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dorian's. we are watching unfold in front of our eyes is the criminalisation journal. wrote. her. headlining this our political flashpoint trade routes the g. twenty leaders gather in argentina unexpectedly his much anticipated encounter with . days of protests in the run up to the summit with the demonstrations
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might descend into violence. at the moment. we are trying to. get them belong to the people. demonstrate in the streets. will be. repression against them also the edward snowden's former lawyer claims the whistleblower was forced to flee hong kong in twenty thirteen after pressure from trump chinese authorities. this is this was not an ordinary situation he literally minutes. to make decisions that would affect his liberty slight. numbers of shootings at u.s. schools and universities scrambling to find ways of protecting their students.
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using such items. for me in the team here at aunty h.q. my name's called embroidery it's eight am here in moscow it's two in the morning in argentina that's where we're starting this hour of the g. twenty summit kicking off later this friday with a lot at stake nineteen world leaders in a representative from the european union will discuss the world's most pressing issues there over the next couple of days but two leaders horridly made headlines even before the official opening as donald trump canceled his much awaited meeting with putin as caleb maupin explained. bated breath the world waited for another announced meeting between the presidents of russia and the united states but then lo and behold the twitter sphere lights up with news that the meeting is off the issue was the maritime incident between russia and ukraine but when trump was
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leaving for argentina it seemed to everyone that the meeting was still on i probably would. have a service that. i think it's a very good. that was despite the media beating the drums of war why does this president seems so simple when it comes to vladimir putin a lot of demands on the president right now to get tough on russia we've got to be tough with them it's the only thing putin understands he just seems incapable of criticizing lattimer putin i don't want him to do that again stand next to putin and said well that was a provocation by the ukrainians that would not be in america's national interest just better not that the media coverage like this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone but last time the two leaders met the media went into a total meltdown hell think he was treated like an abomination now every aspect of the face to face meeting was question there were calls for the interpreter to testify before congress there were some who wanted the ball that putin gave to
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trump to be inspected for k.g.b. style bugs there were rumors that hypnotism could have been at play and amid all of this frenzy trump actually backtracked on some of his words about election hacking president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be a reason to. send should have been i don't see any reason why i would or why it would be russian sense then another meeting had been in the works for months and the two leaders had plenty to discuss president trump would look forward to seeing you in paris still in order to work in areas where there is a possibility of mutual cooperation president meet with president putin i think it . be a full agenda the issues that we have on security issues on arms control issues regional issues including the middle east the two world leaders opted not to me not wanting to steal the thunder of the world war one commemorations this time they are stealing the founder of the g. twenty by not having a meeting table poppen r.t.
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new york from counseling that meeting with putin spog why debates in the media on where russia u.s. relations are right now today on r t so if you shevardnadze discusses that with the chief editor and publisher of the nation magazine katrina vanden heuvel. the irony is that trump is hawkish he's brought in john bolton as your viewers may know and the leading neo conservative who is the architect of america's withdrawal from the any ballistic missile treaty in two thousand and two the sanctions continue so the relationship is at its lowest most dangerous point and i just think trump doesn't have a team that is capable of moving in a different direction nor is he disciplined enough for american establishment for american politicians for american media it is just that it sells so well to have this anti russian stance i'm just wondering maybe you know it's just going to go on forever because there's so little consequences to pay cannot make clear let me put
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it a different way the election we just had showed the disconnect between the media political establishment and ordinary people russia gate the scandal alleging that putin put trump in the white house was not an issue in the election it didn't figure the issues were issues like health care like pensions which i think is a big issue in russia too but what we call bread and butter issues in fact a recent poll a gallup poll showed fifty seven percent of americans want to more cooperative relationship with russia so there's a disconnect that a smart politician democrat would understand needs to be seized. while world leaders prepared to sit down for talks at the much anticipated summit protesters are taking to the streets of the host city spoke with some of them. how
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. much do you think this is the main plaza where for the past two days some twenty social movements have been holding debates elections discussions and as you see behind me protests and demonstrations against the g twenty they could have signs that for being a summit that promotes big business and imperialism now the mood is certainly one of jovial miss just a few meters down the road some twenty two thousand police officers have been deployed there is big concern that these protests could evolve into violence come friday mid afternoon when a massive demonstration is planned through the city center at the same time the police have warned the protest organizers that they will not tolerate people wearing mosques or carrying out any kind of violence i'm skeptical i'm skeptical because i think all the biggest negotiations there are already made and that's
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a huge show and they could use the money for other things to feel some some tensions here there were demonstrate on the street if there freight that we will we have. repression against them. a try more. what's going to happen well this a small table of leaders that try to explain and soul and make some consensus about the global prices but they don't have any clue about how to solve the crisis at the moment in argentina we are live in a big rise this political economic we are trying to show the world. the g twenty if it doesn't belong to the people the government of argentina has. facing almost daily protests over its economic austerity program but what's
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different this time around is that the city santa is in lockdown residents of buna says have been encouraged to leave the city the public transport is not working and find a has been declared a public holiday policy on t.v. buna says. well as for the business at hand negotiations on where the world heads next to not expected to run easy with nations divided on the solutions to many critical problems facing the globe right now and you're trying to is in one of sarah's for us with more on what's ahead. right now there are two cities avoid outside is one behind these fences for the g. twenty leaders and one on this side for everyone else and it does make sense because those who are attending are the most powerful people in this world these are really the ones that are making our planet spin.
