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people already comes in for just twelve euros fifty per month. so there was this point that would encourage these were encouraged to raise this is what the decisions on the floor of the united states senate splits emerges in washington over the u.s. stance toward saudi arabia with the senate calling for ending aid to the gulf war effort in yemen something the white house adamantly opposes and also this hour. the
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keys to as being ok then council. planning. on playing. a sexual abuse survivor in the u.k. calls for a change in the role after the man who is told about possible access to his son born as a result of the assault. too little too late to the french president's attempt to quell more than a week of protests against a fuel tax increase fall flat with opinion poll showing sixty six percent of people support the yellow vests move. by their thursday morning at nine. welcome to world news from r.t. this hour first up the u.s. senate sound the white house of lock horns over america's support for saudi arabia senators are demanding that the government end military aid to the saudi war effort in yemen here's how the u.s. secretary of state reacted to the move just poorly timed this is what the decision
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is all about on the floor of the united states senate passing a resolution this point it would encourage the good these were encouraged the iranians will no longer be part of their destructive military adventurism hopefully get a cease fire and something that we have diplomatically been striving for for months and we think we're right on the cusp of that we were fueling the bombers that the saudis sent in to yemen. all the vote comes amid the ongoing anger over the killing of jamal khashoggi the dissident journalist noted last month inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. kind of open house more on washington's coming divisions well the vote was sixty three to thirty seven with support on both sides of the aisle the resolution called for the united states to end any cooperation with the saudi led attack on yemen now one of the voices speaking in favor of the resolution was us senator bernie sanders of vermont we have been providing the bombs the saudi
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led coalition is using. we have been refueling their planes before they drop those bombs this is a vote. that says to the world we are going to end. the whole record humanitarian. that is killing tens and tens of thousands of defenseless children in yemen there was opposition to this resolution from the white house very strong we heard that there was a closed door session in congress mike pompei o the secretary of state addressed members of the u.s. senate and urged them not to pass this resolution this arguing that somehow this resolution would actually hurt the conditions of those living in yemen the suffering in yemen grieves me but if the united states of america was not involved in yemen it would be a hell of a why it's been widely reported that the united states prevented
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a resolution in the united nations that would have condemned the saudi attacks on yemen the resolution had support from the united kingdom among others and essential he would have called on saudi arabia to cease its activities that harm civilians however the united states works behind the scenes to prevent it from becoming a resolution now there has been widespread opposition and condemnation to saudi arabia's activities in yemen we've heard statements from charities that have come forward humanitarian organizations and said that essentially saudi activities put fourteen million people at risk of malnutrition however the united states continues to align with saudi arabia now it's important to point out that this is not the first time there have been votes on capitol hill regarding this issue and back in march the u.s. senate was presented with the opportunity to vote on this resolution and failed to do so they did not pass this resolution however today as we have seen they did actually come forward and condemn saudi arabia's activities in yemen not much has
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changed in yemen since march however what has changed is there has been widespread outrage about the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi secretary of defense james mattis came forward and essentially argued that while he was concerned about the plight of civilians in yemen this resolution was the wrong move security interests cannot be. dismissed even as we seek accountability for what president trump describes is the unacceptable and horrible crime of jamal who should use mudda the saudi bombing has been responsible for the majority of the death and destruction in yemen and has led to this tremendous famine the largest outbreak of cholera in modern history and none of that seemed to move the elected officials in this country enough to do anything about it and it was the death of a washington post journalist a saudi but somebody who was known to people in the elite circles in washington d.c. that really led to the kind of vote that we're seeing there's
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a strong what i call a pro war lobby which is made up of the weapons industry and as long as the american people do it tension the media didn't show us the results of the bombings the dead civilians the starving children congress was happy to go along and not do anything about it already described as one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet the situation continues to deteriorate every day in yemen just a warning that some of the following images we're about to show you are upsetting to watch.
