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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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subscribe to. him for just twelve euros fifty. stories here the pentagon fails its first order but hundreds of millions of dollars to fix the problem is revealed. months after the fatal stopping of migrants prompted riots people. demanding the resignation she should have come here a long time ago she was. not with massive police protection this is.
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she should have gotten her back side stepped down long ago. after a man is cleared of rape because of the underwear. just after midday here in moscow on this saturday welcome to watching international we have the latest on. the pentagon has failed its first full budget audit looking into spending on the personnel and the organization's top brass though doesn't seem surprised. we never thought we were going to post an audit everyone was betting against us that we wouldn't even do the audit of the pentagon audit kicked off last december uncovered a two point seven trillion dollars in assets and the cost of the whole process totaled four hundred thirteen million dollars now over a thousand orders from outside firms examine hundreds of thousands of items however
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only five out of twenty one departments managed to pass the army navy air force and marines all failed and now over five hundred million dollars are needed to rectify problems revealed by the audit a correspondent and picks up the story. a number of sections agency's divisions were given what they call disclaimers saying that they had multiple issues that needed to be fixed some of the things that stand out for example we've got fifty three million dollars worth of an installed missile motors that were listed as not working well the auditors discovered that actually these missile motors were functional the pentagon is notorious for wasteful spending of taxpayer money.
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apparently unconcerned the deputy of defense the defense department came forward and said that they were not surprised that this was simply not a pass fail audit apparently at this point they are saying that this is simply showing what they already knew which was that there was a huge problem wasteful spending in the pentagon and now they are turning to the american taxpayers for more money to correct the problem of wasting money to begin with. crowds in the german city of kept it so given a hostile reception to angela merkel the german chancellor was visiting the city almost three months off the migrants fatally stabbed a local prompting shoot riots reporting from coming it's our correspondent peter on
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a. this demonstration one of several that are taking place this creep that's opting a satirical approach they tell me invoking the imagery of the third reich to symbolize what they see is angela merkel's reign they told me they're not happy that she's come here as a chemist's it's fact that it's taken her three months after the incident took place is to actually rife he had there was an attack here against our citizens she should have come here a long time ago she was hesitant to ninety showed up with massive police protection this is a show of cowardice from our chancellor the vitus folks and i took a long time for people to wake up she should have gone have a back sighting guess sooner and step down long ago she should have quit everything after the elections in haci in bavaria ten percent of her voters tend away from her her regime is allowing her to hang on to power by her fingernails device guns get out you know is exactly why she is not welcome here to try to wait until things
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have calmed down instead of face and the music there for that's why she took a quarter of her year to grace us with her presence she knows no one wants her hear what angela merkel is doing she's selling out your own nation we have compassion to doze for really came from a war people who who escaped from a war will never harm anybody now that not the country in late august thirty five year old cuban german man was stomped to death after a confrontation in the early hours of the morning following an one thousand celebration that starving to death resulted in demonstrations and the far right groups that came out on to the streets and the violence that we saw erupt then was . was the.
