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thirty five years. were marked on. it. with no evidence or witness statements against him on the seventh of march nine hundred ninety seven monson is sentenced to fifty years of criminal imprisonment for the murder of kristina brown. only one element was used against him the confession that he signed. martin believe that this is going to be. my fish and that i would not want to be in prison on my. that's something that i would wish him off worst enemy just being processed for you to go into a sale on the whole process of of this stone i'm comfortable. you feel like your freedom is being siphoned away from me.
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and my you one thing about them are. i think that the last time he saw his daughter they were looking occurred to me. but everything he told me to do for her. in the matters and in his. everything he do for her she never had a word for anything because the father was not around. and she was upset and angry her mother too was because them are was in here to help her train his daughter. and they could but he had the best interests in the world for his. he just wasn't here to do it so i did it. and like us is in the world for nothing but myths and of.
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twenty years later a single event changes the course of lamar monson's life just around the time that bill proctor the journalist who followed his case is getting ready to retire he receives a call from an unexpected witness who claims to know the real identity of christina brown's murder. two months before i retired after thirty three years in terms of and she called me on the phone it was one of the more shocking calls i'd ever taken. as an investigator you get many but this woman said to me on the phone . and me even if you don't remember that murder that you covered back then on boston you got it wrong. you got it wrong and i said ok i'm listening. and she explained that she was with the person who did the murder of the person in
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prison was not the killer that he wasn't there but she was with the man who did the killing and came back from the event dripping in blood and confessed to her that he had killed the. ad the cared. for twenty years twenty plus years and carried. and the made it and. i'm outta here me i'm tellin om i'm not on hall of math and back. at the time of the offense shalane a bentley resides in the building where the crime takes place she shares her life with a certain mr robert louis both of them were regular crack users on the day of the
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crime show in a claims to have seen lewis return from kristina brown subpart meant covered in blood the end. and then they let in a t.v. of my door open and the local piece of them out go away. with it on his. boots and. he is the most blood and it's like blood and his nails. they he just killed. me. you know wrong as it is. whatever else he was charged with i feel like a teen year he. there was too much. i'm
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the one that told that girl was not fair she was beat. they had and he. no he didn't he be. sure lena bentleys witness statement changes everything a team of lawyers and students from the university of michigan decide to reopen lamar monson's case they are part of a national network of dozens of american universities who fight against judicial errors over the course of a year they retrace the police investigation step by step trying to prove lamar monson's innocence the big problem right away with this confession was that it didn't match the crime scene so at the time they interrogated lamar and then extracted this false confession got him a sinus false confession the police believe that christina brown had been stabbed to death they believe that because near her body in the bathroom sink there was a bloody knife and she had been stabbed so they extracted
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a confession or i wrote out a confession for lamar in which he says he stabs her to death the problem was is that she wasn't stepped but the police did know that time so a few days later when the autopsy report comes out it reveals that she had superficial stab wounds but actually she'd been bludgeoned to death with a heavy object. it does not take the lawyers long to find the heavy object that allegedly killed the victim on the photos in the. apologies for cutting into that documentary interrogation if you do want to watch it please go to our website that's r.t. dot com but the reason is that it is the second day of the meeting being held by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and it's led to heated debates in the hague as members voted in favor of additional powers for the w. and to increase its budget from now on the body will have the authority to name the perpetrators of chemical attacks russia's china's proposal aimed at reversing the
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extension of the p.c. to israel was voted down while we can cross over live to our correspondent peter oliver who is to get an exclusive interview with the russia's permanent representative to the suitably alexander peter i'll hand over to you take over from there. hello yes well we've relocated away from where the o.p.c. w. conference was taken here to the russian embassy in the hague and i'm joined by the two men that fronted up the delegation for the russian federation at that conference we're going to start off with the head of that delegation. come out of who's the deputy minister for trade and industry also the head of this delegation this didn't go to plan for russia did it there was. the other delegations voted against russia in almost every one of the votes there was today they shot down russia's proposal this morning what reasons were you given by your partners in the
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o.p.c. w for this ending up this way. we saw the conference during these three days today ahead. seven draft decisions. was russian china. decision regarding the working group regarding the issues on the on the budget. on the tribulation and we were discussing would be would be your best to do with the delegation we needed to have the working group of four x. peers to discuss these issues now we have thirty one country. with russia. because on the boat in the morning we saw thirty one and. thirty countries and ten countries which are in abstention and i think.
