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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 19, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EST

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about that the next day there's a culture on accountability that police officers know that they can engage at misconduct that has nothing to do with all they got. a low in welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle brags that and high drama the saga continues also the cia says it has high confidence they know who killed the shogi and is it high noon for julian assange. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow marks he's an
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international affairs and security analyst we also have. a political analyst with sputnik international and we have glenn decent he is a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of the decay of western civilization and resurgence of russia argument cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it let's first go to brags that. it's everything is in flux right now we have a number of resignations we have the tory party that seems to be in chaos we will know more as the week progresses here but mark it seems to me and you know i'm i didn't read all five hundred plus pages here but what i did glean from it is that it appears mayes. playin is not a can it's still in but not completely out of the european union this is not what the people voted for what was your read out reading the full five hundred pages
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either myself or do you draw your conclusions from the fact that her own break that secretary has resided in this is that her team is falling apart her team is in revolt her party is in revolt the other party you know that labor doesn't seem involved at all under jeremy corbin's leadership they're perfectly willing to see may's government go down in flames at this point and i don't blame them but at the same time she's sticking to her guns we'll see how this story develops right here but it's not i mean i think the most important point here is it here is that this is not what the electorate voted for it is a appears to be a halfway measure may has actually indicated. actually that in her defense of her plan to leave the european union. this is almost two years of negotiations through some is always been quite explicit the brics it means brics it entails
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living the customs union. but the plan doesn't know. now that might stay in the customs union in perpetuity the second is no jurisdiction over britain and that has also been accepted that they will have so the two main aspects which has actually been saying that these are two red lines both of them she has given him so it's quite an extraordinary position and i don't think that it is unfair to say that this would make almost britain a colony of the e.u. and you have to see the unity she's been able to bring though because now the brics a terrorist also want to leave britain there is such a thing would be better to stay in the e.u. than this deal and people who want to remain there essentially saying now well many of them are saying we will be willing to crush out of the e.u. without any deal than this because this is. worst of all worlds and essentially everyone is coming against her and that is. if it's a halfway measure here i mean we get off it's a new colony without representing exactly what i mean because basically i mean i
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know they don't like immigration everyone it's very clear in this document here but it seems that they will still be in in the customs union with the european union without any say whatsoever but being in the european union they have leverage now of the most important element the economy they're being they're giving away to brussels well it solves a lot of taxation without representation but the question is did the british or the citizens of the or we need new country did they haven't you seen the first place i mean the e.u. made it very clear that they will make it as painful for britain as possible so that they will teach a lesson to us don't leave the union it's going to be costly but it's in the end and it's going to backfire because the e.u. all regular looks like a call horse called horse which is permanently at war at war in libya at the war in yugoslavia it would in other places and now people who find out that once you or
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even that cohort there's no way to get you know get out where is democracy stand in all of this because i keep going back to the vote this is what the the electorate wanted mark is that because people are going to be questioning this we i mean what's the point of voting if you do if the of the ruling class doesn't follow through that part of it of course is the problem that when people voted they weren't there were no deal for them to vote on it was clear david cameron never intended to call the vote for it to succeed so that the tory party had no plan for it breaks it because they didn't want it and it was the insurgents the backbenchers right and you know the euro skep. like for asure who lead the voice of the people in this but there has never been a plan put forward people voted for brags that there was nearly no way does. that
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mean of course now that is going to now be used as a excuse i believe for bowling breaks it to begin with because this is this was this means play all along i think this is this is there might be a degree of intentionality here to have the whole mess. down in flames so badly that then there is an excuse to shift a second vote to parliament or a second i don't know if it would be fifty percent of the electorate but it would be a good chunk of the electorate would find that to be of betrayal and i think they will listen to is to explain how such a horrible deal could come in either they're just to have no they're incompetent or second if. they wanted us i could you could stop there is no doubt that the second on the senate not only david cameron didn't want brakes it's like threesome a was running on remaining in the e.u. and they made her essentially in charge of bringing the u.k. out of the e.u.