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does is what happened there started people and i get it it costs right when demonstrations and in general people have the right to protest but this doesn't justify using national socialist radical symbols nevertheless i understand it is over the migrant issue not only that but in a broader sounds and there are also problems of cross border crime and even drug smuggling these are all questions that we should discuss naturally as shouts of mirco must be very clear to most go be ringing out from the crowd cheered when she is going to go she said to step down as chancellor and twenty twenty one she's already about to relinquish the leadership of her policy of the christian democratic union for these people here in chemist's it's her legacy as the person that opened up germany's borders to refugees that should be most remembered in their opinion reviled for the shoulder for all t. candidates. prosecutors appear to be preparing charges for julian assange
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a copy and paste error as revealed u.s. authorities are still seeking to bring the wiki leaks founder to justice the nature of the charges and whether it's actually been filed remains unclear though a reference to the case apparently by mistake as part of an unrelated court filing . the complaint supporting affidavit would need to remain sealed until songes a rested in connection with the charges in the criminal complaint and could therefore no longer evade or avoid a wrist and extradition in this matter assad has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london since twenty twelve last year a sex assault investigation into the australian national was shelved by swedish authorities however he still faces arrest in the u.k. for breaking bail. he's an equally wanted man in the united states to where he thiers being extradited u.s. authorities have previously sought to bring a songe to justice for leaking details of operations in iraq and afghanistan back
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in two thousand and ten that same year we could leaks also released hundreds of thousands of classified diplomatic cables and in twenty seventeen the group published the largest leak in cia history exposing the agency's cyber tools among many other things and julian assange his lawyers have called the possible indictment a dangerous precedent. the notion that federal criminal charges could be broad based on the publication of truthful information is an incredibly dangerous precedent to set the u.s. indictment over songes agree violation of press freedoms obviously when wiki leaks broke into the international consciousness about eight years ago he has a lot of allies in the international media and works particular closely with organizations such as the washington post the new york times and the guardian newspaper in the u.k. then there seem to be a lot of in-fighting and these old legacy media outlets started turning on on julian songe and so the question is why they're not protecting one of their own
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today not realize that if they don't protect one of their own they would be equally vulnerable under these sort of laws and i think that's something that the legacy media in the west needs to really seriously think about either we have press freedom for all we have press freedom for none. i know it's someone the legacy media has no problem standing up for a jim acosta. his white house temporarily restored it was revoked following donald trump's now infamous press conference after the midterm elections during which allegedly assaulted or not depending on what side you're on in case you missed it is. going to see an end. to it sometimes everyone's the bad guy. the orange one. the white house quoting at a press conference posed a real dilemma how do you look sides when they're acting like overgrown. to
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supposed to say you've got to make it nor the fact that he was attempting to lecture the commander in chief while trying. to get behind trump you'd have to ignore that equal to that and any of the people and. ultimately you know everyone decided it had. lessons were learned and they line was the whole story. just the white house. from the white house using in the. c.n.n. is now suing well here it is the whole disgusting horrifying headline grabbing right wing video and well you know who are you worried i should know. that so don't ask one of the other folks that said. this was me that's enough as president i had one of the dodo i may ask you on on the russian vest a geisha are we looking at the right video. just look at the outrage in the room
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from these witnesses. this guy is so horrified you doesn't even though. the far find see he may not be real. this was so shocked by the war but the one. she distracts us selves by cleaning out one of her ears. and this young lady is flying to him with this or she's going to put my children up told by the way she goes look up possible the white house rose out and the dreamy questionable accusation about a nonevent the global media and all those online on the list take the bait. so the nation's not talking about stuff that actually matches anymore turns out the politics of distraction really does what you know my god what is that. gotcha. and this is all too international
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a rape trial has sparked outrage in ireland off the defense used a controversial argument concerning consent to win the case he's an associate checking our explains why hundreds of women then took to the streets and posted images of their underwear on social media to what extent does what you wear send a message especially a message that you wouldn't mind meeting someone or that even having sex with them would be all right with you and does a lazy thongs probe that message louder and clear than a regular old pair of granny panties or is it not up to a piece of cloth to express consent for a woman a recent court case in ireland has fired up this conversation after a pair of underwear was presented as evidence at a rape trial in the city of cork a twenty seven year old man was accused of rape by a seventeen year old woman he said she had consented she said she didn't the man's lawyer had a one point use the woman's choice of underwear as proof of her intent that's the
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evidence of the possibility that she was attracted to the defendant and was open to meet and so one being with someone you have to look at the way she was dressed she was wearing a thong with a lace front the defendant was unanimously acquitted by the jury protesters took to the streets in several irish cities over the lawyers stunt demanding an end to victim blaming in court but. the whole long as you're a open public in protest as well as police did on the steps of the courthouse where the trial took place can send cannot come from clothing it can't come from a piece of material it can only come from the parents and the outrage reached the irish parliament to be seen recently close. even contraception being used to discredit women who have to bravery to go to course women around the world are posting. photographs of their underwear online as part of a campaign dubbed this is not consent my sexy underwear my plunging neckline my
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cheered skirt my tight jeans none of them is concerned you know what is me saying yes it should never be most shameful to be raped and to be a rapist no means no i was as they say churkin r.t. . playboy still coming on the program here on the united nations warns that a breck's it could push more british people into poverty will shed some light on that just. you know world's big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and
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shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufactured insensitive to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news.