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we're this korea's each to seventy seven to one on the first draft decision and then we have the issue for the for the budgets of this budget is only for the traditional tribute to point four million euro standing it is not good for the. business of the schools but one of the reasons that you heard from those that voted against it what were you being told outside of the chamber. we're every time we spoke about the euro good position the o.p.c. w i think we have to you know two times of these guns ation the first was. seem to think nineteen ninety six nine hundred ninety ninety eight twenty years we walked together in all countries also the for the issues regarding the o.p.c. w and the year i think the top. two thousand and
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seventeen. so. all these. all the issues. political issues and basic are going to say should not be shoes regarding the. specific people of the o.p.c. w. this why we are serving on the conference and also the conference which is held now that. all the countries. not all countries you know we've discussed the issues not regards the o.p.c. that we thank you very much for more on this we're going to speak to russia's permanent representative to the netherlands alexander shogun ambassador thanks for talking to me. what next for russia in dealing with the o.p.c. w following you described it as you came in here is it was d.-day today what do you do after d.-day. loamy just make
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a couple of remarks in addition to. been expressed by the chief. you can involve the explanation explanations holiday. had been the wotan reasons and. my understanding is the this is somehow the result of huge an information campaign launched by the. western group and they have been trying to persuade people many delineations. to cut. to the perceived w to kulit way of preventing it to get a decent budget don't know the american embassy just told as much during his opening remarks some hold this. because many of you to give.
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me for that. history of questionable boat. could be next to. my. understanding. i want points here which even if you re could be contrary to be good it being the cause that to the o.p.c. w.b.c. un global chemical weapons to which it do so will try to obtain to give a careful thought to all client all the aspects in relation with the situation we needed to integrate many aspects of my military. political aspects financial economic and not willing to jump to jump to conclusions but. just. in the near
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future. to try korea out damage limitation limited policy we would try and make sure the. tribute to be put on. the executive council of. you know the americans. the claim the. comfortable superiority of western companies in. the confidence of street fighters but this is not bikies very good in the. executive. in their over the in the executive council all american partners. and many terms of defeated now one of the main bones of contention and the main bone of contention with this proposal to allow the extra powers for the i.o.c. o.p.c. w.
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for russia was that it was said that it would step on powers already held by the un security council now what type of reaction do you think the un security council is going to have to the o.p.c. w having this and what type of reaction will this decision have amongst those other members of the security council let's say the united states. you know. a group of countries that are part of the collective. security organisation. is strong statement and the statement. was made by. representative. we come to strongly. tempted to deprive the united nations security council of very large part of its prerogatives. this is actually. short sighted policy it's been in big
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a blow to the whole world architecture of security and peace was astonished after world war. two so it's. my understanding. all the members of the security council will think about this. appropriate measures to come back to the o p c w and after the events of this conference that's taking place. there were some talks beforehand of russia perhaps even wanting to remove themselves from the o.p.c. w. is that ever on the agenda or is that something you'd ever consider pulling out of the the organization entirely. too early to jump to the conclusions we need to talk over many many aspects not to really to. rule any conclusions just the time at this time point and time. we will think. we will
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to a proper decision in proper time very quickly as far as russia khan is concerned this isn't over. for you still continue thank you very much ambassador shogun russia's permanent representative to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and the russian federation's ambassador here in the netherlands it's been well a busy few days there's been more voting going on in the o.p.c. w in this afternoon in the house being in several years put together so a lot still to digest a lot to go through but as it stands at the moment russia was defeated in its bid to try and stop the proposal put forward by the united kingdom back in june that would give the o.p.c. w. extra powers to allow them to identify perpetrators of chemical weapons russia says that steps on the toes of powers already held by the u.n. security council as we've just heard from the ambassador russia's permanent
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representative there they aren't done with this yet despite the vote going against them in the conference today. following the last few days thanks very much for those. and he's forty people have been killed and sixty injured in a blast in afghanistan it's been reported that a suicide bomber targeted an area near a wedding hall capital kabul it of course comes on the back of peace talks between the u.s. the afghan government and the taliban has claimed responsibility yet local journalist . reports from the saying. this was a religious gathering by religious elders celebrating the birth of the prophet muhammad and the attackers somehow got inside the forest floor of the wedding hall and detonated a suicide vest we have confirmation from one senior afghan counterterrorism
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official that poured in explosives were used but the tragedy of this country i think lies in the fact now that the front line is everywhere the major cities including kabul is the target of such deadly attacks over the last four years almost twenty eight thousand five hundred twenty nine casualties are also there among afghan national security forces i mean look what you have to really see is that peace really remains elusive in this country for well over forty years now saw that statement by u.s. officials the gathering and moscow and other statements have really created some sense of optimism but at the end of the day everyone also knows that every side wants to really grab more territory we haven't really seen a ceasefire yet but there is expectation there could be a ceasefire and on any normal day you're actually talking about a lot of coffins soldiers getting killed in bigger numbers civilians and as well as
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the taliban at the end of the day there are so the impact of all of these coffins and deaths on the afghan society is simply catastrophic. protesters wearing yellow fast have come out of. franson response to president among all electrons tax hike on feel people have been blocking roads and burning tires as well as clashing with police the demonstrators also set toll booths on file on the highway in this cycling francis southeast on tuesday night as well as gates in light heavy damage from the highway currently blocked and defense he has taken a closer look at what the protesters are doing. here just on the outskirts of ruin where as you can see behind me there are a group of around a hundred yellow vests wearers these are the come out to protest against the high tax on carbon and so on fuels hate in france which is increased by more than twenty percent in the last year if you just take