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a rape victim in the u.k. is demanding a change in the door after the man who assaulted her was told he could be granted access to her son who was born as a result of her ordeal the story he is. and if not don't mind me as being a person counsel to apply today i'm trying to raise an unusual case getting quite a bit of traction here in the u.k. a victim of child sexual exploitation has waived her on an image and come forward demanding a change in legislation following revelations that a man who had raped her as a teenager as a result of which she became pregnant and had a child was approached by a local council to basically see if this man wanted to be part of the child's life
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the man in question was put behind bars two years ago which is serve a thirty five year sentence for multiple sexual offenses against nine girls in the area including that's woman sammy woodhouse who'd rather in council invited him to potentially seek visits with the child the man did not go for this offer and did not seek such an application however this still triggered a push for a change in legislation this is what local m.p. had to say on the matter appalling example of the law being set up either to favor the puppetry or to actively walk against the rights of abuse survivors and the consideration they should be afforded the ministry of justice is currently investigating whether this took place due to an error or whether there is potentially a wider problem behind this we have also heard from the council who said that they were basically just following guidelines so there's a lot of questions to be addressed in this area yet again with this story now
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coming to the forefront we spoke to some people enroll them in the north of england where the grooming scandal continues to haunt the town. to be in. absolute disgust and it's so horrible i think it is this. just disgusting. the police should be frightened to death to do anything in the past understood or do it now absolutely incredulous the fact that they can that do think it's acceptable to approach a convicted rapist and ask if he will be who wants access to a child according to an independent inquiry fourteen hundred children were sexually abused in the area over a fifteen year period the children of already being in the spotlight of social services because of child protection issues and think elect the report describes most perpetrators as asian british activists told us that some parts of the local community still protect offenders. safeguarding is now more important but in the
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ninety's and in the northeast the youth workers that were waking at the time they were just a drain on public funds we do need prosecutions we do need parents to speak up and say yes our daughter was a victim in the english community the english families they will go and they will seek prosecution but within the asian community where it does happen and it's still rife groomers are protected by the own community because they are chained by are no . stigmas so that's why there prosecutions are there lessons have been learnt but they are not being acted upon. in france so-called yellow vests protesters have announced their plans for another series of rallies against president fuel tax increase he's doubled down on the plan but says more needs to be done to address citizens' complaint from. what i've taken from these last few days is that we shouldn't change course because this is the right one and it's necessary but we do
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need to change how we work because a number of our citizens feel this policy course is being imposed on them from above. according to an opinion poll published on wednesday two in three people back of the yellow vests pro. tests and eighty percent of french people aren't happy with my crohn's proposals or the movement originally kicked off with facebook groups calling on people to set up roadblocks across the country while the yellow vest was first adopted by french drivers involved in the protests in paris the rallies have been held on the shelves elisei each saturday since november seventeenth. the demonstrations are putting a heavy strain on the overstretched french police who say their superiors don't
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understand what they're having to deal with. but said i started on what you said in diversity the police that overseen from the operation room at the headquarters they give orders saying do that go there the situation on the ground might be very different but according to the information we have here everything is correct and the problems happen when management does not understand the risks we are taking on location because they're sitting in their office. i was told an interesting story about one location workers are willing paving slabs and no one from management has told us to close off the area to prevent the protests this room pulling out they slabs and using them. those protesters are hooligans and criminals people who don't want to abide by the lord the inside conflict they're ready to commit crimes the question of who they
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really are i would say they are against society they use in the protest movement is a pretext. for islamic states hasn't only brought a war of terror against people of other religions but also against basic education and they have their own twisted ideas of what children should be taught and how to teach them artes arabic channel going to glimpse of life in one form marshall facility in iraq. one with jade sees twenty three weapons as trophies from infidels while another with the heat seized only seventeen weapons how many weapons did they seize in total. where the line caps of the
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caliphate where the soldiers. will attack. if he calls us to jihad breadline culp's of the caliphate where. alone all of the aim of this policy was to create a new generation of militants to strengthen the terrorist world i'm still afraid if i say oh because they killed and tortured us. it's time to return to a cold war mentality certainly as far as a former head of britain's armed forces is concerned among all stories still ahead after the break.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you than.
