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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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the headline scores of people injured and detained across france as violence flares during demonstrations against fuel price increases police used tear gas and water cannon against protesters trying to start fires in the capital. kabul but the difficulty opening my eyes right now not because we've just been in the midst of all of this tear gas i. don't commence placed on line by how could groups suggest that britain's government is behind clandestine anti
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russia come pains across the world. black friday sees dark clouds gather that imus since warehouse is protesting against working conditions. you can find those stories and not small knives on our website will be full wolf news updates in an hour in the meantime here on our teams nationalists going underground and if you're watching in the u.k. islands and sputnik. time after time we're going underground as the future of britain's prime minister is arguably decided today in belfast by the northern irish polity previously linked to paramilitaries coming up in the show with up to eighty five thousand children under the age of five as a result of my mates stop. nation in yemen we ask
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a former drone operator of britain is complicit in war crimes and unicef on the ground in u.k. weapons dog to yemen gives us its take on the world's worst humanitarian crisis and britain's biggest police force advises not to drive into london but it's not because ten thousand die each year in the capital because of pollution but it's happening now stop pete because he won't work you know britain's parliamentary speaker didn't publicly write off to raise amazing bricks a deal that he and cuse pulled the symbol coming up in today's going underground the first in a week when britain's intelligence services admitted they didn't act accordingly to stop the bombing of the ariana grande a concert in manchester which killed twenty two are others continuing to be killed because of so-called u.k. intelligence this in a week of college and british involved conflict from afghanistan to yemen i'm joined now by skype from montana in the northwest of the united states by ordering whistleblower and former drone operator brandon bryant brandon thanks so much for coming on the show now we have in one analysis
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a third of those killed in drone strikes in yemen this year have been civilians including children. much surprise i would say that probably the numbers are a lot higher actually. in terms of the reports that are coming out you know my leadership one of the first times the mistake happened and i went to my leadership for a reconsider the asian my supervisor told me to pretend it was a dark so imagine that i kill the child at that point and imagine. the you know if they're being forced to report on this they're being forced to give you a number they're going to give you a number that they think is reasonable and i don't think one life is reasonable at all and mean in any case according to the united states constitution we should be giving people fair and free trials in front of juries and we're sitting there just demolishing an entire nation or britain exporting arms of course but sharing
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intelligence with the united states for the targeting of these drones. given perhaps what you are saying is an outlier if well should britain be sharing intelligence well i mean this is where six secret compartmentalised information kind of gets needs to be brought to the table because this is where people who should be men and take responsibility for their own action and if britain is getting intelligence for the consummation of these people's lives then yes they're held responsible for it there's no question about it they've they've they've participated to it and so if britain is going to do something then they need to restore their honor then they need to fess up to it on the other hand as our report that britain which it's denying that they are linked to the development all fully automated drones you might have to describe doesn't what that what they are the u.k. i should say has no intent says it has no intention of developing them and does not
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possess any fully autonomous weapons that's a troubling trouble one because the hardware had already been put in to the drones when i entered even in the software had not been developed and now we're eight hundred. or twelve years later and we're looking at how they were already in the process of developing it look how much our technology has gone so we have artificial intelligence is algorithms that know it's better than god or santa claus and it wouldn't surprise me if these technologies are being used over in yemen and even tested on people. civilians and why do we want to give autonomy to any of this right why would we want to give any of that to be out of human beings hands. it but it blows my mind i was at a geneva convention actually. and they were they were placing drones in the town it's warfare loosely under cluster miss cluster munitions and land mines
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and i'm the only non lawyer there and the guy who opens the things like we must discuss what law means he can't discuss what law means when lives are at the state and this is one thing that i pay officer told me once he said you know i always stand up no matter what rank they are because a stupid decision is a stupid decision it's a stupid decision and and the reason why i used and up to them is because lives are at stake lives are at stake lives are at stake and i really definitely think that none of these politicians or people who are developing these technologies understand that lives are at stake they're just they're just sucking off the blood money well the government or the military might say it would also provide more accurate targeting and it goes both ways that i don't have a problem problem it's not the accuracy that they're worried about because the accuracy like if we're going to look at just the imagery that is produced online most people it's an illusion it's fake like most people are fascinated by kim
