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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 28, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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in the orbits of parliament where tourism a faces failure over bricks it coming up in the show an exclusive interview with russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander got to vent go on u.k. involvement in disinform ation ukraine training and a possible u.k. backed point helmets chemical attack against syria as well as ritual and universal discredit jeremy cauldrons former shadow communities and local government minister chris williamson backs the un's view the tourism is pretty christmas rollout of welfare reform this punitive mean spirited and callous from the headlines the foxy fellow who's taken a seat on the fistful of firearms and the absent father who's left and then t. seat in a face off with facebook that's all coming up on today's going underground but first britain has been stepping up training of ukrainian soldiers and the boss of the british army x s a s paratrooper mark colvin smith has warned russia indisputably poses a bigger threat to the british people than isis diane that all is
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a conference attended by representatives of the u.k. government and even the royal family came together to forge better ties between russia and britain as news broke from u.k. armed ukraine after reports of a suspect chemical attack by defacto u.k. backed rebels in syria we sat down with russia's ambassador to the u.k. alexander the. ambassador before we even get to the russian u.k. trade for room your take on the russian troops firing on british back to green and force. the i mean the green this is the problems of everybody because ukraine the form of the international law it isn't difficult never for him trying to increase trade is when if you open a newspaper in britain you're more likely to be exporting assassins general the former residents offers an end to the british army says your government has a great. the threat to this country that i says die hash well i think it is going
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to responsible statement if you look at the let's say britain and the security of britain you'll find that when russia and syria almost eliminated the threat of the isis in syria we basically improve the security of the united kingdom and it's quite a funny story but still this is the fact of what and if you look at the no budget neutral budget though the united kingdom it's fifty four billion and the russian new true but you're this is this essence of the of the i. says it's only forty six billion dollars and russia has nothing to do with its troops i mean mostly brought why because this is the british troops who are not far from the russian borders especially in the stone ear and the generals there and the british is sending the troops to you know to ukraine in order to train the ukrainian soldiers
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to fight with the dumb boss in new guns so basically i see the military policy of the united way aggressive you see the russian business trade for isn't going to be the headlines of the newspapers even though breaks it and post breaks a trade deals are allegedly knew or these alleged chemical attacks in syria surprise there's no more attention paid to what russia is alleging is a chemical attack by rebels de facto i suppose supported by brit well first of all about the chemical attacks it's it's quite clear you know for for quite a number of years who are telling that the the rebels they have chemical weapons especially chlorine and unfortunately our british colleagues you know were not ready to support this thesis moreover they were supporting the white helmets and the ideas so the terrorists they demonstrated that they possess a hammock a gimmick. weapons and this is just the proof of what russia said what you know who
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hears and this part of the forum i think what is important is that we have something like eight hundred people here this is almost seven hundred companies and all of them are interested in developing the trade and the business relations including the high tech so basically. now i would welcome the british press you know to write about that but for us what is important is the business and the business is here and if you he will we heard the name of the speech of the representative of the t.v. that was quite politicised speech you know she put everything you know sanctions you know they they feel is there the call that russia should change its policy and what is interesting is that most of the people were simply didn't support her because they want to make business and they just pointed out that we need different
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kind of relations with russia because russia is the fastest growing market economy is doing quite well especially in the high tech and we are by the way on the thirty first place doing business in the world so this is a huge attraction and for britain in order to become global they definitely have to expand its activity in russia where he will and maybe the. government position is is that over the rim of the royal family was intended here where were you when you had to resume the lowden is speech appearing to hold the possibility of the torrent with the russian federation today i mean the major goal of prime minister was that russia should change its policy and if russia would change its policy so we're ready to do with russia but i would like just to remind that russia is syrian state and we have our own national priorities. g.-man jane the policy is in stop
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assassinating british cities citizens with chemical weapons well this is this is absolutely not true because first the war nobody presented any evidence and it's not supported by any facts so from my point to is simply a lie and that we don't accept it and the british government is not ready to cooperate with us i ask so many questions. the letters were sent to the foreign office around seventy seven zero seventy notes and we didn't get any replies so basically for us it's quest uprising we don't have anything except the leaks in the press so from my point of view to make a statement political statements on the basis of the leaks or the information which going to be supported by the government i think is a very responsible approach which is damaging the relations we now have a leak from anonymous the integrity of the initiative showing a u.k.
