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tv   News  RT  November 19, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. it is claimed an american born u.k. financier may have ordered the fatal poisoning of his former lawyer sergei magnitsky as russian prosecutors shed new light on a death which drew global attention nearly a decade ago. also this hour censorship policies put facebook back in the spotlight after a heinous bitting page sees a teenage bride from south sudan auctioned off for cattle and cash. and its popular russian cartoon is accused of being a kremlin propaganda tool designed to influence the children's minds around the world.
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are broadcasting live from moscow this is our international thomas certainly glad to have you with us we start though with breaking news this hour from the united states reports emerging from chicago suggest that multiple people have been injured in a shooting at a hospital in the south of the city you're looking at live pictures right now of the scene you can see that there are evacuations taking place and of course emergency equipment around the area to cordon off the area and there is a heavy police presence at the scene as you can see one officer has been wounded and is said to be in critical condition police say that at least one possible offender has been shot the hospital has reportedly been evacuated here's how witnesses have been describing the events. chaos chaos you have seen
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as sort of that's what it was like we were sold as some have been terrible. and. our first goal was to start getting patients out of the rooms and i grabbed who i could took them to safety and locked them in and this one i just heard you know the noise from behind the doors and everything and this started why i never park in line not a not hospital so obviously those shooter or shooters had to retreat in the hospital because we will sloppy we were barricaded near that so swat came a poor death out polies time in the parking lot and they stopped soon at the police vehicle which caused the police vehicle to have the rebar they pulled around to the area where we were and then the detectives school dealt with the d.n.a. came in today gone but they had to keep ducking because the person is still still not bill still shouldn't file but you could sell this more than once and you can see. there is a fresh new development in the investigation over the death of anti-corruption
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lawyer sergei magnitsky nearly ten years ago russian prosecutors are looking into whether his killing was organized by his former boss the british based financier william browder. expose. post-mortem tests showed that there were symptoms of poisoning with the toxic water soluble oh you mean in compounds taken orally there has never been full scale research of such substances in russia but over dozens of years texaco logical research of these compounds have been conducted especially by the us france and italy we have to understand who is mr mckinney and who is mr browder the latin american born u.k. hedge fund manager had a huge business in moscow in the ninety's and early two thousand russia believes not very clean he was charged with nine years in prison in absentia for tax fraud so game admits he was his lawyer and top tax advisor and obviously russia considered him to be involved in mr browder criminal activity and he was arrested
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hand died in a pretrial detention under controversial circumstances william browder known for his decade long campaign against russian corruption accused russia of killing magnitsky who had testified against the country's tax authorities and police he used this case to lobby the so-called magnitsky act sanctioning russian officials implicated in corruption and now prosecutor general office here in moscow ease practically forward mirror accusations saying that the death of such a game of means he was in fact in the interest of william browder covering his dirty financial schemes and adding that they are opening an investigation into that it has been in the news for year is the trash it is accusing william browder of money laundering and vassal mint and now the prosecutor general office opened a criminal case into organizing trans national criminal networks for these
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purposes let's take a listen. for a long time russia's prosecutor general together with the investigative authorities have been seeking to prosecute. william browder and other members of an international criminal network organized and led by him this network was created in russia in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and continues to operate today aims to carry out serious economic crimes both on russian territory and abroad this is a very serious crime here in russia if built to mr browed it may face up to twenty years in prison it would be fair to mention that mr browder himself believes that all these is politically motivated rita rated many times that puting personally stop him prosecutor general office has also sad that russia will soon hostile mr brown had to be extradited since these type of crimes covers by the un convention it was also added that some time ago
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a huge file about mr browder was crimes by the thousand alone documents had been handed over to u.s. authorities but russia never received any on certain. human rights activists are sounding the alarm over a teenage bride option that was held on facebook to try and go look at the uproar being faced by the social media giant it's twenty eight seeing we're well into the twenty first century but in south sudan you can still buy a teenage bride for a few hundred cals three jeeps and ten thousand bucks this isn't from a fresh out on a billboard somewhere in the sudanese savannah the auction and wedding are done and over with and guess where the bidding happened on facebook. any form of human trafficking whether posts pages or groups that coordinate this activity are not allowed on facebook and so they took the auction posts down good job
