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jerry smith jr after being cornered by four officers on a rooftop it confirmed that the kid was indeed unarmed and completely innocent of any crime except for i guess the crime of holding a cell phone and trying to surrender while being black in america next door in the snow covered state of minnesota there are reports that a young somali teenager had a handgun waved at her for having the audacity to stand up for herself after being mocked while failing to buy some mcdonald's seventeen year old john doing what he told reporters that after she and her friends confronted the man for wrongly accusing her of being in government funded food assistance because she was black the man pulls out his gun and begins to say well the ball and everyone backs up and he runs out the door. and finally in alabama this past thanksgiving holiday twenty one year old black man a man ticket to jail bradford jr did what every card carrying member of the n.r.a. has told us we are supposed to do during an active shooter situation have your gun
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at the ready and try to help as many people as possible this man's reward was getting shot down by the police and that insult to injury alabama law enforcement initially told the press the bradford junior was the active shooter who had killed two people that day he was in they later had to recant that version of events the mid that they shot the wrong man. so today while we are supposed to wait for lena dunham's hardships and play the latest version of hashtag resistance clue man afford the embassy with wiki leaks let's instead look at some real issues facing our society and start watching the hawks. were pretty. good like real good bits which. as you get to the bottom. of. what they like you like i got. with that we. would. be.
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critics are. welcome everyone watching the harks i am tyrrel been and i'm topical allison joining us now from minneapolis minnesota to discuss the latest cases of guns and police violence and racism is civil civil rights attorney mickey mostly by pam thank you so much for joining us today became a. thanks for having me so if you want to start with the story of this young somali woman was teenager who allegedly other gun flashed at her for what was a suddenly standing up to a sister gurt insult hurled at her while she was trying to buy food at mcdonald's the claim was the story of the exception or the normal for the somali community in minneapolis which is actually quite a huge community community in the metro area there. yes we have the largest population of somalis in the united states right here in minnesota and eden prairie
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has a high concentration of people who are somali and typically they enjoy their lives just like the average minnesotan but at the same time they also deal with a great deal of prejudice from some racist people here and the incident in mcdonald's and eden prairie minnesota demonstrates just that the young woman was at the counter trying to order her food and a white man mutters something under his breath about her trying to use an card to purchase her food and after a vat from my understanding he was verbally confronted about his statements and wound up allegedly pulling a gun on somali teens who were in their restaurant and he was ultimately arrested
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within a day or two of this incident which we're glad about no charges have been filed as of yet but the other thing that was really astounding about this incident is the fact that the mag donal's manager who was present actually tried to force the teens out of the restaurant after they had said that the man pulled a gun on them so we're outraged at how the manager responded to this incident. and we're asking actually that she be fired as a result of. potentially putting the young people in harm's way it's terrible now this past november of minnesota actually sent the first the first somali american to the u.s. congress with the election of the hon omar to the house of representatives how do political leaders like her help change the culture of this fear and race as i'm that seems to be happening in these communities. well i think that you know hahn for many people is a symbol of progress you know she made history by becoming the first somali woman
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to join the legislature here in minnesota and now being a congresswoman that is a symbol of progress to some degree however it's really going to take the hearts and minds of the people beginning to shift in order for true change in true progress to actually happen there should not be incidents like the one that happened in mcdonald's occurring causing a great deal of fear and trepidation in the somali community the folks who are a part of that community should feel comfortable going into a restaurant. going to school going to any place that we would normally enjoy. and they are feel that they're under attack in many ways as a result of incidences like these there was even a mosque that had a bomb planted in it maybe within the last year or so here in the twin cities of
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minnesota and so these incidences happy people on edge and they are trying to stand up for themselves and we're also rallying the larger community to stand with them and behind them in support of their right to just live and breathe and be a part of our community most definitely and it's interesting when you think about tension because it's like when you look at a case like the one in milwaukee just next door in wisconsin you know with the rooftop shooting of jurors with junior. twenty seven teams now paralyzed in one of those legs of the body cam footage that we've seen are clearly shows smith's innocence but apparently that wasn't enough to stop chief deputy district attorney of love him from declaring the shooting justified even though he had his hands up you wouldn't you didn't have a gun do you think the we're being oversold the body can my view there's a cure all for police violence. you know it's specially coming up to the mike brown shooting many years ago i mean i remember everyone said oh body cams that's the key
