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about the transformation of the city center and increasingly this. is an incredible achievement it's one that's a very expensive achievement moscow has become at least in the sense a moon was a livable place to use this kind of job and ultimately the long time effects of this an improvement will take will take a long time to be measured because it's very just beginning. donald trump cancels a meeting with president putin scheduled for the g twenty summit in argentina over the recent character straight clash between russia and ukraine. the yellow vest movement in france plans another series of rallies against president a fuel tax increase while french police demand more support from the government.
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the situation on the ground might be very different but according to the information we have here everything is correct and the problems happen when management does not understand the risks we take only cation because they sit in that office. it champions league football match descends into chaos in greece with fans of throwing flares and molotov cocktail at rival supporters. we speak exclusively to the father of a russian student accused of being a kremlin agent in america. she isn't guilty of any wrongdoing or crime she didn't do any harm to the states she respected that much and still respect. our broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our key international thomas certainly glad to have you. with us. right now donald trump
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has canceled a meeting with president putin which was due to be held at the upcoming g. twenty summit in argentina kremlin has described the move as a regrettable saying the russian leader is ready for any future talks or to go as more. well this didn't come out of nowhere completely we had known that donald trump was going to somehow we act to what's going on between kiev and moscow however still donald trump's decision is a shock for everyone here and boy assad is first of all the point when they were going to sit in one room and start talking was of course going to be the number one highlight here at the g. twenty but also just before stepping inside his plane donald trump said this i probably will be meeting with president bush we haven't terminated that meeting i was thinking about it but we have to say like there have been i think it's a very good time to have the city getting
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a full report of the plane what happens next and that and that will determine what well there's no other meaning of the word probably so all the journalists here in the argentinian capital were gearing up for these interim talks but then while the american president was in the skies this tweet appeared online based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to ukraine from russia i have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously should joke meeting in argentina with president vladimir putin who are to emitting full summit again as soon as the situation is resolved so this is indeed because of the russia ukraine standoff but this issue wasn't by far the only thing that the two leaders were meant to deal with together from the very point when donald trump took over at the oval office his administration has pretty much been trying to turn the
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system of international agreements upside down and just a couple of months ago mr trump announced that he was going to ditch a cold war era nuclear agreement with russia that's important for the stability of europe it's crucial for the stability of the entire. world trade and the world was counting on the leaders of russia and the u.s. to sort this out together apparently this discussion isn't happening anymore the russian lawmakers have already reacted to donald trump's tweet they said that russia is still open to any such meeting but only on equal terms besides the russian official suggested that mr trump should have been forced to do this by the internal bickering in the u.s. with some in washington using the third straight incident has a pretext earlier on thursday there was something else really adding fuel to the five dollars for a lawyer michael colons testimony who would commit it that he lied to u.s.
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officials about the way that donald trump communicated with the russian side during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign before and after the previous u.s. russia presidential summit the american leader was under immense pressure and when the talks were over some people even called him a traitor and the u.s. media have a look at some of the reaction that followed that some of our i don't know were side is the bride and we're side of that is the groom anderson and so we're sort of feels like we're in a wedding you have been watching for have for the most disgraceful performances by an american president why is president trump putting himself in his along or a ball high stakes scenario at and letting flat in their pool however mr trump's tweet doesn't mean that the president won't meet at all here in buenos addis there will be the g. twenty family photo and all kinds of other events for all the leaders here at the
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summit and now it's completely unpredictable how the leaders are going to look at each other what their handshake is going to be like if it happens and we'll tell you all about it when these things come in. meanwhile there's speculation that trump called off the meeting with putin for a very different reason that is after trump's former lawyer michael cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress in the russian collusion probe us president had some strong words for colin. he was convicted of various things unrelated. he was given a fairly low jail sentence and he's a weak first. week i'd like other. person. what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's learning about a project that everybody knew about. the u.s. leader was referring it to a scrap project to build a trump tower in moscow earlier the former lawyer said that it talks on the project ended in january two thousand and sixteen but now he claims it was