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welcome back now over the years russian media in particular has repeatedly been branded by its critics in america and elsewhere as fake news and propaganda big news that's being spread by russia or t.v. which is heavily supported by funded by the russian the russian government faking this has dominated the true had lines fake news spread by russia fake news fake news kremlin spread misleading or otherwise fake news. but in a notable shift in the rhetoric of. secretary for u.s. homeland security now says that he does tell the truth not that it was an entirely on occasion for a review i don't think there's anything in there that is
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a law i but it is an unrelenting only one sided view if you knew how to look at the other side you would see that russia least is weighing in on both sides they're not on your side they're not on the other side they're on their own side it is to weaken us r.t. russia today has a weekly program called america's lawyer. the relenting theme of which to quote one of the openings is america's justice system is corrupt and broken. the program that was just mentioned that replied to those comments saying that the former official benefits financially from encouraging the media and legal on this model says shedding light on america's problems may be bad for the government but not for the people the truth hurts the truth can be problematic don't be so truthful r.t. don't be so truthful or could you be a little bit more positive in their truth this is
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a dramatic difference from fake imaginary on real untrue fictional fictive synthetic that was the old story now it's your own true. could you be a little less truthful could you could you could you perhaps baby spread the truth around a drug addict improvement in my humble opinion it can not harm the united states but he can devastate the government it can devastate aspects agencies law enforcement judicial system politicians presidents to congress all of the truth can be a horrible their truth especially if it exposes corruption oh absolutely but does it hurt america america cans never. president putin's accused ukraine's leadership of orchestrating sunday's clash in the coach's straits to drum
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up anti russian sentiments and boost their own ratings. if the current kiev authorities successfully so anti russian sentiment because they have nothing else to say there's a feeling that whatever they do they will get away with it if they demand new borns for breakfast they will get babies so what they'll say the government wants to eat but ima putin was referring to the clash between russian and ukrainian vessels last sunday and which three ukrainian ships were seized he said he had deliberately created the standoff as a pretext to introduce martial law ahead of the twenty nine thousand election our senior correspondent what i guess they have has been following the international reaction forces central european powers france germany in particular seem to be less than enthusiastic about america's latest calls for more sanctions against russia germany in particular saying that it is still supporting the north stream to gas pipeline from russia to central europe to critique the government has of course
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taken note of the criticism the north stream to ease first and foremost an economic project that's what we've always said but at the same time we've repeatedly indicated that it has however a political dimension to this follows on from various u.s. officials calls to enforce and to strengthen sanctions against russia we certainly encourage oh european allies tsu a card what additional sanctions could be implemented are saying at this point it's not something germany and france have said they're considering but these things i think can develop over time the u.s. president donald trump himself austin whether he's going to condemn russia's actions in the u.s. well he spoke more critically of russia than he has in a long while but he said that he's going to wait for a full report from his advisors before condemning any russian action that will be
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very determinative maybe i won't have the meeting maybe i won't even have the meeting i don't. like that aggression i don't want that aggression at all absolutely and by the way europe shouldn't like that aggression and germany shouldn't like that aggression he's referring there of course to the pre-agreed meeting with vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g twenty summit in argentina but we also heard a lot of criticism in the press with calls and questions to donald trump and other leaders and why they aren't condemning russia hard enough but let's. not have the president trump issued an extremely mild rebuke to russia for firing on and seizing three ukrainian ships other storage supporters of ukraine be it nations the great britain canada for example it condemned russia or third parties such as think tanks the atlantic council one of their one of the pundits has been
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calling on nato to send warships to be as well to see through the street crossing perhaps unaware that such a move would be illegal as the season tunnel waters of russia and ukraine and requires the permission of both the third party which ships to enter the as of c. the russians have offered their own version of what happened in the on sunday in the strait of kutch they say the the texted the ukrainian vessels they had a new choice but to use weapons to seize these vessels as they were behaving dangerously radically they hadn't filed any notification s.b.u. counter-espionage agents were on board they also say that this is a provocation i mean malky have claims that it warned russia about the presence of its vessels in the area and called the seizure of it ships an act of aggression ukraine's demanding the immediate release of twenty four crew members who are currently in custody in russia security analyst charles shubert says care feels it's been given carte blanche by its western backers. you've got