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took them a year to release the body cam and they're still called the shooting justified even though you can clearly see this kid did not deserve to be shot. absolutely i feel that we have been oversold on the importance of body cameras and the protections that they're supposed to provide to the average american as a matter of fact when our body camera policy was being pushed pushed through the legislature in minnesota we raised concerns about the fact that it would likely be used as a tool for prosecution of individuals who were caught on a body camera as opposed to being used as a tool to prosecute police officers who are engaged in misconduct or who shoot civilians the case of jerry smith shows that we have a significant problem within our justice system with regard to holding police officers accountable when they shoot and kill civilians particularly when those civilians are african-american males for whatever reason there is
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a hyper fear that officers have when it comes to having contact with a young black man and they have a mentality too often of shooting first and asking questions later which leads to the unnecessary deaths of people in situations like jerry smith like mike brown i mean the list goes on and on in terms of young black men who've been shot and killed by. police and where there has been absolutely zero accountability we also have a system in which district attorneys to rubber stamp police misconduct by failing to charge those officers for killing civilians even when those agree just deaths are caught on body camera footage so we have some significant problems right now we have to continue to remain vigilant in terms of pushing for police accountability greater transparency and body camera policies that strike
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a balance between public safety as well as police accountability one of the things i've noticed is that the n.r.a. is incredibly profoundly silent during these cases in the shooting death of the shooting death of a man to bradford jr on thanksgiving it was reported that he had a permit he was a legal gun owner he was doing exactly what the gentleman in the mall who stepped up to do you know he was sure he was trained to be the good guy with the gun right and that getting shot and we don't see the n.r.a. doing anything to stand up for him and his rights is this another case like the full and castiel case where there's a different set of rules like the for the second amendment only applies to white people apparently i'm missing something or is that literally i mean it seems like
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you know owning a gun while black is also another problem why is why is there this guy who i mean it's really about i mean it's pretty easy to say but i want to hear your thoughts on that. well i think that part of the problem is that too often we have a false notion of what it means to be american and to live in this country particularly with regard to the experiences of people of color and african-americans if you look at the black panther party. one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's once they started patrolling the streets with their guns exercising their second amendment right to bear arms they were seen as one of the biggest public safety threats to america and they were doing the same thing that white men routinely do particularly in southern states but here in minnesota which is also an open carry state and in alabama the state in which e.j. bradford was killed there is something about this notion of a black man having
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a gun that sparks fear in the hearts of far too many white people particularly white police officers and we have groups like the n.r.a. that is supposed to protect our second amendment right to bear arms but in cases in which we've seen black men be killed who are exercising that right the n.r.a. silence dyment straights volumes in terms of what i would say is their racism we call them out after they failed to stand up for full lando castille and they were their answer has been pitiful you know they have no real justification for failing to advocate on behalf of black men who exercise their right to bear arms and who are gunned down by the police so as far as i'm concerned the n.r.a. has zero credibility with regard to protecting the rights of african-americans who decide to bear arms i couldn't agree with you more i want to thank you for coming on today always a pleasure having you on the show mckinley both holmes thank you so much for coming
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on. thanks for having me all right as we go to break cork watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of a cover to cover the first book on twitter and see our full shows at our two dogs coming up with a proposal. all season upon us our own tab wallace cuts the latest myths from the diamond industry and our two americas trinity chavez has the latest on the new tech of sexual harassment so stay tuned to watch the whole. thing. it's ukraine versus russia again a minor maritime incident on the current strait is said to be anything between a major international crisis to a cheap campaign trick as ukraine interesting election cycle take your pick but one
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thing is for sure russia is deemed aggressive by the west even when defending its sovereignty. when a loved one is murdered it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it means when the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying lose just no really hasn't been that we hear even many of the dems families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to get pell here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us as over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars for in tempe each dish. eighty five percent will be well you long to be old rich with sixty percent market so thirty percent is one of your somewhat one hundred to five hundred three per circuit for sure and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial. but don't let the numbers will be. the only number you need remember it was one you know for a minute the one and only. thing
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i was thrilled by is that when he got to the no budget but to get it to put it together to buy. a diamond is forever when the debate was group founded eight hundred eighty eight released their nine hundred forty eight ad campaign containing those words they would turn the diamond and wedding industries on its head for over seventy years of course even though seventy percent of the mine diamonds found the world are used for industrial purposes like drill bits it's jewelry the jewelry market and
