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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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i am. i am. i am. i was. a suicide bomber targeting religious gatherings on an islamic holiday in afghanistan leaving forty people dead in the country's capital.
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protests over the french president's tax reforms on fuel that leave one person dead and five hundred others injured including dozens of police officers. and flying high for twenty years the international space station celebrates two decades of premiering research we go behind the scenes and take a look at his achievements both in orbit and on earth. it's eight o'clock here in moscow and you're watching international live with me in a day or two to welcome to the program. at least forty people have been killed and sixty injured in a blast in afghanistan it's being reported as a suicide bomber targeted in the area near a wedding hole in the capital kabul it is of course coming on the back of peace talks between the u.s. and the afghan government and the taliban no group. has claimed responsibility yet
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local journalist reports from the scene. this was a religious gathering by religious elders celebrating the birth of the prophet muhammad and the attackers somehow got inside the forest floor of the wedding hall and detonated a suicide vest we have confirmation from one senior afghan counterterrorism official poured in explosives were used but the tragedy of this country i think lies in the fact now that the front line is everywhere the major cities including kabul is the target of such deadly attacks over the last four years almost twenty eight thousand five hundred twenty nine casualties are also there among afghan national security forces i mean look what you have to really see is that peace really remains elusive in this country for well over forty years now saw that statement by u.s. officials the gathering in moscow and other statements have really created some
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sense of optimism but at the end of the day everyone also knows that every side wants to really grab more territory we haven't really seen a ceasefire yet but there is expectation there could be a ceasefire and on any normal day you're actually talking about a lot of coffins soldiers getting killed in bigger numbers civilians and as well as the taliban at the end of the day there are so the impact of all of these coffins and deaths on the afghan society is simply catastrophic. protesters wearing yellow vests have come out across france in response to president emanuel like ron's tax hike on feel people have been blocking roads and burning tires as well as clashing with police the demonstrators also set. on fire on the highway in very confronting southeast on tuesday night. lights were having with. highway currently
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challenging penske has taken a closer look at the protesters and doing. i'm here just on the outskirts of ruin where as you can see behind me there are a group of around a hundred yellow vests wearers these are the they've come out to protest against the high tax on carbon and so on fuels hate in france which is increased by more than twenty percent in the last year if you just take a look you'll see that there's another group over here and what they're trying to do is a trying to blockade roads around abouts like this this is one of the main arteries that would go from blue on all the way to paris and as you can see they've brought some of the traffic to a relative cool some people have described it as operation a scald go the idea is bringing the traffic to as stancil or a cruel but nor actually completely blocking the roads one of the reasons that they've changed they tackle not when these protests started back on saturday four days ago they were actually trying to block the roads but that's caused them
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problems with the police or. now is to bring the traffic to a snail cruel and to protest against not just the high price of fuel here in france but also the high cost of living in france let's have a look back now at the protests over the last four days. was. your. birth. the burning fires to keep themselves warm here you might be able to see there's a fire just in the background there and if we walk around this roundabout you're going to see that there's another point here this is also where they're trying to stop the traffic and then again further in the distance they really have. got this
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entirely covered and what they saying is that the president might call a said lots of things he said he's going to come into power he's going to make reforms he's going to change the french economy for the better but the people here say there is no magic formula and so for corn hasn't brought in a magic formula let's have a listen to what the protesters themselves are saying we don't want this president and his government to be useful anymore we don't want them anymore we want to change the system. responds with new laws every year every month laws that are worthless we have to say stop we are not cheap we have no choice. that's right i spend the night here to show that we're all in this together and that we're going to make it to the end we're going to make it we're going to make it we are going to make it we won't let go i'm here all night again. as long as micron keeps clowning around with his pelham powder as he likes to say
