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tv   News  RT  November 14, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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oh. good. don't trump again lashes out at the french president tough demanding mom across europe to rip your sister pendants on washington also this hour. believe your sister i do appreciate your service if you're the one with the long term agreed with the mass is this surrender to terrorism israeli defense minister resigns just a day off to armed groups in gaza and else to cease fire following a deadly escalation of the conflict. counsel patients in iran struggle to get life
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saving medication as u.s. sanctions take their toll. this just ten five am here in moscow you're watching international. president has doubled down on calls for a combined military force in europe saying france cannot rely on america for defense in an interview he refused to respond to a series of mocking tweets from donald trump. this is the. united states of america is a historic ally and it will continue to be good to be an ally is not to be a vassal is we should not be dependent and therefore with regards the americans. we must do more ourselves as french and as europe. let's take a look at some of those international headlines now the bromance is over this hour
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in the bromance of the saying that the friendship is come to an end that's what is being discussed in the international papers here in france if you take a look here this is le parisien it's basically saying that trump is making fun of mark or not something that's being discussed across the papers talking about those tweets which attacked french wine which attacked much popularity it's have a look at those tweets that trump made and say exactly what he said but it was germany and world wars one and two how did that work out for france they were starting to learn german in paris before the u.s. came along pay for nato or not france makes it very hard for the us to sell its wines into france and charges big tariffs not fair must change the problem is that emanuel suffers from a very low approval rating in france twenty six percent an unemployment rate of almost ten percent make france great again well for so long the two presidents had
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been having this beautiful romance that started here in paris just around a year and a half ago hugs and kisses but it's all gone sour as a result of this interview that much gave. that can defend itself. depending only on the united states that exhibits greater sovereignty well it's not the first time that much corn has spoken out against trump's policies and being in stark disagreement with them remember when trump. pulled out of the paris climate accord this is what mcconnell had to say back then there's a lot of guys i consider to mistake for the u.s. and its people and to mistake for the future. then of course who could forget the fact that trump pulled out of the year a new clear record something that really riled president macron. it
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was all proposals after the americans rootstock the agreement struck it has been seen as a catastrophe. one of the most part it seems that trump has let all of those criticisms slide but not this one when it comes to the creation of an army or why is that will some experts are suggesting it comes down to one thing and one thing only money the idea that if a new european army was created that could mean less cash in the pockets of the usa and donald trump as a businessman the idea of losing money is a kin to a capital offense he may also be unhappy that much corn could incite others to join this revolt already we know that the german chancellor angela merkel has said she is fully behind this idea so this idea of castigating much moment twitter could be just serving another purpose of trying to keep the troops in order care political
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analyst emanuel tom and believes micron has been outplayed by trying. been out of trouble. before to come to paris was. shocked and angry but in spite of these negotiating tactic to make you strong statements in order to make the spark notes take a different position on each works on the following day the stock market just repeats what the americans once from europe on the say we europeans sure they're spending more we didn't need to for our security sigs actually works for the united states once it's if bt about french president who was not strong enough to keep his own position transatlantic tensions that have a shadow in a major energy projects they were asked ambassadors to brussels has said washington could block a gas pipeline project linking russia to gemini we have not deployed the full set
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of tools yet that could significantly undermine if not outright stop the project addressing near pain parliament's chancellor angela merkel said shutting down n.j. supplies from russia would be impossible. whether the gas we consume comes through the north stream or the ukraine or the turks stream the source is one and the same says russia and europe almost be able to make itself independent from russian gas but what it can do is diversify its. meanwhile the u.s. is trying to expand to share their pain energy markets but its financial journalist told us american gas supplies are uncompetitive. american guess already a source with the l.a.p.d. liquid natural gas these are expensive and there is a critical need in extended into the league with metro guys that we haven't got of the natural gas problems water and he'll have pipelines to go and you know you
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wrote wrong brush up only you could do they could post code that they could remember stuff that americans are quite quite charming with that they say well you know of course he's of course so opposed to this but you saw the guest kind of guy but if you do it it's your whole you don't have to do it i mean it's natural that we don't want to hear the u.s. senate a secretary insists that cutting russian gas supplies would help european security say he raised the issue on a visit to hungary the russian federation. has historically use energy. as a coercive weapon we should no longer allow the kremlin to use energy as a weapon the solution is a diversity of suppliers. but there must be a path for that supply. even with the dependency on russia it is not
