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subscribed to people already comes in for just twelve euros fifty per month. international classified documents reveal the. truth. techniques. criticism. deal is not accepted. the choice is clear this deal with. no breaks. in the world. is
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holding a meeting in a. very warm welcome to you from all of us here at the international. newly declassified documents reveal that the cia experimented with a so-called truth serum as part of a program called project medication that's involved drugging prisoners who had not succumb to quote enhanced interrogation techniques project medication was have previously undisclosed element of this program in which in addition to the physical and psychological torture that. several doctors decided to try to figure out whether they could also find some kind of truth serum that they would use against
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people's will to check them with and make them talk to the american civil liberties union in court for two years to obtain the documents which constitute a history of the cia's extraordinary rendition detention program. it wasn't didn't isolated case to accident oversight. was government sanctioned systematic or did they were manuals instructions on how to inflict pain that's not a secret in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven we tortured some folks see torture isn't only frowned upon because it's evil vile it's also ineffective problem number one imagine the cia's surprise when those people that they were putting through hell resisted grew used to it enhanced interrogation techniques were begun within six hours these progressed from attention flaps and
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walling to confinement in both large about five hours and small about one hour book says and finally to the waterboard a.z. seems amazingly resistant to waterboard what happened was that the victims and this is problem number two adapted to suffering cia's own words the prisoners began to see certain torture procedures as escape a break from other harsher measures what a conundrum her having slapped beaten confined and water boarded these people they were getting results so they opted for something new something like a truth serum problem was once problem number three seriously illegal there were at least two legal obstacles approved mission against medical experimentation on prisoners and a ban on interrogation or use of mind altering drugs the question became moot since
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the legal department did not want to raise another issue with the department of justice problem number four revulsion cia tortures according to the torturers themselves the doctors others who were present were horrendous to watch the whole experience responsible medical officer added was visually and psychologically very . uncomfortable for all those witnessing it the problem was so widespread and so serious that employees had to be counseled and then checked to make sure they were still all right in the head after everything they had seen and done and they began only hiring people who had a stomach for torture let me be clear on what the cia doctors role was here when the cia tortures were torturing a prisoner for example by bach by waterboarding him say doctors would medically resuscitate the prisoner when he would become unconscious from too much torture
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what they did was allow the cia to continue torturing people over and over problem number five other problems here journalists activists and juice they kept prime kept sniffing around digging up details and publicizing everything over the government the cia they resisted see for example how the document that revealed all of these looked initially when released under the freedom of information act in two thousand and sixteen not a lot of information in it it's almost like two fingers to the press sometimes these court battles took year is that they got it out eventually. ancient history you might say we knew most of this plus it happened in the early two thousand lessons have been learned and this torture will never happen again.
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you think they said what do you think about waterboarding i said i like it a lot that i don't think it's tough enough. with have to keep in mind that we're talking about a forty four country wide torture program. so it's a very rich complex torture machine that was put in place with obviously many hundreds of people complicit. in the torture that happened so this is a high level top level civilian. plus we also military people involved in creating the broke the diplomatic seems to me a shift in that maybe people the cia and the in the federal government the security organs the people that are involved in this kind of thing it's very possible that they believe this is a way to to to achieve their goals and then and bypass the label of
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torture the concept of torture is to treat human beings as if they are less than less than human less than animal lesson plan that they are they are not even living creatures they they are. cogs in a wheel experiment in medically with these people it is the equivalent of torture it isn't just is dehumanizing. the u.k. prime minister is under fire over her latest. with the media slamming to resign may for creating a divided government and a fractured country as after she suggested britain could leave the e.u. with a no deal directive or not leave at all if indeed had times when not accepted. the choice before us is clear this deal all leave with no deal all we all know breaks it. on wednesday to resume a managed to secure the backing of cabinet for
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a draft divorce deal after more than five hours of talks which you now have another hurdle to face to get her bit through to see the it actually happened she needs to get her plan adopted by parliament where on wednesday she was grilled from both sides of the house. from what we know the government still it's a failure in its own until now when we're making progress and close to a daily is complaining about does the prime minister's still intend to put a false choice to parliament between her a botched jail or no jail and the labor party have only one intention that is to frustrate directed and betrayed. you or not delivering the brake seat people voted for and today you will lose the support of many conservative m.p. . many ends of voters across the country the prime minister has been reduced to playing political games rather than playing the game the prime minister honestly