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kardashian and trump's hair and they're just fake it's just fake right the real myths of the situation is that they want to develop this technology because robot isn't going to hesitate a robot isn't going to have feelings a robot isn't going to sit there and wonder how what this person's life is like they've already tried to develop human beings into that position they've studied studies that since world war one they've increased the probability of someone shooting and killing someone from twenty percent to ninety five percent fire and kill rate with a five percent margin of error and we wonder why there's twenty two veterans day they kill themselves and then we punish the people that are speaking out against this we have julius son she's trapped in the ecuadorian embassy for holding true to power. and he's just asking questions he's saying look this is what these guys are doing why isn't anyone stopping them and they're punishing they've taken my son there they've put zero zero whistleblower in jail someone who is dedicated to serving her country reality winner is in jail for showing that there were
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interference with our elections and no one's doing anything about this here in the u.k. professor michael clarke of the u.k. parliamentary drones group says the u.k. military personnel could be prosecuted for complicity in u.s. drone strikes but if we forget for a minute the complicity and of course all the all the deaths because of drone strikes what about the mental health impact on those that do the killing of facilitated so this is this is something that i've spent a lot of time researching into because you know as i as i realized it specially since you know more than one third of the deaths that were can we participate in it's like so i read this story afterwards my my my therapist actually gave me the story where in the bombing of dresden. you know the pilots were just pushing the bombs out of the back of the aircraft and afterwards they just thought they were hitting targets right and afterwards they were shown pictures of the
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destruction and the people that and lives that they were affected and many of them were committed afterwards that had flown that mission and she said you know and i've read victor frankel's man's search for meaning at one point in you know it's all about we do cause a lot of destruction and what we should realise in this is the harm that it's caused to us is because we're separating from the intrinsic value of humanity we're not looking even like this interview we're doing it over skype great technology is wonderful but most likely the better connections between people are you know beyond voice and image or in person and if we're taking the. the very sacred act of taking another person's life in battle if we're to if we're destroying that ability to look or opponent in the eyes and saying you are worthy of my blade or worthy of meeting death and i'm worthy of meeting your as well on this battlefield i'm only
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one or neither of us are going to survive we're taking that from these people and it's only a matter of time before it just. backfires well i understand you were given an envelope and i got out it was in an envelope it was just what happened was i. i knew that we had participated we had a database and. i had read my final e.p. are getting out and there was a number associated with actually there's a number associated with all these things and i killed thirteen people i know it i mark myself with it i understand it. but i didn't understand again the amount of devastation that comes with it and i thought that my in my participation it would only been like a couple hundred but it ended at the. one thousand six hundred and twenty six individuals named. and the jewels and seven hundred
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forty eight i valued individuals so that's over two thousand four hundred people that had been personally that we we've tracked personally to be eliminated through this raid and so i can only imagine that people's lives to. you know i hunted down and were on a lockie who was in a mom he was killed by the americans and with his son the u.s. is correct his son at durham on our locky was killed two weeks later and they killed him because they didn't want him to be a. a rally point for cars and about six months after his death i met my father for the first time on easter and. he's a very much a religious man and very very passionate about god and i could
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only see his mirror in and want to lock the especially since my little brother at the time was sixteen year old sixteen years old and i saw no difference between them and then what it's all if i had for me was when i was when i held my son. after. he was a year old now i was looking at him and i was i held him in my arms and i know that i've denied that. from another man and from another families i have talked to a woman who asked me personally she asked why did my brother and my husband have to die and i've shared in her sorrow in her grief and and you know those are the things that motivate us to continue speaking you know those deep. personal interactions are what causes us to talk against the people that are in
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charge that they don't they don't understand and they haven't they haven't looked at this stuff this tragedy or suffering in the face in trying to mend it. and you know this is where mr rogers we have this guy named mr rogers in the united states and he has this quote about always finding the helpers and my grandfather was a helper he was a minister and i want to be a helper and you know we have people like stanley who just died and we honor the heroes that he's created by living as those heroes would expect us to live right we know we are inspired by those things and part of the reason we have so much mental health problems not only in the military of twenty two veterans a day that are reported killing themselves from all this of these conflicts if more than one third of the civilians in yemen are being destroyed or more than civilians if i bitch it's closer to ninety percent imagine how many more veterans when they
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realize the tragedy of what they participated in like how they feel about themselves in why they're killing us it's it's it's a tragedy all around brother brian thank you and we'll hear from unicef on the ground in yemen a target of u.s. u.k. back to high tech weaponry after the break as well as this week dr margy if you tried to fish and we tried everything small protests and now i feel it's necessary to take to the streets and disrupt today's culmination of two weeks of protests across the british capital which i've seen.
