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tv   News  RT  November 19, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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for just twelve euros. it's claimed an american born u.k. financier may have ordered the poisoning of his former lawyer. as russian prosecutors showed new. global attention nearly a decade ago. a rather low note pacific summit. with a joint declaration that the trade rivalry between the u.s. and china is laid bare. and the popular russian cartoon is accused of being a propaganda tool designed to influence children's minds around the world. it's
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nine o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all t. international live with me. welcome to the program. there's a fresh development in the investigation over the death of corruption. nearly ten years ago russian prosecutors are looking into whether his killing was organized by his former boss the british based financier william browder. expect now and that is your real post-mortem tests showed that there were symptoms of quantock poisoning with the toxic water soluble oh you mean incompetence taken orally there has never been full scale research of such substances in russia but over dozens of years texaco logical research of these compounds have been conducted especially by the us france and italy we have to understand who is mr mckinney and who is mr browder the
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latin america born u.k. hedge fund manager had a huge business in moscow in the ninety's and early two thousand russia believes not very clean he was charged with nine years in prison in absentia for tax fraud so game admits he was his lawyer and top tax advisor and obviously russia considered him to be involved in mr browder criminal activity and he was arrested hand died in a pretrial detention under controversial circumstances william browder known for his decade long campaign against russian corruption accused russia of killing magnitsky who had testified against the country's tax authorities and police he used this case to lobby the so-called magnitsky act sanctioning russian officials hey implicated in corruption and now prosecutor general office here in moscow ease practically forward mirror accusations saying that the death of
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a game against he was in fact in the interest of william browder covering his dirty financial schemes and adding that they are opening an investigation into that it has been in the news for year is that russia is accusing william browder of money laundering and bassam and and now prosecutor general office opened a criminal case into organizing at trans national and criminal networks for these purposes let's take a listen. for long time russia's prosecutor general together with the investigative authorities have been seeking to prosecute. william browder and other members of an international criminal network organized by him this network was created in russia nine hundred ninety seven and continues to operate today aims to carry out serious economic crimes both on russian territory and abroad this is a very serious crime here in russia bill to mr browder may face up to twenty years in greece and it would be fair to mention that mr browder himself believes that all
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this is politically motivated here regenerated many times that putin personally stop him or secure to general office has also said that russia will soon house or mr brown had to be extradited since these type of crimes covered by the un convention it was also added that some time ago a huge file about mr browder as crimes by the thousand a long document had been handed over to u.s. authorities but russia never received any answer. u.s. vice president mike pence says washington is ready to continue its trade war against beijing by doubling tariffs on chinese goods his remarks came at the annual asian pacific economic cooperation summit this weekend the event ended on a historically low note as the member states failed to agree on a final joint statement that karen takes a closer look says over the u.s.
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china trade war have still not been put to bed sure it's all smiles and matching shirts in the family photo. but unlike previous years this summits was less about a governess and more kids who well divisions of a family breakdown with washington and beijing vying for the loyalties of other countries you know the two big joints in the room what can i say so. which economic superpower would do you side with we have option a china striving to better communications and connections than i was looking at the vast ocean when i boarded the ship and it struck me that we are all indeed fellow passengers in the same boat that is keep steering the wheel steady and paddle in the right direction it seems that whereas with misgivings and is working on becoming more open. your mind kind
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has reached a crossroads which direction should we choose cooperation or confrontation or openness or closed doors win win progress or a zero sum game and it wants to be able to reach you easier by land by sea any way possible than we have option b. the usa now aside from everything else the us is better than china why because it says so united states has a principled approach that stands in stark contrast to some other nations our vision will prevail besides beijing is just a use there anyway china is taking advantage of the united states for many many years. in those days are over. like china the us doesn't want to tie you down it just wants you to do things the american way so it doesn't have to punish you the united states offers
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a better option we don't drown our partners in sea of debt we don't coerce compromise your independence with a lot to say on the local fun club at hand if this was a custody battle siege in pain good get the kids the red carpets were rolled the bones plates chinese flanks were waved clearly papua new guinea has already been wooed by the middle kingdom but how did the other countries feel some analysts say the u.s. still has its trump card and despite all this america first talk many countries in the region still crave a slice of the american pie. the truck to put the sea has become. recent and excuse for the countries to our school additional help from the united states to hedge against china and i think this is wonderful news for the small countries it's just that the vision and this equipment between china and the u.s. and the right for them escalating i think. very much.