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facebook just one problem like i said the wedding dress had been worn and it took days and days for the tech giant to act now this is how the family tried to impress the bidders by pitching the girls height the kids of the winner are guaranteed four n.b.a. slots and among the competing want to be husbands are said to have been local government officials they need to be suspended from their office and have risen full of it in this ng mostly to needs to be held accountable that a girl could be sold for marriage on the world's biggest social networking sites is beyond belief. yes most of the activists fury was about how an entire online auction campaign could happen all facebook's radar so let me give you a quick reminder of some of the do's and don'ts on the network facebook is off limits to you got it fake news and it's up to some mysterious fact checkers
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employed by the tech giant in america to decide what's good for you to read and what's not also among the stuff that's been banned by zox people are posts featuring the paintings of peter paul rubens because of nudes in them even though he's one of the most remote artists of the seventeenth century or this story on the starving children in yemen by the new york times for the same reason in that case concerns over facebook's image posting policies at least for some while outweighed concerns over a disastrous famine in a war torn country well we'll see if they're as alert next time someone tries to sell a teenage bride for cattle the response from facebook is oh we took it down as soon as we found out but clearly the implication there is that they still despite you know so many similar stories of things that shouldn't be on facebook being on
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facebook for too long as far as i can see so far there's been no concrete answer from facebook as to how they're going to show that this doesn't happen again and for it to have been out there for days while this whole gruesome process was completed. seems you know it's a mystery something that should take much more responsibility for and spend more of the profits are not actually making sure the platform is safe and is no abuse to the sake of human trafficking. sitting the kids in front of the t.v. to watch cartoons should be a safe bet to keep them quiet for just a bit just to make sure that they're not being covertly programmed with propaganda some western news reports claim a globally acclaimed russian series is trying to influence young minds. comments. and that little sweetheart was matia from the cartoon in the bear originally
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russian the series has been translated into dozens of languages and won the hearts of millions across the globe but it turns out there may be a sinister side to the enduring little girl and her protective pet deal with trying to. see. now what russia has forgotten to mention there is that some cartoons are in fact evil putin propaganda yep according to a times u.k. article moshe is just another putin pop it is funny steep. but also a plucky she punches a bunch of weight is no fun fish to see. but it seemed to be particularly worried about one scene and a single episode or moshe's seen wearing a soviet border guards hat.
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apparently that's meant to be a statement on russia's defense of its borders but even if we say that's true what kind of kid would pick up on that but hey it's best to start when they're young right the studio behind this propaganda masterpiece of course denies being influenced by the kremlin's hand saying they received no state funding but we did a bit of digging and found some ominous signs you simply can't ignore here comes the kremlin for all of two seconds that could easily be interpreted as a soviet red star to skies as an innocent christmas decoration and you may not realize it but the weird hat that must has got on here is a traditional russian hat now i know those examples aren't so much propaganda as they are just random russian things but that's all we could try but we're not it turns out the bear itself is a representation of russia as a whole you see bear you think russia right. it's a fact it's a struggle for the minds part of a hybrid exposure in which a negative image of russia is replaced by
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a positive oh the horror the horror that you know what your children are being exposed to and can protect them accordingly. and the bear are not coming to invade your homeland masha and the bear is hybrid warfare. it's british empire apologist and who sums up american decadence at the coffee. my nephew is a washing machine the bear is cute they don't seem to be particularly indoctrinated . i really really do not want to read more about how masha in the bat is putin is propaganda. i can confirm that i watched two episodes of march in there when i was nine and i suddenly became a twitter part of the speaks russian. numbers of the world chemical weapons watchdog are locking horns over a plan to broaden its powers back in june
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a vote went in favor of allowing the o.p.c. w. to apportion blame but russia and china are mung the countries against the move. opposition on the proposal made in june is that in downing the o.p.c. dubey with the functions is not meant to have would constitute an infringement on the un security council's powers. the decision in front of us today and let's be very clear aims to undermine what was agreed by suggesting it was not compliant with convention is simply not true coming from the russian federation. i might be euphemistic and say ironic but frankly it is pungent hypocrisy. what have they done for the last few years. but to connive with their see. ally trying to bury the truth of what has happened in syria alongside.