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well the folks from that point outside us have recently made us realize that we are and be living in a multi-polar world where everyone's holding on to their national interests and that ahead of the summit has led to a whole lot of problems between those who've been saying my country first. donald trump lately after china all the time he has blamed beijing for stealing to call jeep unfair trade and even meddling in the u.s. midterms regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight teen election against my administration because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade beijing has been much more careful with what they're saying but they are giving out warnings to in the last century we
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had two world wars and in between them the great depression i don't think anybody should really try to have a repetition of history these things should never happen again so people have to act in a responsible way. the brutal murder of journalist jamal khashoggi has been taken it's toll on how the rest of the world's been dealing with saudi arabia's mohamed bin psalm on by the way has been in bonus office since wednesday on the snow this year we look at the monstrosity that happened in sound to me. it must be cleared up as long as it's not there will be no sound i can assure you have got. someone else saying go markel is not a big fan of is us president donald trump along with one of her best european
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buddies emanuel macron they're trying to push for a european army and donald trump really hates that idea now mr macron who's really been trying to make an effort to become close friends with mr trump it seems is beginning to have issues with the us administration truth said some of trump's recent decisions have been done to the detriment of our allies. these fundamental overtones the legal basis for friendly ties between japan and south korea and it is extremely regrettable that was what you had to say on south korea's supreme court verdict ordering a japanese firm to pay compensation to koreans for forced labor during world war two and as you heard that ruling could be enough to reignite old has stood between the countries. the u.k.'s
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painful divorce from the u.s. might lead to a few awkward moments for it to liza may end with. the prime minister will be looking for new friends at the summit and she's convinced other countries will feel the same way we might as well bear all of that in mind when we see team g twenty getting together for the family photo perhaps some of those smiles will have to be faked. on to our other headline news now sensational claims the president trumps former campaign chairman met several times with wiki leaks founder julian assange has taken a new twist a former cia officer is questioning the story saying it might have been planted by russia more on that from. it's another link in the chain of the trump russia collusion probe the guardian article exposing alleged multiple meetings between the former chairman of trump's presidential campaign and wiki leaks founder julian assange and that's really it's caused quite a stir in the u.s.
