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just that frame of mind make the one comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i would. say i stayed there i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with solving their crime. who should be held accountable. maybe the world should be because the world is a vicious bloom's should be held responsible for the murder of the problem and solve the. us president said it's the world that should take the blame.
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twenty five. injured after a suicide bomb a crowded festival and market in northwest pakistan the very same time gunmen attacked the chinese consulate in the nearby city of karachi. the five month. criticism of putting trade above one man's life. to deal with the case of a british. jailed for life by the united arab emirates of spying. british museum has agreed to give a collection. but only on loan on the program we look at how museums are threat of losing elections as the number. just in time for the program here on our international. friday stories welcome to
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the. donald trump suggested that the world should perhaps be held accountable for the motor of journalist jamal has shown you also insisted that despite media reports to the contrary a u.s. intelligence had not officially concluded the saudi crown prince had ordered the killing the us president was asked by reporters on thursday who should be held to account. held accountable. or maybe the world should be only on it will cause the world is a vicious bush world is a very very vicious place the statement indicates a change in trumps rhetoric regarding the case when the news about the missing journalist first broke trump vowed a harsh response and even threatened to sanction saudi arabia and while the u.s. did sanction several saudi nationals so far that's been washington's only punitive measure the trunk claims he does not want to risk thousands of jobs because of this incident they are vehemently denying and we have hundreds of thousands of jobs
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just two people really want me to give up hundreds of thousands of jobs and frankly if we went by this standard we wouldn't be able to have anybody who's in our right because look at what happens all over the world he was initially considered missing but saudi officials eventually admitted he of being killed in a claimed rogue operation riyadh has denied any awareness of the planned killing and us launch an investigation charging eleven officials a middle east analyst ziad nasr to told us that trump is simply protecting u.s. interests. but trouble saying here is what is actually said behind closed doors every single time i don't think it's sitting well with a lot of. that is the only truth of the relationship politicly we all need an enemy and since you aren't so ready are at odds in iran and israel those are odds the u.s. is going to go against iraq can't get it will trumps president tom smile and you
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know on one hand he may be actually trying to protect u.s. interests on the other hand if he sees this ultimate outcome is coming you may be politically drained to absolve yourself from blame where you can point back to everything you said and since there's i don't want to do that but all of you who made this happen so don't blame it on me. twenty five people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a crowded festival and market in northwest pakistan the explosion occurred at around the same time the three gunmen tried to storm the chinese consulate in the southern city of karachi and during that attack two policemen and three attackers were killed now police reportedly claim to have shot dead three people who were involved in the attack on the consulate the following video captured the moment the gunfire started. the presence of the pollution the security forces were very much do it in the not
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only chinese consulate there were more of them. are terrorist who are to be chinese going there first used good marriage. there as it is very good of this there was a strong reaction by fox of the security forces. more stopped it got a risk which is probably pretty good for them they have been. all short of force suggesting that probably some of the members of the security forces have also been giving mixed you're fired all members of the johnny gosch there's going to be one member for sleep. the wife of a british academic who was jailed for life by united arab emirates court on spying charges has thanked the u.k. for finally intervening but is after five months of appealing to the government. says that london's inaction was caused by a fear of upsetting one of its crucial trading partners i was under the impression that they were putting their interests. above it british citizens.
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rightful free to them and hearing without a lawyer matthew hedges was sentenced to life in prison on wednesday accused of spying for the u.k. he has already spent five months in solitary confinement he is a ph d. student who went to the u.a.e. to associate the twenty year life and our spring uprising. says it hopes to find a solution to the case and has denied all claims of unfair treatment the case has prompted a wave of criticism with colds for a reevaluation of britain's relationship with our oil rich gulf ally and when hedges was first incarcerated in abu dhabi the u.k. government was trying to ink new trade deals with the u.a.e. a correspondent and i see a truck and picks up the story. accused of spying and jailed for life that's now the fate of a british academic researcher in the united arab emirates an ally and friend of the u.k. but how much trouble is this case likely to stir up between the two given what's at
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stake we are incredibly disappointed that the u.s. should do this we see no foundation in the charges that have been laid against him there will be serious diplomatic consequences for a country that says that it is a friend and ally of the united kingdom for months ahead just wife says her repeated requests for help have fallen on deaf ears at the foreign office and they just disregarded my request they said that it wasn't part of their job the british prime minister says the u.k. is on top of things and doing everything it can we already see it with the i'm wrong show for it is the highest level my model for the foreign secretary is urgently seeking a call with the foreign minister abdullah it is during his visit to the u.a.e. on november the twelfth he raised the issue with both crown prince mohammed bin ziad and the foreign minister incidentally also in the emirates last week a u.k. trade minister with fifteen british companies promoting economic ties between the two countries u.a.e. is the fifth largest trading partner for the u.k.