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believes that she commands the will of the people while she putts have breaks and deals to the people you either through a general election own writing that it's a new referendum the prime minister's offer good choice between the worst of all worlds and a catastrophic series of consequences the collective decision of cap and it was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outline initial declaration these decisions were not taken lightly but i believe it is a decision that is firmly in the national interest to reason may spend several hours meeting with her cabinet in order to thrash out an agreement a collective agreement about this draft brags that text and it would appear that she had mixed results because reports coming out state that a number of her cabinet colleagues including sajid javid under lead liam fox and estimate vijay expressed opposition to the draft text on
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a number of them including estimates vary in particular a very vociferous in it and mcveigh was sets of calls for all the members of the cabinet to be able to vote on that position said. it became official who took what position on this draft text but that idea put forward was struck down on the report saying that the mood within that meeting was worse than the one that followed the checkers plan and we know of course from that meeting that to david davis and boris johnson both stood down as ministers in the wake of that also the d u p on who to resign may's government relies so heavily for support they've also said that if this still has the potential to see the new united kingdom break up well then they too will have to withdraw that support how about perhaps more positively for the prime minister she received. to welcome to this draft text from you know drugs kind
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of the prime minister and also michel barnier the chief negotiator who said that he considered this to be significant decisive progress now the prime minister to drum up support and to get rid of any attempts. to try to perhaps hand in letters of no confidence in her if she is going to get the support to get this deal through parliament historian island scared believes that amid the brush the negotiations theresa may has failed to secure any real concessions from the e.u. and that's a view also shared by journalist john gaunt. could see did everything she said she would fight for we've ended up despite her redlines we've ended up probably in the single market in the customs union she's given a separate state is ignored while inches betrayed the scottish fishermen as far as i can see it's almost incredible even more incredible of politics
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so i expect there may still be resignations i hope for the honor of the conservative party that are. and i hope that the g. the d.p. and everyone else beaters this poll with seventeen point four million people the majority voted to get out and we should have been out ages ago it's taken two years of this nonsense this is what people chilled out of people's vote a second referendum look we had a people's vote and the people spoke the politicians should just go on with it and make clearly haven't because let's face it treason may is a reminder to her cool but why give a vote to the people if you think going to ignore it and i believe should reach them a yes definitely now betrayed his sheesh you mediate this great nation into why she's giving to the easy you demands. the death toll in california's wildfires has risen to fifty six with the inferno still ravaging the us state some
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one hundred thirty people are missing and over nine thousand structures have been totally destroyed and celebrities are also among those who have lost their homes which some argue has led to some distorted coverage of the ongoing disaster.
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your program continues in just a. the u.s. has benefited tremendously economically through the cost of it we'll do the world by coming out about effectively giving it the power to impose structural adjustment bundled with all countries over the eighty's and that is from fundamentally doesn't understand how these are these are useful tools of us imperialism of the facts
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right so it's not clear to me what is right is i mean it's true that these institutions are deeply unfair with an unfair to the us their own fares there to the majority world to the global south and that's really the reason these reforms are. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president i'm sure. you somehow want to be rich. but you'd like to be for us this is like a book for three of them or ten people that i'm interested always in the waters of how. things should.
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the world anti doping agency is holding a meeting in the capital of azerbaijan where it will give an update on the reinstatement of its russian wing. sports correspondent reports from buck could be easily described as a very turbulent time for the world anti-doping agency it meets and book to discuss a plethora of different issues but the most important one is the september's decision to reinstate the russian anti-doping agency as part of the world anti-doping family back then it was clearly explained that the reinstatement was not unconditional there was still one criteria to be met which is providing access to your in samples and stories and we are definitely expecting to hear updates on that during the day but what i've already made it clear that if this criteria is not met then the case of the reinstatement of the will be handed over back to the compliance review committee again will be hearing updates on that but all this follows a major rift within the organization just several weeks ago the u.s.