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government funding for a project launching twenty fifteen to counteract russian propaganda right across europe u.k. journalists are named in their brain to the ritual to have drawn the markets from b.b.c. . do you think things like that affect businesses wanting to invest in russia has a serious these foreign office campaigns well it's just part of the intelligence activity of the u.k. and it's quite clear if you look at the names of the people who are involved and that's exactly what the russian expert is now discussing in moscow because you know you will see you elect people like browder which is basically charge all these are to him to he is also named and this is the real the league i don't know but this is the good point for the investigation because you know we have to work with they have you know we want to put the additional questions because it's serious it's if you look at that you can see this some say. going to where involvement in the
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internal processes in the different countries is not only about russia you will see these cells also in some other countries european countries so it means that somebody if it's true somebody is trying to influence the policy of the other countries and from my point of view is not acceptable i should say maybe and i will buckley the f.t. whole number of journalists they will deny being agents of the british state but in the application for funding. it says that you russian federation once you undermine ultimately destroy western democratic institutions of this is where you can apply for funding for a project that can do it bit to stop russian disinformation well i'll tell you that that leaks you know we see the certain funding was received from the foreign office and order of its application to the thread so is this is quite a muddy story of what we need you know to mr gay that you know and to understand
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the libya better but that was what is serious signal for all of us do you think it's surprising that your brics partner china are also is the subject of. attacks in the british media maybe not quite as much as russia but similarly well as if you look at the british press you will see a lot of things and and it depends you know because you know you cannot. check the leaks we i wrote several times to the foreign office and ask you know them you know whether that leak with a reference to the british official is true or not and the answer was very simple we can confirm this because this is the matter of the public discussion so that means that everything what is written with the references i mean the british press with the references to two officials is basically the probably fake a matter of public discussion. i received the official not and it's fixed in the
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text do you think aside from the allegations against the russian federation part of this is to do with the statements coming from your capital about excluding the dollar and the euro in trade. oh i don't think so because we were talking about the diversification of the trade and that was a longstanding position of russia to convert the trade of oil gas and some other things between the countries to the national currencies that's exactly what we're going to do with gerry and with the india you know among the brics countries though that is becoming less reliable than before and it's clear that the russian experts worry that in the long to the dollar will be used even more actively for political purposes and. this is some kind of. hedging for the future of the possible risks if you look at the united states both
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you will find that starting from the to sell them eleven we were sanctioned by the united states sixty two times i think that's enough to understand you know that you have to do something with your own currency but aside from corporation. it isn't the case that britain's biggest manufacturing industry is the home straight and russia and britain are in effect competitors. well we're not competitors because i was systems are better with me at the moment there's two has four hundred. saudi arabia written straight being exporting warbler there's nowhere near the border that saudi arabia we are planning to to explore this to. as i understand it some other countries and what about you mentioned sanctions what about the threat of sanctions to a british business with a woman right now thinking i want to trade with the someone in the russian federation of business but i'm terrified that my business is going to be room
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attacked by the foreign office is going to be subject to some religious action that's exactly what the british porton still the us because they want they want you know first trust and they want to have a little bit. mishear in the relations and. what i really noticed there was a you know. she was alone she was isolated you know she just the only person in the eight hundred people who push the political agenda they did send someone. to thank you thank you as for tourism a's representative of the russian british business forum media partnered bayati britain's international trade official judith slater refused to speak to journalists all we wanted knew was was in the spirit of the lord mayor is. lord mayor's banquet. what we tried to get the thoughts of to raise amazing department of trade trying to speak to judith slater who is here the
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works of the well the international trade she obviously didn't want to come on camera and tell us about russia u.k. trade ties after the break stories of a continues a brics a tour of the u.k. germany corbin's former shadow communities and local government minister chris williams and demand a general election and from the news is the u.k. putting trading rights above human rights and the u.a.e. is arresting comments about problems in paris all this and more coming up with part two going up the ground. you're producing a lot of oil and gas now or energy independence where as big as in russia and saudi arabia but as you're making there is that they're actually losing money on every barrel. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. we're going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of
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their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from a certain french officer says we're going to attack and destroy the government and in seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money. others. lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort for easiness for. welcome back joining me now because he's on the week's top stories is progressive or liberal democrat m.p. bit opaque limit welcome back before we go to the stories for an office report project proposal over eighty thousand pounds you can attack russia and you get
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money for the four of us if you applied no can i thought and later they'll be completed by post i can do that so i'll just say it's all actually let me find out about it let me find out anyway let's go to the important topic brick said liam fox in israel to protest a violation of multiple un resolutions twenty four thousand dead or injured in the great return much of what is he doing he's making money for the jerusalem post reports u.k. secretary of state to meet netanyahu to boost trade this is of course because cash is king never mind the human rights issues here britain is desperate i'm not sure if you've noticed there's a bit of bread going on we need new friends and we need them fast and to israel stay here i will mention life altering injuries of palestinian children and un resolutions and all queered he wants the business with you have spent all day think maybe off the record a little bit this is about money this is about working with our longstanding friends in israel now there's nothing wrong with trade there is a bit of a compromise going on had to compromise trade in order to not talk about those
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human rights quite uncomfortable really is the next story definitely makes us feel it's good we're leaving europe because for me a dangerous place well there are riots that and. better to tell us about this as the national reports and you a embassy warns residents on holiday to stay away from paris riots in the u.a.e. the united arab emirates is concerned about human rights and violence in paris of course they're pretty qualified to talk about this very safe place over there they've just allegedly zein israeli gas by the deal hundred million dollars but if they're working with the israelis you know and i'm also that matthew had his would agree with you even banged up abroad for allegedly all kinds of really is the i have the i mean they have you seen any of his interview and i think we can say a lot of these it is not a prison trees be wary of visiting europe because it's a dangerous place it's great that the u.a.e.