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outside europe coming after us a japan china and hong kong and bilateral trade is now growing in double digits in october the u.s. ambassador to the u.k. said there is hope of bilateral trade reaching twenty five billion pounds by twenty twenty it is currently at over seventeen billion so could the price tag of this long term cooperation and being worth more than ruffling feathers over the fate of one citizen problem for trees are going to talking at the moment bridges are taking back control reasserting so foreign to you and puts them in a dollar they don't want to be seen to be weak on an issue like this abroad but on the other hand they also need to be building economic bridges. the maybe again the government of the emirates is thinking the british can't possibly push this too far because they're on a weekly economic that the british could of course with all the military
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support and by extension the supply bit of military equipment and at the same time they could face the consequences of an m.r.i. economic boycott of. the british museum has agreed to give back a collection of bronzes to nigeria but only on the pali boyko now looks at how museums are threat of losing collections as the number of disputed treasures keeps on growing. it may be called the british museum but many of the precious artifacts inside here are from far far away acquired some might even say looted during the times that the british empire ruled far and wide and now an increasing number of persons former colonies or outright victims of theft all saying that they want their precious treasures to be returned home now in response to the british museum has all the courteously said that it's willing to lend out some items rather than
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return them the latest loan will be to nigeria a collection of bronze statues the bin mean bronzes as they're known were originally taken from africa by british troops in eight hundred ninety seven and other nations are submitting their requests to you have to take it keeping him one hundred fifty years just give us some months and we can hope that was the governor of easter island begging the british museum for its precious statue earlier this week and the list of disputed museum treasures keeps on growing.
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so should the spoils of the empire be we're tunde i want to know what those visiting the museum those feasting their eyes on the foreign artifacts have to say about it there's a lot of dispute actually over some of the foreign artifacts the british museum got in the times of empire should they just return everything. well that wouldn't be receiving them. but what a great question of the world would just be talking about it to speak it's been very nice for us to build a city with what i still say we should go for the little stuff has been lost because of the look of do it yourself from other countries set up to shoot so should we we we feel like we want to fight when we go on strike there should be given back confidence is that a bit rich as well say will lend you back to the things that we stole from you possibly from the city all up in the in from the different could use and stuff is just to all who would never get it to those who wouldn't see it would we do it i mean yes you have
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a few of the stolen things you know yeah you think yes it should go back another otherwise i think we should keep it to remind ourselves of our history and why this stuff is here in the first base their risk of the museum being empty if if if one gets everything back up. where are the lot of it would put it but as for the british museum itself well it told us that it welcomes debate and transparency regarding the history of its collections but that in many cases allowing them to stay in the museum gives them wind up public access we are very much in favor of more transparency around the problem of objects and museum collections we still believe however that there is a very strong public benefit to museums like the british museum housing objects from across the world under one roof while the. she was for an artifact has been made all the more thorny thanks to a more laissez faire attitude across the channel the french president emanuel macron appears to be more willing to send france's colonial acquisitions back to
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their rightful owners and not putting the z.m. directors here at risk of losing large swathes of their collections in a place of an awkward position. in a legal first for america a judge in the city of detroit has to clear the country's law banning the practice of circumcision known as female genital mutilation to be unconstitutional the judge said the power to outlaw if g.m. was down to individual states not congress as he dismissed some of the charges against eight people including two doctors for conducting the procedure on under age girls female genital mutilation is a widely band practice found in africa asia and the middle east it can have serious health consequences in some cases even death an estimated two hundred million women around the world are thought to have undergone the procedure which the u.n. and the world health organization consider a violation of human rights or put the show up for debate here on r.t.