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anti-doping agency and a number of other national anti-doping agencies including u.k. and australia held a private summit in washington d.c. in america in the white house in fact invited top athletes who even shed tears for the future of clean sport and there were very clear hints made at that summit that unless water manages to reform itself the annual contributions to the budget from the u.s. and u.k. which amounts to about three million dollars thirty four could be pulled if water doesn't take unnecessary steps but the president of the world anti-doping agency sorry greedy was having none of that one government voted against the recommendation one. and one of. the people we hear from. pretty shit language is group not of government. of national and you. looking organizations. to meet again the bone of contention here has been the decision to reinstate very vocal criticism coming from
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a number of athletes and also the vice president of the world anti-doping agency who was one of the vocal critics one of the two persons in fact a vote against the reinstatement back in september we're also expecting to hear from her in the course of the day but if you ask the president of the world anti-doping agency star a greedy he still believes that this decision was well justified it was a recommendation. of the words from the main issue sport. and sufficient to show just for the first condition. for the other reasons i have given you which is the huge amount of. determining what was he talked early dysfunctional and cheating. in twenty fourteen into a pretty risky agent and efficient agent you know should the combination of these two i think justify what was done so as you can see there are
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a lot of questions remaining and are still flying high within the world anti-doping agencies situation and we are certain expecting some answers to come by the end of this conference today and we'll keep you updated of course. after the hotly contested midterm elections in the united states amid allegations of fraud the state of florida holding a recount for the senate and governor the republicans their lead over their democratic rivals with the results of both races falling within the margin of triggering a recount. reports the twenty eight thousand midterm elections took place on november sixth it's ancient history the country has moved on well not in florida florida now where i'm president of recounts are underway the recounting is underway recount in broward county how is it possible is political this. well conspiracy in election recount crisis lorida is known as a swing state in u.s. presidential elections obama and trump both won florida as
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a key victory on their road to the white house and you can forget back in two thousand when a recount in florida kept americans biting their nails for months the margin of victory for george w. bush was only five hundred thirty seven votes george walker bush has won florida's twenty five a mark for all votes. this should put him over the top recount controversy back then and recount controversy today the woman who's in charge of tallying votes in one particular county brenda snipes was caught destroying ballots too soon during the twenty sixteen reelection bid by democratic rep debbie wasserman schultz now debbie wasserman schultz's name is synonymous with corrupt in her party practices from back when she was d.n.c. chief and favored hillary clinton over burning.
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republicans are quick to remember that scandal now even former florida governor jeb bush who appointed brenda snipes wants her out there is no question the broward county supervisor of elections brenda snipes failed to comply with florida law on multiple counts supervisors snipes should be removed from her office for the recounts however jeb bush's reputation isn't exactly clean either many of the cues to him of delivering florida for his brother back in two thousand by purging the voter rolls thank you very much. and god bless america so no matter who ends up winning the midterm elections in florida or the twenty twenty presidential vote one thing is pretty clear that may have a very good reputation for weather but it's not so hot when it comes to counting votes. are new york monday claimed that the election results should be called in favor of the republican candidates rick scott and wrong
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to scientists claiming that quote an honest vote count is no longer possible. well they were hoping to swap the paris for the streets of shanghai for passengers on a flight to china got more than they bargained for when they hopped on the plane. thanks.
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now there are some of the top stories here on our international for this hour though the program are tons about twenty five minutes with many more of your thursday headlines hope you can join us that. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that profile in the spot the wish to pull the conversion looks at any interrogations out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i were poor horary said on the statement that i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in
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misconduct that has nothing to do with solving their crime. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race and his offense very dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi don't tell was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had
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as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company great untold develops in the demise a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said she's just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation then never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. dollars. dollars. dollars. i mean the dollar is what i should be. but we got carried away here we care the music with us.
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we are here we were dragged here. by you are going to get rid of those who are not go away who will not die quiet. real the hard work we do is the true. greetings and salutations. seventeen years later the bombs are still a drop in on afghanistan hawk watchers and in record numbers yes according to data from the u.s. air force in central command manned and unmanned aircraft between january and
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september of this year of drop some five thousand two hundred thirteen various types of bombs on the country this sets a new record for most bombs ever dropped on afghanistan in one year's time and the year isn't even over yet you original record was set back in two thousand and ten with by thousand one hundred one now naturally this record breaking year has of course led to a massive amount of civilian casualties according to the united nations from first to january to september thirty of twenty eighteen you now documented eight thousand and fifty civilian casualties two thousand and seven hundred deaths and five thousand two hundred injured reflecting the same extreme levels of harm to civilians as was during the same period in two thousand and seventeen civilian deaths increased by five percent while the number of civilians injured decreased by three percent. so i guess if you're looking at the bright side of things one could
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be excited that we're injuring less people this year in afghanistan and all that chaos and blood and pain is being rained down on the poor people living there the man who started the war over in afghanistan george w. bush was celebrated this past bedrooms day with a brand new philadelphia eagles jersey and a shiny new medal yes and one has to be a front runner for greatest moment of hypocrisy in the twenty first century wu himself was presented with the national constitution center liberty medal for his tremendous work with us about turns by by former. president joe biden marking the first time the constitution liberty and george w. bush ever actually occupy the same time and space seriously my friends we just awarded a medal of liberty to a man with more soldiers and civilians blood on his hands than arguably any other world leader in the past twenty to thirty years save maybe his property or dick cheney yes we are now living in that world which is why we must always be watching
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the hawks. were pretty. good the. real that this would. lead to the bottom. like you that i got. with that we. would. be. taking. welcome everybody to watch. and and. move another another year another bomb drop and george bush gets a metal tab that's pretty incredible isn't it yeah well i mean is there really that surprising and i mean. it's a constitutional liberty award which.


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