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from the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime the delegations present at the conference are told to vote for everything proposed by the western group and a number of times those delegations of come under psychological pressure from the same countries this is ample evidence to the extent of hypocrisy it's open lies and hostility on the part of those delegations may be the united states side would like to ask questions about the lives of syrian people but i believe that they lie when they say they really care about victims in syria between the times terse diplomatic language used in the chamber it's fairly clear to see that there is a split in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons right now and that split pretty much goes down the lines of the u.k. and united states on one side china and russia on the other and at the root of the split is the proposal that was voted through narrowly in june of this year that was put forward by the united kingdom would give the o.p.c. w. extended powers it would give them the power to identify perpetrators of chemical
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weapon attacks now russia says this goes against the charter which created the the o.p.c. w in fact saying it would step on the toes of the the un security council which currently has those powers that in turn was described as a contingent he's called crissy by the u.s. ambassador the russian permanent representative to the o.p.c. . he said russia's western partners were doing their best to undermind russia's proposals considering all the tricks of so-called partners use we understand they are really afraid they do all this if they weren't afraid unfortunately we see that our american colleagues are continuing their conflicting line and we're used to it they. he left the powers climate accord the iran nuclear do and now they're attempting to de rail the whole. of the russian. vote means that
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they run on a monday evening with the vote hanging over us it will be sold to choose day morning where we're expecting to see everybody in the hague bryson early to try and get into an end of this current impasse britain's embattled prime minister looks to have a tough week ahead of her as her plans come under attack from all sides was that after a break you're watching our international. and high drama of this saga continues also the cia says it has high confidence we know who killed. and because if i knew you saw. the china economy in the last fifteen years is different than other countries
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emerging that were once emerging economies and became big economies like the united states did the same thing they were export exporting at it with unfair advantages until they got big and then they transition to a consumer economy so china and britain before then did the same thing so china is just following history and now they want to become a big consumer economy and so far so good. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. come back this is our international now the british prime minister will head to brussels this week to try and seal the deal over brags that the u.k.
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is scheduled to leave the e.u. on march twenty ninth next year just over four months away after a vast two thousand and sixteen referendum that left the british public bitterly divided on the issue the other twenty seven east asia are expected to sign off on the so-called divorce papers and european representatives have been giving some positive vibes for the deal will finally be concluded this week. just to brief the meanest through so you twenty seven degree window to reach last week negotiators labor into draft to reach through an agreement. line. the particular correction on the future ownership we are in fact at the decisive moment in this process no one no one should lose sight of the process the progress the tribune achieved. long. i'm pretty that ministers produced report to over all the wreckage gregory
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speaking this deal is fair and balanced we want an orderly exit of you came and went to serve and stand behind that united. but theresa may is struggling to get support for it back home where it is led to a raft of government resignations and party plans to oust her from ten downing street after one of her toughest weeks yet as pm may said that getting rid of her would not make the brags that talks any easier. it's actually about what's right for the country and as far as i'm concerned only be distracted from actually the important job in this critical week of negotiations of making sure we do get that final good deal for the country but you know a change of leadership at this point isn't going to make and against nations and and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic some of the biggest criticism of teresa mayes e.u. divorce plan comes from within her own party at least twenty five conservative m.p.'s say that they have submitted letters of no confidence in the prime minister
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forty eight are needed to trigger a leadership vote. and it is taking a toll on the party the tories are slipping in the polls as bridget supporting voters lose faith in the p.m.'s plan it's seeing the opposition labor party take a three point lead and ramping up pressure for a snap election we spoke to strategic and political analyst paolo ruff funny who says the e.u. might be backing this deal simply to move on from bragg's. dealy itself is a sort of a program money deal so it says that they agreed to to be done. that meanwhile nothing was left but it is a major effect of the same urge is said that probably ever fing will be postponed up to two thousand and thirty two so what happens between now and two thousand times to use a sort of a leg or insufficient in which the decision is due to taken it looks like. if the european union leaders in particular who is also his own political aspirations