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are warning us if there's one group we need to take seriously when they're worried about crowd control then be afraid be very afraid after all you to you're going to paris for christmas well the won't be anyone else and their leader doesn't have the support that the crown prince does in dubai or absolutely they've got police on the streets and you can tell all the rioters because conveniently they're wearing high visits or forget about tear gas in paris forget about tear gas on the mexican border let's go to this american company you don't see trump for micron shouting it here let's go to this down the road at westminster mugs. it was shocking huffington post reports parliament seizes cash of facebook documents an unprecedented move this is the ongoing debate about whether facebook was or was not complicit in some funny business in terms of using documents and information in a dubious way were you looking at me like that after and it's an unprecedented move no one does a good until we get it just gone right i'll cancel facebook for britain i've had
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enough of this trouble and i should tell you lots of allegations heard. have connected up to california code courts as to how the department of culture media and sport even received these documents is it or was it in tip of. anyway mark started it if he can do it then why should the british government mr collins a member of parliament involved in this committee said this is an unprecedented move but it's an unprecedented situation we failed to get answers from facebook and we believe the documents contain information very high public interest this is about public interest afshin not source is going to shut down facebook it's one percent of the world's population i.e. one percent of his business i am in just one just in britain and i'm all i'm saying is you really it was structural change following the twenty eight crisis the brics the trump corbin and these things adverts on facebook have to know what you ordered cyberman you are bitter about this it's comprehension a combination of both but the reason we don't know the answer is because he didn't bother showing up levodopa thank you. well u.k.
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prime minister drazen may is taking a breath battle plan to the austerity hit three to the u.k. and joining me now is your recordings former shadow communities and local government minister chris williams and chris thanks for coming back on before we go to the constitutional and political breaks at crises we had from the russian ambassador in part one what do you think about the leaks suggesting foreign office funding for journalists to attack russia would take nation states perhaps what they the government receives design in my view it's completely inappropriate on acceptable for the government to be funding something like that if that's true i think that you know we should be reliant upon government to play things with a straight but really other thing once you start getting into that sort of black propaganda which this seems to suggest they are doing then it calls into question think you know many of this sort of statements and positions that you know the government's taken up and i know that for example the numbers when we asked
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questions about some of the assertions which would be a made at the time you know in relation to the attack in salzburg for example asking for evidence you know we were pilloried. for having the temerity to do that and when you. then see this revelation and you know you kind of just wonder what on earth is going on and just thing that you know it's inappropriate on acceptable really for the government to be engaged in these sorts of activities we you know we saw this back in the one nine hundred seventy s. when her wilson administration was being undermined by the security services in this in this country and you know for a democracy like britain to be engaged in this sort of activity we should be above that kind of thing and i think certainly very serious questions need to be asked about what government involvement there actually was which is a the foreign office we have asked for comment they haven't come back to us with any direct comment well i will be certainly making inquiries impala mentor procedures to see whether we can pick some of this stuff because i do think you
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know the book has a right to know what is the government doing going about this sort of activity don't expect this from from the british government to you but all the journalists named and some m.p.'s on your in your no friends of germany corporate all of them well that's true and again this also leads one to have very serious concerns about some of the motivations about some of the stories what's going on them in and you know if the government if it turns out the behind you know some of the propaganda against jeremy corbyn funding you know the government department perfectly acceptable obviously for a political party to do in the you know to be this sort of shady organization if that proves to be involved in that well not calls into question doesn't do the sort of whole democratic process in this country only other half and the head of the british army general mark colvin smith former s.s. says russia is a bigger threat to the people of britain than isis diasur that's after you know the manchester attack. well i just think the source of our polling zoologist observing
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that is that as the head of the british army well and you know some of this stuff it just doesn't help i don't think i mean this kind of hyperbolic sort of statement really i think brings him into disrepute to be honest and i think we need some sort of level heads really here and this is why i think in a very corbin is such a breath of fresh air because you know you approaches things in a dispassionate way you know six evidence and wants to make you know policy decisions based on real evidence not just on the sort of you know exaggerated so the nuances which you seem to be getting from from people who want to know better and set a better example is disreputable what do you think islam is terror and in a poverty a bigger threat to the people of britain well clearly they are major threats to britain but you know in terms of you know what threat russia poses i mean i you know i could think of you know all the nations around the world that potentially more of a pose more of
