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tv   Sophie Co  RT  November 16, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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longer will israel's reluctant restraints help stop another war. hamas to carry out more attacks. it would be iraq the former prime minister of israel welcome to the show it is great to have you with us so mr barak the latest. the latest escalation in gaza broke out after two hamas commanders were killed and watched israeli special forces rate a mass fired hundreds of rockets into israel in response while israeli planes bombed one hundred of sites in gaza over the past few days and now as a military man tell me why provoke palestinians if it's known in advance that any sort of undercover military action there will end up in heavy response from the militants. i cannot fully explain the palestinian behavior but that threatens the normalcy of life of our. citizens on the gaza strip and.
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compelled the i.d.f. to respond very aggressively to store usually or mainly through attacks and destroy some sensitive installations of hamas of course it doesn't end the whole story but as of now when we are talking it's a much more quiet let's hope it would be remain quiet if it won't remain quiet out not be surprised if the government will order the israeli defense force me to eat even how sure how do which might cause more collateral damage usually modem it's the hamas. escalated actions which of bed i think for both sides so egypt and the united nations have been trying to broker a cease fire between hamas and israel for several months already and just when it seemed to be create upon israel conducted this secret rate in gaza now from the
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outside it looks like its route is kind of sabotaging this peace process will in your opinion is israel really interesting oh no no no. no no it's just a coincidence this kind of operations quite a bit where when they're needed and. needed full good or crucial security needs usually they never come into the public eye the guys know how to do it without being exposed along the way so it's basically something that happened against wishful for sure. but it happened in a moment which was sensitive and probably help these two taken out of twenty four forty eight hours before. will cease fire came into existence now israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has resigned and he called the ceasefire which hamas and
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israel have eventually signed up to as surrender to hamas terror do you agree. jaromir no i belong to the opposition reserved so i am how slick it is our own government for being. not. not not not more do is see but mall is so cool about it you told from us so i agreed that basically our government is yielding to hamas under fire it's not a secret that if you're saying you are the head of hamas he decided when to open fire he decided he wanted to stop it and he might decide when do if you meet the government but my criticism is now that about our government that did not order the armed forces to take over gaza because our armed forces can take over gaza strip within several a few days but the question of what we ought to we do do after war no one would come to replace us to sit on our bionet and control gaza so we don't have anything
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to gain from. we can kill in the gaza strip. my complaint and our government that they are not using the for last four years since their last wide open ation in order to make sure that we capable of inserting wage between the almost two million palestinians in gaza strip and to some us israel has an interest to weaken hamas israel has an interest to make sure that life normal did enough in our store for electricity enough. in our fair quitman in the in the hospitals the. quality of water is a make the potable water so we don't have an interest in human suffering in gaza and our government some will fail to do it they fail to realize the strategic plea we have to strengthen abu mazin the p.l.o.
