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tv   News  RT  November 24, 2018 1:00am-1:31am EST

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fifty. stories. documents placed online by a group. that. were . protesting. fuel price. getting a little rough as you can see. it was not taken over.
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for you. to the death of. a morning here at moscow welcome to the program top stories. the british government is funding. work to control political and public opinion about alleged russian activities now that is according to documents leaked by infamous group anonymous. in secret it's funded from the federal budget and it seeks to property here and manipulate foreign governments no matter how far they are for all it's worth
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program integrity initiative sounds like a brainchild of russian intelligence especially given all the recent hype and hysteria around it except it isn't it's british at least according to a hacker group called anonymous which has published what it claims are classified documents from the u.k. foreign office through a london based and the u.k. government has allegedly been working with opinion makers all across europe to promote anti russian narratives an effective network is best achieved by forming in each european country a cluster of well informed people from the political military academic journalistic and think tanks fears who track and analyze examples of this information in their country and inform decision makers and other interested parties about what is happening in clusters the key instrument of integrity initiative and a fairly powerful one as proven by the spanish cluster which has shown how the program gets things done back in twenty seventeen in the u.k.
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seemed surprisingly concerned with events playing out in spain's catalonia and london's keenness to see russia's hand in that bid for independence from spain so step one get public opinion on your side it's simple really you can write up a study yourself this cluster produced a major study on russian influence in the catalan referendum process which was circulated privately to key influences in spain including the prime minister's office and throughout europe on the integrity initiative network step to feed the results of your research to the media its main means of influence is through academic papers and especially through articles written by independent journalists in newspapers like el pais based on material provided enormously by the cluster. is the most read spanish newspaper put out. right a number of independent pieces on catalan referendum some of them written by the man named as the head of the spanish cluster just take
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a moment for this information to sink in the leader of the cell designated with pushing a very specific message parts of an information secret service with a budget poses as an unbiased journalist in some of the most popular national newspapers that is what anonymous claimed to have revealed in its leak and the hackers claim it's not about one outlet the list of names in the spanish clusty includes writers and contributors to different media some even outside of spain peddling the same message and then it's step three sit back relax and enjoy the show you scripted. the u.k. foreign office says that information about the project is publicly available and that it welcomes any published it gets meanwhile a source that russia's foreign ministry told us they are looking at the documents and i'm not surprised the u.k. is allegedly carrying out such activities we also got a reaction from one of the people featured in the documents released by the hikers
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. the documents prove no such thing i have not been paid by the institute but i applaud their work in dealing with the checketts regimes put knishes information and influence operations the kremlin is losing russia bullying neighboring countries and murdering its critics why don't you investigate that the real risks of phobia instead of trying to smear people who are trying to resist the kleptocratic xenophobic incompetent hoodlums who make your wonderful country into an international pariah and we discuss the issues over a phobia with a senior research fellow from london metropolitan university george somebody. western countries are doing exactly what they are accusing the the russians of doing i mean they are essentially waging a psychological propaganda war. directed at the russians what that should tell us is that we really should stop believing. all the various the pronouncements
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of government ministers and the stories that constantly appear in the media russia did this russia did that russia was responsible for this ruff is responsible for that because it's clear that this is all pot of a. concerted campaign to manipulate public opinion. francis you know week of protests by people in fluorescent yellow vests demonstrating against a government imposed fuel price hike and deteriorating living standards paris is bracing itself for a huge rally in the heart of the capital on saturday we will reporting from all day today a friday also saw a protest in the french port city of cali a shot to do but ski reports. it's getting a little rowdy know as you can see the yellow vests protesters have taken over this section no roads they are now completely in control of it and trying to stop the
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traffic from coming through the police at the moment are remaining on the back but they own maintaining a close watch on this situation and you can hear that the merger is cheating that hones. this movement which is now in its seventh day. five hundred. two hundred you have a supporters all saying that they won't see the resignation of president and they want there to be a complete change in the field but break in front we disagree with the point six you want to do. it's not possible to keep going like that there was more and more.