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a lie and that the negotiations continued well into trump's presidential campaign meanwhile u.s. senators including critics of russia are saying that calling off the president's talks in was a mistake we just learned from the president and he's announced that he is canceling this meeting with putin are you happy to hear that. i would have liked him to meet putin and challenge to. they have to meet every russian and american leaders since the end of the second world war a durant from the second world war would stalin have met repeatedly over to vast number of important issues that need always to be monitored and somehow resolved or at least to keep tensions in check that's a long tradition there now we see people like even menendez saying he should only go there to challenge him and all the others who were crying after helsinki they don't understand what how dangerous the talk is well maybe they do and they don't care which is even more troubling. the lawyer who defended edward snowden in hong kong has revealed the whistleblower had to flee the city back in two thousand and
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thirteen due to pressure from chinese authorities former cia employee snowden leaked a vaster trove of classified national security agency data on u.s. a government spying operations he fled to hong kong where asylum seekers helped shelter him from the authorities for two weeks russia later granted him asylum and he was has lived here ever since like. robert a former lawyer for edward snowden gave us some exclusive insights on how the whistleblowers helped in hong helpers in hong kong. were targeted in late december two thousand and sixteen when i was in germany speaking at a conference the i received a phone call that the. sri lankan police criminal investigation department had flown into hong kong specifically targeting the snowden refugees so once i received that information from some witnesses i contacted the clients and i advised them to
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leave their homes immediately and we had secure locations for them and in march two thousand and seventeen the immigration department wrote to me and they said it basically they had said that they weren't in vesta getting anything about the sri lankan police coming to hong kong and they suggested we go to the police the first question police had for my clients it was all about. mr snowden and i had to put a stop to this quite frankly i was shocked that the whole police were focusing on mr snowden's activities in two thousand and thirteen one in two thousand and seventeen. the issue that the police had to address were the safety and security of my clients. that point that raised a red flag for me and i became concerned the hong kong police had it. put it to them that the story about the sri lankan police coming to hong kong was fabricated and that i had fabricated the story and i asked my clients and also the sri lankan
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the witnesses to the snowden refugees that they asked them to make it up the hong kong police had actually asked the that had asked the witnesses to the police if they would testify against me in a criminal court. and you know without evidence and i realised that my instincts were right and it wasn't safe anymore then i found out they continued to arrest some of my clients and former clients and trying to make a case against me. and at that time because we had closed down our house and we had vacated it and on call i found out there were seven police officers at my former home and they were actively searching for me. the so-called yellow vest movement in france has a valid to hold it further rallies nationwide against rising fuel taxes president emanuel macron is refusing to back down despite two weeks of mass unrest.
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last saturday's demonstrations led to a standoff with police there were one hundred thirty arrests more than half of those occurring in paris five officers were injured including one who suffered. a mare of paris a joint of one of france's police unions in expressing worries over the safety of officers unions in general secretary told r.t. friends of their superiors do not understand the conditions police face during rallies. started on mata starting to this the police overseen from the operation room at the headquarters to give orders saying that go there the situation on the ground might be very
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different but according to the information we have here everything is correct and the problems happen when management does not understand the risks we are taking on location because they're sitting in their office. i was told an interesting story one location workers willing paving slabs and no one from management to told us to close off the area to prevent the protesters from pulling out those slabs and using them. those protests is hooligans and criminals the people who don't want to abide by the law they incite conflict they're ready to commit crimes in the question of who they really are i would say they are against society they use in the protest movement is a pretext we heard from a spokesperson for the yellow vests who represented the movement during talks with the french government. we think we're forced to pay taxes saying that this is
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necessary for this and that but at the same time we do not see what has actually been done here and so it is the same situation on other issues i think they put all the problems together and today we see the results of this it does not surprise me that so many people signed the petition because not everything is good and everyone understands this the problem is how to get across it and the petition has become a way of trying to get explanations from the government still to come this hour he speaks exclusively with the father of maria bhutto who is accused of working as a kremlin agent in the united states there with us.
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they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be this is what about four weeks three of them will be good. i'm interested always in the water power.