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a problem because russia has never in history not fought so it's already geishas its cooperate so where should it be where should the spirit come from if there's a lot of money it is about business the us. increasing or expanding there a natural gas industry and therefore they want to have lights they have not they don't know where to supply work to where to exploit the gas. israel's defense minister has resigned over the government's decision to accept a truce with militant groups in gaza the deal follows two days of deadly cross border as strikes and rocket fire a big door lieberman granted the cease fire surrender. to me the cease fire deal reached yesterday combined with the long term agreed with the mass is a surrender to terrorists so there's no other word no other meaning but surrender to
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terrorism short. israelis living nagel's i have spoken out against the cease fire and accusing the government of caving in to terrorists after hundreds of rockets were fired over the border by palestinian militants injuring fifty three israelis israel responded by bombing dozens of targets across gaza. i thought. oh god the low. israeli affairs unless to mordechai kadar told us the defense minister's resignation and it being a good career move. did what he did because he heals the
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voices which come out of the israeli strike usually he withdraws also from the coalition and this way is losing the majority which he has in the knesset and now we are entering a new election liberman in his speech of losing nation he mentioned not only what happened yesterday of the ceasefire which he was against he mentioned at least four events connected to other things which he had a dispute with in the time you know this was the strong shabaab is own back if if if i can say it and he decided that enough is enough is enough it might actually believe him to a position which you would be better in the elections because people know what he did and people definitely a good with what we did and this actually might play. to his cards.
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in the coming elections the u.n. security council has held an imagine seeing meeting on the conflicts and there were some highly charged statements from the representatives of israel and palestine. the security council must only condemn hamas but we condemn in the strongest possible terms this aggression by israel there is no such a thing both sides there is hamas that attacks and fires that result of this blockade which is immoral and illegal and it is inhumane and we will continue to take any measure no measure necessary to protect our people this round of violence was created as a result of a botched bizarrely military operation in the gaza strip it's very interesting for me to hear the israeli ambassador speak about the gaza collation all of the victims
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except one of this round of escalation where palestinian all of the victims were inside gaza and not outside of the gaza strip israel bombed a t.v. station it bombed residential buildings it leveled them to the ground those are acts that are acts of terror because they did terrorize two million palestinians the latest round of escalation started because of a botched israeli undercover operation three kilometers deep inside gaza that's how the escalation started with the israeli forces killing seven palestinians. the presidents of the iranian academy of medical sciences has sent in the pale to the un and for us sanctions he said the lives of many patients are in danger sanctions and preventing drug firms from working in the country we visited one council treatment center in teheran. it wasn't about my
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husband as a cancer patient and we're worried about his medication and their costs medications used to be available before but after the sanctions they have become more expensive and rare and we are worried about the future and what will happen. on my little this is the second round of my chemotherapy off to sanctions before my chemotherapy used to cost two hundred eleven euro but now with each round i need to pay four hundred and twenty two year zero and drugs cannot be found easily like before we have to search them in different pharmacies with every single one of them not having a specific kind of drug. that i know when they impose sanctions on our banks the money cannot be transferred
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easily to a foreign country in order to buy medication. that we're not allowed to bring in many devices and some of them like components it's obvious that without these parts the devices simply won't work. we're going to do everything we can dissuade iran hard as the british say to make to squeeze them until the pips squeak. i. want to does that here we have nine beds which a full every day of this health clinics with a sanctions are just not able to respond to half a million patients. i don't have the u.s. secretary of states might compare says the problems iran is now facing are entirely
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the fault of the country's government. the leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat they have to make a decision that they want to use their wealth to import medicine not use their world to fund islamic extremism pompei later insisted that washington has not spent any restrictions on food on medicine answering iran and take his newsweek magazine if spreading fake news when they put his quotes in the headline. political scientist call and cavallo believes washington's ultimate goal is to bring down the iranian government. the united states is going to say we iraq and it's great that will it allow us of course the iranian people will be harmed with any type of economic blockade the whole by the members of the version the trouble. is that this will cause the iranian people to rose up and overthrow the current government in iran so even though john bolton regime change