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rather than something i grew up i'm naturally because people find a lot of opportunities for the smaller countries to get into these rivalry this scenario and trying to work together to try to find us and try to get us so that they can't get past a lockdown it was an apex of firsts first time it's been held in papua new guinea the only time leaders have been unable to agree on a formal declaration so is divorce on the cards for the apec family with trump and she said to me to the g twenty this month in their first face to face since the trade spawn began the question is will the leaders be having double tyra's chocolate cake or coerced into sour grapes. to sing the kids in front of the t.v. to watch cartoons should be a safe bet to keep them quiet for a bit just make sure they're not being covertly programmed with propaganda some
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western news reports claim a globally acclaimed russian series is trying to influence young minds as jacksonville gov ports. that little sweetheart was marsha from the cartoon in the bear originally russian the series has been translated into dozens of languages and won the hearts of millions across the globe but it turns out there may be a sinister side to the enduring little girl and her protective hat trying to. now what russia has forgotten to mention there is that some cartoons are in fact evil putin propaganda yep according to a times u.k. article moshe is just another putin puppet is funny steep. but also a plucky she punches above her weight is no fun face to see is pugin esque but it
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seemed to be particularly worried about one scene and a single episode or moshe's seen wearing a soviet border guards hat. apparently that's meant to be a statement on russia's defense of its borders but even if we say that's true what kind of kid would pick up on that but hey it's best start when they're young right the studio behind this propaganda masterpiece of course denies being influenced by the kremlin's hand saying they received no state funding but we did a bit of digging and found some ominous signs you simply can't ignore here comes the kremlin for all of two seconds that could easily be interpreted as a soviet red star disguised as an innocent christmas decoration and you may not realize it but the weird hat that must have got on here is a traditional russian hat now i know those examples aren't so much propaganda as they are just random russian things but that's all we could try but worry not it
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turns out the bear itself is a representation of russia as a whole you see bear you think russia right the symbol is russia it's a fact it's a struggle for the minds part of a hybrid explosion in which a negative image of russia is replaced by a positive oh the horror the horror now you know what your children are being exposed to and can protect them accordingly. russia and the bear are not coming to invade your homeland mushin the thing is hybrid wolf as well as seen from it's just british empire apologist and who sums up america. decadents threats of the coffee. use. the beer to you they don't seem to be particularly. i really really do not want to read more about how masha in the back is putin is propaganda. i can confirm that i watched two episodes of march
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when i was nine and i suddenly became a twitter part he speaks russian. member of the world chemical weapons watch locking horns of a plan to broaden its powers back in june and went in favor of allowing the to apportion blame but russia and china are among the countries against the move. our position on the proposal made in june is that in downing the o.p.c. dubey with the functions is not meant to have would constitute an infringement on the un security council's powers. the decision in front of us today let's be very clear. to undermine what was agreed by suggesting it was not compliant with convention that is simply not true coming from the russian federation. i might be euphemistic and say ironic but frankly it is pungent hypocrisy.
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what have they done for the last few years. but to connive with their syrian ally trying to bury the truth of what has happened in syria alongside the dead from the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime the delegations present at the conference are told to vote for everything proposed by the western group and the number of times those delegations of come on the psychological pressure from the same countries this is ample evidence to the extent of hypocrisy it's open lies and hostility on the part of those delegations may be the united states side would like to ask questions about the lives of syrian people but i believe that they lie when they say they really care about victims in syria between the times terse diplomatic language used in the chamber it's fairly clear to see that there is a split in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons right now that's place pretty much goes down the lines of the u.k.
