the wrong probably purposefully but in those days there was no back and forth really it was you know it was totally dominated by three networks that are essentially said the same thing and now there's a least dialogue that's an improvement in a certain way i'd be interested to see when joe said about that yeah well you know joe the the interesting thing here is that again when i compare the cable station that's really for me the issue of own mission what is not discussed for example all of this you know during the summer with the with russia gate heater struck peter. his girlfriend lisa paige bruce or and all that i mean looking at m s n b c and
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c.n.n. they this kloster over it because the president is attacking the intelligence community on fox well wow i mean if you want to get all of the details they did a damn good job of really superb job we'll see if that continues with the new congress but it's really i see this is the media coverage of omission of what is not talked about and what is crowded out because of how many scoops of ice cream donald trump hour and go ahead joe. yeah i mean you look at one of the biggest stories that have been omitted since the president took office two thousand and seventeen extending into this year and that's that ninety eight percent of the territory controlled by the isis caliphate has been taken back that that caliphate has been eviscerated remember isis dominated the news in two thousand and fifteen it seemed every other week there was some sort of attack going on in paris in london in new york even more recently now you don't really hear much about them
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anymore that's not to say they've gone away completely they're going to be a lone wolves of course but i mean that's a pretty big story i mean this this isis was seen as the next al qaeda except much more reckless you don't see any talk about that and as you said it's like two different galaxies sometimes when you watch fox news and c.n.n. and m s n b c particularly within was brought up before the florida recount where i could have predicted even before this happened as far as the recounts that the c.n.n. and m s n b c would take the side that there's absolutely nothing wrong going on in broward county in florida and that fox would be pursuing more of the story in terms of is there something going wrong who's responsible in what's going to happen next so again that's one network having a real news division and the other one just be becoming completely opinion and predictable opinion at that because you know why they do this and i'll leave it here and they're going to go fear from their audiences they all check their twitter feeds every anchor but on many sets every anchor every host when they go to commercial they check to see what their reaction is and if it's negative they don't know how to handle it so they want to give comfort food to the audiences instead of telling them what they should hear instead of what they want to hear that is
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amazing and it's so true you know charles one thing also. known from that race is he's a big in he's the massaging is sees a homo. homophobe everything ok. it seems to me that you know he's a cute and i'm not a big defender of the president i like some of his policies some of my don't like and i always call balls and strikes ok so be clear about that but you know here we have c n n m s n b c washing clothes new york times and they bring up the issue of racism it seems to me it's the left that is whole they are the dog whistle when it comes to these issues they're always pointing them out and i find it really remarkable that you know ok trump said i am a nationalist while i'm a trained his story and ok i know what that term means i know how it's can be used i know what how could how it can be abused ok the way trump said it was perfectly
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logical or right fine ok but the dog whistles come out i have the impression that people that make these judgment calls have very little knowledge of history very little knowledge of the of the civil rights struggles of the united states had to go through and make great achievements i must say there are other challenges here but it seems to me there are very low octane thinkers when it comes to understanding political rhetoric because they interpret it immediately with their own their own ideological mindset go ahead charles. especially so when you think about for the last thirty forty years mainstream academia the harvard of the yells at center of been affected by these professors and their supporting cast who i think are ignorant many of them so it's not surprising when you think about the accusation that donald trump is a racist one of the most underreported stories that i haven't seen recent facts on it is the degree to which donald trump's support among african-americans and
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minorities has soared since two thousand and sixteen you think about across this great country democrats are merchants of misery they want tales of woe so you can then rely of big government you know what how do the democrats account for the fact that in inner city after in a city which they've controlled in many of these blue states. life has been horrible until recently under donald trump african-american minority unemployment is is low and the number of new business startups is high confidence is improving i mean it's a miracle what he's done as far as i can tell in just two years sort of call him a racist when you look at his crowd rallies and he touts those statistics those crowds are not sitting and you know booing when he says african-american unemployment is it's historic low they're cheering that so it's a false a false accusation of my view roger you know where i did a program last week where a post-mortem of the midterms and we had
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a democratic strategist and i asked her you know what's your take away and she said well we got three hispanic governor is a lesbian senator x. ray and she said their diversity was wonderful and then i went to the next guest and i said i thought the country was all about unity about coming together here and she had no idea what i was talking about at all because i don't care about those attributes i care of content of character competence this is what drives me nuts about the liberal media ok oh the caravan let's talk about the care. then or the invasion what about we talk about the legality of crossing the us border illegally that if this is simple stuff guy it's ok but you don't get that no race is racist that's all you get roger go ahead. well you know i am an actual real live picture of the civil rights movement i was going to leave it and might be a stranger from grammar school exceptional david goodman was
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a fellow he could be who was shot by the klan so i was it ever did i can tell you it was going you know i might at least in a democratic party it's a betrayal of everything we did david or a reduced segregation we were trying to create integration. and i does nothing more despicable to me in my heart than the kurds in a critical arms race politics and identity politics is the reverse well where is the real attention of the hour with martin luther king and i support we actually see if this is a media deputy knew it well that are to be changed forever i'd be i'm sorry to be going to say here let me get a job let me give joe the last twenty five seconds go ahead joe you know i think i was brought up before as far as environment and why are so many media organizations liberal and it's because it's all concentrated in new york and washington where i
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am in new york for instance and when you live in that environment you suddenly begin to conform to certain ideas and a certain policies and certain perspectives and i think that's part of the problem that most of our media that least nationally that we see are in areas i probably voted for hillary clinton something at a ninety to ten rate over donald trump and that's part of the problem as well yet almost all the news rooms on the east coast are exactly the same are you gentlemen that's all the time we have many thanks to my guests a new york and in nashville and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. the next time and remember crosstalk. good
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for the troops up to see me for. my bill for sunday and the syria. rolls going to say the board of business with the most into it look. this isn't good for. a lot of fellows on a slope on a slow motion i am. ok see that look i know it didn't but you also look at the model you funniest are flowing most of it's home from the show such as the flu it's almost
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a. new flu and you must. move. dollars. dollars. dollars i mean a dollar a dollar is what i believe. we got carried away here we care the music with us. we are here with a drag here. by good luck going to get rid of those who are not go away who will not die quietly. real hard but what we do is the truth.
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you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi don't tell was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies critelli head as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company develops in the denied
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a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy if it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything. you know she said she's just cut short arms minix and i don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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oh roughly twelve euros fifty a month. again lashes out at the french president called for europe to. appear much for me the ceasefire deal reached yesterday combined with the long term with the mass. to use every. israeli defense minister resign since the day after. the cease fire following a deadly escalation accompli.


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