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thanks for joining us with today's program here on out see the u.s. of course is engaged in fighting terror all around the world but washington is also active in yemen supporting the saudis in their war against the who these however with al qaeda are now also targeting the lines between allies and enemies off fast becoming blood is down hawkins. yemen suffering only started making headlines with the civil war in twenty fifteen but the country's been coming under u.s. bombardments for far longer sixteen years in fact in modern history only the afghan war has lasted longer and part of the reasoning in both cases is fighting al-qaeda we're going to continue to work with the yemeni government to try to identify a q a p leadership and operations try to thwart them the conflict shows no sign of abating and the u.s. is fighting on more than one front washington backs the saudi led coalition and its battle against who three rebels in the country and here is where it gets
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complicated al qaida terrorists are now reportedly partnered up with some militias armed and funded by the u.s. backed coalition al-qaeda leaders even brag about it. to this conflict know for certain about our participation we're fighting alongside our muslim brothers in yemen or help them with weapons and everything we can. unraveling the resulting melee distinguishing fighters from fanatics is all but impossible and apparently the fight against who through rebels is a great recruiting sergeant for al qaeda and for growing their arms and revenue streams creating a vicious cycle that doesn't seem to have a logical conclusion nevertheless the saudis and americans insist they are committed to fighting terrorism in the country drone strikes have long been the weapon of choice and since there's little official data on the specifics of casualties from such operations on us to rely on data from other sources latest figures estimate a third of those killed in twenty eighteen were pro-government forces those
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actually fighting for the coalition or civilians. so let's see this is a picture of the car after the strike they were looking for the boy when the strike happened it was a drew missile that killed them weaponized al qaeda to fight strategic enemies may have paid dividends on the ground but yemen's long term future remains bleak to say the least elements of the us military are clearly aware that much of what the u.s. is doing in yemen is aiding a.q. a.p. and there is much about that however supporting u.a.e. in the kingdom of saudi arabia against what the us fuse is reigning expansionism takes priority over battling each u.a.a.p. and even stabilizing yemen it seems washington has its priorities clearly set and
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collateral damage and truly eradicating al qaeda are not top of that list. a un official has accused the british government of inflicting mystery on the country's poorest people through austerity policies poverty is really a major challenge in the united kingdom what i found in my discussions with ministers. is basically a state of denial and they are happy with the way in which their policies are playing out and i think that sort of punitive approach to burn of foods is actually inconsistent in fact breaks it is going to make that worse because those in the lower income levels are really going to suffer one in five brits live in poverty and over a million people cannot afford the basic essentials the report by the un's reportorial on poverty and human rights that child poverty could hit forty percent within just
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a few years meantime though the u.k. government says it is across the problem. we are absolutely committed to helping people improve their lives while providing the right support for those who need it . author of food bank of britain well for house concerns about the numbers released in this u.n. report a y in twenty eight thousand people are literally starving to death not just in india not just in yemen not just in kashmir but also here in london one of the richest capitals on the planet why isn't this story is not number one on the b.b.c. number one on i.t.v. poverty one in five that's twenty percent of the population are in poverty so poverty is an issue we all need to be addressing all political parties are responsible why is it with one in five people in poverty in this in the u.k. no one political party has a minister dedicated to iraq to kate poverty and that in itself is
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a scandal that poverty is not being addressed it's not being seen as having any value and the reality is too many people are making money out of poverty. in the mexican state of chiapas locals are drinking huge amounts of coca-cola not because they want to perhaps well taste the so-called feeling rather the soft drink is far more readily available than clean drinking water and that's getting people hooked up with diet consequences for their health.