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in the mullah and to weaken hamas in gaza not the other way around. so labor is party has left the coalition government and the jewish home party threatens to follow suit on less its leader naftali bennett gets to seat of defense minister could this be the beginning of a and for an attorney on his coalition i mean how could its potential downfall affect or impact the peace process. you know in these well we are going to have. to most by next october we have new elections so it's only a may question whether the election will take place in. whole five months from now old ten or eleven months from now that the whole difference about. the. informal member of the opposition in ease and i still really believe in the hope that these events we accept the weight falling down over you know this government
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needs replacement by a bit of government israel and israelis so the army wanted the ceasefire but always leave it on the i was allies do not and there were a demonstration is in israel demanding war do you think these are all the public wants another gas that operate. you know we have a phenomenon that we call in to do is it unfortunately because we had. half a dozen of loans in in gaza in the last ten or fifteen you basically everyone is. elated and. clipping the clothing when you enter gaza when you start a major operation but usually afterwards when it becomes clear that the only. result is to bring back. sation under basically the same terms there's a lot of firsts to ation so what we see now is to eat is
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a. option of emotions because the government to really abandon for eight months now the people around me you know when when twenty hour visited the. socket of the football matches in. moscow the people around gaza were faffing in never came to. me preferred to to fly to moscow to flee the kind of. mitchell so it's basically the feeling is of first to ation their life are not normal children are growing and the trauma you have always to be within fifteen seconds from function. if not normal life and those are place for it and the government pays the political price of being able to do to shape a consistent structed g.v. the video hamas in gaza and the consistent structure doesn't have to do with the
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shooting actual shoot to go choosing targeted is a matter for the generals the government doesn't shoot it by the government to shape a strategy which ends that we can hear from us and strengthening our will move in that what they're failing to do. seventy years ago israel started with a handicap surrounded by enemies having to fight to prove its right to exist and now look it's still the same for israel it has normalized its existence and are still not a single friendly neighbor and the arab masses hate you terrorist target you sure you can bomb them all away like you did in sixty seven but does israel have a chance to become an accepted player in the neighborhood not just the toughest and the scariest kid on the block. i'm confident that we can it might take time and do we need patience nations and other vital pinga. position within the
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neighborhoods overnight. and we have to bear in mind that you know the way that a person cannot choose parents a nation cannot choose its neighbors though ever but there is enough difference seventy years ago when the u.n. general assembly decided about partition plan making two states in palestine a jewish state and our state israel accepted it in spite of the fact that our state was supposed to be three continents are connected with our building without even a vote to do them and the palestinians rejected didn't try to kill the baby easily before we can stand on our feet so we warned against all odds and we're not going to be apologetic about it any more it's the burden of responsibility for the whole tragedy is on the other side which rejected the white time and once again the proposal from outside i was fifty years later prime minister i proposed to our
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father to put an end to the the whole conflict through some compromises then he rejected tenderly believing to tell so we do not feel morally responsible but at the same time it's not good to say did nothing to change fifty years ago a day six days of war our most brilliant triumph. the israeli government immediately said that except for julianne we hold the rest of the. occupied territories as a deposit for to go shit in peace the arabs god. and decided that no condition no negotiation no peace for whatever had been taken by force will work big before but since then we have thirty years of peace with the strongest country. into out of most important out of country egypt forty years of peace it's not the ideal peace it's not like the peace between you and i
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in no way below but it's a peace. student even when the muslim brotherhood is under morsi were in power in egypt they didn't do two concerts we have twenty five years of peace with. the longest border not just my government but these government try to make peace even with a sound the fact that i'm not the son and we freed him for fifteen years we have so there we have been proposed for peace in exchange for basically bolden based on my own sixty seven between us and the palestinian state we found up and there is out of league proposal so we cannot say that nothing can change we cannot say nothing had changed it's true of the diplomacy i'm not here to over the always new enemies to do with and one when kai then do it later. and we still are not fully quiet what will storm we are fighting and my difference was our own government i
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own government that i believe that israel is so strong with the strongest country thousand miles all jewels and we can afford configuring how to negotiate the peace out of strength and self-confidence we don't have to go so but we have to shane just do them out in situation even if it takes time and take certain kind of compromises ok mr barak we're going to take a short break right now and when we have apple continue talking until after the iraq's former prime minister mr al discussing the troubled middle east peace process stay with us. this reserve bank i'm able to come to see yes is it at the center of america's descent into financial armageddon yes can you blame the fad for such things as the
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later structure collapse across america the ecological collapse and sagging going to california wildfires and hurricanes across the nation and then boston pipes in detroit leading to arsenic poisoning and love yes yes you can because they give money to the bad people. rushes and they thank each and each he could go to more of the beach he could host to team you'll be set it's not that it's indeed some chances that only she's going against. the utopia because you know if. you needed. a little bit i was going to have. to show.
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respect to the south korean his risto t. i'm cool with. that you could be british mr west.