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a look you'll see that there's another group over here and what they're trying to do these are trying to blockade roads around abouts like this this is one of the main arteries that would go from blue on all the way to paris and as you can see they've brought some of the traffic to a relative cool some people have described it as alteration a scald go the idea is bringing the traffic to as standstill or a cruel but nor actually completely blocking the roads one of the reasons that they've changed they tackle not when these protests started back on saturday four days ago they were actually trying to block the roads but that's caused them problems with the police or. now is to bring the traffic to a snail cruel and to protest against not just the high price of fuel here in france but also the high cost of living in france let's have a look back now at the protests over the last four days. was. was
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a sure. fire . the burning fires to keep themselves warm here you might be able to see there's a fire just in the background there and if we walk around this roundabout you're going to see that there is another point here this is also where they're trying to stop the traffic and then again further in the distance they really have got this entirely covered and what they're saying is that the president might call has said lots of things he said he's going to come into power he's going to make reforms he's going to change the french economy for the better but the people here say there is no magic formula and so for corn hasn't brought in a magic formula let's have a listen to what the protesters themselves are saying we don't want this president and these governments to be useful anymore we don't want them anymore we want to
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change the system. responds with new laws every year every month laws that are worthless we have to say stop we are not dumb sheep we have no choice. that's right and i spend the night here to show that we're all in this together and that we're going to make it to the end we're going to make it we're going to make it we are going to make it we won't let go i'm here all night again. as long as micron keeps clowning around with his pal and pimp and powder as he likes to say well we'll do the same we'll stay here. the protesters who say that they are all going to stay this is now the fourth day of the protests and they have set up some sort of campaign that giving out food and drinks and they saying they determined that they will dialogue with the government the president might call has said that he is prepared for dialogue but he hasn't said with whom and we've also heard from the interior minister christophe just today who said that he believes
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that the dumond's of the protesters incoherent these protests continuing across france for stay now and we also know that there is due to be a very big or at least that's how it is a big protest on saturday with the yellow vests will continue to call for a reduction in the price of fuel and a reduction in the price of living here in france. european foreign and defense ministers have agreed on seventeen new projects for developing and despite the fact that the u.k. is getting ready to leave the european union it seems london still very interested in its affairs including defense is probably the details. he's definitely rubbish the idea in fact campus to be following in the first steps of the u.s. president donald trump who last week tweeted that provisions were learning german or preparing to learn german and till the americans came and saved them from
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occupation during world war two so he didn't take well to the idea of a european army either gavin williamson similarly forceful in his words saying he said he told a u.k. newspaper that an army certainly won't be happening on his watch take a listen it is an absolutely crazy idea delivered european security for the last seventy years and we should feel very proud of it should we undermine not by forming a separate military force absolutely not you can absolutely rest assured that britain will never become part of the european army on my watch while some might question gavin williamson having a pin. you know to all and any future endeavors given that the u.k. isn't planning to be part of them they are leaving the european union nevertheless the idea for an army has been floated in the past by several leaders but it's always kind of been a taboo subject but all that changed last week when angler merkel and emanuel
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macron both expressed their support for the idea as part of the world war one centenary commemorations take a listen to what each of the leaders had to say that. we need to show that europe is moving forward on social economic issues reinforcing the euro zone tax system for the digital sector our investment policy in invasion in order to show intelligence the common defense and security of course through which we have laid the foundations for months our moves in theater where one has to say that either we managed together to find solutions step by step sometimes too slowly we don't also consigns the question of the defense of europe and the question of long term and codify to european army. well the message coming from the u.k. defense secretary today is that france and germany already belong to one military
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alliance along with the u.k. the u.s. and a swathe of other countries remember nato and gavin williamson's point is that france and germany should be aiming to meet their two percent g.d.p. target of defense spending on nato before they start thinking about forming any alternative armies now france at the moment spends about one point eight percent g.d.p. on defense and germany spends about one point two and the e.u. is very much part of nato in fact just today the e.u.'s top diplomat. she met with the secretary general of nato in brussels and reaffirmed how. the military alliances take a listen corp with nato that is strengthening i would be pleased to welcome to the regional stoltenberg again this morning with us and our cooperation with nato is the strongest ever so disagreement over and e.u. army maybe but there is one thing that all of these countries agree on the u.s.
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the e.u. the u.k. is part of it still all agree on the need to defend themselves against russia said it when making this e.u. army proposal and nato officials repeat it like a mantra that there is growing russian military activity and they need to be able to counter it we'll be back with more news in a couple of minutes so stay with us. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be that's. actually going to be crossing the sea like in the fall tree in the morning can't be
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good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. sydney. dollars. dollars. dollars from the dollar adalah is what i wasn't being. when we got carried over here we care the music with us. we are here we were dragged here. by your love going to get rid of those who are not go away who will not die quite. real the heart of what we do is the truth.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent instinct of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent. with no middle of the room sick.
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