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so there's been a lot of secrecy during these negotiations and while support for this deal she made the threat essential saying this doesn't go through that might not be a bricks at all so this is quite astonishing after saying for two years brics it means brics that's what's going on right now is that on the twenty fifth of november there is some kind of signing ceremony where this is going to happen with the e.u. but it seems to deal with that the plan isn't complete yet ok i mean this will be very interesting to see what is signed if it signed at all then the public will be told what the british prime minister actually signed up to the letter there is a deadline that he didn't mean promise that i guess march they're going to write that the date of demure and hold the u.k. will. with the new but i'm not sure about that anymore they might be i mean to rescue me briggs that means briggs does briggs. will be out of the e.u.
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but will they be out of the look how these big government current over our scottish you know it's a whip the euro official show to their nations which are not compliant. because the former. prime minister who is now the chairman of the european union he recently said in an interview to a polish newspaper to the polish media paul may float over the just like the u.k. we inadvertently bellowed and it's going to be a disaster and you can see his strategy he wants to go back to politics and be looked at the president so his message is if you want one thing in trouble if you don't want the same also that the u.k. is going through vote for me because i am the one the calm that will not cost is this of it's basically it's. going to feel among us fear mongering or it's clear that breaks it means breaks it but what does break mean and what does mean
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that's i mean i mean this is the absurdity we're in here right now i think this is a measure of incompetence but i also the agree that there is a measure of intentionality and we could call it incompetent intentionality behind what about what about this because this is my gut feeling here is that interest in me is going to keep the tories together even after these resignations because behind closed doors are saying do you want me to be next prime minister this is the leverage she has right now ok because the many people particularly the deep state because of jeremy's foreign policy and do not want to see him as prime minister peter if i get to go in there i wanted to say that you have taken this perfect. what bragg's it could only happen while jeremy corbyn is leading the labor party this is why new labor in the u.k. lead the media even that the supposedly leftwing guardian have been so desperate to
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overthrow him because he regards the people's vote on brags that as the democracy the people have spoken any other labor leader any new labor leader would have provided a revolt against a referendum shifted the vote the parliament called for a second referendum but they can't do that with jeremy corey because he's the threat on the other side of may's government falls there is the threat that threat of all threats that the specter of haunting europe that is corban would be elected and that's a perfect storm for exactly i think fortunately the british leave doesn't have one and be for jeremy corbyn becoming the prime minister just like you. because i have plenty of room for donald trump he was lord supposed to weigh in and the people who vote for this referendum you know if tony blair was in charge of the labor party they would come for all involved saying that basketball deplorable vote and so what
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you know that was the message from the american that lead to the american people of the american people elected trump eurobasket bill deplorable so are we going to listen to what you want to see you know what i want to listen to left wing the floor is actually i think i think of the. top in this because now they're going to have this as it should be the e.u. . except they won't have a new voting rights i think if there's upside to being a little bit pregnant. you get the sense but i think that's if that's what happens i think there will be a strong incentive to essentially put it to british people listen they want to at least this is what breaks it means it means everything's the same except they don't have a say or do want to johansen to use to typical e.u. strategy does have this which has many elections as you need to get your result this is the game they played all the time. this is that you format this. friend i'm a vote that doesn't go there were you have to do it over again of course this is a british decision but the kind of close on this that the system of voting if you get the right answer i believe they call that a democracy in the e.u.
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if something goes back to my original question what is the state of democracy finish up with if you remember the. vote or referendums on the constitution for europe the british and us are the french and dutch they voted no so essentially irish and irish and they relabeled it as being. lived in the community and then they didn't need to have the baltimore city just pushed it through except irish or did i hold that thought we're going to go to a break here after that break we'll continue our discussion on some real news staying with our. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes have been. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six
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percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one does not show you know for a minute one can only. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the running plus is some protect themselves. when the final go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room six.