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is not with us is there's simply. because what he really wants to do is to bring their own current government with economic pressure and economic sanctions. there k. prime minister theresa may says she has received her cabinets backing for a draft breaks it deal with the she gave a statement outside ten downing street after more than five hours of discussions. the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the northern ireland backstop but the collective decision of captain it was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outlined initial declaration this is a decisive step which enables us to move on and finalize the deal in the days ahead
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. these decisions were not taken lightly but i believe it is a decision that is firmly in the national interest well to resume a's been in meetings all day she spent having just addressed the media that previous to that she'd just come out of a meeting last of several hours with her own cabinet and during the course of that meeting they were thrashing out and agreed a collective position on that draft bragg's it deal but it's understood from reports coming out this evening that ministers the number of ministers within the cabinet express their opposition to that draft deal they include jeremy hunt under lead some gavin williams liam fox estimate very who particularly was said to be very outspoken and even wanted those members of the cabinet to be able to vote and express their position officially on this deal now they haven't made any resignations from the cabinet yet but. we can look back to when the checkers plan
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was signed off it took a whole forty eight hours for david davis to stand down as briggs a secretary in seventy two hours for boris johnson has gone down as foreign secretary so we may yet see a number of resignations as a result of that draft deal and it's not just the cabinet either within the backbenchers. own m.p.'s that were thought to be a number of them the seedling writing letters of no confidence in the prime minister in the hope that they can spark a leadership challenge and remove her from her position as leader of the conservative party as prime minister in any case that. draft text has been received perhaps a little bit more positively in brussels the news michel barnier is saying that he considers that to be decisive progress to resume is going to address parliament and remains to be seen whether she can muster up enough support within her own party and out with of it in order to get this through parliament historian alan scares
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believes tourism a has failed to get any concessions from the e.u. in the brics it negotiations could see to do everything she said she would fight for with ended up despite her redlines we've ended up probably in the single market in the customs union she's given a separate state is ignored while inches betrayed the scottish fishermen as far as i can see it's almost incredible that he's even born credible of politics sepsis so i expect there may still be resignations i hope for the order of the conservative party that all. and i hope that the g d p and everyone else victors this poll would. be in parliament has approved tougher rules on arms exports to authoritarianism after releasing the reports that cites a large number of european made weapons and ended up in the hands of islamic state militants in syria and iraq i'm very glad that our report has been adopted it is
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a strong signal for stricter e.u. arms export control we need to putin on both the e.u.'s military madness as well advanced scrupulous and lucrative business of deaths by european weapons the documents pens by german m e paisa been a losing expresses shock over the volume of the weaponry going to die i should edged far more to be done to stop export licenses that might be used to supply terrorists adding more effective methods must be found to stop the transfer. the documents also mentioned us on tales in the middle east and the need for better controls chen lest mike rather. right to be consent about the spread of american weaponry i certainly think that the drawing attention to it and mentioning the us as a third party was quite a good idea it's subtle it's very subtle but it certainly it draws attention to the
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fact that the us is frankly the biggest arms dealer on the planet and donald trump being the president is the biggest number one arms dealer going at the moment so we have to draw attention to that we have to draw attention to the fact that without the u.s. supplying arms to saudi arabia another pursuit regimes in the middle east al-qaeda and isis and affiliates would be struggling to actually wage their will sort of aggression in syria and iraq so yes i think that. at least and european parliament members of the european parliament didn't want to draw people's attention to that but couldn't do it overtly as it were so yeah they say they've been very cruel sure about it and they've actually bought brought it to people's attention without specifically attacking the u.s. for its policy. usa taste have been battling it out to be the home of thousands new h.k. but it's not everybody thinks having the mega corporation in town will help locals
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as caleb maupin explains. the mega corporation an online retailer known as amazon is looking for a place for its second headquarters a competition of sorts began with cities across the country offering tax incentives and making cringing videos in the hopes of luring them in how the proud amazon customer. called. amazon. amazon or amazon your smart sexy city that thinks outside the box. please join us. where should amazon locate h q two in fiscal texas so who wins the big prize of having amazon set up shop in their backyard well in a plot twist that's worthy of a bad reality t.v. show there are now two big winners not just one the new offices will be in arlington virginia just across the river from washington d.c. and the new york city borough of queens now at this point jeff bezos the owner of