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media story is shaking washington that is a bombshell lana foreigners are held a secret meeting around the same time that man or for joined the tram campaign a direct connection between the campaign and wiki leaks they actually published e-mails that were hacked by the russians now stolen by russian spies but doubt soon began to emerge about the articles content and sources but not to warry politico has the answer even if the guardian story is false it's all russia's fault you know i'm being serious rather than being the bombshell smoking gun that directly connects the trump campaign to wiki leaks perhaps the report is something else entirely a distant from ation campaign is it possible someone planted the story as a means to discredit the john lists that article was written by next cia agent under a pen name and to prove a point the former officer draws our attention to those who dare question this bombshell rushes disinfo mation that what has jumped into the ring to promote skepticism of the story sputnik one of russia's propaganda networks called the
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story into question and bolster the skepticism by question tweets from other gone and john glenn greenwald and wiki leaks itself r.t. also the kremlin mouthpiece could support leaking with leaks do you see a pattern here it's clear why there's some skepticism the story raises more questions than answers both x. and man of four strongly deny the meeting even threatening legal action ok perhaps they're both simply covering for each other you could say but assad is a man under close surveillance with police literally on his doorstep a few days pass yet no other source can confirm or show substantial evidence of manifolds alleged visit to the ecuadorian embassy or as a minister apparently the washington times says pull manifolds passports show he didn't even visit london in those years the guardian claim and r.t. are the only ones asking for evidence. who are the sources if you can see them doubt anonymous source and is dangerous at best striking catalogue of reflexive
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credulous acceptance of a story that looked shaky from the start and looks more so by the day maybe they've all been duped by russia but what does politico think this fake news operation by russian intelligence actually proves someone is nervous and eager to lay the groundwork for yelling fake news out whatever other stories are about to drop so either what the guardian says is true and there is collusion or it's a fake story planted by the russians which also proves collusion win win situation one thing seems clear someone is feeling the heat the story's almost a parody and x. cia agent using a pen name says that if the guardianship piece on a sergeant metaphor is false the russians must be behind it anyway you really can't make this up. the lawyer who defended edward snowden in hong kong has revealed that
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the n.s.a. whistleblower had to flee the city back in two thousand and thirteen because of pressure from the chinese authorities wanted to gather some exclusive insights on how the whistleblower who was hounded by police. when mr snowden was in hong kong in two thousand and thirteen. it was in a situation where the most wanted man on the planet with the world's largest manhunt underway. this is this was not an ordinary situation i literally had minutes. you know once i was instructed by mr snowden to make decisions that would affect his liberty in this life former cia employee snowden leaked a vast trove of classified national security agency data on u.s. government spying operations and then fled to hong kong where asylum seekers helped shelter him from the authorities for two weeks russia later granted him asylum and he's lived here ever since. china says it was edward snowden himself who took the decision to leave quote through a lawful
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a normal channel but rather to insists that snowden was persecuted as with the other refugees he was sheltering him. december two thousand and sixteen when i was in germany speaking at a conference the i received a phone call that the sri lankan police criminal investigation department had flown into hong kong specifically targeting the snowden refugees so once i received that information from some witnesses i contacted the clients and i advised them to leave their homes immediately and we thought we had serious secure locations for them the first question the police had for my clients was all about. mr snowden and i had to put a stop to this quite frankly i was shocked that the whole police were focusing on mr snowden's activities in two thousand and thirteen one in two thousand and seventeen. the issue that the police had to address were the safety and security of my clients. a growing number of shootings at schools and universities in the united states has got administrative scrambling for ways to protect their students and
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stuff oakland university in california has decided to teach students how to fight potential shooters using various everyday items even hockey pucks. they have enough mass to cause injury small enough to be thrown. in a matter of seconds. away you can lock a door with this they can't get shot out you can't get around.
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it's something that we should think about america about putting guns in the hands of law abiding citizens whether they actually be good children or. a three year old cannot defend itself from a rifle by throwing a hello kitty pencil case so that our founding fathers do not put an age limit on the second amendment. germany's vice chancellor is pushing for the european union to have a place at the u.n. security council by suggesting france should share its st the french of held one of the five permanent seat since the un was formed in one hundred forty five. i
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realize this will take some convincing and paris but it would be a bold and smart goal to lessen the pain of losing the powerful seat france could become the permanent boss of the to the united nations. well as you might imagine the french ambassador is not caned saying it contradicts the u.n. charter french m.p.'s have also voiced their concerns and the proposal comes after president mccrone suggested the creation of an e.u. army earlier this month i got backing from germany's angela merkel political analyst alexander adler told us that germany's wrong to have made it un proposal public. putting together all the europeans in one concept and one mccann ism is nearly impossible waiver germany's has done so is exactly opposite. the release you. using a megaphone diplomacy to do is to alter the constraints of germany is the most efficient way of course in such
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a question has to be discussed. in public. very much this is such a very i'm repeating a representation in the security council a new european institutions can be. created soley by a dialogue between germany and france and doing been doing it so in votes making the necessary concessions to other europeans is a sure recipe for disaster. fans of the fantasy classic lord of the rings no with the beast like orcs are a force to be reckoned with but once i fight off the belief that the way they are depicted in the books is racist and that has diet consequences for society. looks like.