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i don't think the democrats are much mode in a go shake with the republicans or president so i think people are going to have to acknowledge that the united states over the next couple years is going to be consumed even more so by our internal our total bickering in affairs. tracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year drove a truck so i chose to drive truck people who rushed to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to. this beautiful story ended with pollution and
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devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal. welcome after cross talk we're all things are considered on peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. oh ok let's switch gears here mark. differences of opinion and analysis in the u.s. regarding the shoki affair. the cia has come out with a. statement high competence that it goes all the way to the top in saudi arabia and donald trump. kind of living in denial i think that's
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a good way of looking at it here and then we have i don't know if you gentlemen saw it i saw a few hours ago someone placed on facebook a video of someone being hacked to death i don't know if it was authentic. it was authentic enough that i thought it was a real person being hacked to death and then facebook took it down the only reason why i mention this is because only aired one would allow that to be released to the media if in fact what i saw was authentic i'm not saying it was because i don't know but a lot of things in play here more well i mean. saudi arabia is a terrorist spawning murderous absolute monarchy but as the trump said they are good are very good ally they're very good for our economy lots of jobs lots of jobs right there that is apparently is and i'm glad that you mention that mark and one i want to get a shout out here for the american conservative. rand paul has been talking about
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saudi arabia a fascinating article here. is number one spreading terror. i suggest everyone take a look at that as a carer not good for jobs it's a good first term to the military industrial complex but it's this now you have the state department is not. definitive as the cia is here and then the president trump is still vacillating here right now and we all know there are a number of sanctions being imposed here but this is a turning into more of an embarrassment here. everyone in the united states on the same page either if if this would have most. but. that's his that's his nickname ok it's his nickname. that's how we know that i. knew about this it's not even ordered it if you compare the two of the president or trying to make
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excuses for saudi arabia i think they're getting very different signals and again ron paul is. probably the most principled person to have over there his spine is his principles but his saying that you know saudi arabia is not if it is the greatest sponsor of terror iran which is a position of power and the legs around here because i think this is what it's all about. we could do separate program on the political changes going on in israel you know there's government i think now he's he's prime minister acting foreign minister and acting defense minister so he's got a lot on his plate right here and then we have the situation with saudi arabia i think the reason why trump is continuing to support the crown prince because he has some grand strategy pompei o and it's all about iran and in the two key players that this plan is predicated on is israel and saudi arabia and both of them are not
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in the best of shape right now i mean the story with the series repeating itself. european media and by the american media that also it was just so murderous you know. people but when terrorist acts started to be committed in europe they never even remotely suspected arson for some reason they suspected the people who were opposed to us and they suspected the slum expat are the usual mr going to be supported by the west in syria now the same story we've heard about iran being the chief sponsor we want to change so warm and there was not a single peace but here we have sold your a beer which is on their way which is of course not a sponsor of terrorism and then the q. . and then the q. . lots of people in yemen and then the you basically fifteen out of nineteen terrorists who did their nine eleven terrorist acts fifteen out of nineteen were promised i would you arabia and how can you explain all of this you know the
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official story you know what i can explain money lots of money being pumped in and probably up to p.r. anyway to. realize the official story that we have from saudi arabia you know the chief prosecutor said that he indicted the eleven people on the short and demand the death penalty for the crown prince was he was head of the new committee to discuss to investigate this myself himself you know believe me if he didn't. death penalty for five of them he would be the one more of what's to be done if you could you have mentioned before on this program the cia would like to see someone else exactly where this is the story here i mean i'm sure it comes as no shock to any of our viewers at least that saudi arabia is a murderous obvious theocracy right that kills its own people i mean that's that's a the fact that anyone is surprised by this is a testament to the media and marching tens. of moral bankruptcy but the real story
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is here is why did the cia leak this in obvious contradiction to exactly what the white house is saying right because the cia obviously has very important interests with saudi arabia i mean by their own words they called mohammed bin so i mean in the city now it's a bit that he was responsible for this but he's a good technocrat. ok he's but he's volatile and arrogant mark i think i think we can agree that you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a big he goes from zero to sixty doesn't seem to understand there's things you what kind of language i mean this really doesn't exist this organ. this language talking about he doesn't seem to understand there's things you can't do it's coming from the organization that under obama was given an assassination a czar and was is responsible for the extra judicial extraterritorial assassination