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well we'll do the same we'll stay here. the protesters here say that they are going to stay this is now the fourth day of the protests and they have set up some sort of campaign that giving out food and drinks and they saying they determined that they will dialogue with the government the president might call his said that he is prepared for dialogue but he hasn't said with whom and we've also heard from the interior minister christophe customer today who said that he believes that the demands of the protesters incoherent these protests continuing across france fourth day now and we also know that there is due to be a very big or at least that's how it is a big protest on saturday where the yellow vests will continue to call for a reduction in the price of fuel and a reduction in the price of living here in france. european foreign and defense ministers have agreed on seventeen. projects for developing and. despite the fact
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that the u.k. is getting ready to leave the european union it seems london still very interested in its affairs including defense. consistent tells but well he's definitely rubbish the idea in fact appears to be following in the first steps of the us president donald trump who last week tweeted that provisions were learning german or preparing to learn german and till the americans came and saved them from occupation jaring world war two so he didn't take well to the idea of a european army either gavin williamson similarly forceful in his words saying he said he told a u.k. newspaper that and we certainly won't be happening on his watch take a listen it is an absolutely crazy idea nato has delivered european security for the last seventy years and we should feel very proud of it should we undermine not by forming a separate military force absolutely not you can absolutely rest assured that
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britain will never become part of the european army on my watch while some might question gavin williamson having an opinion or troll on any future endeavors given that the u.k. isn't planning to be part of them they are leaving the european union nevertheless the idea for an army has been floated in the past by several leaders but it's always kind of been a taboo subject but all that changed last week when muckle and emanuel microland both expressed their support for the idea as part of the world war one centenary commemorations take a listen to what each of the leaders had to say that. we need to show that europe is moving forward on social economic issues reinforcing the eurozone tax system for the additional six or our investment policy in invasion in order to show intelligence for the common defense and security of. through which we have laid the
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foundations. in theater where one has to say that either we managed together to find solutions step by step sometimes too slowly we don't also consigns the question of the defense of europe and the question of long term and co to find european army. well the message coming from the u.k. defense secretary today is that france and germany already belong to one military alliance along with the u.k. the u.s. and a swathe of other countries remember nato and gavin williamson's point is that france and germany should be aiming to meet their two percent g.d.p. target of defense spending on nato before they start thinking about forming any alternative armies now france at the moment spends about one point eight percent g.d.p. on defense and germany spends about one point two and the e.u. is very much part of nato in fact just today the top diplomat for.
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she met with the secretary general of nato in brussels and reaffirmed how important the military alliances take a listen population with nato that is strengthening i would be pleased to welcome or to go to general stoltenberg again this morning with us and our cooperation with nato is the strongest ever so disagreement over an e.u. army maybe but there is one thing that all these countries agree on the u.s. the e.u. the u.k. is part of it still all agree on the need to defend themselves against russia said it when making this e.u. army proposal and nato officials repeat it like a mantra that there is growing russian military activity and they need to be able to counter it. i spoke to a political analyst chris bambery and he told us that gavin williamson doesn't want
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to be left out in the cold by the u.s. . britain is wants to keep nato as the sole game in tone because of its links the united states that's why the united states wants to keep natal and they don't want this european army so britain does not want something else rivaling that but i don't think there's any really serious commitment to crazy if you like as a rival to natal as i see it involve a huge amount of defense spending the reason why britain britain is backing america of course is that britain and actually friends with the two european countries which had a relative military weight unlike germany and intervened in afghanistan iraq and goodness knows where where else britain wants to keep and doesn't want to see itself be frozen frozen which you would be if this when this went ahead the strange thing here of course is one of the destabilizing factors in europe has been the expansion of nato itself into eastern europe in the former soviet union that has led to deep worries in more school about this process the feeling of the americans
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in nato have reneged on promises made at the time of the when the soviet union collapsed to gorbachev and it's strange that you know the nature of the nato expansion has these stabilize the situation in europe and no we have this other idea that i did to this issue or another european army. is where look set to take on travel accommodation. after the country removed home listings located in israel occupied west from its website a b. and b. says that there was political reason for the disputed territory. we concluded that we should remove listings in israeli settlements in the occupied west bank that are at the core of the dispute between israelis and palestinians. around two hundred listings will be affected with the decision set to take effect in the coming days the company says it decided to remove the listings after determining they were in