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what politicians do. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president if you. want to. get to the right person this is what the four three of them will be good for. i'm interested in the water. to. welcome back the u.s. u.k. back to warn yemen is arguably being one of the leading causes of what is now one of the worst humanitarian crisis in history with eighty five thousand children dead from famine according to a report from save the children fourteen million further risk for a de facto british backed saudi that war well i'm now joined via skype from sanaa by unicef's resident representative in yemen. thanks so much for coming on the show hopefully you in the voice griffiths meeting with the who think community in the
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somehow result in a ceasefire i hope so because i don't think that it is that enough yemen can wait for much longer eleven million of them are already dire need of humanitarian assistance and as you have seen in the media recently more than four hundred there nash suffering from should be acute month edition so this country needs peace now just the latest save the children the they say conservative estimates of eighty five thousand children under the age of five dead since twenty fifty mm does that sound reasonable as far as unicef thinks. well we know that the under five mortality in the country east fifty six thousand children thirty year dying of preventable causes those are children and the fight many of them can die obviously from on the position on monday edition related courses. on the media appearing to be a dying of natural causes this is natural causes this famine no we mention preventable
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causes preventable causes like. like diarrhea like lack of food lack of nutrients those are preventable causes children dying of bucks in preventable diseases so they are not natural causes that month maybe someone made that very clearly and while the children getting food supplies the money to the crisis is so enormous that despite everything that the uni disses are doing the funny thing is they don't have any more income they don't have any more food no job the super service has not been saving more than two years there is no more people are working in agriculture and just cut the stuff like immunization the konami crisis is increasing the prices of the very basic goods such as fuel and food so you can imagine that families don't have any more money anymore to even buy the very basics you see the saudis say that you don't need to import food via the data which is why they can the poor
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can be bombed with british warplanes and british weaponry because there are other ports to import food from well the main forty in the country so they that everyone knows that eighty percent of the humanity that in the system is coming from the the so use essential that the port keeps functioning is open not only for food but also for fuel and fuel is translated into water and water is just waiting to life if you will is not coming to the to the country from what they actually feel what the facilities we not be walking and quartered are we good. in the media i get my viewing every time unicef or other agencies talk about all of this. bombing creases on the border a day that our release for the partition the conflict a seat in the table to take more time because the children of yemen are dying so it is the moment right now for the bucket in the concrete all those that are supporting those parties to please find
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a solution to this conflict and negotiate that treatment could the people on the on the table and on moving forward because the children can not wait any more. the you do congratulate the british government in giving lots of aid to yemen what even while it supports selling the bombs and warplanes we sang all day all day countries that are contributing to the today do the humanitarian crisis in in yemen the dumb show see the funding that they are providing to the humanitarian response and if the u.n. doesn't make a breakthrough with their own boy wasn't griffiths well we need peace so e.c. it's not too they need to be to morrow because they the urgency of the country and the hard to explain you that the urgency is there that many more children are going to die if peace does not take place in the country even if an agreement is not reached on a thank you well protests in london this week haven't been about u.k. weapon sales for the war in yemen they have been about the end of the earth
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scotland yard issued a warning not to drive into the capital so severe have been the destruction from grassroots protests environmental campaigners extinction rebellion brought parts of central london to a standstill this morning the group wants the government to treat climate change and species extinction as a crisis fossil fuel economy is leading us towards not just the distinction of animal species we're losing about two hundred day with the possible extinction of human life on this planet and in that circumstance the possibility we have to do everything in our power to stop it young people old people people just started on climate change and i think specially young people because they're going to be around to see the consequences section is something like literally concerning whole world and we need to do something about it at the moment people are just trying to get about their day to day lives you know and destruct and. that's not that's not benefit and no i don't believe in climate. change and i think this protest it's
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not a hundred percent justified some people are angry others are supportive and very one young woman said to me make a very happy i'm. right by i believe me a little bit by a group of them so voices they're from this week's extinction rebellion joining me now is someone who has been arrested for drugs this year for environmental protest clarify okla thanks for coming on the show what's the key inspiration behind for today's call with a shot of these protests of the police say mean that people should we driving into the capital well obviously we had a big celebration last summer last weekend and taking those bridges and celebrating in love the idea of today's protest is that we come together in grief this is very serious situation. i think that the extinction of all of life on earth deserves a solemn response to so that's the approach that we're taking so i was being arrested four times for going to change it was i was taking part in nonviolent
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direct action civil disobedience with a group of people we were doing that to try and bring attention actually to the air pollution crisis in london which we all know is preaching legal limits and has done from with a decade or year yeah and forty thousand nationwide it's the world health organization believes it's one of the greatest threats to human life currently on the face of the planet. it was something that we did with great dedication and certainty that we meant what we were saying and we did it at a time when there was that open consultation on pollution with city council government in london so we took a protest to his office repeatedly committed acts of disobedience to try to raise awareness about that situation and to get a meeting with him it's nice to have a labor man it would be nice to have a green and we actually got a meeting with his policy advisers but not with him personally so you could say it's a partial partial success and that from you were longest riggers of i went on hunger