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diamonds that get the most headlines see in told that ad campaign by de beers diamonds were not the most popular precious stones for what a gauge mit's it was a stone primarily meant to symbolize wealth and status not love. disappears by treating the mythology that a diamond is things stone to be used in a game brings now as we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season you must also be prepared for engagement season that's right according to status in twenty seventeen the most popular month to get engaged in the united states was december over sixteen percent of us a gauge gauge with have been in the month of december and a couple that with these seven percent both in november and january you have about thirty percent of all proposals happening during the holidays so who's getting a gauge well courting the pew research and twenty sixteen the median age americans are first getting married is twenty seven for women and twenty nine for men and
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fifty eight percent of adults who are not married say they would like to be in the future meaning the so-called my lineal generation is the key to future job related diamond sales and millennium are not your grandpa's diamond buyer so what is a genius and released a report in which thirty thousand consumers in sixty countries were polled finding that while sixty percent sixty six percent of all consumers would pay for more sustainable or ethical goods were than seventy three percent of millenniums were willing to pay extra for ethics in sport stated despite the fact that many of those are coming of age or one of the most difficult economic climates in the past one hundred years they continue to be with most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings almost three out of four responded that means cruelty free cosmetics not tested on animals sustainably produced products recycled materials and ethically sourced diamonds which brings us to this scandalous controversial world of cure of
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culture diamonds and how it could overturn far more than the eighty billion dollar worldwide mined diamond market culture lab grown diamonds are created in a very controlled lab settings using heat pressure. and he can pressure to produce reproduce the natural thousand year process it takes to create a diamond these lab grown diamonds are fakes that they have the identical chemical make up of a natural diamond same crystal structure same identical optical and physical properties oh of a natural diamond some experts have even been fooled and for all of those little any els willing to pay more for sustainability well they will actually save thirty to forty percent buying a lab grown culture diamond which is bad news for deers and the other top diving companies because it turns out big diamond has been lobbying capitol hill for quite some time to keep the federal trade commission's jewelry guides from being updated to include lab grown diamonds see for the first time the f.t.c.
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federal trade commission defined it done mn as a natural mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystalize in the eye so symmetric system but after much consideration and science they recently removed the word natural from the description meaning it is now legal in the united states for a lab made diamonds to be marketed as diamonds. but if you don't trust me that lab created diamonds are the future maybe you'll trust did beer who recently who opened its own line of lab created diamonds called lightbox despite the fact that they control over thirty percent of the seven percent of the world's mind diamond industry for mining to sales but i digress so a diamond is a diamond no matter where it comes from whether it's image lab or deep underground and sustainable ethical slavery free diamonds are not only available with cheaper for those of you looking to do the right thing in the name of love this food said.
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yes and people should be doing the right thing because why would you want to like if you are ok was it given married you want to buy this diamond for your you know world husband girlfriend whatever future husband future wife why would you want to start off like differing. remembering him below you cause it's hard to tell you cannot tell a lot of times where actually mine diamonds come from and there are i mean there's there's you know we say you know things are numbered now and there's this you know set that was made after the you know the big blood diamond. leo dicaprio movie or nearly did everyone learned about don imus from we had it caprio what the thing is about that is you can't really tell us a dime and it's not always easier for consumer to tell us that diamond is actually what's said they're talking about now using blocks to keep databases of garments at the end of the day. why are we even bothered and what's interesting to note was we were talking about this earlier is also that the the engagement market of rings and
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diamonds and all that is actually not even the big deal with you know the industrial diamonds and the amount of blood diamonds that industrial services use like screw things like that everything and that's i think what we get where it's like well i don't buy blood diamond so i'm not contributing to this problem but according to the u.s. geological survey seventy percent of mine diamonds are of india industrial quality so literally you know seventy percent of whatever is pulled out of the ground is industrial grade so it would be used for things like sand paper and drill bits but only three percent of those diamonds that are pulled out are actually used for industrial purposes because now ninety seven percent of industrial use diamond diamonds are now lab grown because lab grown diamonds can be manufactured very quickly they don't have to use you know they can be manufactured in large quantities and they could also be specifically tailored to your specific application so that's why dearest went from zero running ninety percent of the
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diamond market in the eighty's to owning thirty seven percent and having to make diamonds in the lab to make up for it because even on the industrial on which was their biggest consumer they're not getting a good given the impact of you know this this is dry for at the cli source products whether that be diamonds or whatever will take diamonds the example in your research have you found that why do you do this drive actually happening quicker in the diamond business than say like the oil industry going green yeah yeah you are because it's so obvious i mean it requires so much to look at where you have to go you know every single one of these areas where there are these you know the most prolific diamond mines are mostly in conflict areas there and worse than so any kind of sanctions or anything across the port and also you have to wait right you have to wait or you have to say i need all of this so grow. the labyrinth is that they can literally make their stuff with them you know you can grow a lab or environment in less than
