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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 17, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EST

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show first of all the significance of this week's independence so-called independence anniversary is very significant that was a moment of a collective well by the palestinians what happened thirty years ago what happened palestinians as a nation have asserted their quest for statehood or independence for a common. distillation and for being part of the national community on the one hand on the other hand it was a painful moment of compromise because that's one goal the historical historic compromise but that was an essential compromise by the collective decision making of the palestinian people because it was a moment of hope for peace people have come to terms that it's more about the future it's more about our children rather than about about what has taken place since then it has only been about the expansion of israel they all go and. visit and so it's a it's just a reminder for us that we should not lose hope and we should remember that moment
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as a moment of power of strength of collective will and there's a moment of hope for a different future the government saying the settlement activity undermines a two state solution under sixty seven borders and they said that they shouldn't be imprisoning children the israelis i applaud him for that of course that's that's right that's correct to say that it's also illegal this is not just about being an obstacle to peace it's an illegal activity according to the u.k. law and international law and much is needed i mean affirming the policy is very important and we need the u.k. government to. its vision towards the future which is a two state solution sixty seven borders the jewels of the book you buy refugees have through their rights to be got on t.v. and what have you however we need leadership at this point in time and leadership brick was a coalition of the possible what happened but also moving forward and having the u.k. to conflict. two things probably. stopping the bleeding of the two state solution
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and you know the beating is becoming very severe and many many are saying that the body of the two state solution might be already did thanks to the ongoing israeli coma ization including the insistence on cutting the west bank into more than you know in the middle of the west bank the. whole story and failures in balance you know foreigners the strategy the strategy of negotiation has failed not because of the policy of authority it was primarily because israel says binyamin that the neo took over that was in one thousand nine hundred seven already until today has been having one. as a month solution it's why we understood the world have had the solution we wanted to actually implement the international resolutions which is a two state solution netanyahu has been dragging us and he was public about it he won on the ticket that he will derail the peace process and he will never allow for solving palestinian state the problem was in the in action by the international
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community inability to impose its own oil inability to hold israel accountable for all these years and the result is that israel has been just you know ongoing and continued to merge the two state solution and the prospects for peace in the future i mean by israel israel of netanyahu who formed the most extreme of governments in the last and therefore this is not a government that represents israel this is a government from a little presence is an expansion it's a government that represents colonialism and it's a government that is made primarily of the secular movement but we obviously invite the israeli ambassador to london on the program this guy avigdor lieberman is just resigned he said things like arab citizens could be beheaded palestinian prisoners should be drowned he implied the need to use of nuclear weapons against you were able to foresee a negotiating with the netanyahu government that had people like that as it. is it only now realisation. the palestinian authority that you know the realisation
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was always the sense netanyahu took over and i must say there was hope before gotten you know particularly during the you know the center left and the left the government in israel that i beat and what have you been what some people who thought that perhaps israel has arrived at the moment of truth and wanted to establish two states simply because israel is obsessed about it being jewish and democratic and keeping control of the six point five million people keeping military occupation the colonization would not allow israel to do so so it's a it's not that you can for some people argue that however netanyahu had nothing to do with the strategy and he has been picking the jewish nature of his rival of of the democratic nature was well including the latest blow that was passed in the knesset only recently the nation state law that has defined israel as a jewish state not as a democratic whatsoever he's a certain point in that one second so this has changed and therefore no we always knew that would but then you know that is no business and we always knew that would such a government that is absolutely it's
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a zero sum for them but we were hoping that the international system most capable to impose some sort of accountability to stop the bleeding and we were hoping that the international system would pick on the thirty years ago what you started with our moment of historic compromise or a moment of extending hands and saying enough is enough we want to live and let live let's cut and let's agree on a two state solution that would mean the interest of both sides and the international community would advance the peace process based on the national phrase we think of we have a frustrated in both cases international system was unable to do so again to have a how much for instance made a compromise of sorts of recognition of it of his residency recognizing they don't want to destroy israel they fired hundreds of rockets and they haven't really been left. thora t. with these hopes of the international community being dash still want to get two state solution when he lets me but i think it's too late it's been covered up too much there's not going to be any historic changes of policy by the palestinians no because this is not policy these are rights we do not give