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you know there are people who work but when they get to the end of the month they're in extremism perhaps that's why these people are here and will keep taking these measures just have a look at them some of them do the excitement as they feel that the momentum of this movement is still building official figures suggest only between five and six thousand people who are employed just on friday but people say that's because many people are at work and they can't be out to the protests every day at the moment it looks like things are heating up being only the last few you know yes there have been. a huge number of schools she's between the police and the protest is and yet again it seems like the heat is on as this protest. this seven nights in a day. party. hillary
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clinton defended her suggestion that europe needs to curb mass immigration to prevent the election of populist leaders critics say it's hypocritical to fight populism with what looks like populism they also note that the refugee crisis was created by foreign military interventions as part of all of explains former u.s. secretary of state and twenty sixteen presidential candidate hillary clinton has been having her say on the state of liberal democracy in europe she says the e.u. nations need to copy immigration if they are to halt the rise of the populists i think europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what made the. flying i admired the very generous and compassionate approaches that were taken europe must send a very clear message we're not going to be able to continue provide refuge and support if hillary clinton is correct and immigration is the root of the popularity of the populists and i have
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a look it's where those refugees and migrants have come from and why they came to the european union well the top three nations of origin for asylum to the e.u. since twenty fourteen syria iraq and afghanistan all of those countries that have been bombed or in some way to stabilize by the united states and their allies in nato. currently one of the main routes into europe for refugees and migrants is the dangerous mediterranean sea crossing from libya a nation that was plunged into chaos following the nato intervention that took place on mrs clinton's watch we came we saw that he died. apparently politicians couldn't have forseen that people would start fleeing in their thousands since they were bringing democracy and the new promise for the future we are standing with the people of libya. let it be
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european soldiers have been fighting shoulder to shoulder was our medical shows us in afghanistan and get out of his domination of libya so freedom can develop his country and when refugees did start arriving they told europeans not to worry we need to face our own european demographic trends we need and we would continue to meet my creation all those who flee misery war political oppression there we have the responsibility to help we need european solution slamming the door on every syrian refugee that is just not who we are the rise of populous part. sees is also a major concern for those at the very top of the e.u. tree liberal democracy has never been under such attack since the collapse of the soviet union it's all well and good for hillary clinton and like minded e.u. politicians to say that they are concerned about a rising popular ism in the e.u.
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but when they say that the way to stop this is to clamp down on refugees and migrants it comes across as more than just a little bit hypocritical especially when they had a direct hand in making those people refugees in the first place she directly contributed to this rise in populism it was under her rule so to speak under the environmentalist ration that libya was bombed into the stone age. supposedly to promote democracy and created a failed state is in direct effect from what she did in office. now europe isn't just being told that migration is a bad idea plans for an e.u. army have also been criticized from across the pond in case you missed it polly boyko takes a closer look at the french german idea of a european military force which has upset washington. in case you missed it here appears the talking about building on the get. go wrong.
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and i know mike brown and the angle and not have been breezily outlining their plans to dominate continental europe the french president declared that it's a friend that a german responsibility to prepare has the reef founding of europe i'm sure that the other twenty five union members have nothing to worry about i'm sure that the plan much less nineteen thirty easy in the original friends at least this time paris and berlin all working together the german chancellor she won't run in another election can finally say what she actually wants and she really wasn't a real true european army isn't it lovely how europeans have mature because no one is running for their lives grieving to hearing a german leader say that well i won from the brits and we can't wait to get out and
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seeing eminem's plans of friends it may finally lead like a good idea of course looming in the room is a rather large number are under brother nato which has been in charge of making sure that europe doesn't hostility after itself for the past seventy years behind very specific to the part played by these dogs of the world does not like the sound of it you're in. trouble kids the need for his french kissing buddy rather well breaking out the classic you'd be speaking german if it wasn't for us. and britain called the idea of a european army to undermine nato crazy so what are we stand european nations don't like being told hey more often nato say they plan a whole new army of their own which will cost more than outsourcing to the us marines i am usually the us once europe to do. more to defend itself as long as it doesn't when you do well i'm going to moans about the threat to nato unity
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even one join just a pure peace and unity of these armies to fight anyway micron is worried about china russia and the place that us that that is a whole nother episode. are still in the mix of yourself that our stories here on our t.v. donald trump faces an investigation into his response to the mode of journalistic job while how short you morons are just.