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a week and prices are going to have no never and prices are down because then it's going can six and they go into the average price per capita it was dropped one to three percent. since september of this year i mean that's already a drop going into the diamond buying season the biggest right so that's the sort of thing is that what i think is interesting about this story is it takes something that you know you can get a pretty rock it could be exactly what you think it is it's still very you know as hard as a diamond which is the strongest you know strongest stone but molinos and dr x. are is like ourselves we demand a better quality not in the sense we do we demand a certain amount of ethics and i think that that will end up changing the world little by little and getting rid of conflict diamonds a lot quicker by saying i'll take back science. and just when you thought it was safe to go ride public transportation walk through a city and generally have a normal existence and public sexual harassers of found a brand new technology technologically superior way to be the terrible awful people
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that they are and ruin your day yes you could call the twenty first century version of catcalling sexual harassers are now using the i phones air drop feature to some lewd notes and pictures to unsuspecting commuters taking various forms of public transportation in major cities around the world or to america's trinity chavez has more. this airdrops feature of allows users to quickly send files like pictures and videos bluetooth or why it's like it's supposed to be more efficient and an effortless way of sharing but the thing is you don't have to disclose a phone number or an e-mail address users just have to be within thirty feet to send something thanks but now strangers are abusing the feature by sending lewd photos many calling it cyber flashing recently there have been reports of people in public places like coffee shop. stores and transit stations of people were saving sexually explicit or threatening pictures through air drop in illinois several
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students recently reported that someone airdrop the image of a swastika from somewhere in a high school auditorium during a traditional excellence ceremony marking it one of the latest displays of hate incidents to occur and the people who are doing this are able to get away with it because air drop doesn't disclose the actual name of the person who is sending the files it only shows the name of their device which can easily be changed to anything in their settings now a person still has to accept an air drop request to receive the actual file but at the same time airdrop gives the user a preview of the file in the notification message and choosing to reject the incriminating picture eliminates any evidence from your phone that you would have had to prove that you were sent something vulgar which in turn makes it harder to prove in the first place but there is a way that you could prevent this all from happening by default apple make sure airdrop is only set to receive file transfer requests from people in your contacts so by default you'll know where the or drop request is coming from but if you want
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to take it a step further you can completely turn off your air drop from receiving anything reporting in new york turn to the child as r.t. . as you probably heard nasa's in sight lander successfully touched down on the surface of mars this monday november twenty sixth the lander stays there where it landed but it will literally be hammering down into the ground for forty days get about sixteen feet down so that we can probably find out what's in that old red planet but while inside is a marvel her traveling companions eve and wally named after the main characters of the two thousand and eight pixar film are no slackers either the experimental briefcase sized spacecraft known as cube sats were part of mouse's marko mission and were sent along with insight on its seven month draw thirty space using radio signals these cube sats were actually able to relay information every eight minutes the time it takes for radio waves to reach earth from mars about every moment of insight descent into mars they even did some unplanned radio science when going
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through the atmosphere of mars making it made it possible for nasa scientists to calculate how much atmosphere of mars has and what it's actually made of using radio signals never underestimate big science and small pockets it's all over love it that's cool but it's team effort i want a closer stop to mars rome one course was the pictures not everybody that is our show grew to day remember everyone in the world we are told that we are love the love so i tell you all i love you i am tired old winter oh and on top of the lawless people are watching those hawks another group going by the. at length. we.
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u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from a certain branches officer says we're going to attack and destroy the government in seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy nice for. us producing a lot of oil and gas in our energy and abandonware as big as in russia and saudi arabia but the oil as you're making there is that they're actually losing money on every back. negative place go campsite
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down again for people that can't last saturday and they're like so the empire can't . like a safe house i guess they don't have to talk about what they go through with this because we understand her daughter katie was diagnosed with a very rare sudden sensitive condition if i get sunburned i he'll she does or she'll patients when they have problems with the walk to talk to some of the brains that are actually shrinking inside their head the soul gets thicker in the brands get smaller. the pain is indescribable it's feels like a really really bad chemical burn but it goes through your skin in your muscle or down to the bone and there's no relief. we're not to sure this is going to stop.
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fifty. russian president calls sunday's clash between russian and ukrainian vessels nothing but provocation. by. russia. germany proved sticking to plans for the northeast.


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