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the state has failed to provide safe drinking water so coca-cola like any company is taking advantage of again. people need water or something else to drink so good . good call is an offering for daily work and enough ring to god. in indigenous coaches these posh liquor which has always been the favorite ritual drink now color is on the same level. if someone has new money they can use the soft drinks a form of currency. does could cure people oh yes drinking coca-cola will take everything bad out of your body it will.
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previously it was estimated that thirty percent of the indigenous population consumed soft drinks now it's fifty percent. one of the big consequence slips out of diseases that people come to the hospital none of them are nasty and dave. i had my regular check on them. and that was when they detected the show going to see. me in san cristoval and the surrounding municipalities water is not drinking water is not providing. thank you for sharing your time with us here on r.t. international for this hour's program on this saturday hopefully you'll be around in half an hour's time for a new program on this show. so
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we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront case. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. lashes and thanks to the cheek a total more than the bleach he cut the host for team your he said it's not that it's indeed some chances but always shifting against. let him.
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be a little below zero so included at least there you go a year that i was going to have been scheming to show. us what to do the search. he come from the. british mr worst level sure but. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active. in the nineteen seventies current al had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company told develops
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a little mite drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy and it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but. you know she said is just good choice. minix and i don't mind victims i have to this day they received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that i did not only want the money i want the revenge. suitable to sleep for. my little course on. the rolls can you say the boy understands with the most. with.
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you i am. ok see that look i know it but. look at the model your bodies can flow it's moved in so move from the just just the fluid soles and. move forward you must. move.
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no mention or tense here we're going underground twenty four hours since the un special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights delivered his preliminary verdict on the destruction of the fabric of british society and its solution if the new government was interested very harsh. the worst aspects of a lot of these policies could be changed overnight that is after a week of resignations from some implicitly criticized by the un followed the u.k. prime minister theresa may reaching your end game coming up on the show as british and israel loses its defense minister responded to gaza. with rockets and exclusive t.v. interview with the man thrown out of washington by donald trump palestine's new ambassadors among them german chancellor angela merkel pulls a painful blow we speak to an offer to contend with exposes hypocrisy at the heart of the european union. have often advise taking some sort of soothing medicament people may feel better in concert with the u.k. speaker of the house of commons advises parliament to take drugs all the same or
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coming up in today's going underground but first as contradictions built into an entire political class in britain come to a head of a brick said let's turn to questions of that most fundamental bedrock of you can society property this week's official figures showed london house prices down governor of the bank of england marconi as previously mentioned a price crash of more than a third to because of bricks that but oxford university professor danny dorling told us after the vote the built in biases prevent us understanding bigger crashes the interests of many of the commentators say it will only be a forty fifty thousand or fifteen eighteen percent now say that's large but you have to member that when house prices fell in the end and it's actually hard when they fell in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine when they fell in madrid they almost half though that may be a little comfort to those who plans to find homes for by the twenty twentieth's in
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the british capital charities tried to raise money to make up for shortfalls in post twenty eight crash council funds with videos like these if not hundreds of young people what resonates with you about young people at center point they're always smiling. so clearly sense boy is there something right but there's more irony around the just a man who lives in a palace saving the homeless center point was funded in the one nine hundred sixty s. at a church around the back from an empty arguably emblematic building the towers over central london it has now been redeveloped inarguably tells the story of nature nation near liberal capitalism or it's an iconic piece of history overlooking the west end from one hundred seventeen me to sit down. i've been many things in the face a panoramic an empty skyscraper a great release date a national treasure an architectural tonight and i'm seen.


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