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and we're back with a hood bar out of the former prime minister of israel discussing the prospects of the israeli palestinian peace in the light of the latest escalation on mr barak as what i already mentioned before israel's relations with its arab neighbors have always been bet most of them still don't recognize a state of israel but lately with see that on yahoo paying goes it to oman first in two decades then this overtures to riyadh is that working can we really talk about israel's normalization with the arab world. you know it's better than what we were
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in the about and less than what i hoped for you know we basically visited the old man twenty years ago i was twenty two years ago i was a foreign minister of israel under shimon peres and we had to ever do all around the region we met informally with other leaders all around so it's not something new but basically there is some truth in what you have said in the recent three years a good weight common interest to israel the emulates told you it via egypt and jordan it is to our corner to put it be a deal one ian had to monica nuclear intentions to struggle to where to against radical muslim terror war and to create a counterweight to the shade manana which stretches form for my tale one to damascus tell on baghdad damascus be rude so these elements.
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on the table they should be used and we think to be missing the reason eat that it cannot fly together we cannot why don't these common interest without being graded to deal seriously with the palestinian issue not because the autocrats in the through night our world have certain sentiments though for the present probably they don't but the people of those autocratic leaders in between so you know in the gulf they cannot face on their own shares if and accept israel publicly as a legitimate member of the family of can't overstate in do isn't in the region if the palestinians and do permanent israeli. control and they need certain change and i think that the. what we can get from the other world from this tonight. is so important that it justifies certain compromises
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reserving the palestinians in old need in order to enable it to flood so sometimes our government are failing to do it and hurt believe that mahmoud abbas is the only palestinian leader able to bring the two state solution to life but his posture is actually at loggerheads with hamas official line is to destroy israel in your opinion how big of an obstacle is this fatah hamas confrontation for the israeli palestinian peace process can israel reach a peace deal with the west bank palestine and ignore gaza. i don't think you can ignore gaza and when we left gaza some oil fields ago eleven years ago no more than twelve. we hope that the police do so the form. then we control the whole area somehow at the moment when do point of view hamas took over and change the actions but israel has an into it's not in the continuation of the
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tension is some israelis believe including the government i think that i was really into this is that somehow they will get united and do. but it's to neural so is the undue amount on the market because abu mazin with all his. kind of weaknesses is a palestinian leader which prefers call position and living side by side over violence and he cannot stop all violence and probably doesn't want to stop all violence and who have many complaints about him but nothing to compare with a month come out for a move to those with whom there is no hope of even possibility of any negotiation. make them favor for a favor or kind of play along the other side. meant though the right wing government talking about putting an end to it they find themselves unable or unwilling to we really try to destroy some us at the same time they focus
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their efforts on weakening abu mazin and indistinct is what we have been induced to weather with egypt saudi arabia the emulates and the to strengthen up to mars and to make him the one he cannot come to gaza own israeli bionet but together with the options and others and the americans we can create a situation where the palestinian people in gaza might have a second thought whether they should prefer. to mustn't over come up so trump is promising to release an actual mideast peace plan in a couple months but saying how washington has lost the trust of the palestinian side after an opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem teasing the united states still can't be relied on for mediation will palestinians in a look at the plan that he is proposing i think that the policy in over jointing
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the meaning of the american statement i think that the statement should have come seventy seven years ago for twenty five years ago after the congress passed a resolution it was for many reasons delayed by the previous president i don't think that in any way the moving of american embassy to jerusalem exclude the possibility that once the palestinians comes to. mind to strike a deal with israel. because we move embassy to the palestinian state to their capital will be if the capital we behave two feet in the suburbs every book suburbs. near jerusalem or in the eastern part of jerusalem i don't see i don't see any reason to over exaggerate but you shouldn't meet that do to kill now. to have the trump plan being executed successfully is the last of trust between easily leadership and palestinian leadership not
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a single drop of trust each side whenever something is put on the table to either. repair the blame game both sides assume that the two will come to a deadlock and do real game is how to make sure that the other side will be blamed for the for you and the recently the palestinians supposedly lost trust in the american side as honest broker that's. quite cool starting point but still because i'm. optimistic in a way i think that we should always look for a way to go over the overkill in twice once again to why do we teach. sation it's better than war i spend my life fighting i tell you we are already to fight we are stronger we know how to fight but profoundly we prefer to believe. relaxation and normalization of the relationship even if there is no power. among