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amazon is presenting himself as your friendly neighborhood billionaire the team did a great job selecting the sunny south and we look forward to becoming an even bigger poets of these communities but not all new yorkers are exactly thrilled many are concerned the already high cost of living will increase and others worry that small businesses will suffer the newly elected democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria kazuo cortez is ready for battle amazon is a billion dollar company the idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks and it's a time when i was subways crumbling and all communities need more investment not less is extremely concerning to residents here we decided to talk with some locals and see how they feel about amazon setting up shop i'm not happy about this i think i've read a lot of articles saying it's not great super excited about amazon coming in and i think there are other cities that can use the extra job more to put their movies
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when you work they do they're the ones that do the jobs i'm. not sure what effect it would have on small businesses but i'm sure it'll try to. be an extra burden everything's already club without them so it'll be a lot more let's not forget that new york state governor andrew cuomo promised to legally change his name if it would convince amazon to move in. two. and a time one talk of the low wages income inequality and money in politics is everywhere nothing is more reassuring to a frustrated public than seeing their elected officials grovel and big before huge multinational corporations. r.t. new york. they were hoping to swap the benefits of paris to the streets of shanghai its passengers on a flight to china more than they bargained for when they hope someone playing.
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i. knew that. her route. the first time to say ok there is a problem but we spun the oars on nine hundred planes no sleep
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and got to go back yet. so details on all stories dot com is just a click away to have your headlines and thirty minutes. live. what politicians do.
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they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. i want to. let you go right to the press it's like well before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. considerable. time after time say we're going on the ground ahead of tomorrow's apec forum
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bringing together russian american and chinese leaders in papua new guinea prone to catastrophic impact from climate change according to the asian development bank coming over the show the end of to raise amaze brecht's it blends we investigate whether it is legal to precipitate food and medicine stockpiling with britain's former attorney general morris and we also announced palestinian journalist abdel bari atwan about what's next up to this week's serious military confrontations in israel by britain and others killed or wounded thirteen thousand in gaza and the twenty four thousand will plus i've left scruffy looking coffin right back at home this week so it's just me and that chain going through all the top stories all right couldn't you know visible coming up in today's going underground but first what is it with nato nations in journalism these days now it is up to saudi arabia to show the world that all these stories that we're reading about in the press that are causing such concern such huge implications for freedom of expression freedom the press for direct the. saudi itself is taking as
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a country before get what direction the u.k. and saudi arabia is taking when it comes to a free press let alone another saudi journalist reportedly tortured and killed since chris shoji turkey be enough just what about the usa and time warner c.n.n. suing trump over its white house correspondent i'm going to speak in defense of jim acosta this morning because i don't think there's anybody on this set who hasn't gotten too personal during this presidency and i don't think that's just our fault i think this has been one of the most disturbing moments in history except that none of the same outrage in nato nations accompanied monday night's bombing of a t.v. station in palestine in the latest air raid it's israeli warplanes targeted a t.v. station belonging to the palestinian resistance movement hamas at least three palestinians have so far been killed during the israeli air strikes aerial bombardment of a t.v. channel al aqsa t.v. by an air force by the u.k.
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is not unprecedented you're looking at the radio television serbia headquarters in belgrade yugoslavia bombed today by nato forces the attack not the state run station off the air killing ten people and wounding nineteen with twenty believed to still be buried in the debris according to an associated press report the international called the bombing of the t.v. station a war crime noam chomsky called the terrorism bill clinton and tony blair arguably more guilty of crimes against journalism than dorell trump we'll have more in the weeks atrocities in u.k. armed israeli and saudi military action later in the show first after the british government's de-facto defeat in the face of german corbin's onslaught of a brics it legal advice i'm joined by former u.k. attorney general lord morris as the prime minister approaches a so-called end game morris how is the largest democratic exercise in u.k. history ended up with jeremy cool be in order to be next prime minister demanding the publication of bricks and legal advice.


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