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and united states on one side china and russia on the other and at the root of the split is the proposal that was voted through narrowly in june of this year that was put forward by the united kingdom and would give the o.p.c. w. extended powers that would give them the power to identify perpetrators all chemical weapon attacks now russia says this goes again. the charter which created the the o.p.c. w. in fact saying it would step on the toes of the the un security council which currently has those powers that in turn was described as a contingent he's called crissy by the us ambassador the russian permanent representative to the o.p.c. w ambassador he said russia's western partners were doing their best to undermind russia's proposals considering all the tricks of so-called partners use we understand they are really afraid they do all this if they weren't afraid
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unfortunately we see that our american colleagues are continuing their conflicting line and we're used to it they already left the paris climate accord the iran nuclear deal and now they're attempting to derail the whole. of the russian ambassador calling for that vote means that they wrapped up on a monday evening with that vote hanging over us it will be sorted out on tuesday morning we're expecting to see everybody back here in the hague bright and early to try and get into an end of this current impasse the festive spirit in the netherlands turned sour at the weekend with protests of a christmas carol consider racist. match geysers financial survival guide liquid assets are those that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind though as
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a tremendous pleasure. for. joining me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to give us a little the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. when i was told small seems wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape our disdain he comes to the ticket and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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and. welcome back to the program protests have broken out across the netherlands over a controversial christmas character called the black paint celebrations featuring the character have come under increasing criticism in recent years with accusations peta encourages racial stereotypes. arab. like peter has been a part of dutch christmas festivities since the mid nineteenth century when he first appeared in a children's book he is the trusted helper of father christmas climbing down chimneys to deliver presents and sweets to children in parades and other appearances like pete is played by an adult in blackface a koli wig and colorful clothes. this year's protests follow years of complaints
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and censorship of black pete both in the netherlands and abroad back in twenty eleven a dutch christmas celebration was cancelled in a small canadian town after complaints of racism in twenty fifteen several dollars cities altered to black people image slightly for parades giving him sort on his cheeks rather than a four black face school in ottawa decided to remove black pete altogether out of respect for the diversity of its students and only a month ago dutch broadcaster n.t.r. ditched the blackface version of the character instead opting for a sort marks but on the streets of the netherlands there's been mixed reaction. we stand here to protest because we're finding a deal black people racist one this exchange said this is to reduce our pleasure and for everyone i think it's. it's. because they don't see. the black or white or towards the world i think it's a it's
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a non-discussion. and. i think that we should keep the festivities as they are and keep black pete i see no point in having a white pete after all this is for children. story now is independent journalist lucre of a we're going to discuss there's a further. which direction do we go here stick with traditions or move with the times. ok first the tradition is also in germany in catholic germany in belgium in northern faso it's much wider than the netherlands and for the moment it's only in the netherlands that you have this reaction actually dates back to much earlier than the nineteenth century to the fourteenth century probably and a little black boy the servant of the bishop since nicholas who was the father of santa claus sort of this little servant is
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a more easy black skinned bodies from north africa or from the middle east or it surely and so. it's a bit silly to to see it as racism because in the fourteenth fifteenth century and later even there was no races as we know it today it's an invention of the nineteenth century when colonial powers tried to find reasons for them colonizing africa but for example if you take othello the famous play of shakespeare in the seventeenth century or tallow general of the republic of venice and he's in love with the beautiful there's the mona lisa white nobody found anything wrong with that in those nuke let me jump in there bad luke let me jump in there eventually a few points and you've rightly talked about when the tradition was introduced in the reasons why but you also use the word servants yes indeed that was the back in the day that was acceptable it was acceptable colonial practice but it's not
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now and this is the objection from those protesting against the tradition isnt it. yes yes and i understand i mean if it goes so far it's it would be it will be very difficult to defend this tradition but i remember vividly in the first year of my primary school you know being scared of this guy who had his supplying eyes coming to us it was a white man in a black face but he was the interesting character not. the same book a it was a nice old man but we were more interested by this person with the big crawling eyes so it's impossible i think to continue but or originally it is not racism or troll. we live in a funny world where the political correctness is becoming credible and maybe the elder people among your view was remember of sammy davis jr the friend frank