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a threat to britain but i mean just in terms of the day to day lives of ordinary british people clearly poverty when we know when we see in the u.n. report recently the fourteen million people in the fifth biggest economy in the world are in poverty where we've got. a problem likely increasing poverty among children of substantial increase over the next two years maybe could be about twenty twenty two according to the you on reporters report being a situation where forty percent of children in the u.k. are living in poverty now these are real threats these are real challenges to the way of life of millions of british people far more it seems to me than anything that you know what you're saying or doing and why you see the windrush disgraced will be a. home secretary no welfare secretary as it were abbey road says was the report you were referring to is extraordinarily political she is. the government of
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slander tourism is government islam there's a united nations report you're referring to oh no they have again inappropriate discredit itself well i think the only people who are inappropriate and discredited frankly are the government and if it also himself said that role than attacking the report the government should act on the recommendations that he made and it really does shame britten i think for a country with the size of the economy that we have to have a situation where millions and millions of people are living in poverty where we got in every town a city in this country people sleeping in and she'll be always is just can't be right and we have to address this as a matter of urgency and it seems to me you know the rapper to chose his words carefully and i think he was genuinely shocked by what he found and this is a direct consequence of political decisions that have been taken by this government in particular but i think successive governments are in the frame but this government in particular is directly responsible for the paulus situation that
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we've all many millions of people find themselves in that well that's what the u.n. is is say in the prime minister's using brakes at negotiations an agreement is a bit of a smokescreen and perhaps jeremy corbin at any televised debate between the two of them owner of the agreement will be making this point of the un report to. accusations are arguably more pressing at the moment well listen i hope that jeremy will raise that if he gets the opportunity if this debate goes ahead that you know the promise of allegedly challenging jeremy to a debate is interesting however that she for the hills when the general election was held at last year she was not interested in having a debate then i suspect that the only reason she's calling for a debate now is that she feels that might give her some advantage given that she's been intimately involved in in this agreement that she's reached with the e.u. and hopes perhaps that she can demonstrate that. she's in command of her brief but
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i think you know jeremy he certainly agreed to take on the debate and i'm sure we'll be able to offer a much more hopeful vision for a britain outside the european union armed labor administration than the warm the very same a is putting forward now and you know i think for we get opportunity to have that debate or general public case very effectively i think what we want to course is a general election we desperately need a general election to get out of this paula situation that we're in we still got months till the time we come out of the european union that does give us some time to go back to the e.u. a new labor administration putting forward a you know an expansionary interventionist proposition to you know address the massive challenges that the country finds itself in now and indeed those challenges will be exacerbated somewhat potentially on the outside of the e.u. which is why it's so important thing that we negotiate on the base of an
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intervention government and having a relationship with the e.u. which was there was you know a permanent customs union of a spokesman union access that tariff free access to the single market ok which is finally briefly as with a hundred thousand children arguably going to be affected this christmas because of the rollout of universal credit the government is saying the loans can be given to these children and they can go into debt in the interim. what do you say well i say body trust is a one hundred thousand days you'll have seen the people to report outrage it really is i'm so angry about this it's appalling and he's just compounding the the issues that the. highlighted in his remodeling can be done before christmas basic well yes of course something could be done before christmas this is about political will and what the talking about is plunging you know hundred thousand kids into poverty at christmas at this very special time of the year yes of course something
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could be done about it with political will we could make sure that people got the resources that they need but listen universal credit in my opinion needs to be completely scrapped we need a root and branch revision of our social security system in this country is no longer fit for purpose it's completely broken it doesn't prada say anymore and it's frankly shames shames britain it further compounds the shame the britain is facing as a consequence of the report that was just produced by the un highlighting the terrible situation in relation to poverty in britain the government stands up for it as a good thing because it isn't thank you very much and that's it for the show will be back on saturday vicomte twenty four with former chief climate change negotiate a nobel peace laureate ranked one job until then people talk about social media see on world aids day estimates of those killed by all this isn't just by the disease reached fifty million and there's a federal lawsuit is filed over the edge withholding of say for h i need drugs in the usa from black and algae to.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. i don't need. i'm one of them but i think. it will one when there's a real body. of an innocent.
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person i don't want that for any case that's funny as hell and nation under the name of community yeah she will get killed and have a chicken dad when i say he made a move on a photo of the man that young enough i don't know before how the. russian president calls sunday's maritime clash between russian and ukrainian vessels nothing could describe the sentiment these days as a brand to set over the head of ukraine's jungle let should next you. remind me used to be interrupted by rose from council.


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