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of thousands around the world by their flying murder which is this is a i believe that they're trying to make a plea despite their contra stations to the to the contrary that his ascension as king is still taking for granted that they want mohammed bin i am who is long so when it is it keeps it keeps in about here and yet also targets drop ok i don't want to switch gears here another important story here in the intercept. greenwald again hits the ball out of the park here on the julian assange story as the as the obama deal jake concluded prosecution of julian assange for publishing documents poses grave threats to press freedom glenn that's absolutely correct the obama administration pulled back on indicting by the way there is reports that in a sign sealed indictment has been made against julian a sign. that's widely reported we don't have much more evidence than that but what
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is absolutely true is that if the obama administration had gone through with the prosecution of julian they would have to prosecute the new york times the washington post the wall street journal i could go on and on now they're finding a different way around it and i think it has a lot to do with brushy gate as well because this is what i presume they're going to go after a song which is is. it's his involvement alleged involvement in leaking the e-mails john protests his e-mails and more things i think that's one of the reasons why i want to do this it makes the republicans and the democrats happy at the same time that it's there that's what makes quite extraordinary because if you look back at the bush presidency became a little bit of a darling for the democrats. exposed a lot of the crimes of. bush over iraq or the conduct there and i think. maybe mother darling but let's just say they do. said i love we kill leaks of the
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same reason during the campaign but then we could. expose clinton and the d.n.c. was rigging the primary. because of this promotion rush last election blame the blame for not being president so now as they should the democrats turn on him as well which is interesting because we see all this talk about it of protecting journalism this is it seems to be very skin deep only because of the if. it doesn't serve their interests they really just throw the journalists there for the given they're far more concerned about the fate of crybaby jim acosta than they are against we guarding julian assange go figure tromp. and edward snowden deserve death penalty and that is not. going to gauge the freedom of joy that is there is not in or death penalty for these people and i think jim acosta jim acosta for all now the white house for all the world when you want to
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ask a question there is a crime against the freedom of press right and the point with our son is that every time he says something in there and he cracks up to be right he has been seeing that there was the sealed indictment against him he has been saying that for years and for years that of states and the u.k. denied it and now we see accidentally that it was true and it popped up then you know you know mark you know i guess it was a few months ago i was in this calendar year the kollywood came out with their film the post in celebrating the washington post when it came to the pentagon papers in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. and. ellsberg in wellsburg he was. the enemy of the nixon administration but the post in other journalists they stood up for. freedom of the press and for freedom of expression uniformly that's not the case
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today that it's a tragedy of journalism we day we saw a big turn not just with the media is the mainstream media but with the democratic party you know well right and glenn pointed this out very well flipping on this they supported it when it was against the bush administration and then the question is what happened why have they sided with some of the most extreme elements of the you know the trumpet ministration and so on and glenn points to the very well which going green was going greenwald in the article we're talking. the other day but the grand irony is that many democrats will side with the trump d.o.j. over the obama d.o.j. supposedly. their own motional personal contempt for us so much. due to the fact that he helped defeat their relief that he helped the feet hillary clinton the grave crime easily outweighs any concerns about the threat posed the
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press freedoms by the trump admin's attempt to criminalize and the publication of documents it's clearly venal ignoble partisan politics i'm old enough to remember when the press was talking about abortion. war against the media i will of the enough to remember when the press was talking about obama's war against the media his war against whistleblowers pursuing more sources than all the governments in previous you have to put together when he had his administration had journalists the new york times put in jail for not so feeling in there so what you're saying we've run out of time gentlemen but what you're saying mark is that left or right it doesn't really matter they have a contempt for freedom of speech here in journalism here that's all the time we have here many thanks to my guests here i must. this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember cross tough rules.
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nobody could see coming that false confession this would be that profile in the spot place before the conviction if you look at any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i were to cooperate say i stayed there i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with solving their crime.
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was. the dollar is what i was doing when. we got garrett over here we carried the music with us. we are a year we were dragged here. by you know going to get rid of those who are not go away who will not die quiet. real the hard work we do is the true. i don't think the democrats are much mood to negotiate with the republicans or president so i think people are going to have to acknowledge that the united states
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over the next couple years is going to be consumed even more so by or internal our total bickering in affairs. full time headlining this american born. russian prosecutors. it's true global attention maybe a decade ago. to read a load no to the asia pacific summit where leaders failed to wrap up a joint declaration as the trade rivalry between the u.s. and china is late. and a popular russian costumes accused of being a kremlin propaganda tool to song to influence children to the world to bring about
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