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israeli settlements were to disputed with palestinians. the move was that welcomed by the palestinian and ministration which had previously asked the company to end its relationship with israeli settlements israel is condemning the decision calling it discriminatory. this decision is something completely unacceptable this is pure discrimination something that is taken only against jews that are living in jew day and sumeria this is actually a racist decision and more than that i do believe it is a double standard that is only taken against israel against jews that are living here in israel. we had from the general secretary of the palestinian national initiative and a former colonel in the israeli army from that is on. the international law the united nations resolutions say that settlements are illegal and they are themselves discriminatory because they are built on stolen land from palestinians
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and that any relationship with these illegal settlements is a violation of international law b. and b. just can stick and decision because they also realize that they will lose a lot because of the boycott campaign against them due to their violation of international law what is really recist discriminatory is the system of apartheid that israel has created in the occupied palestinian territories which is favoring israelis to palestinians this should be a commercial company a commercial trading between of apartments etc so their turn to be as a result of being cowards or pleasure being made by islamic terror which i don't know what but if you look for it backward to the history of ultra semitism or the history of the glowing the right of the jews to their homeland to biblical whole and of judea and samaria lo how many christians are now angry about this this
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step this is an awful step being made against the story again fate. the first module of the international space station was launched into orbit twenty years ago today that's another story is coming up after the short break. i am. in a. to a new. book
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called to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so we want to express. some want to be rich. but you want to be close to see what it looks like the more people are. interested or is it belongs. to. welcome back to the program it was on this day twenty years ago russia launched the first module of the international space station into orbit the isis is the third brightest object in the light sky and the largest land object in space first hit on
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a verse or a message from the crew currently up there. we are proud to serve in such a ship. the international space station is a unique scientific platform. near a heathenish for the. silly. if course most of. our mission are only just a stunt see. the ice ice is arguably the most expensive and one of the most complex structures ever built in a nail explains. it's both
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a green hosts an aquarium and witnesses more than a dozen sunsets every day the international space station is one of my greatest achievements in our modern world but how much do we really know about it let's take a closer look in three day the station is the fight it into two major parts one is effectively russian the other american however there's also japanese and european scientific modules you can see details here let's move to the russian segment which currently has four docking ports marked in red that's twice as many as the americans each segment consists of several smaller modules which is how the whole station was initially put together a lot like building a giant lego model the russian segment for example has five of them however only four modules can host the cargo space ships coming on board the i assess efficiently allowing them to dock at any available port at any time currently three
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of those four docking ports are occupied one by this soyuz m.s.o. nine which recently docked at the module the ship experienced an early which was fixed by the crew another docking port is occupied by the cargo ship progress only nine which is stationed at the piers module and on sunday another ship the progress m s ten docked in the heart of the russian segment the module carrying two and a half tons of cargo ranging from science equipment to air and fuel well this area is probably the most important for those onboard it contains the life support on flight control systems also we can find the living quarters for three crewmembers a conditioner to maintain the correct two minutes even a kitchen table in short it's the russians living room. other modules of course are
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equally import. but. most of them serve as storage rooms and also alive for space walks. and there it is a short glimpse into the russian segment however the this isn't really about the russian or american sectors or even the space station itself the name of the game is global cooperation platform for countries to night as one which so far hasn't been possible to do but here on earth in space we are all allies. more than two hundred people from eighteen countries have visited the space station over the years has become an example of close international cooperation and a beacon of warm relations between two former cold war rivals here's a look at how the russian u.s. friendship developed to the moon and back.