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welcome back. national life from moscow ok so a russian woman accused of being an unregistered kremlin agent in america has seen her requested to be moved from solitary confinement rejected by a u.s. court lawyers are still struggling to prove her innocence artes and you spoke exclusively to marry his father about the efforts to free her. how much do we know right now about the conditions that aria is being held in detention in the united states. for the time being she's being held in federal prison in alexandria in poor conditions she's in solitary confinement and alone so it's a tough regime our family our lawyers and russia's foreign ministry believe she isn't deserving of it. what do you think could be behind decision to keep on mainly in those conditions. the version being reported in the media is that she passed her
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lawyers phone number to another inmate but i believe that's just an attempt to pressure her into a forced admission of guilt. according to some of the latest reports maria may enter some sort of plea bargain with the court before the trial starts all these reports are accurate and if they are do you think the condition she is being held in has influenced her decision to enter that bargain. i can't say it's true i don't have any details to make any conclusions but i can say that her lawyers are well qualified people for a long time they've been trying to prove her innocence and i'm sure they will what measures are currently being taken by the russian side to ensure maria's release and return to russia and what more do you think could be done by the russian authorities. different measures are being taken from russia's foreign ministry the embassy in washington to try and solve these questions human rights groups are also
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doing everything possible so that maria is treated fairly but if you could send a message to the media to be a thorough tease to the courts involved in this case what would your message be you . know i want to pay my huge respect to the american people maria has never done anything wrong in the country her goal was to study and she did so very well and i hope that not only the court but all people who she was going on will come to the right conclusion i hope they'll be assured that maria is not guilty that she isn't guilty of any wrongdoing or crime she didn't do any harm to the state she respected that much and still respects it. it champions league football match in greece descended into mayhem on wednesday fans of the dutch club had to take cover from flares and the amount of cocktails thrown by supporters of. what
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he's like skee as the story. yet another night of senseless football related violence in europe when the famed dutch club from amsterdam went to the greek capital of eight and to play a local side in the champions league now we've seen violence in the football stands before but this was something on the next level when part of the fans broke onto the pitch and threw molotov cocktail into the way stand. the police when went into that stand and handed out some beating to the travelling fans resulting in injuries to some of them and all that after a night of craziness in the streets of athens with the two sets of fans fighting each other and now the u.a.e. the european governing football body said that it will punish those fans involved but here is one problem in such cases usually usa for hands in
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a fine for the club and a disqualification for the travelling fans for the very next game in this case next game is on december twelfth in lisbon portugal and the disciplinary committee of you a few will review this case on december thirteenth essentially meaning that the very same fans who threw molotov cocktails in the stadium will have a chance to do it again in lisbon and in this case we're seeing bizarre double standards from you a for let's go back to september twenty seventh when spartak moscow travel to slovenia as a mario bore flare was thrown on the pitch some scuffles outside the stadium not not really many injured in this case yet immediate ban for the next away game for spots are the same story with. the serbian side sort of enters the or red star from belgrade bitch invaded in austria during the champions league qualifier a ban for two games consecutive games away for the fans of red star belgrade but there are cases when these punishments are not applied equally to the club from the
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italian capital first they travel to liverpool in april sending one fan into a coma which he still hasn't recovered from later no punishment at all and guess what does it again in october they play c.s.k. moscow at home clashes outside the stadium with one fan reportedly being stabbed again no no sanctions no fire no fan no bans no fines no anything so it all begs for a question why are the standards so different if you a fire has this so-called zero tolerance policy towards food related violence it should be applied to all sides involved and now we have to wait and see whether a athens will behave in lisbon in two weeks time. reporting from moscow. the german vice chancellor has called for the e.u. to replace france as a permanent member of the un security council france has held one of the five permanent seats in the organization was created after world war two i realize this
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will take some convincing in paris but it would be bold and smart goal to lessen the pain of losing the powerful seat france could become the permanent e.u. on buses to the united nations french ambassador to the u.s. has cast a doubt over violence proposal saying it contradicts the u.n. charter and other french lawmakers also objected this comes after french president emmanuel micron and chancellor angela merkel both called for the creation of an e.u. army earlier this month political analyst alexander adler told us that germany is wrong to have made its un proposal public. putting together all the europeans in one concept and one mccann ism is nearly impossible waiver germans have done so is exactly the opposite to a favorable issue. using a megaphone diplomacy to soothe to
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a sewage old constraints of germany is the most efficient way to course is such a question has to be discussed. in public delta very much that such a sharing of european representation in the security council or new european institutions can be. created soley by a dialogue between germany and france and doing in doing so we vote making the necessary concessions to other europeans is a sure recipe for disaster. it seems there is a new force in politics cats felines are increasingly being used by politicians to soften their image but is it working.