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a rights. that's exactly what should be the discussion it's about the means and the tools of the way to get to your destination but all this tradition for self determination will not change we will own was. and demand our right to force of the separation which can only happen in the form of statehood and we would demand our right for the palace if it is you're talking about more than half of the nation all refugees scattered all over the world you cannot brush this issue on the the international standards about this and we have agreed even with successive israeli government that this is a fight that's that this issue we need to sit them discuss it but they obviously do what they always even if they don't want to we don't change our goals or national goals based on what they want to we need as you say i was reading of mina's means. you have you on again to talk more about the means because it obviously changes day by day in the occupied territories but what's it like being here in london the odds
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on favorite to be the next prime minister of this country is jeremy corbyn he's called an n t c might. say mandated b.b.c. for presumably his championing of international law as regards we've seen the law be the program which was then buried the some of the elements of it. are you used to being able to be in a city like london city where the israeli ambassador mcgregor has had to apologize for his stuff basically saying they can take a minister has to raise a maze ministers if they say the wrong thing about palestine it's very unfortunate and you know the nobody's main technique means if you may is the threat is the intimidation the conduct that isolation is the blackmail of people who live you sexual harassment but but it's also that's on the one side the other side of it is the globe is. fear of the change in the public opinion of the u.k. which has been happening over a long period of time particularly among the youth of the of this country and
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therefore our response should not be creating lobbies like them and bullies like them fighting these lobbies and bodies should be primarily by advancing the truth it's the truth that they are after and i think there is so much in this country to be done by way of the truth and by making sure that the british people know nothing but the truth and palestine is not about hatred and we have been very clear i have met all decided that if the movement for palestine the groups only last week and they say that those who carry hate in the heart for anybody for any country for any nation should not be with us those who carry love for us the palestinians i know it's we will extend our hand so i have to say it isn't israel my friend it is real and it does exist but it unites me as a palestinian refugee again in the fight against anti-semitism and the fight against islam unfolding. a principled person like this who has who has been in the forefront of every single international universal value based struggle would
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not have a shred of hatred in his heart i believe that one hundred percent would not have assured owns of discrimination in his heart he would he would definitely be one of the most fierce fight as a guest on this and it is a against islam of will be i saw him when i was a student and rallies to a whole. small minorities in no way so this is a person i believe to be the principal of the person who was a spy for the young generation of this country and you'll go to a lot of the more principled you out when you grow up you. but i don't think so it's very unfortunate the whole discussion i believe that it is has to be a very. ruthless fight against anti-semitism and i believe we palestinians should be an integral part of the fight against anti-semitism because that fight is also the fight against islam phobia that fight is also against those who deny palestinian national level that's a human rights and i thank you after the break also. covering the hidden
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truths about the migrant crisis that helped catalyze and with this week's new figures adding to the tens of thousands dying in the mediterranean since twenty fourteen or doing spoken would put. boys to the thousands fleeing back towards the drowned. going underground. reserve bank unable to see yes the center of america's descent into financial
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armageddon yes can you blame the fed for such things as the infrastructure collapse across america ecological collapse. california wildfires and hurricanes across the nation. to try. voicing yes yes you can because they give money to the bad people. of the war a nazi doctor was still active rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company developed. a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. is just. a little mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never
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apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. welcome back while britain's political class is engaged in rail politics this week of a breakfast at the un quietly announced that more than one hundred twenty thousand refugees from authority or perhaps nato and even nation warfare left the safety of land to risk their lives at sea to get to europe twenty thousand died since twenty fourteen but there's the u.k. government even understand that britain is on the water not according to u.k. labor leader jeremy corbett the brakes secretary said last week and i quote i had
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previously understood the extent of this but we are particularly reliant on the dover to cali process when did the prime minister become aware of this absolutely shocking revelation about britain's trade routes may accused corbin of reading things on the stands even reads out. something that says that we don't know about trade policy corbin nevertheless had some advice if the brakes it secretary is still in office by the time the cabinet makes this afternoon could she take him on one side and have a quiet word with him and tell him that ten thousand lorries arrive at dover every day handing seventeen percent of this country's entire trade in goods estimated to be one hundred twenty two billion pounds last year this woeful ignorance by a person in high office is disturbing to so many people and tories were also disturbed by media reports of a broken up britain remaining in the e.u.