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so you had ski american ski caused enough to get the work. that you let it be. from structure. yet. you moved out of. the mission or if you need it was supported think of i think the population rather better writer performer or real. difference if there's less to birdsville elders iraq and so there are lots of iraq we are all for a brother for what. they
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were cutting new ground they said well gosh let's see if we can build a bigger space station and what can we do what are the problems that might come up and what you learn. some of them an interesting and doesn't just give them for them some listeners for falsely media if she were me. that you suddenly choose can immediately see me in the booth and sixty two lethal could. still be released within the same.
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we have built this nation that have not always me from the. start of a problem but the police on. the other hear me back from this time and together we are responsible for the future and forget the. living in close quarters in zero gravity means some of pretty clever designs for the modules that make up the i.s.o.'s. spin and give any real access to the simulators where future astronauts get to grips with the how in space.
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for two decades the international space station has been the most visible physical testament to man's dream of space exploration and like anything space it began as a smooth step which eventually turned to become a giant leap. in a way the international space station is the largest lego puzzle in the world because see it wasn't moved into orbit in one piece at first it was just one cargo module this is the exact replica of it its name in russian means sunrise and indeed it did become the dawn of the i assess as we know it's. this small jewel a star is more of a living space there's a cubicle here a dining space also there's a docking simulation area as well where cosmonauts practice they're so used to
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walking skills but some things i didn't plain sight because this is an actual space exercise bike the first person to enter the unit says is part of the expedition one was this man sergei krikalev jr fishman you got a moment when we talked the first few modules was one of the most memorable in my career started which is floating around in space but we had the u.s.p.o. unity attached to our shuttle. a picture of the two modules together became a symbol of a new era as nobody could tell where it would lead. during that flight the crew watched on from orbit our earth and to the next millennium since then the isis has grown into a sixteen more jewel station roughly the size of a football pitch imagine old trafford circling. at first both russia and the united states sent cruise into orbit but since the demise of the shuttle
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program culminating in its and in two thousand and eleven it's just be in russia. we got as close as we could to russia's workhorse rocket this or use during their journey to and from the international space station this is the module where crews spend hours of their time and i mean it's not very spacious it's actually looks small even for one person while it is designed to fit three inside it's a real work station there are no random things here to mourn it is just to showcase all sorts of technical information about how the rocket is doing indicators buttons but the most crucial the buttons that attend the most crucial commands they're actually hidden behind small covers like this so they have to be lifted so that they are not touched or pressed by accident or. among these problems there's
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one that might seem strange the command to depressurize the cabin to let all of the air out even while the ships in orbit it so that the crew can put out a fire because this button is extremely important it has additional protection this small screw in the rocket detects a malfunction meshes lights on this board among them this one particular ball which we pretend to ignore says rocket failure is this top left one it turns red in the alarm goes off for twenty. it is the station has been home away from home for adventurers visionaries overachievers risk takers people of action it's instilled a passion for discovering the unknown in our generation so that when its life cycle ends mankind's business is way beyond that first step into earth's orbit biggers dawn of r.t. . as i round up the side then forget that you can look us up on the social media
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and all website that fatah dot com i'll be back with more at the top of the album for us this time for an entire game show. at the time a local television reporter from detroit is following the case closely bill proctor is well aware of the methods used by local police to close certain cases as quickly as possible. they did this all the time. they had people make statements whether in writing or they did the writing they had some buddies and with the suggestion that hears this and you can go i've heard that doesn't. sound dozens. and it wouldn't surprise me at all the three real number doesn't run into the hundreds or thousands because the same cadre of bad detectives that probably were two dozen of
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them were in place for over thirty five years. were the marks on her. medication. with no evidence or witness statements against him on the seventh of march nine hundred ninety seven lamar monson is sentenced to fifty years of criminal imprisonment for the murder of christina brown. only one element was used against him the confession that he signed. martin believe that this is going to be. off years they're not going to want to be in prison on. something that i wouldn't wish them off worst enemy just being processed for you to go into a sale. the whole process of a distressed i'm comfortable.


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