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international with anthropologist on women's rights activist a forum by amadu and media commentator gina luton. it is absolutely misleading to suggest that female circumcision i'm talking about all three forms is intended to actually suppress female sexuality well i'm a doctor of human development and i can tell you that this flies in the face of everything that i've ever studied regarding women's rights so i want to make it clear that i am not pro mutilation i would never support the mutilation there are a set of practices that supporters like myself refer to as female circumcision and there are many different forms usually what happens with this terminology female genital mutilation or f.e.m. is that the most extreme form which is very actually quite rare is what gets gets conflated with all the other practices my counterpart here is is comparing apples
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and oranges she's talking about the difference between women who make a conscious decision as an adult to have to undergo some sort of cosmetic or other sort of procedure no one has a problem with that here and that's not what our conversation is about we're talking about seven year old children almost babies having these decisions to make them essentially a sexual and a risk their lives doing it i reject the term i reject the term mutilation as sexist and racist you do not refer to boys as mutilated so you don't refer to our bodies as mutilated so how far do we let those values impose themselves up on american values which are based on constitutional and individual freedoms and certainly genitally mutilating a child without their ability to even consider it as an adult is not an american value most of the women from my knowledge from my twenty five years of research as
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well as from my experience do not. consider themselves as mutilated and don't experience themselves as mutilated. tourists in the catalan capital barcelona a no longer safe that is the message on leaflets being handed out by local police amid a spike in the city's crime rate over the last year some three thousand leaflets have been given to tourists in seven languages including english french and italian leaflets include tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime currently there are some sixteen and a half thousand officers in the area for the forces as it needs around two thousand more and police personnel and their supporters took to the streets back in october protesting against the catalan interior minister. thank you to.
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claim the crime rate has skyrocketed nineteen percent compared with just last year that's a level boss alone hasn't seen since the mid eighty's however tourists on local residents say the situation isn't about a rule. when i came this was one factor that this looming one man said if i'm not secure leg that is why i'm getting such a big bag inserted to put in all my comfortable side by trying to other parts of the world and it feels pretty sexy outside all the place in the world you never going to get rid of one hundred percent of crime i just tell people to. be careful you know and don't keep their bibles in their pockets as if you know i haven't come
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across and if english should make me feed uncomfortable and save them a sandal i feel super secure obviously i take care of my personal belongings but it's a quiet city safe you can walk at night i don't feel like something bad will happen to me coming up here on the program or naughty defends or un migration cocked and rejects quote nationalism in its purest form give you details on that and about one . join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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one else seems wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days to come after. and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. from atlanta. and from from. from . it is good if you join us today a german chancellor angela merkel has defended a controversial united nations agreement on by gratian accusing its opponents of nationalism this pact which is supposed to help facilitate legal migration and
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better manage the movement of people has been rejected by a number of nations including the u.s. and some have linked merkel's remarks to a recent statement by the american president who said that he considers himself to be a nationalist and peter all of a has details. in public the relationship between the white house and europe's two leading powers is perfect and sometimes all could occasionally very awkward. i think it. was. ok. but as anglo merkel begins her epilogue is german chancellor she's made what's being seen as a job not only of her populist opponents at home but also at the u.s. president and so you don't mind there are people who say they can solve everything themselves and don't have to think about anyone else that's nationalism in its purest form this is not patriots he is that echoes a similar sentiment from president mccrone but your patriotism is the exact
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opposite of nationalism nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by pursuing our own interests first with no regard to others we raise the very thing that a nation holds most precious and that of course the polar opposite of the trump mantra america third america for america first thought about america first the cause for concern seems to revolve around france and germany having their own relationship with russia and china germany even going as far as to negotiate their own energy deals how dare they said the us president spoke to the united nations. germany will become totally dependent on russian energy if it does not immediately change course we are committed to maintaining our independence from the encroachment of expansion of foreign powers.