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wants to get a treat of these of these files and so say the job has been done the agreement has been sealed and that's that will hit and he can feel free to move to other positions as yes spies to do to sit in the stands even in the u.k. there is this same sentiment amongst these brics issues a sort of a daunting case for the entire structure of these institutions. monday marks a milestone on the completion of a major black sea gas pipeline project with russian and turkish presidents announcing a key off shore line has been finished r.t. senior correspondent but i guess it has more. the completion of the undersea portion of the turkish stream is indeed and of itself a milestone both politically and economically this is an achievement objectively
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speaking nine hundred kilometers of pipes two pipes running together laid to under the black sea a depths of up to two kilometers under the under the sea itself certainly this is done very quickly and let me put in expressed hoops that the land bushing of the pipeline will be made just as quickly as to with the pipelines themselves they have a fruit at a combined throughput of thirty billion cubic metres of gas a year that is enough to keep. twelve million european households heated supplied with energy with natural gas for a year so certainly that is a huge amount of energy that europe is now going to be getting from an alternative source the presidents of russia and turkey who met again to mark the occasion both expressed optimism that this is only just the stuff to talk to them we and our russian partners have now come to the final stage of the project this is
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a project we've put a lot of effort into russia is a long term reliable partner and a very important natural gas supplier. but i want to thank the president of turkey it's good mr you know they're going to thank you but i. believe he just google you for his political will and courage why because projects like this can't be realized without it under increasingly competitive conditions. over the last year was so glad to be approved and has been a frequent guest here was turkey whether it be face to face meetings with the president or trilateral meetings including iran three countries have helped establish broken cease fires in syria set up demilitarized zone and through their agreements that efforts a military invasion of. by the syrian government was averted were godless both
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leaders have remarked time and time again that russian and turkish relations are on the up and up that they're breaking new levels what's that the construction of nuclear power plants new gas pipelines multilateral agreements economic political and military and again they both hope that these relations will continue to improve . protesters in mexico have clashed with police said during a demonstration against a wave of migrants making their way through the country. i . gathered in the u.s. border where a caravan of migrants from central america is trying to make its way into the united states last thursday alone about two thousand migrants arrived in the area and around a thousand more are expected they are likely to be stuck there for months while asylum applications are processed putting pressure on mexico and local services the
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u.s. has ramped up its border security with helicopter patrols and barbed wire and for the residents of tijuana tempers are flaring. and you know they're not migrants it's a human avalanche but they're not against the migrants i'm against how they're entering the country now marked up by this demonstration is necessary to push for the respect and rights of tiel want to citizens we do not protest against anyone in particular we only demand respect for our city that they invade our lives and nobody protects our homes can i allow someone to come into my house to invade my life that i feed them with what i have earned well no way i want to register i want to ask for asylum because nine months ago my brother tried to kill me in a political campaign but what are we going to wait a little bit because people say that it is a lie the not going to give us anything that the doing that so people get exhausted
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and not deported douras. are back to our breaking news this hour authorities in the u.s. city of chicago say that four people including a police officer are in critical condition following a shooting at a hospital the attackers reportedly over and the hospital has said that all patients are safe you're looking at live pictures now of the scene police say that the suspect is dead and as i mentioned they have not released any information about the individuals identity though it is unclear whether the assailant took their own life or was killed by police authorities are calling on people to avoid the area for the. i'm be. watching arch international. when lawmakers manufactured him sentenced him to public wealth. in the room
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in clusters and protect themselves. with the crime and. lifts only the one percent. doing all middle of the room six. million real new. tracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation
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a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down too much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to. show it's seemed wrong. when all we're all just all. to get to shape out these days become educated and in danger of it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground . i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten point our current happy fish.
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eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only food but. at the time a local television reporter from detroit is following the case closely bill proctor
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is well aware of the methods used by local police to close certain cases as quickly as possible. they did this all the time. they had people make statements whether in writing or they did the writing they had somebody and with the suggestion that hears this and you can go home i've heard that doesn't. saw dozens of them and it wouldn't surprise me at all that's the real number doesn't run into the hundreds or thousands because the same cadre of bad detectives that probably were two dozen of them were in place for over thirty five years. the mark on her read about a kid. with no evidence or witness statements against him on the seventh of march.


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