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but losing its voting rights you will lose the support of many conservative m.p. . millions of voters across the country may responded by reaffirming our commitment to ending the right of citizens to freely move between the u.k. and the e.u. left out one of the things that the british people are very keen to see from this deal which is an end to free movement and we will ensure that we are delivering on that as well as those other elements that i have set out no one is really sure whether that may affect this week c.e.o. offer of free movement for short stays but then to resume as you came secretary was infamous for not allowing free movement for thousands of children trapped over the channel from dover alleged migration callousness let alone hypocrisy is addressed by oscar contender eldorado a new documentary about the crisis credited with precipitating bricks at its award winning director marcus improve joins me now marcus welcome to going underground an amazing film of people going underground we've all watched the u.k.
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politicians continually tell us there is a difference between economic refugees and genuine refugees this film is pretty dangerous isn't it it seems to destroy that separation that distinction completely we can see that producing the reasons why the so. called migrants are coming for economic reasons but we are destroying the economic basis for them to leave because most of them seems to be only hoping for a better life and we don't want this because we already have it and with our economic context to west africa for example we destroyed the living possibilities of you see the example of the tomatoes or the milk in the film which is coming from from italy being safe on the sea first in a camp in italian camp where they are checked if they are real refugees or g.'s then after a year of a year and
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a half. sent back if they don't get asylum and picked up by the mafia. living in a good looking worse and really get to in africa build by themselves and they've heard for fifteen years a day under forty degrees celsius. picking tomatoes. and these tomatoes are produced with european subsidies and in tin cans sold even to africa the families of these migrants are buying them because the money they from this fifteen euros they can send home that they can live by the tomatoes the slaves speak in it during the day she refused to let in thousands of child refugees in a film like this could change your mind is it the dehumanization in the media.
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train people to accept cruelty and this is the big danger we have pushed now italian army is not more not more saving the people on the scene but they are pushing them back the same so you see very hard to save them or pushing them back to libya putting them in libyan prisons where you have seen people are so women are abused and you see the story of raul in the film is telling about what happened. in this prison in libya and this prison are paid by the you and switzerland but it's so far away so they don't bother it anymore why do you think that other filmmakers because there have been films about the refugee crisis appearing very different to this to be saying it's more of a sort of natural catastrophe it's not made to take is not is manmade and there is
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a need to go back on the chain to see who is responsible and if you are democrats we are responsible people of the people and the right wing parties in europe are you migration to sell their politics but i have not never seen somebody suffering by migration there are some that by terrorists but how many terrorists. on all these millions of people seeking for a better life. our. ally to call them all terrorists and it was the same thing i've made a film called the boat is for. in the second war it was the expression the boat came from the swiss justice minister and he said if one more is coming in the boat we are sinking all and it's just alive you could just put bread
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a little. thinner slices and we eat all the ribbon it comes to right wing politics in this film and what is done so artfully is that you mix today's pictures with a twelve year old you have on who you knew when you were eight years old when the threat of right wing politics was was very real the reason why i made this film is by bike racing because i have lived as a child and i have seen it could be it was my first love story and it was a stranger and she was a refugee so there is. easy solution if you will of the people who can find a solution but if you condemn them before they are here saying that's the danger they will eat our. food and. we are dying because of them then you are in. never able to look at their eyes and to understand them and to feel what they
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are feeling when you see the impure practical terms the british prime minister will say if they come legally to european countries then we can consider the asylum claim in your film you say this is there is no legal way to come from from africa to europe. i have made the same trip on the sea and i paid. one hundred fifty in euros on the even better service e and they paid thousand five hundred and then nobody wants them so there is no legal access to europe because they are not considered normal people it's the same thing when in europe countries polish torture it was abolished in britain in france in germany but they used it in the