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and the united states is increasingly unhappy with france's backing of the e.u. arming those feelings coach both ways the recent poll of germans found that they feel to get knighted states is a bigger risk to world security than terrorism while eighth out of ten french people polled didn't pull any punches at all referring to the u.s. commander in chief as a dangerous incompetent racist quite it's understandable that the u.s. wouldn't be entirely thrilled that you are trying to stand up for its own interests but is a little push back from france and germany to the united states ultimately a bad thing peter all of a. we spoke to a former c.d.u. party defense spokesman about certain european leaders and their recently voiced differences with washington. germany. german chancellor angela merkel. and. then the beginning of supplies and c.e.o.
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of plum she is leaning to the obama clinton mccain this is saying was as are your neighbors we have. to. create a first between president. and that you will be in can't lose who are linked to the united states not only by need all by lot of fun true which. some hundreds of years ago all. london is currently hosting the twenty eighteen world chess championship with grandmasters fabiano caruana and magnus carlsen battling it out for the cherished title we spoke to sort of a russian grandmaster who gave us his predictions. i think magnus carlsen has more chances in the speeches he is
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a stronger and faster player he plays with the jewish. where is fabian no care on a prefers to think and contemplate for longer from this point of view is the top pick there is still four games to good before the end of the championship they're currently titled everything is possible one mistake can ruin the game council has to be careful if we end up with a time it will be in his favor because he will have more chances in the tie break many people think that chess players are nerds that i mocked at school but i can prove that they are fun people with a lot of hobbies but all what we have seen how a robot was playing against a person and it was even speaking in joking it was funny and interesting however it was more like a show than a real game and. i said joining us here not international that's wrapping up the program but only for this hour here on this channel nearly twenty five minutes past the hour we are back soon with more.
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dollars. dallas. is what. we care the music with us. with a drag here. by you're going to get. you're not go away. quietly . real the hard work we do is the truth.
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you know world of big partners. law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. a statistic from a couple excel came out that showed the wealth and income gap around the world in different countries and then there's there's the u.s. there's there's france and then there's the u.k. it's like why does stuff incredible spread between this concentration and then
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you've got the royalist there are people there in the tory party who support the queen whose whole point of bragg's it was to support the queen ok so they just aerialist and a moronically policy because incredible poverty breaks it's all about supporting the queen and getting rid of their world contacts. pranking gave americans a lot of job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year trucks or chose to drive truck people rushed to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to gold but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore it's just slowed down so much they lost jobs that laid off the americans. is change that's
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not what it used to be. it's a tough reality you don't want. this is a poem bus broadcast around the world from washington d.c. i'm partial thanks for joining us we appreciate you hanging out with us coming up today we focus on inequality around the planet we'll be joined by professor richard wolfe and our t. correspondent on your part and bill looks at a recent united nations report on poverty in the united states and some reactions at home and abroad plus the c.e.o. of straw market we're word which looked at the wealthiest and poorest nations around the world and argue correspondent trinny charges goes to fisher island
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florida of the wealthiest zip code in the u.s. for a special report part of it from. us r.t. correspondent dan cohen looks at the more on work at the poorer areas in the nation including right here in the nation's capital the belly of the beast washington d.c. all that straight ahead but first let's get to a few has what we seek to bring a global perspective to the issues we cover here at boom bust so to get a real grasp on the problem of inequality we begin with a report from the library of the british house of commons which is analogous to the library of congress here in the u.s. on what our world will look like in twenty thirty if trends continue the report finds that the richest one percent of humanity is on track to control sixty four percent of the planet's capital and wealth by two thousand and thirty up from the current fifty percent and measured in dollars that one percent will increase their huge holdings from the current hundred forty trillion dollars to three hundred five trillion dollars the labor party's m.p. lam byrne who requested the survey told the u.k.
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guardian that absent major. formes global policy makers are quote risking a new explosion instability corruption and poverty on the other side of the proverbial coin a nov twenty seventeen report from credit suisse found that people on the bottom fifty percent of the income scale on less than one percent of global wealth got that fifty percent of lower income folks on less than one percent o.-m. g. . turning back to the u.s. for more granular view of the problem the pew research center noted late last year that the so-called great recession of two thousand and seven to two thousand and nine further exacerbated inequality by race gender and income as one of most trusted analyst of demographics polling and policy in the united states using figures from the federal reserve they found that among americans poor and middle class the gap between white households wealth and black and hispanic households.


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