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sinatra who said i have points as an actor and a singer because i'm black but i'm also jewish through my mother and i have only one i saw in the handicapped guy so i have big marks today maybe sammy davis jr should be dressed as a drag queen too to fulfill you know all the perfect political correctness of the day so things evolve and obviously with the outcry in the netherlands you cannot keep what black pete says it's unfortunate for those who love traditions but so it is but that is the real the real issue here is if you look at the traditions and understanding you know you relayed the reasons for it but the objections are equally valid aren't they and there has been violence belgium also practice as you rightly said other countries do belgium or surprises those traditions and the country's foreign minister as you know. was criticized for
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putting on a black face make up a few years ago do you think now with the continuation of these kind of traditions that there is a disconnect between tradition and existing racial tensions. probably but it's fairly small the minister of foreign affairs of belgium and that's used to be dressed in a black face it's black faces not having anything to do with sent to class or the kids or giving kids on the sixth of december so it was it was. collecting funds for the poor so it's a nice gesture but obviously today you cannot have that anymore because of the accusation of racism and the people who feel barely about it and and it's standard will today so ok let's forget about it that's the best way ok we'll leave it there luke they independent genocides very much for coming on the program to discuss that frank's. protesters in mexico have clashed with police during
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a demonstration against a wave of migrants making their way through the country. i . hundreds gathered in tehran on the u.s. border where a caravan of wife from central america trying to make their way into the united states last thursday alone about two thousand migrants arrived in the area and around a files and more expected likely to be stuck there for months while asylum applications process putting pressure on mexico. says the u.s. is round its border security helicopter child and barbed wire and for the residents of tehran tempers fraying. you know they're not migrants it's a human avalanche but i'm not against the migrants i'm against how they're entering the country. this demonstration is necessary to push for the respect and rights of
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t. i want to citizens we do not protest against anyone in particular we only demand respect for our city that they invade our lives and nobody protects our homes can i allow someone to come into my house to invade my life demand that i feed them with what i have earned well no way i want to register i want to ask for asylum because nine months ago my brother tried to kill me in a political campaign what are we going to wade through a little bit because people say that it is like the not going to give us anything that the doing that so people get exhausted not deported to him jurist. it for this hour don't forget to check us out on social media and our web site. called i'll be back up to thirty minutes and loonies but first it's time for sophie and co.
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it of a gun. manufacturer incentives to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame of. the will.
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ignore middle of the room sick. and high drama the saga continues also the cia says it has high confidence they know who killed the show and because of kind new. dollars. we hear the music. we were dragged here. by you are going to get rid of those who are not go away.
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quietly. real the hard work we do is the true. rift between us and the rest of the world is growing at home democrats are now in control of the house how big of a game changer. for the rest of the club. as
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the us mid-term elections leave the country in political stalemate with congress divided between republicans and democrats continues to pursue its divisive. switches making america's european allies uneasy from the president to to achieve his global goals with the democrats in the else will the treaties put in place by his predecessors enjoy the trump treatment and how will the u.s. move forward in tomorrow's world. two decades cia and veteran larsen welcome to the program why it's always great to have you with us it's been a year. things have changed lots to discuss now world leaders recently gathered in paris to mark the centenary anniversary of the end of world war one in his speech at the ceremony of french president in my own back home delivered to fierce criticism of trump's nationalism and the america comes first approach is this the
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beginning of a real rift between here and the us this escalating rhetoric i don't i don't think so for that it's a beginning of a rift i think that would overstate the problem i do think that our transatlantic relations have been damaged by president trump's criticism of nato demands that he's making of nato and frankly taking the alliance for granted and so to that extent i think president mccrum and for that matter chancellor merkel were making a statement that that if the u.s. decides to push this in this direction they have options as well well it's not just nato it's iran deal it's to cherish for us trump pretends not to care about what the europeans say but nevertheless he replied with a whole series of tweets in response to mccrone so does that mean that the europeans got under his skin that he actually cares more about their relationship with the e.u. than he wants people to believe. i'm not sure i can draw any conclusions from this .


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