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strike as well this summer that was over the expansion of peter or paul that was a campaign that was directed to the day by party which we understood was the pivotal party. in. the. fourteen days ok well forty thousand dead nationwide she said from air pollution but the police said that more broadly or rather than drawing attention to a climate of urgency you are hampering access to emergency vehicles what do you make of that. well all we can do is apologize for the inconvenience that's being caused by these actions and again i don't think that any of us take it lightly that we're disrupting people's lives that we're making things difficult for anybody on the emergency services no i would like to add that we gave the police four days notice that we were going to block those bridges they were bridges that routinely blocked for other events we left mones open and the understanding that that would help them in terms of safety you personally kind of help the holdover train you
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design ideas jackets probably not just for safety just about well we i've had from working sustainable fashion and lecturing on the topic for a long time so we decided that i mean there's a huge problem in waste textiles waste clothing in general in this country and we decided that because i know a lot of high visibility clothing gets thrown away to waste and a lot of it branded people want to get rid of it that we could repurpose that so the process of when i go into my private contract yes as you work with all of the body politic what exactly is the so that's something i work on with a friend of mine is project which we developed together to turn the body into a place for political messaging and expression so that you can be embody a message we're trying to courage people to serving and body positive resistance what about the dangers of security service infiltration because there's an ongoing investigation into surveillance of jerry corbett and greenpeace and other problem
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viral mental activist groups i think these days people understand that they're potentially under constant surveillance anyway we've all got a microphone in our pocket most of the day that apparently can be accessed remotely with the right equipment say so you know the idea behind working the way that we have for the extinction rebellion is organized everything above ground you might know that most of our events go upon. facebook we hold public meetings there's very little that gets kept a secret so as far as i'm concerned and infiltration to this movement that only find out what they can find out already if you know criticism or other messaging some criticism in mainstream media that you are the activists from extinction of being responsible for graffiti yeah we have an option and often we use chalk spray which is a kind of pigment spray paint washes off very easily in fact if you spray it on to a window and then somebody enters the scene to wipe that off we have had police
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walk towards them and say you're destroying evidence so please can you stop cleaning that window the point is to present something which is very soft which is disobedient enough to qualify as something that people might say that's illegal that's criminal damage but you but you open up a dialogue myspace when you make it something that actually really isn't serious serious criminal damage that the case with the energy department the department of energy yeah that spray paint was all chalk so it would have just washed off with a window cleaner sponge because that was of course about fracking i don't know whether you've kept up with this week there's been quite a lot of concern about nearby nuclear waste removal of the new breast and road. what's your view of how the government is treating the whole fracking process up there but i mean the government has sort of. gone going to force trucking on to communities that said that they didn't want it they forced it through when the
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public didn't want it the council didn't want it and as an energy policy therefore start on to communities so i think obviously not only is that. morally. in a democratic country but it's also the emissions of methane that come out of a fracking site that the poisoning of people's local water supplies the damage to water tables in the ground i mean it's you know there's so many reasons why fracking is not a good idea and roger was actually middle of. the quake's of all the money but yet of course they would like to say that. i don't any half hour thank you. well u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn this week said environmental protection is critical in any brics it deal and his shadow chancellor joe mcdonald says the queen could intervene to allow goldman to form a government if to resume fails to pass had deal in westminster about how regal is to resume as a becoming corbin leading in the u.k.
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opinion polls said as much of the role of bricks at secretary of state pm queues the prime minister is apparently heading off to brussels today but the new breaks it secretary is another non travelling breaks it secretary who is apparently not going with her i wonder if the post is now one of the places now an entirely ceremonial one. corbin then drew attention to another minister only just appointed minister for northern ireland critical given may's dependence on else to party she offered a billion pounds to in return for this deal is a fight yeah it fails the prime minister's redlines fails labour's six tests. to impress the new ones trying to impress the new northern ireland minister and the new nose on our minister who just before he was appointed said the deal is dead tourism a said goldman didn't read enough all he wants to do is to play party politics. he
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. put calling kettle black into the minds of m.p.'s as a traitor may try to survive a story leader let the pm but she did resume transmission the right honorable gentleman is playing party politics he's opposing a deal he hasn't read not read dead deal or not be and he is also took place as news came in about another suspected u.k. spy overseas this time on iran it's already university ph d. student matthew had his was arrested when he was leaving the u.a.e. how he completed his research into the empire. to the arab spring on the u.e.s. foreign policy he has not been sentenced to life imprisonment for spying for the united kingdom a number of us will know the irony of a former m i six officer who works in the outer office of the rule of the j. fox i rule over the u.a.e.
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he seemed to be referring to film a british soldier will tricks but then and my six does not comment on its former agents let alone those who serve tony blair perhaps a question for the u.a.e. maybe why it appears to be costing the u.s. democrats trying to destroy donald trump employing form a u.k. spies given sergei script and then exile to live i think or they certainly take on considerable personal risk but that's it for this show will be back on monday when we investigate the future of everything and why it wasn't the russians on facebook it was to blame for breaks and to let you be judged by social media we'll see on monday forty two years to the day of the release of that mickey in the u.k. by the sun is still. you know world as big.


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