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it's hard not to miss that he did know surely i'm told so. creatures that were sort of why is that all the are are sorry my idols. and not a great deal of choice in the matter well what.
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are we not allowed to root against treacherous fictional cannibals anymore welcome to twenty in one title clearly the races of men elves and dwarfs should have welcomed the immigrants in all this and allowed them to feast on all the man freshly designed how terribly racist of them it is just a good triumphs over evil story not meant to be that deep. thanks to u.s. officials have confirmed that a deadly bombing raid earlier this week in afghanistan's helmand province was carried out by american war planes local officials say thirty civilians were killed along with sixteen taliban fighters. this young boy was in the area survived the bombing strikes were called in by afghan government forces and the u.s. advisors after they came under fire from the taliban and compound the afghan government says local forces were not aware of any civilians in the area time
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relatives of the dead have been describing what happened. but never around nine pm the first helicopters circling overhead and then a jet. with thirty people in the family all of them. one survivor is my nephew who was at my house is the only one of the others six month. to month to month to the government to know why do they kill innocent people they didn't do anything wrong. the champions league football match in greece descended into mayhem on wednesday fans of the dutch club i.x. had to take cover from flares and a molotov cocktail being thrown by supporters of a athens sports correspondent alexey irish if he has the story. yet another night of senseless football related violence in europe when the famed dutch club from amsterdam went to the greek capital of eight and to play a local side in the champions league now we've seen violence in the football stands
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before but this was something on the next level when part of the fans broke onto the pitch and threw molotov cocktail into the way stand i. i the police when i went into that stand out and handed out some beating to the travelling fans resulting in city enduring injuries to some of them and all that after a night of craziness in the streets of athens where the two sets of fans fighting each other and now the u.a.e. for the european governing football body said that it will punish those fans involved but here is one problem in such. race is usually usa for hands in a fine for the club and a disqualification for the travelling fans for the very next game in this case next game is on december twelfth in lisbon portugal and the disciplinary committee of you a few will review this case on december thirteenth essentially meaning that the very
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same fans who threw molotov cocktails in the stadium will have a chance to do it again in lisbon and in this case we're seeing bizarre double standards from you a for let's go back to september twenty seven thousand when spartak moscow travel to slovenia is a bore flair was thrown on the pitch some scuffles outside the stadium not not really many injured in this case yet immediate for the next away game for spartak the same story with the serbian side sort of as well as the red star from belgrade bitch invaded in austria during the champions league qualifier a ban for two games consecutive games away for the fans of red star belgrade but there are cases when these punishments are not applied equally. the club from the tally and capital first they travel to liverpool in april sending one fan into a coma which he still hasn't recovered from later no punishment at all and guess what does it again in october they play c.s.k.
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moscow at home clashes outside the stadium with one fan reportedly being stabbed again no no sanctions no no fan no bans no fines no anything so it all begs for a question why are the standards so different if you a fire has this so-called zero tolerance policy towards food related violence should be applied to all sides involved and now we have to wait and see where the athens will behave in lisbon in two weeks time. reporting from moscow. to world news from moscow so far this friday i'll be back to you after world politics a look at whether the series of major make over to russian towns and cities really makes life any better for the residents.
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the fate of julian assange is unclear washington is determined that he sent to the u.s. to face criminal charges most likely under the one nine hundred seventy s. . the british government is more than happy to make this happen even the ecuadorians. we are watching unfold in front of our eyes is the criminalisation journey. and welcome to worlds apart karl marx famously claimed that it's the being that determines consciousness rather than vice versa and max and dad some russian city
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planners have recently taking to heart with a much greater eagerness and there is still a bit predecessors as the wave of urban make moves across the country will be changing the way the russians leave a fact how they think well to discuss that i'm now joined by may call murawski anthropologist of architecture at university college london mr moore ask it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time and interest in my work now you have indeed a very interesting field of study in researching buildings bits been architecture city environment and politics in the context of post communist eastern europe what do you make of russia particularly moscow in this regard yeah i mean the. this certainly a lot of politics in architecture and in planning in moscow today the been planning also the sort of the construction in the in the planning of public spaces has been elevated more and more into a kind of priority issue and as you said quite accurately and interesting at the
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beginning there is also there's also a sort of there's.


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