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colonies because they have not been considered normal humans so for the record in this european union bureaucracy with the can't work there in this these detention systems the main problem is this doubling treaty that if you where you put your force foot in in europe this country as is possible for you until they are accepted or not and you have to bring brought back if you are not accepted so it's like if you would say the ambulance is responsible for. the patient. because germany is not on the on the mediterranean and switzerland. should not be one refugees because we are not on the sea and only if the refugee would fall from the sky the are responsible for this is just putting it through the grace in spain in
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a situation that. i am wondering when it is starting in spain that the right thing people get this power i have to you also that you got permission to film some parts of the documentary after a long time what couldn't you show us in the documentary where cameras were. every step we took the months to get the permit. and we have. in the end to get off the mafia even broke our camera and have seen us and we had to go with hidden cameras. it was a very dangerous situation because they would have broken more than the income he was going to understand where the men fear it would be dangerous to film with the e.u. authorities you had to wait for it why are they afraid that film because it's paid by the people it's. the government is doing what the people are calling them to do but you shouldn't see so it's people say you know money you shouldn't film business
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with children of these animals because it's too too risky but if to film this government it's much more difficult. and i would have liked to film how the police is trained to. think of their people sent back by force they have a helmet they have something that they can speak. tied down on a chair and put like a packet and there are. two policemen for everybody for any for one person and the doctor and somebody from the anti torture commission who is traveling with them and it costs every one person it cost fifteen thousand francs moccasin of you before we go award winning spoken word poets are free if a call players out with a song about the refugee crisis will be back on monday where nine hundred eleven
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years after the incorporation of hollywood we talk of the ogre of show business with the son of joan collins the artist alexander newly until then keep in touch by social media we'll see you on monday two hundred twenty years to the day irish revolutionary wolf turned sentenced to death by britain died of his wounds at the age of thirty five in dublin here's a core with her song refugee crisis the lessons of adolescence are not the buddha. maybe when we are forced to swap showers for rain and ceilings for sky will progressively empathize with packing your family's home into a backpack and your children's future into the palms of fading hope the grim reaper has a coat in the cold for your son who's youth was swept out of the dead blameless he confides in a shadow was quite whichever god you decide you tried vishnu you tried al you tried mine you tried politics you tried charity you tried asylum you tried things you tried phrase you tried mind you tried tunnels bridges both you told
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a lie and you carried your life into poems had to sit and watch them crying how to answer all of those difficult questions like mommy why why are we running from home mom why do we move in the night mom why do they hate us this bad mom want gays in this range mommy why the split not so mommy why am i in this age. we've seen this before we've seen the holocaust we've seen slavery we've seen wars we've seen division governesses before we were born or we don't learn from these lessons or we know expecting mall there's a lack of love there's a billionaires boys club and there are a whole bunch of strings attached to donald trump we need to cut. politicians are you not saying much then this isn't a one man problem. this is a problem this evil amongst men. nobody
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could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in this population of all the converts if you look at any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable makes them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i would. say i stayed there i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture of odd accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with all their crime.
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blushes and that they teach in the morning the beach secret the whole thing is true to seem you'll be set it's. not only shooting against. you know. the utility bills you know i said included. a little bit of my support but i'm counting that in the scheme to show. the true can be shown he's. given the respect to the south korean users tell them the tea come pouring from the . the mummy of what you called the british mister worst time imo sure because.
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when else truths seem wrong. why don't we all just don't know all. the world but you get to shape our disdain because to add to it and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the suitable to sleep will. lie down for sunday and the syria.
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rolls going to say the course of business with the mustard so it will be. listening with. a lot of fellow buffalo buffalo multilayer. and the follow up. book a cynic i know is that the deal but you also look at them out on the funniest diplo it's almost the same token for most of the show such as the fluid souls of. the moon newborn you must.
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