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and the same circumstances that allowed for the emergence of this very very little while. i think we may get the sons and even grandsons of guys at some point in the future it's primarily a political issue that has taken minutes with. the british.
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stories here on r.t. american lawmakers will investigate president don't hold trump's response to the death of journalist. for possible double standards when it comes to treating allies and enemies. who was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul last month riyadh has denied any awareness of the orchestrated killing and has launched an investigation charging eleven officials. now takes a look at how foreign policy can be a very flexible thing depending on who is involved. no significant action will be taken against saudi arabia for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi says there are significant allies so we have to give them a pass now many prominent democrats and republicans. disagree the language that was used it was as if they were writing a press release for the saudi arabia not for the united states it is certainly testing the proposition that the enemy of our enemy is our friend our friends don't
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murder journalists but in response to his critics trump has a pretty solid rebuttal maybe the world should be only accountable because the world is a vicious place and there you have it us middle east policy in a nutshell in order to maintain your allies put your moral principles aside it's not just saudi arabia back in twenty seventeen the us secretary of state blocked all aid to egypt and since then they've admitted that the human rights situation is getting even worse but now aid has started flowing once again and trump has had glowing words for president el-sisi relationship has never been stronger. we're working with egypt or these different fronts including the military and free agent whatever you can we're working. we're going to be a great honor to be with you. and how about qatar a long time u.s. ally that's not exactly a human rights paradise probably used to say that they were sponsoring terrorism
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the nation of. unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. at a very high level the palestinian organization known as hamas designated by the u.s. state department as a terrorist organization is quite open about receiving qatari support however washington and doha are cozy we're working very well together and i think it's working out extremely well so amir thank you very much for being here. now the same thing is true for nato member and long time u.s. ally turkey the usa hasn't stopped them from going after the kurds and u.s. allies in the fight against islamic state in syria so from the words of paul in a little flat yes please mr kurd we're trying to get along very well we do get along great with the kurds we're trying to help them a lot to great people and we have not forget we don't forget i don't forget what happens some day later but i can tell you that i don't forget these are great
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people ok for a long time it seemed like cable news had most americans convinced that foreign policy was about lofty ideals like writing freedom and overturning dictators but it seems now that most americans realize that that's not the case at this point it seems pretty clear that u.s. foreign policy is about taking care of your friends no matter how shady they might be it does seem if you're critical of some ways that the united states preserves democracy promotion for its enemies but has been the trend in the past it's still the most powerful country can't do what it used to do i mean nine hundred fifty three for example we were able to overthrow. and the iranian government for three million dollars today we're spending billions of dollars on sanctions on trying to affirm up other countries and we have a un we have not been succeeding in overthrowing the islamic republic and that's
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a sign of it is growing you know that there are other competitors out there. we are not robots that was the rallying cry of disaffected amazon employees across europe on black friday as they protested against what they describe as inhuman working conditions in the online retail giants warehouses amazon workers in the spanish capital demanded better conditions and salaries all over the u.s. they protested against plans to open a new amazon headquarters demos are also held in france germany italy and the u.k. and one trade union through its weight behind the protesters with the following video. and this. amazon for its part has denied its exploiting any workers saying that it provides a safe and positive workspace with competitive pay and benefits labor rights lawyer
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told us amazon is susceptible to consumer pressure. we see in the united states that because of bad publicity and some calls by people like senator bernie sanders amazon raised its wages to fifteen dollars an hour from about twelve dollars an hour so we see that they are amenable to pressure look it's a consumer oriented business and so particularly if consumers are willing to put pressure on them they will change their way but also again people do care about working conditions of others in the pay of others and i think people are realizing that while jeff bezos is making many many millions of dollars and his people are working in prison like conditions it's this is unacceptable. i'm all right