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the palestinian who is ready and capable of doing good we should probably take certain unilateral steps to start the divorce the separation from the palestinians but do it in a way that will not will not destroy the chances of a palestinian state in the future once they come to do. to do the census and try to do so let's talk a bit about iran you have said that iran doesn't present any existential threat to israel i agree however at the current israeli government is just obsessed with the threat from iran it's always around this iran that whatnot why is israel so nervous about iran's influence in the middle east. basically we don't like the iranian behavior. don't. be misled by by the month you know you are in is a major threat to the stability in the middle east and to israel in the longer term
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what i've said is that as long as these agreements steering power and as long as they are one years. following the basically the letter of the agreement. it delays their potential threat to israel by year's decade probably more it's too early to know we shall never let the iranians resume their efforts to become a nuclear power and we should be ready to coordinate with united states or even independently to block them from. becoming a nuclear military power but having said that i don't think that there is any media exist and transferred from iran in the in the short enemy to level and we have other problems like you know creating these alliances regional alliance with the moderates who need to promote the. arrangement with the palestinians to
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prepare the ground for a separation or divorce for the palestinians to help the situation be that we will have one palestinian pople not all of them and so on so we have a different way always the government is a you know we're very popular least extreme right wing government. internationalists to each. got to fight infection the sense of they were action and identity form identifying them or form without trait or form within that was the productive so far we tell you movement all along his story at least in the last two hundred years and we saw it in other places we didn't to know well and we still believe that we are strong enough we are we are so strong that we can afford. being much will be at least if not being always really didn't coddle. them or. does so by plato slow
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music they are not i do them ones note plato's but. i just have time for one last question so i'm going to ask you to answer briefly if you can israel hass praises the united states for resuming sanctions against iran at the same time tehran has reiterated threats to resume q re naming the reach mint now you have said that it on do was bad but until now it prevented iran from developing nuclear weapons is it still better forester out to have some deal in place than no deal at all. those differences between us here you know first of all i don't like to do is meet the only duty so i sold it. was a bit but once it was signed it became part of the with ality i sold the president trump had other ways to resume negotiations about splitting toe or developing me
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things or any other issue which was outrage of the deal and to try to negotiate it but once the knobs ascensions up out of the issue. out of reality it creates economic stress was in iran but always spins to make it very little hope that this will destroy all of the. they will find some way to overcome i don't believe that they will break out and try to resume full fledged nuclear fallout but some new of enjoyment globally might be found down the street i think that we should be clear we have nothing against the iranian people great people it's only about a tool of and causing tension to develop nuclear weapons and. to eliminate israel from over. we are strong enough we are not afraid but we have to make sure that you do it independently or where those united states the world community will make sure that iran will never course the line into maybe two
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nuclear capability and to think that the this is achievable right mr barak thank you very much for your interview for your insight pleasure talking to you were talking to a hood iraq former israeli prime minister discussing the latest escalation in gaza and whether it's pushing the israeli palestinian peace for their way that is it for this edition of set him koala see you next. honoring the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war french president the manual mccrone claimed patriotism is the exact opposite of
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nationalism this is widely seen as a criticism of donald trump trump calls himself a nationalist is nationalism a dirty word. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that in this population of. any interrogation out there what you'll see is. promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable makes them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i would. say i stayed there i would be home by the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know. that misconduct that has nothing to do with all the.
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the headlines say the new york times claims russia has been waging a fake news campaign against the west since a bit time. the pentagon sells its own budget toward its often spending millions of dollars to track spending on weapons on pets and the. crowds and chemists among the german chancellor's resignation as i go to medical business the fifty three months margaret riot. and the latest on these stories. coming up cross talk looks at the brides of nationalist movements and.


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