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that does it for me i will be back with more news you're watching international stay with us. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there already is several generations of them so i just got this memo from a certain branch offices we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy
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for us. in fact a recent poll a gallup poll showed fifty seven percent of americans want a more cooperative relationship with russia so there is a disconnect that is smart politician democrat would understand the needs to be seen because there's not a lot of hunger appetite for this kind of any russian politics is being fanned by a media political establishment. a bit of a place called camp sat down again for people that can't decide and they're like so tired. like a safe house i guess they don't have to talk about what they go to here with us because we understand her daughter katie was diagnosed with a very rare son sensitive condition if i get sunburned i heal she does there's real patients' problems with want to talk to some of the brains that are actually
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shrinking inside the skull. gets thicker in the brain still small. the pain is indescribable it's feels like a really really bad chemical burn but it goes through your skin in your muscles always down to the bone. there is no relief. we're just not sure it's is but just. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the player think the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found dennison the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying lose just know really doesn't mean that we're even many of the times families want the death
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penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. welcome to the alex aventura into our city i'm just a special i just see i reject insults are blue but alex felt his coat to still getting ironed after all hokum an edition alex is back in scotland's capital city
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of edge about where he's caught up with some of scotland's finest creative artists but first your tweets i met. it is and still dominating as a reaction to our two part special for remembrance day on the loss of dylan custer the largest loss of life from unable to suster in british history many people were touched by the story first we hear from. my dad survived this she says he had severe p.t.s.d. he had me at the age of fifty we had to leave when i was four managing a child said his p.t.s.d. also good he was irish unable to go home after the war so he spent some time in or working on the snowy mountain scheme it came to light that he took that to save money to give to a month's family who died because my dad felt for him having taken the last place on a rescue boat fearless says in this awful bricks of madness this sure as wonderful it's very moving to hear alex talking to the survivors but he says quite an amazing show in a long past year
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a completely new item of history for me and one that deserves food retailing great tribute to all who lost their lives and to the survivors too and the pain they had to go through their after best says my friend's dad was on it he was lucky enough to survive john says my wife's uncle was a lancaster just survivor he was fortunate to be able to throw himself overboard and then was in the water under attack from german gunfire terrifying and finally un says a terrible loss my grandpa was on the lancaster he survived a sinking boat suffered all his days with survivor guilt the british government kept a secret but my mom and dad were part of the campaign to get the wreck recognized as a war grief thank you all so much for your messages now last year we interviewed former labor m.p. and independent scottish prabhat member dennis kind of then about the progress in his campaign to make scotland's national day and national holiday now he's back to report a fascinating development and they said i'm judy committee plotting alex spoke to
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denish recently in edinburgh. an early eve of some time tuesday and the waiting to be joined by the secretary of the said time tuesday committee then it's kind of a dallas cemetery of the sometimes the committee what do you have judy's until is it more difficult and bigger m.p.l. m.s.p. well the crossed party group in the scottish parliament for st andrews the was just set up just a few weeks ago tomas m.s.p. is the convener and i am the secretary under him. fairly simple first of all to get way to recognition of the scene under the holiday and secondly to promote the celebration of sin on tuesday and means trying to give the people of scotland opposite of all the people of scotland inclusively the opportunity to celebrate our national identity cultural.


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