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so been accused of willy headed thinking after calling for the englishtown of wool to be renamed apparently the name change will be an animal friendly thing to do though not everyone is convinced. with a simple maintains huge can take a stand against cruelty and remind everyone that it's easy to see wimp and be one potted to sheep by choosing the good will. the nine to train present to the media are three main disabilities thoughts of the particulars the most easy antico easy i have come across a long time anyone has nothing to do we cheat comes from deceptive two words put
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springs. all right thanks for joining us here on our international more of your saturday stories about something beyond. just adjusting from a couple excel came out that's how the wealth and income gap around who world of different countries and there's there's the u.s. there's there's france and then there's the u.k. you know it's like wow this stuff incredible spread between this concentration and
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then you've got the royalist there are people there in the tory party who support the queen whose whole point of bragg's it was to support the queen ok so they just aired a list and a moron a policy to cause you trouble poverty brags it's all about supporting the queen and getting rid of their world contacts. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that profile in this population a problem for conviction if you look at any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer and don't accept their denials she said therefore with poor barry send a statement that i will be home by that time the next day there's a culture of on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in
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misconduct that has nothing to do with solving their crime. i go to places like camp sundown camp for people that can't. and they're like so tired. this is like a safe house i guess they don't have to talk about what they go through with us because we understand her daughter she was diagnosed with a very rare son sensitive condition if i get sunburned i heal she does or she'll patients when they have problems with the walk to talk to her son the brains are actually shrinking inside the skull gets thicker in the brain still small. the pain is indescribable it's feels like a really really bad chemical burn but it goes through your skin into your muscle or down to the bone. there's no relief. so we're just not sure this is
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going to stop. i think that we want to go fast head but inside i'm. a dockside and i think. go down to your neck side that you can improve yourself. but it's also a body then job but i really believe this. bottle that we show our side that it's all we and the band. can be sure all one life. while the two thousand any financial crash drives america into recession and
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unemployment will descend a small town in north dakota experiences a genuine the black old rich. thanks to a drug fracking to fix oil is just. covered in this tiny town in fact it turns out that williston is sitting atop one of the largest shale oil fields in the nation companies' rest to exploit this new energy resource period thirty two miles below thicker surface oil soon flows freely and news spreads the wildfire for the ones left behind by the crisis of two thousand and eight relisted seems like their last chance for you in life with an unemployment rate of zero percent and wages it three or four times more than the national average the promise of prosperity and desperate times is too great to ignore cheered by a common hope thousands of men and women throw themselves once again into a desperate rush towards the mythical american tree and at any cost. history repeats itself in the midst of his new album no doubt the most impressive in u.s. history. they need there's more work out here than
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they got people to do it. don't believe. i still believe there's a dream where you are still mostly. like gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush. color is fresh out of cincinnati in two thousand and twelve after being unemployed for months he hears about the boom happening in williston. think of. at first he works for an oil company but soon his desire for independence takes over and he sets up his own serious company. bought the company and we had
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a sweeper truck and the situation wellston went from a manageable situation where i owe it get like some sleep. and i could like keep up with like daily activities like taking showers every day to like an all out sprint trying to like keep up with so much work it was amazing go from one job to the next to the next to the next to the next as it is now i have not right now i have not taken a full day off in over nine months and i'm very thankful i'm not complaining one bit very thankful for the money an opportunity i was like someone who had been starving for years for like money like all of a sudden there's like. all you can eat. buffet and all you have to do is go out there and get the work done and people give you money to do it was amazing this year i'm probably going to be making around two hundred fifty thousand dollars is a lot of work involved a lot of work twenty.


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