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a country such as ukraine which is repeatedly challenging its much more powerful neighbor and it's doing that because it's been given leeway to do so by former foremost the united states and of course but by the u.k. and others in the west and so for example you've seen provocative behavior being rewarded recently the united states for example announced that it would supply tank weapons and other weapons to ukraine instead of trying to defuse the situation. a feminist journalist in canada has been permanently banned from twitter for hateful conduct she tweeted the trans women can't be identified as women or join the feminist movement like murphy was first locked out of her account in august she deleted her tweet and we gained access but is now banned over her controversial post she accuses twitter of censoring basic facts and silencing people. twitter was
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working out to try to suspend my account permanently and then finally i received notification from twitter that my account had been permanently suspend then on account their new mis gendering rule which i was not aware existed and nobody noted the users and the media weren't aware of that rule and child riding so it was a new rule and they went back and found a tweet that i had posted before i was aware of this rule and suspended my account because i had said yeah it's him referring to a man as he said it she and apparently this individual now identifies as a woman as mentioned there twitter's new policy prohibits the mis gendering of transgender people it says that you shouldn't refer to a trans woman by her male birth name known as dead naming. so good meghan murphy got kicked off twitter under the new transfer to be a policy and had a total meltdown i'm breaking my vacation silence to celebrate that meghan murphy
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is twitter account has been suspended so this week meghan murphy has lost her political been suspended from twitter twice good to see some support for trans people at last here so while many trans women were happy to see murphy banned she defended her position explaining that her concern is about free speech and democracy. a man should be allowed to wear a dress if he wants you and behave in stereotypical feminine ways and not be discriminated against and not feel threatened but stepping out of those gender roles and pushing back against gender stereotypes does not make a person literally change sacks we're being forced to adopt a new language and there's new ideology those of us who do speak up who are simply just trying to have a conversation a public debate are sneered were threatened were harassed i think everyone should be really concerned because this is about free speech and democracy we're talking
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about policy and legislation that impacts people lives particularly women's lives. the former head of britain's armed forces says the country needs to rediscover the mentality that helped to win the cold war and then effectively with emerging threats like russia and iran we have people on the streets of london what they thought about. this and there are tensions is the question that more takes. on a more charged are saying you don't want any mentality like that and upset that i don't. even i wouldn't pass rushers of course here you wouldn't i mean i know some things are calls on this you know it to. your question what i'm saying is they presume this is god to pushing their mission and spending the remarks come after a report by a london based think tank which suggests that a new unit should be created to assess enemy capabilities while also looking at the
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british military is ability to respond will be similar to the u.s. structure that existed in the one nine hundred seventy s. at the height of the cold war journalist john white thinks it's all a diversion tactic. this is redolent of other tissue political establishment that is in deep and unremitting crisis over the chaos that has wrought for its mishandling of rex it. but more importantly all the social pressures that are drawn where it's implementation over said it to you over the last three years since the north and to test wastes of british taxpayers' money at a time as i say when so many people in the fifth of the entire population are suffering good info verty and their own up to christmas this is a ruling class that says holding on to the past like any journeyman onto away from us because that is all they have in order to sustain their position they're always enemies to be vanquished and countries too recently in russia is
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a traditional enemy of the british ruling class that it is by no means the traditional enemy of the british people did it to be at the very people who were telling them that russia should be the enemy. it seems there's a new play in politics cats a furry friend seemingly being increasingly used by populist politicians to soften that image in and make their policies same well more coupling. little problem.
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for her. son. well that's it for now stay on top of breaking news the aussie appen you can always by checking in with don't call me i'll be back. in about half an hour with the next
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world update to see that. you are producing a lot of oil and gas now or energy independence where as big as in russia and saudi arabia but as you're making there is that they're actually losing money on their. greetings and salutation. you know there once was a brilliant document called the constitution here in the united states but over the years it has been trampled and sullied by small minded bureaucrats self
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aggrandizing politician.


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